Trump and Brexit: Directed History Proceeds Apace?
By Daily Bell Staff - November 09, 2016

The American voters have Brexited, leaving behind their global dominance    America has Brexited. It’s an imperfect comparison. The United States can’t leave itself. But on Wednesday, with the election of Donald Trump, it withdrew from a number of agreements it long ago entered, some more enduring than others.  The American people have voted to leave behind the late 20th century consensus on free trade and open immigration. -SMH

The populism versus globalism meme is in full effect today and given the thousands of references to it currently, it’s an honor to have been the first publication to have identified this particular element of propaganda as you can see here.

We also predicted several times throughout the recent months that Donald Trump might win the election and then, as a so-called populist, face a good deal of elite retribution.

Infowars has an article today dealing with this, and we wrote about it again yesterday as you can see here.

The difference between our interpretations and some others is that we have a very difficult time believing that all of this is spontaneous.

Of course, Trump’s victory has unfolded in a logical way, providing justifications for those who believe that any inference that we are watching a scripted event is just so much “conspiracy theory.”

On the other hand, his victory immediately provides critics with opportunities to assert the benefits and superior moral value of … “globalism.”


The 1992 candidacy of Pat Buchanan was a bellwether for Trump, a call for “America First” paired with a move toward economic protectionism and closed borders.

Buchanan lost his bid for the Republican nomination, and his ideas were muted, ignored. Not by everyone – not by the populists who carried his banner, who marched sometimes with the Republicans and sometimes with the Democrats and sometimes with third-party candidates like Ross Perot.

But the GOP ignored them, and to a lesser extent, the Democrats as well. The parties agreed, more or less, and until tonight, they were comfortable in their agreement.

The American people have likewise voted to leave behind the nation’s global dominance and its global partnerships.

We can see in this excerpt the predictable references to populism and the characterization of the US’s current situation as one in which it is in the midst of repudiating its “global dominance and global partnerships.”

This doesn’t seem right to us, but we are fairly convinced that the next four years will feature this rhetoric both in the US and in Britain – throughout the West, in fact. Again, we have a hard time believing it’s a coincidence. The idea from our point of view is that this rhetorical stance is the gateway to further elite, globalist consolidation.

It may seem strange to make a statement that the elite forces of this world intend to “win” by losing. But everything we understand about their employment of the Hegelian dialectic gives us a sense that this is just what’s going on.

Top banking elites functioning out of the City of London have never reigned overtly deom what we can tell. They have always set up two opposing sides and then gradually steered the world in the direction they want it to go.

That direction is surely toward a globalist empire. It is seemingly incontrovertible. The two world wars of the 20th century were evidently manufactured – the internet shows us that – and after both wars gigantic leaps towards globalism occurred.

After World War II, the UN was created along  with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The control of the Bank for International Settlements that runs central banking was updated.

Now in Britain, Brexit is in force. And in the US Donald Trump has won. The “populists” are in power and we are given to understand this is a “peasant revolt” of the first magnitude.

But history seems to show us in the past few hundred years that important societal processes are strictly controlled. At a lower level, perhaps, you can be “free.” But events at the highest level are not exercises in liberty.

We simply cannot imagine that Trump made up`his mind to run for president and did so successfully as an independent candidate and without the silent acquiescence of those who remain in power behind the scenes.

Maybe we’re wrong, but let us state for the record, as we often do, that we believe the world’s power base is located among trillionaires in London who invented and control the world’s central banks.

This group has been leading the way, worldwide, not for hundreds but probably for thousands of years, first in Sumer, then Babylon, then Egypt, then Rome, then Venice and finally in England where members intermarried with Royals.

Since the Civil War, anyway, or even much earlier, this group has been tightening its grip on a every sector of the US from education to the military to politics and industry. It has control in Europe too – and we would make the argument that at the very top, elites in Russia and China work together as well.

(This is one reason we continue to make arguments against the standard history of nuclear weapons, here. We think it is in many ways a kind of shared lie around the world that will eventually prove clearly that the global narrative is a manufactured one on many levels.)

