Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?
By Daily Bell Staff - March 08, 2016

Trump’s rise disturbs world media … As the U.S. woke up Wednesday to the news that Donald Trump had triumphed in a majority of the states up for grabs in the Super Tuesday contests, the wider world also woke up to the prospect of a man whom some consider a demagogue occupying the world’s most powerful political office …   – Financial Express

The mainstream media is filled with howls about Donald Trump. Even the most positive articles about him tend to catalogue his political achievements within a larger context of GOP consternation and evident fury.

Here is our question, as close observers of the mainstream media: Is it propaganda of a sort? Is the evident antipathy orchestrated to serve certain purposes of a shadowy power elite?

To elaborate: Are those at the top of US society who evidently structure and control US elections creating a figure that is sympathetic to the tens of millions who are deeply alienated from almost every part of establishment society?

Is Trump himself part of a deeper plan? After all, by providing a significant political service to very powerful individuals, Trump could gain significant professional advantages.

There is no doubt that elite factions wish to destroy the US as a significant republican force. At the same time, they want the process to be a controlled one. The end game is to be carefully calibrated. Trump can help with that process.

Additionally, just as the mainstream media has focused on the negatives regarding Trump, so the alternative ‘Net media has taken an opposing perspective, often supporting Trump enthusiastically.

Ironically, then, the alternative media is celebrating a man who just a year ago would have been characterized – rightly or wrongly – by many of those outlets in a different and more negative light.

Trump’s GOP popularity is generated in part from his willingness to bluntly express problems the US is facing. Also from hints that some US narratives – 9/11 in particular – are not accurate.

Major politicians in both parties often don’t verbalize the tremendous difficulties the US faces. This is because the banking elites that wield power in the US and throughout the Western world have made sure the political class pursues policies that are in the long-term destructive to the US and Western nation-states generally.

The goal is a more centralized and international world. Politicians therefore have to pretend that monetary debasement, serial warfare, the anti-“terrorist” security state and other freedom-sapping and economically destabilizing policies are beneficial and necessary.

Simply by hinting at the reality of this larger conversation and its falsities, Trump attracts millions of enthusiastic supporters.

Yet the Trump phenomenon contains puzzling contradictions. As a high-profile businessman, he probably would want to stay away from the kind of controversies he has now cultivated.

And if one looks at his social and political history, it seems obvious that he was just as friendly with powerful Democrats as Republicans – and especially with the Clintons.

His past political pronouncements, what there are of them, don’t seem especially conservative or libertarian.

While businessmen are usually averse to bad publicity, his high-profile campaign continually attracts all sorts of negative press.

From the article excerpted above:

In Israel, writer Ari Shavit asked in the newspaper Haaretz: … “What enables a brilliant, dangerous, repulsive, rude clown to take one step after another toward the White House?”

In the Americas, former Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa branded Trump a danger to the United States …  “[The U.S.] is a country that is too important for the rest of the world to have in the White House a clown, a demagogue and a racist.”

Questions thus remain about Trump’s motives and legitimacy. And conspiratorial theories continue to circulate.

One is that Trump has entered the GOP race to ensure a presidential victory for Hillary Clinton.

Bill Clinton was accused of a similar strategy when he ran for president. At the time, a third-party candidate, Ross Perot, was said to have conspired with the Clintons to enter the race in order to siphon off Republican votes.

Time will tell if these larger speculations have any merit. In the meantime, Trump’s charisma, energy and blunt talk has captured large parts of the alternative media.

Unfortunately, even if Trump were elected, it is doubtful that he could do much to restore America’s “greatness.” The US federal legislative system is thoroughly corrupt and almost impossible to change.

Via current spying methodologies and subsequent blackmail of legislators, the military-industrial complex and intelligence agencies can likely block any significant moves to fundamentally change the status quo. Presumably Trump himself has areas that could present issues.

Also, Congress creates and passes legislation. To the degree that Trump could make his presence felt, it would be through unconstitutional executive orders. Thus he would be helping destroy the remnants of the constitutional process he supposedly wants to uphold.

Finally, as a larger than life figure, he might contribute to the expansion of presidential authority, also unconstitutional. And his continued success will certainly continue to disrupt the alternative media.

