Trump and Brexit Defeat Globalism, but For How Long?
By Daily Bell Staff - November 14, 2016

Trumpism as a stress test for democracy …. A series of populist anti-globalism shocks is a test for Western democracies. Trump’s stunning ascent to the White House is the clearest signal yet of an anti-establishment revolt unfolding in major democracies, stretching across the Atlantic. – Swiss Info Tech

Was Trump’s victory actually created by the very globalist elites that Trump is supposed to have overcome?

There are some who believe the elites are actually splintered into numerous groups and that domestic US elites have positioned themselves against the banking elites in London’s City. We see no fundamental evidence of this.

The world’s real elites in our view may have substantive histories in the hundreds and thousands of years. US elites are basically in the employ of a handful of families, individuals and institutions in our view.

It is confusing because it is hard to tell if Hillary, for instance, is operating on her own accord or at the behest of higher and more powerful authorities.

It is probably a combination of both but at root those who control central banks are managing the world’s move towards globalism. History easily shows us who these groups are – and they are not located in America.

This is a cynical perspective to be sure, and certainly doesn’t remove the impact of Trump’s victory or his courage in waging his election campaign despite what must surely be death threats to himself and  his family..

But if true, this perspective corresponds to predictions that we’ve been making for nearly a decade now, suggesting that sooner or later elites – especially those in London’s City – would have to “take a step back.”


The vote to propel Trump to the US presidency reflects a profound backlash against open markets and borders, and the simmering anger of millions of blue-collar white and working-class people who blame their economic woes on globalisation and multiculturalism.

“There are a few parallels to Switzerland – that the losers of globalisation find somebody who is listening to them,” said Swiss professor and lawyer Wolf Linder, a former director of the University of Bern’s political science institute.

“Trump is doing his business with the losers of globalisation in the US, like the Swiss People’s Party is doing in Switzerland,” he said. “It is a phenomenon which touches all European nations.”

Again, this article presumes that Trump has “won” and that he intends to attack the larger globalist enterprise and the bankers funding it. On the other hand, it could be that both Trump and Brexit have been engineered to look as if the tide is turning against globalism when it is not.

Why would those in charge want to portray this point of view when it may not be so? Because of what we call the “Internet Reformation” that has blasted open the secretive manipulations of the globalist elite in the past decade or so.

It is almost impossible for globalists to promote internationalist memes in this environment. Yet it is the secretive injection of internationalist memes into the body politic that moves society toward the globalist enterprise.

As we have suggested before, it is perfectly possible that a decision has been made to pretend to grant the larger society a “victory” over internationalism.

Following this analysis, certain trends would be identified and encouraged that would seem to portray globalism as falling back on its metaphorical heels.

In truth, if this analysis is correct, globalism’s retreat is a kind of pretense that will steer society less obviously in a globalist direction.

One way this could happen is by ensuring the splintering of Europe – but not in a way that actually reduces control from Brussels. It will APPEAR to be so but won’t actually happen. The same thing could take place in the USA under Trump.

Again, this is not to say that Trump is party to this plot or even approves of it. But the idea that Trump is part of a co-option is certainly a feasible alternative to an alternative analysis that takes what is happening at face value.

Nonetheless, even if an alternative elite strategy has been decided on to realize globalism in another fashion, it ought to be pointed out that things have changed. And the Internet and its revelations are surely responsible.

This is a very big deal and it is one that ought to be emphasized repeatedly. Brexit and Trump could be, somehow, the result of a different elite approach – but the approach HAS changed nonetheless.

Think of it this way: Hillary represented the blunt approach toward the realization of further globalism. Her way included an aggressively expanded war and the pursuit of other globalist trends.

Trump, rhetorically anyway, has a different approach in mind that would gut many internationalist trends.

If Trump follows through on his rhetoric, the trend toward an internationalist world will be reduced. And while there is controversy over Trump’s recent staff appointments we should also bear in mind that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) both seem to be failing now.

If indeed Trump’s election has damped the progress of TPP, and TTIP, this is a huge event. As we’ve pointed out, both agreements effectively substituted technocratic corporatism for the current sociopolitical model of “democracy.”

The elites were trying to move toward a new model of world control with these two agreements. This is similar to what happened after the advent of the Gutenberg Press when the elites of the day moved away from royal control and apparently swapped in democracy.