To believe that this history – if you do believe it – has been turned upside down by a single election in the 21st century is, for us, a bridge too far. But as we predicted more than a decade ago, the Internet, like the Gutenberg Press before it, has made the elite’s secretive control impossible to sustain. They need another way of influencing events.

The easiest way is to provoke a public argument over the merits of populism (versus globalism) and then to use directed history to ensure people get the message loud and clear that “populism” (read freedom and self-determination) doesn’t work.

For this reason we continue to expect a variety of catastrophes to continue and deepen – mostly from an economic and military standpoint.

We will also be surprised if Trump’s larger vision for the revitalization of the US is going to be especially successful. It will have to be discredited along with Brexit.

It could be that Trump – and Hillary – are unaware of these trends. Not everything has to be a gigantic conspiracy at all levels. But one way or another, first Brexit and now Trump seem to be creating a kind of “directed history.”

Conclusion: Add the sudden appearance of the populism vs. globalism meme and you have rhetoric married, sooner or later, to action. One or two of these elements would be coincidental. But all three? These events seem arranged.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Ronjar__

    Doesn’t have to be like that.

  • apberusdisvet

    AW: you could be right. I too have some sort of the same misgivings stated in this article. The campaign finance director from GS rumored for Treasury Secretary, a position that usually is a pawn for the FED. That could be the biggest “tell”. Giuliani as Attorney General which will result, obviously, in no new inquiries into 911 since he was a major instrumental part of the coverup. Super neocon Bolton rumored as Secretary of State. More R2P invasions? I am, however, encouraged by Trump’s seeming willingness for rapprochement with Putin, his stance on unbridled immigration, and his obvious disdain for the global warming meme and political correctness; the last two being so, so fascist and marxist, respectfully, in origin. I guess we both will have to wait and see.

    • AW is no longer associated with DB.

      • Ernie Hopkins

        Known from my point but sad; although from his perspective I understand the need for a break.

  • Richard Burns

    The Chaldean,Pharaonic,Phoenician,Pharisaic Synagogue of Satan will not desist until Nimrod is restored as King of the World against God and against His Anointed.

  • Praetor

    If their narrative is freedom and self-determination doesn’t work, and the fact that the collectivized control world doesn’t and hasn’t work either for millennia. Pray tell, what can they sell us. Big problem for TPTB is it not. Try and sell us that freedom and self-determination is a loser. Even the slave will tell you they want to be free to determine their own way in this life. That is a hard sell.

    I do agree they will continue to try. But Natural Law dictates the outcome of this fight. The nature of man is to be his own property and owned by none!!!

  • Doc

    With voter turnout at about 50%, it is even difficult to claim it’s a populist election. With Trump gaining support by slightly more than half of these 50%, around 30% voted for him. Since this clearly is more of a power grab than majority support, it just shows how screwed up the reporting is.

  • Sebastian Puettmann

    The ‘Populism vs Globalism’ meme is a strange one, because it does not reflect two opposites.

    ‘Populism’ is a political strategy whereby one tries to appeal directly to the people and often depicts an elite as the enemy.

    ‘Globalism’ just means the existence of a worldwide society (not necessary a state even though we know the elite must want a state).

    Theoretically I like both, populism and globalism. I like being spoken to directly. And I like a worldwide society. I just do not like a state. Especially one with high taxes and a central bank.

    Maybe future freedom fighters can turn the elite’s own weapons against themselves and claim that, yes I am a populist because I like people, and yes, I am a globalist because I like all people…?

    Especially with new media I see a lot of chances here.

  • alohajim

    Totally agree DB. It’s scripted all right but it’s pretty sloppy and not believable. Trump being drawn as an anti elite figure is a real hoot. Sort of like painting Mr. Obama as a manly man brimming with machismo.