Think of Rome, and the emperors it endured. Were any of them – even the best-intentioned – able to redirect the decline of society and the violent degeneration of the Roman economy.

One man can do little or nothing when faced with larger systemic dysfunction.

Conclusion: Conserve your energy and husband your resources. Advance your personal goals and improve your professional circumstances. Look to yourself first and the larger system second, if at all.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Jon Fulkerson

    FUD. Maybe this maybe that. He’s better than the alternatives. I suppose we will see if your assertions are correct.

  • frankw

    Whatever he is, and i’ve entertained the same fears, he can’t be any worse than the alternatives. The system is corrupt beyond repair and it will take a cataclysmic event to change it.

  • DavidMacko

    Say what you will of him, and he has many defects, Trump has almost all of the right enemies.

    • Sam Fox

      Good thought David. Had that one also.
      Either the establishment is doing one of their best kabuki plays, using Trump to find out who their enemies are so we can be eliminated & will use Donald or Bill’s husband to go after us or Trump is the real deal. warts & all.
      I do know that both Rubio & Cruz are establishment Homer Simpson puppets & cannot be trusted.
      Myself, I am a Rand Paul person. But Rand’s been eliminated, sadly without much of a fight.
      So, that leaves only Trump. Like I commented on another site; Trump may be a longshot. That being said, I’ll take that longshot chance rather than the guarantee of big govt business as usual that ALL the rest of all the candidates represent.

      • DavidMacko

        I also regarded Rand Paul as the best Republican candidate. If he had adhered more closely to principles as his father, the greatest living Americans statesman did and does, and had campaigned more vigorously, as Donald Trump is doing, he would have done much better. As for Trump, I do not believe that he wants to destroy America, as the Clintons, Bushes and Obama have been doing for almost thirty years.

        • Praetor

          Rand Paul, Ben Carson probably the two most honest candidates of the lot. Carson said it, GOP corrupt, totally corrupt!!!

    • Steven Hotho


  • Praetor

    Trump, the clown. WE already have a clown in the white house. Trump, the racist. All white men are racist, go ask anyone who isn’t a white man. Trump and motives. What are the motives of any person who runs for president of The U.S. Trump and Unconstitutional E.O.s. There is nothing being done in D.C. that is constitutional, it is all unconstitutional. Trump and the GOP/DNC. DNC/GOP one party, no difference.

    Trump and the people. People are telling D.C. if things continue on as they are, the NeoCon/DNC/GOP/Progressive/Tyranny will be ended one way or another. As John Locke, states in Treatise of Government: I answer, such revolutions happen not upon every little mismanagement in public affairs. Great mistakes in the ruling part, many wrong and inconvenient laws, and all the slips of human frailty, will be born by the people without mutiny or murmur. But if a long train of abuses, prevarications and artifices, all tending the same way, make the design visible to the people, and they cannot but feel what they lie under, and see whither they are going, it is not to be wondered, that they should then rouze themselves, and endeavor to put the rule into such hands which may secure to them the ends for which government was at first erected. So, one way or another!!!

    • stevor

      I don’t think my brown and black friends find me racist. Maybe it’s YOU who are the racist!

      • Praetor

        Explain you’re self. If you choose to get into a racist argument, so be it. But a warning I’m not friendly when some one calls me racist, and especially when they don’t know me. Go ahead!!!

        • stevor

          You say “all white men are racist” (without knowing them) but nobody can call you racist without knowing you despite that comment about all white men? You’re FUNNY. (PS: It’s “yourself” instead of “You’re self” that you use in the above reply)

          • Praetor

            You know your, you’re, yourself you’re self, grammar nannies are worse than racist. And if you haven’t noticed the reality of the world that your, you’re yor yourself problem. You are a Prol and have been indoctrinated into Up is Down!!!

          • stevor

            I’m still waiting for you to tell why ALL WHITES are racist when you don’t know them (or me) and nobody can call you “racist” without knowing you. (No, I’m not really waiting because I don’t think you can explain it)

          • Bruce C.

            I read Praetor’s lines as sarcasm (declaring all whites as racists because all non-whites say so.) I thought it was funny and hyperbolical.