It seems evident that internationalism is now going to take a longer time to realize than we thought. However, this observation may not be entirely accurate if Trump turns out to be something other than his rhetoric suggests – or if Brexit is denied in Europe.

Additionally, one of the elite’s most powerful, operative memes today is “populism vs. globalism” that seeks to contrast the potentially freedom-oriented events of Trump and Brexit to the discarded wisdom of globalism. See here and here.

No matter what, the reality of these two events, the victories of both Trump and Brexit, stand as signal proof that elite stratagems have been defeated, at least temporarily. Though whether these defeats have been self-inflicted as part of a change in tactics remains to be seen.

Conclusion: But the change has come. One way or another the Internet and tens of millions or people talking, writing and acting has forced new trends. This can be hardly be emphasized enough. Globalism has been at least temporarily redirected


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  • Alan

    The attempts by the elites to create a globalist world centred around global government will never end. They are not going away anytime soon.

    As regards TPP it looks as if CETA will pass despite the objections by Wallonia which is a kind of TPP through the back door.

    • Thanks. Here:

      ” … Although CETA will now go into the EU parliament, it still needs to go back to most parliaments in Europe – including Wallonia – before it can be finally ratified. But Wallonia say they will not pass it in its current form. In particular they will not ratify the corporate court section of the deal. Unless changes are made, something regarded as near impossible, it’s difficult to see how the whole deal won’t be jettisoned further down the line.”

  • Sven

    The conditions that are needed for globalism seem to be its own undoing. Can it be achieved beyond theory? Starting to look like the answer is no. Not without an unlimited energy source anyway, which also looks unlikely any time soon.

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    This is what Trump is up against (if he isn’t actually the “Jews’” backup plan):

    The City of London’s Re~Colonization of America

    John Kaminski is correct about the “Jews”. They are the REAL force behind the ‘Empire’/’Deep State’, ‘Secret’ or ‘Shadow’ Gov’t. (You can find John Kaminski’s article, here:

    Of course, it’s the SAME forces behind SHILL-ary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. [Rothschilds, GOLDMAN-SACHS, W.I.C.B., Georgy-boy SOROS, CFR/CIA, etc.] The ONLY reason why the BUSH/CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE has gotten away with murder, for these past several decades, is because they are on the CFR/CIA Western “elites’” TEAM.

    For more info. about which people and organizations represent the ‘Empire’/’Deep State’, or the ‘Secret’/’Shadow’ Government, which exercises near-complete control over the “official” U.S. Government (all 3 branches!), the entire Western MSM (Mainstream Media), Hollywood, the entire Western Public “Education” System, & LEGAL SYSTEM ~ go here:

    Obummer, SHill-ary, the ‘District’ of Columbia, the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

    and here:

    Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

    Read all the comments. Click on all the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

    It helps to KNOW your enemy if you actually plan to defeat it.

    • Werni Wolf

      Look at the first nominations. Goldsachs is already present and proposed ( Mnuchin) and Priebus is a Washington insider. Expect “Realpolitik” and no revolution.

      • apberusdisvet

        The key is the Treasury Secretary. Bannon left GS years ago and has established his credentials as a true conservative. Preibus will provide the necessary link to the RNC but will not have the final say

        • Michael Liberty

          well it won’t be Jamie Dimon and that my friends is a BIG WIN

  • SRS

    Maybe the first question is “For how long?”

    Maybe it should be “Is this a Pyrrhic victory?”

    At best Trump and Brexit are enemies of a single enemy of freedom — globalism. Nationalism, for example, has established a tradition as another enemy.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    In Germany we also have centuries of strange policies where under the right wing administrations the police state is extended whereas the “neoliberal” reforms have been mostly passed by left wing administrations.

    It is almost like a strategy to make people think:
    well, if those guys say it is right, then it must be right.

  • Tanya Bower

    In Canada, Trudeau is still pushing the Climate Scam.