    Don’t be fooled folks, look for two things that must see the light of day : the truth and the key to the power of the moneychangers. Both are tightly related and depend greatly on each other. The massive lies, distractions, obsfucations, and deceptions put over on our world for generations are all designed to hide the only source of power the moneychangers possess – the sole ‘right’ given by every government to bankers to create currency from nothing and charge ‘interest’ on it.

    DB – your perspective on the nuclear hoax and why it is so important is brilliant and imo true. Misplaced confidence and belief are keeping people from their pitchforks. Destroy that confidence with some giant truth bombs and that will make even Hillary’s supporters gain some understanding and turn against government tyranny. Imagine if people actually thought about their communities and governments and began to question all those things that are never questioned.

    Two of my favorites :

    1. Victimless crimes – government prisons are filled with folks who committed no crime against any other individual. If there is no victim how can something be a crime? How can ‘government’ deem any act as criminal when there is no victim?
    2. Health ‘insurance’ – here in the US one has no access to healthcare whatsoever unless enrolled in a health insurance plan. Why can’t I pay a doctor for his services directly and shop around and compare costs? Notice how costs are never known or mentioned in receiving health care. Competition has been outlawed. US health ‘care’ is the only arena in this world where people don’t know what things cost and don’t care.

    Both of the above mentioned abominations, among many, many others, put in place by government decree, are simply profit centers for the corporations that the moneychangers own and control. The moneychangers have tricked us into thinking that governments serve the people. One fine day, thanks to DB, the internet, and freedom loving humans everywhere, people will realize the truth.

  • JohnnyZ

    “It has control in Europe too – and we would make the argument that at the very top, elites in Russia and China work together as well.

    (This is one reason we continue to make arguments against the standard history of nuclear weapons, here. We think it is in many ways a kind of shared lie around the world that will eventually prove clearly that the global narrative is a manufactured one on many levels.)”
    The Russian and Chinese governments were overtaken by (jewish) freemasons / illuminati during their respective revolutions. Putin & the Chinese communist party are a continuation of this power, not a break with it. Here is a list of other areas besides nukes, where Russia & China and the West have co-operated / co-conspired:
    – the cold war and MAD (the Soviets were just a controlled opposition, they took a lot of hidden US help to sustain themselves and form a believable enemy)
    – “space travel” and the shape of the Earth (check also the Antarctic treaty)
    – Holohoax and laws banning questioning it
    – 911 truth and the resultant “War on Terror” and ISIS / Syria truth

    • Will Stirrup

      Spoken like someone who has never done a bit of research into the events in WWII… I’m neither Jewish, nor one of the illuminati, nor am I a dupe who believes everything he hears or reads… BUT, the overwhelming evidence proves incontrovertantly, that the laws banning the questioning of the Holo”hoax” as you put it are simply because in fact the events in question are TRUE. Many, not from European shores, may question the veracity of what happened – we as a species are quick to question the facts – but as someone with a curious nature, and someone who only makes their mind up, when the evidence is overwhelming – some might call me stubborn, or a refusnik, but IT HAPPENED… get over it.
      We might argue about the number of victims, we might argue about the methods used, and whether they were just a Chamber of Horrors, but as far as I can tell, based on the evidence I’ve seen – a Holocaust of awful proportions was taking place, under European noses. And we (Brits/Americans) were right to fight against it. And to fight to keep the truth alive, so that future generations don’t go down that road again.

      I for one, am proud of my family’s involvement in bringing the battle to the Hun, and to Hitler, and my father and his before him, bore the scars – some physical, some emotional, but they bore them with valour, grit and a boatload of humour, in difficult, and dangerous circumstances.

  • Scott W

    The “elite” used reverse psychology at every possible turn during this election. Everyone knew that Clinton was the choice of wall street. The FBI reopening her case and then closing it were done just before the election to emphasize this point.
    They knew people were voting against wall street and what better way to ensure a Trump victory than having the stock market reflect the likelihood of a Clinton victory.

    The endless endorsements from shady elite characters; the mainstream media constantly slamming Trump; all designed to ensure that Trump wins.