          • Praetor

            Bruce some people are humorless and totally buy into the divide and concur strategies of the one party system of the DNC/GOP. These people do not even understand the word sarcasm!!!

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            It’s “conquer”, not “concur”. Concur means to agree with. I am always amused at how racists have such poor mastery of their native language.

          • Praetor

            You can wait till heck freezes over. And as far as an explanation shove it Prol. You can’t get it that’s your, you’re yor problem. Continue to believe 2 plus 2 = 5!!!

          • stevor

            It’s nice to see you use “heck” instead of cursing as so many people do when they can’t answer.
            Still, I find you funny.

          • Sam Fox

            Praetor, I think stevor may have meant all white’s are racist as the perception that is being propagated by race baiting crowd that is trying to start a race war.
            That’s what I thought he meant.

          • Praetor

            Reality! I find it fascinating that reality is a thing of the past, for some people. That, they be so brainwashed, by the Keynesian Collectives strategies of divide and concur actually works. You just have to say, white, black, muslim, racist, indian and so forth, and they jump to attention. They then defend the collectivist strategy of divide and concur, to their death. Its amazing. Up is down!!!

  • robertsgt40

    Perfect example of the Hegelian Dialectic in action.

  • DB

    “Conserve your energy and husband your resources. Advance your personal goals and improve your professional circumstances. Look to yourself first and the larger system second, if at all.”

    You folks are either mightily confused, or, you’re out of the system altogether, and find amusement in jerking our collective chains.

    The BIG picture, if indeed there is one at all, is that Americans are living MANY lies.

    Perhaps the biggest lie is the one you just told.

    Riddle me this > What good does it do anyone to invest a LIFETIME of hard work in a country which is a DEAD republic, and hurtling towards “malevolent” dictatorship ?

    • So you decline to try to take control of your own destiny. What alternative do you suggest?

    • Praetor

      Riddle me this> How is it you are, you’re still alive. Who is buying you food, giving you shelter, how is it you have clothes on you’re your back. How do you come by all this. What is keeping you alive, anyway!!!

    • Freetruthforever .

      Most readers here at the Daily Bell don’t have a “collective chain”. So, speak for yourself troll.

      • DB

        If you only knew how much your mother still loves you.

    • Steven Hotho

      Fortunately, the worth of my life is not dependent on the worthiness of the state in which it occurs.

    • When J said give to Caesar what is DUE and to God what is due. I take it to mean there is a difference of two purposes here that can seem to conflict – but one of them is unconflicted in itself.
      If you put your treasure where it is robbed, trashed, corrupted and abused. Stop! Put it where it truly belongs. As Steven Hotho indicates, true worth is something that you can recognize and extend – rather than get from some set of ideas that seem to be what they are not.

  • gamathers

    I believe your observations are right on, however your conclusion is questionable. Yes we should do everything in our power to provide for ourselves, but the system is making that harder or impossible for many people. Eventually Jesus will be coming back to sort the whole thing out and those not properly aligned with him will suffer the consequences.

  • DB

    Perhaps you should ask a few “holocaust” survivors if they made a mistake hanging around a bit too long in 1930’s Germany ?

    • Steven Campbell

  • MetaCynic

    If we’re lucky, a President Trump may inadvertently become America’s Gorbachev. Gorbachev was expected to save ailing Soviet Communism by tinkering at the margins with reforms. The Soviet empire’s house of cards was a lot more wobbly than anyone there expected. Loosening the regime’s grip on its subjects released a whirlwind which brought everything crashing down.

    Trump would certainly try to reign in the hugely wasteful and destructive American empire. He would probably tackle deficit spending. Maybe he would allow big banks to fail. Such tinkering would provoke a liquidation of all kinds of unsustainable malinvestments and bring down the elites’ haphazardly constructed house of cards.

    In this case Trump, like Gorbachev, would be a transitional figure – an undertaker of tyranny and centralization – who would hopefully be replaced by many presidents presiding over many much freer states than we can now imagine.

    • Praetor

      This is possible.

    • Steven Hotho

      And where is Russia now – right back under an expansionary and authoritarian regime.

      • MetaCynic

        Are the Russian and other Soviet Bloc people better off with regards to their standard of living and human rights today or 25 years ago? How many would want to turn back the clock to the even relatively freer Gorbachev era not to mention the Brezhnev era?