  • apberusdisvet

    The best case scenario is that globalism gets put on hold for perhaps 4 years; much longer if the EU breaks up and the bureaucrats in Brussels get their walking papers and nations regain their individual sovereignty and currencies. The worst case scenario is that Trump has or will be “captured” by the neocons and/or banksters, and nothing changes for the inexorable march to totalitarianism

  • Ronjar__

    The anti-conspiracy as conspiracy at higher level… Well, scepticism may be healthy, but this may soon be doomed if you do, doomed if you don’t. I rather take the stand that Brexit and Trump are moves in right direction. Do not overestimate the power of power-elites. Or their unity. It may not be either this or that. Chaos is always in play. Better to push for the right outcome.

  • rahrog

    Trump & Brexit are small steps in the right direction – that direction being the freedom of the individual over the power of the state or a majority.

    The tide has turned against the globalists.

    It will take generations of hard work to remove The (current) Ruling Class from power.

    The struggle is eternal.

    • No More Neos

      But neoliberalism of the past 40 years has been a form of rabid self-interest. Margaret Thatcher claimed that “there is no such thing as “public”; only individuals and private ownership. And look where that has led us – a privatized public sector for profit that lowers the quality of services and skyrockets prices. The benefits of a nation-state are the protections of hard-earned labor, health, environmental, civil, food safety rights against corporate abuse. Corporate impunity is the #1 global threat. Governance by a remote, unelected bureaucracy such as in Brussels and the EU has shown that to be far more dangerous to self-determination and freedom. Decentralized power is and always will be best.

      • rahrog

        “Decentralized power is and always will be best.” Agreed.

        Which is why Americans should SECEDE from the federal government, and utilize self-interest to determine what kind of society they want to be a part of.

  • ICFubar

    Those relatively few able to create future effecting events much more easily because they have event shaping powers at their finger tips are not immune from a vast majority collectively digging in their heels at what they perceive to be an undesirable course of action. It is this perception of the masses that must be shaped and-or coerced into following the attempts of the few to shape the future. The few must accomplish their goals incrementally in what appear to be small hidden disparate measures that together steer the whole to a desired outcome. This must be done with as much skill and patience as necessary if that goal should seem not in the best interests of the majority. The few walk a tightrope even though their powers to shape events may be vast and they have often enough had to change tacks and tactics in their strategies in leading the majority. They are extremely skilled in these arts, whether concocting wars, depressions, economic vitality or political movement to enact events that move the majority along a chosen pathway to a de facto result. The election of Donald Trump is likely a signal of the taking on of a new tack which while it may appear to be a repudiation and a reversal of their discovered intent, it is in reality a lull in action while the pieces and steps of a new plan are put in place before cautious implementation of a first few innocuous steps hidden in intent as much as possible smooth a path to further steps, often requiring the scrubbing clean of the old tactic to remove the original intent from view. Unless the few are completely removed from their positions of power and those positions altered they will continue to act if the present status quo is not their preferred paradigm at the present time and place. I don’t see Mr. Trump as a rebel or a revolutionary in trying to over throw the few and if he is he is doing it in a very stupid fashion that has spelled the undoing of many before him who have too loudly proclaimed this to be their intent but not acting accordingly in the exercise of power aesthetics. The purposeful use of law and money over time is the framework upon which the history of civilized societies is fleshed out.

  • Bruce C.

    I think I’m beginning to understand why this “populist-globalist” meme that the DB has identified is just not going to take.

    The article cited above says, “the simmering anger of millions of blue-collar white and working-class people who blame their economic woes on globalisation and

    Well, that’s not really it. It’s not PRIMARILY economic, it’s primarily cultural, which is precisely why people don’t want globalism, so efforts or arguments to “sell it” based on just money aren’t going to work.

    Secondly, the DB seems to conflate their views/understanding from what “most people” think. For example, Hillary was not promoted nor interpreted by her constituents as a “globalist,” especially one who advocated more war. Practically just the opposite, with her emphasis on wage equality for women and continued abortion rights, etc. Her “protestors” aren’t upset about Trump befriending Russia.

    Therefore, I agree with the DB that the “elite” globalist strategy is having to take a step back because that “meme” is known and arguments against it are quickly forming.

    The elites have always needed stealth and IGNORANCE to further their agendas but thanks to “the internet reformation” both are being enlightened.