  • ICFubar

    The question seems to be whether or not Trump is controlled and controllable (definition of chattel-moveable property) by the Apex Elites. One ‘tell’ will be the backgrounds of the advisers and appointees of Trump. If the answer to the question I posed is no then we will see at first an attempt by the elites to influence Trump’s decisions through their proxies. If Trump looks like he is going to make decisions which may adversely effect the elites interests they will fight him on every front and level at their disposal. If he continues in this vein they will simply remove him from office one way or another. If the second phase seems the only course and reasoning doesn’t seem to be working the elites may simply move to stage three as the most expedient considering the current social and political climate. If Trump is cut from the same cloth as a JFK, a RFK or a Putin he will know what he is up against and will move very quickly to neutralize his enemies,heeding the lesson of the Kennedy brothers, breaking up cartels while seizing assets, imprisoning a few high ranking elites and most of their toadies in government making them public examples and possibly assassinating a few more as a warning while beginning to recover the $50 Trillion that Catherine Fitts figures has been stolen by these elites from the US Treasury and people. This is much the same situation that Putin found himself in when he took the reins of power, the only difference being the differing power structures of these two nations and the training, background and level of patriotism difference between these two men. My guess is that Trump, if he has an independent streak and talking real power,is that he will quickly realize he is not a rebel and will cave in to whatever the Apex Elites determine to be the best way forward in their own interests, which may well be the words Trump has said (been given to say?) on reconciliation with the other nuclear and economic powers, or a continuation of the current confrontational stance and the implementation of corporate rights deals if that is the elites choice.

  • Alan

    “The American people have voted to leave behind the late 20th century consensus on free trade and open immigration.”
    I don’t agree with this statement, rather the majority of American people have been fooled by the globalist-corporate/left-wing politically controlled media and culture up to this point. A consensus, no, but due to the outrageous Democrat policies and failures, the majority are finally comprehending what the establishment RINOs and Democrats have been scheming for.

  • SPI

    I agree that the global elite have their hands (tentacles) on two opposing sides in this globalization scenario and that it is very much not coincidental, but think that it may not necessarily be a populist/globalist dichotomy (though that may serve their purposes for public consumption). Alternatively, the actual effective dichotomy may be between a former U.S. centric unipolar world vs a post-Brexit multi-polar world where the U.S. shares global power with U.K., a Eurocentric Germany/France alliance, China and Russia (with leadership in Latin America still to be determined). In this scenario, the elite would be moving from a centralized model to a distributed model for global control. Clinton was the stalking horse for the centralized model while Trump brought the notion of a distributed model to the forefront of the discussion.

    I thank Catherine Austin Fitts for her foundational work on the Unipolar/Multi-Polar evolution of the globalist strategy.

    • JohnnyZ

      Yes the multi-polar NWO seems to be the real aim (also the one Putin constantly talks about), whereas the unipolar US centric one (together with the nuclear war) is the boogeyman.

  • EDD

    Sometimes cynicism creates a snake under every rock. Only time can tell if Trump is as patriotic as he sounds. The people he surrounds himself with will be a good indicator. If he turns out to be a pawn, another step forward for the elite. If he is genuine, havoc will ensue even greater in the electorate. In either case, America is reaping the results of its indiscretions.

    Social programs originated, in part with FDR’s ‘chicken in every pot’; a powerful propaganda statement. This happened in a difficult time considering the repercussions of the great depression. Since then, there has been a proliferation of social programs, to the detriment of personal ambition in the free enterprise arena. Often it is easier to accept ‘free’ perks of all kinds rather than to ‘dig in’ and go for the roses. Sadly, much of human nature is ready tor the ‘free stuff’.

    Many Americans have become apathetic due to all of the delusions of living in a free society.The apathy has worn very thin, its covering no longer able to withstand the angst of average America. A man promises change without using the rhetoric of ‘hope and change’.