        That Russia is expanding is a myth propagated by America’s puppet media and court intellectuals. Russia’s foreign military bases can probably be counted on half the fingers of one hand, whereas America’s imperial bases would need all the toes and fingers of an entire football team to tally up! As for the Crimea – a former longtime Russian province – the mostly Russian people of that region voted overwhelmingly (95%) to secede from the Ukraine and rejoin Russia after the western installed junta made life for ethnic Russians unbearable.

        Everything Russia is doing on the world stage, including bombing ISIS, is a reaction to American and European provocations intended to reignite the Cold War. Once the Warsaw Pact was dissolved a generation ago, NATO no longer had a purpose and should have been dismantled. Yet Washington’s neocon dogs of war needed enemies to justify their jobs. Instead of disappearing, NATO has expanded to the borders of a nuclear armed Russia and now wants to install missiles in Poland and the Ukraine aimed at Russia. Only America’s foreign policy lunatics can want to surround a peaceful Russia with missiles and for no sane reason, risk triggering WW3 .

  • care4mn

    This year demonstrates why presidential elections in the US are “the great American swindle”. Lot’s of pomp, lots of what are laughingly called debates and a tremendous amount of money spent trying to buy the office.

    • Praetor

      Somewhat like a sporting event!!!

      • Sam Fox

        Yeah, like when Christians were fed to the lions.
        Now shills for big bro want every one to be fed to the ‘progressive’ lion of big govt as they strive for absolute govt control over everything & all we do.

  • Actually, imho, some good discussion on this. While Mr. Trump maybe a nwo pigeon that is bringing the end to the Keynesian banking experiment (sic), he may also be the one that empowers the people to resist the result of the end of that same experiment. We must resist the temptation to follow anybody down the rabbit hole. We have a Constitution that provides for a Limited Government, of the people and by the people. WE the people have to wrestle that Government back from the progressives and unshackle ourselves from the monetary debt that is looming. Gold and $ilver and local involvement in politics.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Great piece Daily Bell. We have been having this same debate in our Clan for some time now. I tend to feel the “opposition” to Trump are illusionary. The cartel has had several opportunities to block Trump and have not. Whether Hillary or Donald does not matter to the elites. Both will serve them well. Donald may serve them better in that much of the opposition has been deluded into thinking he is one of them. His past track record prior to politics speaks volumes in this regard. BTW, thanks for bringing the comments back. I have found them to be as educational sometimes as the articles (and that is no slam on your articles, they are top shelf in every regard).

    • We’ve always had good feedbackers for some reason …

  • 2bvictorius

    Congrats, you have wounded those who doubt the benefit of having a self confessed rowdy and truly a man of the world as a candidate of , by and for the people
    I doubt I could have said it any better than you.
    We do not need and should not want a perfect human being to do battle with the corrupt, and treasonous people occupying seats of power , not only in the USA, but the free world.
    WE need a bull dog and I think we have one in Donald Trump. I doubt anyone seriously expects he can clean up the government or the gangsters in the banking industry but, if he gets started, maybe we can finish it for him and those of us who truly look forward to a great battle with our enemies.

  • northernraven

    Trump is simply ‘controlled opposition’. If there were the
    slightest chance he could improve/restore [insert slogan] he wouldn’t be alive

    • Bob

      Trump has the support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the sheriff that ran an official police forensic investigation that found the Hussein Obama birth certificate put out on the web to be a poorly forged fake using Photosho. Trump is the real deal…said he will audit the Fed, investigate the truth of 9/11, bring back American manufacturing, send back the “refugees”, build the wall, and more. He could be a good actor and lying through his teeth about it all, but my gut says he is for real and that is the globalists, RHINO’s, Karl Rove, Mitch McConell, and the losers running the European countries are so scared right now.,…its real fear in them…it’s almost palpable. I think Gov. Kasich would be a good choice as well as there is zero chance he is working for the NWO, just not sure if he is tough enough to defeat Hillary, the NWO, and knows what is going on behind the scenes- we need him to balance the budget again.