  • Webforager

    IF a “one world currency” is indeed the goal then all national political bodies will be subjecting themselves to a foreign currency. If this is where TPTB are leading then it would seem logical that nationalism would be preferred… which appearances confirm since it will be necessary for national political bodies to position themselves to compete for this foreign currency.
    As for “free trade” agreements, the more popularly known TPP and TTIP appear to be on the chopping block. But while Trump said he will do away with these disasters he also said he will negotiate “better” ones which means that these deals are still in play but with a prettier and more palatable image. So I would presume to think that Trump is more of a trickster in this regard.
    IF this is most plausible then I would say the people who believe they are pushing back against globalism are being fooled.

  • ED.F

    We the people may have changed the direction of the elite criminals somewhat in the U.S. Only time will tell as Trumps win has already started to make waves in their plans,TPP,NATO.But he hasn’t even been inaugurated .Sick to say but they can still dispose of him.Although that might start a real violent revolution.

    As in Britan with Brexit the people push back,also to be seen in time of the outcome ,which the high state is already fighting back.

    So now we turn to India who just took a shellacking in their freedoms from the criminal elite, by out of the blue banning of certain cash denominations.Exchange them with consequences,in just time,or just lose them as they(elites)deem what was worth something is now just useless paper..Sickening!
    Apparently in the country of which happens to own the most gold in the world!
    So you tell me who’s taking a step back!
    Seems like tit for tat to me
    These power criminals truly need to be hanged in the streets.But that will only happen when all the peoples go hungry.

    My emphasis on a SMALL victory for the people.

  • philip

    Philip to Tanya Bower, He, Trudeau is also pushing CETA. All of the trade deals are toxic, and for the benefit of most corporations.It would stop Canada from using constitutional power over money and give European banks the right to sue for loss of potential profits.Turning this into a treasonous nightmare. Here in BC there is no mention of this possible catastrophe in the MSM.

  • Praetor

    The problem with globalists, from the populace point of view. The globalists see the globe as theirs. The problem with the populace, from the globalists point of view. The populace see the globe as ours. One has a problem with selfishness and the other, which is not a problem, has a vested self interest in our globe.

    The selfishness of the globalist is what should be put to the chopping block. The self interest of the population should be priority number one of any and all people that live on this global ‘planet’.

    If this cannot be accomplished this planetary globe is doomed.!!!

  • EDD

    @DB staff. What happened to the ‘meme’ section? I considered this function to be an integral part of your news organization. I’m trying to help someone else to understand the financial centers and the meme section described it best. I miss this function.

  • Danny B

    Europe was well on it’s way to widespread integration. The eurocrats tried to force a union far faster than the natural rate of integration. It failed. The U.S.S.R was a forced union. It failed. Take this as a background for the falling birth rate. The EU is a bureaucratic overlay on top of State bureaucracies. All in an effort to supply jobs for people who have lost their niche to automation. This is going to get far worse.

    We live in a new world and the controllers need a new plan. Hambone at ECONOMICA has all the numbers to show that NO economy can grow if it has a falling population of 16–62 year olds. The fractional reserve system can NOT work with a falling population / consumption.

    World GOV by belligerent means is always a bust. World GOV by voluntary economic integration can work but, it can’t be forced.

  • Philip

    Philip-Danny B. The EU is a bureaucratic overlay on top of State bureaucracies an effort to supply jobs for people who have lost their niche to automation. In Canada we have as you probably know Federal, Provincial and municipal bureaucracies with very minimal automation, such that home owners and non-government workers are paying the largest share of taxation. With the housing bubble (Vancouver) the property taxes have sky-rocketed such that basic and additional grants have been eroded or completely removed. However bureaucratic salaries, indexed pensions and perks keep rising without automation. The fractional reserve system with FALLING* interest rates has markedly diminished the buying value of non-indexed pensions forcing people out of their homes. The elite want to get rid of the working middle class. *

  • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

    The ‘Deep State’ people are trying to infiltrate the Trump Administration?

    Is ANYONE surprised by this?

    Care to learn which people and organizations comprise the ‘Secret’ or ‘Shadow’ or ‘Deep State’ Government (which exercises complete control over the “official” U.S. Government ~ all 3 branches, the entire Western MSM (Mainstream Media), Hollywood, the entire Western Public “Education” System, & LEGAL SYSTEM)? IF so, go here:

    Obummer, SHill-ary, the ‘District’ of Criminals (D.C.), the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

    Read all the comments. Click on ALL the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

    and here:

    Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

    Read all the comments. Click on ALL the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.