    Liberalism has been exposed for the charade it is. The DB and other more conservative news outlets have exposed the lie of all the free stuff. When there is free stuff, someone somewhere is always paying for it. This is the phenomena of the Trump victory, average America awakened to this dichotomy and responded in kind. A map of the electoral arena of those who voted Trump in proves this.

    In Trump, the fuse has been lit. Those who followed the elite’s puppet are showing their true colors; cars on fire, Trump burned in effigy, etc. The elite will use every provocation to their advantage. America is being tested as never before.

    From Washington’s vision: “Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most
    fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall
    not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his
    God, his land and the Union.”

    Many of those who voted are the ones who are already living for God, land and union. If this is contagious, I hope it spreads until America is once again the ‘city of light shining on a hill’.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    First, great piece as usual DB! With all the demonstrations of the corrupt nature of the software for the voting machines, as well as actual proven instances of vote switching, to me it was clear. If Trump won, it was only because they let him. Is Trump in on the gig? I don’t know. Will he try and actually do what he said? We will see. As one of the posters pointed out, we can tell a lot by his appointments. If he does pursue real changes, can they wreck him? Most certainly. Monopoly central banking gives one unlimited resources. Attrition will win out if nothing else. His only hope is to wreck the banks first. So far that does not seem to be something he really understands.

  • gary hillerich

    until the illegal and unconstututional private for profit non-federal no-reserve is abolished and ALL central banksters are thrown the L out of the US,jailed indefinitely,or hanged,,NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING[or very little anyway] abolishing the fed must be numero uno in a Trump presidency and as far as i know,the Trumpster hath said nothing of it..Trump is ALREADY surrounding himself with establishment insiders Mr 9-11, Rudy.Ghooliani,who disappeared the tower ruble to the fresh kill landfill ASAP,then on to China,ASAP..and Mr. NAFTA, Newt Gingrich

    ‘he who controls the money supply controls everything”

    # “If the American people ever allow private central banksters to control the issuance of their currency…
    [we did in 1913 by TRAITOR Woodrow Wilson signing the federal reserve act into law ],
    …first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless and penniless on the continent their Fathers conquered….
    # I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies….
    #The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson..[ don’t believe most of the founding fathers were occultists and/or illuminati.. but…i may well be wrong on that as i wasn’t alive then..

    “give me control of a nations money supply,and I care not who makes its laws” [as i will control that nations politicians with $ bribes anyway] – Her Majesty’s Satanic Lord of the Red Shield Flies,Nathan Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    • TimeToWakeUPAmerica

      100% correct ~ gary hillerich.

      This is what Trump is up against (if he isn’t actually the “Jews’” backup plan):

      The City of London’s Re~Colonization of America

      John Kaminski is correct about the “Jews”. They are the REAL force
      behind the ‘Empire’/’Deep State’, ‘Secret’ or ‘Shadow’ Gov’t. (You can
      find John Kaminski’s article, here:

      Of course, it’s the SAME forces behind SHILL-ary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. [Rothschilds, GOLDMAN-SACHS, W.I.C.B., Georgy-boy SOROS, CFR/CIA, etc.] The ONLY reason why the BUSH/CLINTON CRIME
      SYNDICATE has gotten away with murder, for these past several decades,
      is because they are on the CFR/CIA Western “elites’” TEAM.

      For more info. about which people and organizations represent the
      ‘Empire’/’Deep State’, or the ‘Secret’/’Shadow’ Government, which
      exercises near-complete control over the “official” U.S. Government (all
      3 branches!), the entire Western MSM (Mainstream Media), Hollywood, the
      entire Western Public “Education” System, & LEGAL SYSTEM ~ go here:

      Obummer, SHill-ary, the ‘District’ of Columbia, the Pope, Vatican ‘City’, the Rothschilds, the ‘City’ of London & the NWO/JWO (“Jew” World Order)

      and here:

      Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

      Read all the comments. Click on all the links. Read, view, listen to ALL content.

      It helps US to KNOW our common enemy if we actually plan to defeat it.