    • lois

      You’re right. Trump will not make one term, if he really tries to change the system. He will be assassinated. Look at what happened to JFK.
      We have an enemy within, infiltrating government and institutions.
      We must turn back to God’s Words/laws. NO MORE political correctness!

  • 2bvictorius

    It is true that one must always question not only the advice given, but, also the giver.
    While it is possible that Trump could be part of some grand scheme to deceive the voters an deliver them unto the certain hell aka, Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is also possible that The Daily Bell is part of the establishments elaborate plan to damage, diminish and ultimately destroy Donald Trumps Campaign d ensure Hillary Clintons presidency.

    • Praetor

      I doubt it. This website points out what MSM is usually saying about the events of our day. I personally believe Trump really wants to be prez. and would love to be debating Clinton. To these people its a game to be won, and winner take all!!!!

      • Guy Christopher

        On that stage next fall, Trump will turn to Clinton and say to her,
        “You are a traitor, you are a coward, you belong in federal prison, and when I’m elected, I’m going to put you there.”
        At that point, it’s a 49 state landslide.

  • Fred

    “. . . please, Br’er Fox, don’t fling me in dat brier-patch”

  • killerbeans

    Which is why I support Bernie Sanders.

    • Praetor

      Well, look its butterbean!!!

  • Bruce C.

    I have to admit I was downright depressed after the last Republican “debate” and fell asleep not liking any of the candidates and feeling viscerally afraid for the people of this country and even the world. Then I woke up only to read John Whitehead’s take on the ‘state of the union’ and started to feel nauseous. Hoping to gain some relief my wife and I decided to watch a “comedy” on Netflix but it turned out to be a black comedy. It was about an international business that targets sales to high net worth individuals by making them feel inadequate about themselves. The movie ended when one such “victim” spent himself into so much debt that he killed himself. Okay, so after that I thought just a little late night news coverage would help me mercifully fall asleep again but all I heard were the most vicious and vitriolic “lies” about Trump on every channel. I honestly don’t know what’s true any more. I’m sticking with my gut though and am voting for Trump. As I’ve always said he has the greatest upside potential. My hope is that he really does want to help this country and its people – to make it great again – and he really doesn’t care about money or career any more (or at least not enough to be bribed). My fears, however, are many because I don’t know what he really knows. He could be appallingly ignorant, or far wiser than any of us would believe. Let’s face it, if he is like many of the commenters at the Daily Bell he would be wise to keep his mouth shut about a lot of things until he’s actually elected. That may be why he’s still alive, as horrible as that sounds. The closer he gets to the Presidency the safer I think he’ll be, which could suck if he ends up a tyrant, but I’m not so concerned about his true intentions. If he gets elected the energy of the people of this country is what will really change things. As a radio host said recently, ‘you can judge a man by his enemies.’ Another one said, ‘ Trump could do more to help the economy and people’s lives in this country than any policy change just by making them feel good about themselves, and making success and wealth and winning be good things again.’ In fact, for better or worse, those engendered feelings is why I think he’ll probably make it. No one else seems happy.

    • Guy Christopher

      What we are seeing, Bruce, in the candidacies of Trump/Cruz/Carson/Fiorina, I fully believe, is the tea party at work. After Obama weaponized the IRS, the TP went underground. It didn’t disband, it just re-formed. My group quietly reorganized and I’m sure many others did too.

      We made ourselves INVISIBLE to the government — by not applying for tax breaks. We each pay our own way, out of our own pockets. We don’t take donations, we don’t collect dues, we don’t keep records, we don’t file reports. We also don’t talk to media and we don’t use main media to spread our message, so the media happily thought we were wiped out, even though hundreds of us in my group still meet and communicate regularly. In fact, since 2011, not one of our formerly publicly known leaders has ever been asked a single question by any reporter. And we wouldn’t answer if they did ask.

      We also do not elect officers – we let leaders naturally emerge. Our leaders serve as long as they have followers. And that is exactly what I’m seeing happen on the presidential stage right this moment. The TP alive and well is possibly the best kept secret among the millions of us who learned how to best deal with a criminal government.

  • Guy Christopher

    Just look around to see the RINO’s now so very suddenly concerned for the future of conservatism, a la Romney, a la McCain, a la Jeb. Where was their fire when they were running? Each time they call themselves conservative, I dig in deeper.

    Trump was correct–McCain is a coward. I wrote letters to him twice calling him a coward for allowing a commie to take over my government, long before Trump belittled him.

    The first words out of Jeb’s mouth a year ago were “I don’t need the
    base to win.” I just can’t believe the established beltway pumped 130
    million into Jeb Bush while thinking secretly they would have Trump in their Plan B back pocket.

    Jeanine Pirro was correct to say Romney couldn’t stand up to Candy Crowley, so why believe he can stand up for conservative USA?

    Trump is the enemy of my enemy. The established media’s panic tells me so.

    By the way, there were a lot of people at my wedding I wish hadn’t been there.

    • Praetor

      Well, let me tell Guy. I should’ve married Jeanine Pirro! She did let Rummy have it, did she not!!!!

      • Guy Christopher

        I wanted to marry her, but she said she wouldn’t share me with Sarah Palin.

        • Praetor

          I most admit, conservative women are better looking lot!!!

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            Ann Coulter. Your argument is invalid. Unless, of course she is actually a man in drag. In that case, Phyllis Schlafly.

  • Chuck

    The media has slavered Trump with attention right from the beginning of his campaign. Most of it negative, but of course there’s that old saying about there being no such thing as bad publicity.

    When a private company wants to introduce a new product/service/celebrity what happens? They pay the media for coverage. The media has bills to pay; they don’t work for free. Why would they give away tons of coverage, worth billions, to someone they supposedly hate?

    The elite’s goal of global consolidation will not be a straightforward march towards the end of history. Note the rise of nationalism in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries eventually led to the European Union.

  • Freetruthforever .

    As I’ve said many times: Clinton will win; she is the elite chosen one. Trump is being used to help the Republicans self-destruct so the criminal Democrat can win. The elite have kept her out of jail for a reason: to be the perfect puppet which they’ve been grooming for years.

    • mary

      You’re most likely correct. They installed Obummer so that the racism card would give him free reign. The sexist card will do the same for Hitlery. She may not last until the election. Now THAT would be interesting, wouldn’t it?

  • Steven Hotho

    Agreed, a bridge too far in the conspiracy business – and it does seem to be turning into a business.
    May God have mercy on the guilty.

  • dave jr

    Hi DB. I think you are on to something. What the Central Bankers and Corporate Elite need right now is Trump the CEO, not a politician. I can see why the GOP is furious, and can you imagine the shrieks from Hillary if she doesn’t get “her turn”?
    The elite need big government to protect their monopolies and to enforce their regulations, trade treaties and resource interests around the world from ‘terrorists’. Their problem is and has been how to fund it beyond what tax payers will tolerate. Budget deficits have worked for a while. Government defaults have worked for a while. Lets count them.
    1. Congress defaulted in 1913 when it passed the Federal Reserve Act.
    2. US Gov defaulted again in 1933/35 with removing the gold redeemable currency and the National Banking Act.
    3. Again in 1964 when removing silver from the coins.
    4. Again in 1971 when reneging on the Breton Woods international gold standard.
    5. Again and again every year since Volker by not paying back one penny of debt by continually rolling it over.
    So who in their right mind would say the US Gov can not or will not default? Who would have thought that the USSR would have defaulted under Gorbachev? Did this hurt the international banking and corporate elite? I recall them profiting handsomely by purchasing State owned assets/resources for pennies on the dollar through invitation only forfeiture auctions.
    So where are we at now? They have been trying everything possible to keep funding the over reaching, burdensome mother of all regulatory states …the US Gov. and her military. They have been lowering the Fed fund rate for 35 years and banged up against ZIRP. They have tried the QE. They have endured Congressional (the peoples) backlash over national debt, balanced budgets, deficit spending, debt ceilings, can kicking and threatened bogus government shut downs.
    Now they are experimenting with NIRP, cashless societies and waging the bait of ‘basic incomes’ to buy the cooperation of mindless zombies. Or maybe they are just buying time? – sigh
    All that said, I think you are doing your readers a good service by advising them to prepare. Everyone should know where their food, potable water and heat comes from. Everyone should be able to effectively defend themselves and their stores if they don’t intend to run amuck. How long would a US Gov receivership and dollar reset take? Three months, six, a year or more? Who knows?
    In this rare instance, I hope I am wrong. I welcome any and all evidence to the contrary. And thank you DB for providing me a place to vent my frustrations.

  • Kathy M Johnson

    Gimme a break!!! In the 2008 election, rumors had Obama as the Manchurian candidate!!!

    • Bruce C.

      And he was. The question now is whether Trump is another one. I say he is not.

      • Ernesto DelMundo

        He is obviously working for Hillary to destroy the Republican Party. The plan is working perfectly. Watch, after the gets the nomination he will say we don’t really need to build a wall and all the racist xenophobes that voted for him will be crushed and not vote, handing a landslide to Hillary.

  • I came across a great phrase in comment section elsewhere in which the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was illuminated as capitalizing on dishonesty.
    Honesty can be mimicked and used as a weapon or a trojan – but then it isn’t honesty so much as calling the liar.
    The elitist establishment may be seen, perceived or believed to be all kinds of things – but one I notice is of giving then much more power than they have where they haven’t, and not having a clue how powerful they are where we don’t even see it. For it operates through our own unrecognized and largely unconscious fear.

    Anyone group seriously forward looking desire to hold or expand power of influence will work with incorporating and using any variations of plan and hedge bets accordingly. I aim at neither power or influence in oppositional terms but consider any apparent negative event in a desire to define it so as to serve a positive outcome – as a dedication to detach from what is not honestly belonging or true of me.

    I’m not in the USA but I resonate with the desire for humanity that may express itself in all kinds of alloys that are reactive, fearful, or hateful. My sense is when stripped of all that is false – all that doesn’t belong – the original stands clear. This is often a humiliation in personality terms but honesty acknowledged and valued is true humility.

    My sense of elitism is of warring vanity (personality inflation) that sacrifices or denies truth : Honesty – for power in whatever terms the sense of lack of it defines. That’s the ‘Pact’ by which we each in various ways come into some sense of power from a sense of lack – or powerlessness.
    But awakening to and breaking with that pact is the recognition of a deceit and a realigning in spontaneous reintegration as a result of releasing such a forcefully pervasive sense of need for control.

    The most clever manipulators of directing history are more than capable of running a variety of ‘games’ simultaneously – AND of funding them all. Money is nothing to them excepting to control it and use it as a means of control. WHY? is another matter. I’m not saying there are not all kinds of self-justifications – but those are what the mind serves up in place of Honesty – and for which the true of our Humanity is sacrificed.

    Having read a bit of how Hitler was anticipated, then supported and used, I say that there are those whose grasp of human psychology goes all the way down where most of us recoil from – but that they do not recognize it is also the Feedback they need to restore their original nature – their true power – but that self-concept denies it them – or else they would serve the living rather than rule the dead.

    • Bruce C.

      You’ve brought up allusions to Hitler and Stalin before and I assume you’re referring to Trump since he’s usually the subject at hand when you do.

      I’ve heard about Hitler’s backing but I don’t get any analogy with him and Trump. The US is not like Germany was in the 1930s and Hitler was a “nobody.” Trump is not scapegoating like Hitler did, nor has he been in politics for years paving “his” way, and nor has he been receiving funding for years.

      If I had to choose an analogy it would be between Stalin and Clinton. Stalin was Lenin’s Secretary of State and he placed his cronies in various branches of the government so by the time Stalin gained “the Presidency” he had his goon squad already in place.

      • I don’t assign power to personalities and so I use the ‘Hitler’ theme as the motif of the one who is hoped and promises to save a wronged, abused and downtrodden nation from the international conspiracy and corruption within. Hitler achieved a huge change for Germany and Germans before it became entangled in expanding wars that it could not and win and was not allowed to surrender out of. How much of that was due to the support of the international globalists? I don’t know – but he started off with appealing to a sense of national pride that had the shadow of supremacy – of elitism – of exceptionalism.

        He saw power as struggle (war) and communication as a tool to leverage outcomes (propaganda and dictate) – and within the allegiance and conformity to his ideas, he was an enigma of many faceted humanity. His example remains coveted in secret because he at least seemed to achieve power but overplayed his hand. I sense he lost much of that power to those immediately around him – for the opportunism that amasses around such a call to power is not that of free willingness and humanity. Power-seekers do not make bonds of intimacy – but of alliance that serves private self interest.

        I have not engaged much with the personalities of the election campaign (circus?). I read the signs of the times. Whether they know it or not, the establishment set this up as sure as eggs is eggs. Because, when you suppress and provoke people enough there will be reaction, and there is the power source with which to break even deeper into the Life force of the host. Power – in that sense – is gotten by inducing others to deny it in themselves by reaching out to the ‘power to save them’.

        I do believe that we need to reach out of and break an isolated sense of attempting to prevail in the framing of private struggle as if mein kampf gives meaning to an otherwise meaningless or humiliating existence. In other words to reach out and restore a sense of true worth and meaning where it otherwise suffers division and diversion into a loss of worth that invokes the will to power and struggle in futility and woe.

        The Bolshevik group planned and executed their version of ‘communism’ amidst the welling up of an oppressed serfdom in desire for a more human way to live – and if I recall – they were sent off from London with considerable financial backing.

        Against the power that rules the world is no real resistance that does not feed it. But that ‘world’ is framed in the idea of worthlessness and struggle for power – and it is that framing of a false self concept that I feel to challenge – not the symptoms that automatically ensue.

        Anyone can ‘believe’ they are serving the people – but celebrities can believe what their fans project onto them – and become addicted to it and play it out. These transactions operate bubble realities that only run upon the willingness to override or dissociate from real relationships.

        The US IS like Germany – in that it has been usurped and used before being hollowed out and destroyed. Different regions have different roles to play. And in many ways US is run by the same corporate-financial cartels of power – because although there are families and organisations that span many generations of such focus, the real nature of it is the idea beneath it.

        This notion of power will always war within and upon itself until all movement ceases – or until the idea that undermines a true appreciation of Existence is itself revealed meaningless.

        To what degree does ANYONE truly harness possess or achieve power? What you would use – uses you.What you give out, comes back. Looking at the feedback to read the signs of what is going out from me un-recognized, is different from reading the world as an enmity of evil intent that must be taught a lesson or indeed eradicated.

        The brain literally programs pathways like tramlines and our linguistic pathways become the persistence of ancient hatreds – acting out over and over again. It runs like a machine. There’s no love of life in it – but mere symbols of love, freedom or power lost.

        Such symbols are all part of driving a negative emotional drive to power – it is hatred – one way or another.

        When any of the innate qualities of being are rejected as a result of being misperceived, then self concept usurps real relationship and self-righteousness rides roughshod over the denied.

        Whatever the script that runs – there are two fundamentally exclusive ways to read it, and by the fruits we know our own choice. Or we don’t recognize our own choice and suffer as if victim to another. But before the angry brigade leap to defend all the poor from being blamed for choosing powerless on top of experiencing the same – I state that the level at which choice really operates is in the recognition of what is already operating – NOT at the level of personality that is framed in a false set of choices to keep it thus.

        So anything that leans into a core honesty and integrity of being is in the willingness to release a false notion of power and open to what is actually going on (within and without) – rather than follow an investment in without that blinds you to within and the ideas that run un-challenged there.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    We will all know for sure soon when we see
    how hard he goes after Queen Hillary & 911?

  • Dolph Longedgreens

    Trump’s campaign marks a new chapter in political theater. I expect other celebrities and entertainers to participate in the future. We’ve gone from watching a puppet show which carried an expectation of belief, to an out and out frivolous spectacle explicitly presented as entertainment.

    • Anaomi

      Politics has been theatre for a very long time now.

      • Dolph Longedgreens

        Yes, but Trump’s efforts are distinctly new brand of theatrical performance. The fig leaf has been removed. You’re no longer required to suspend your disbelief. Just gape at the spectacle and vote for your favored champion.

        • mary

          Interesting thought. Seems a fig leaf was removed when a CIA chief was installed at POTUS. All CIA, all the time, now. Maybe Trump will lose to Hitlery, and a proven criminal will be installed. Another type of fig leaf removed? We are ancient Rome, are we not? We are to be spared nothing. *sigh*


    The USA legislative branch Republican & Democrats are rotten to the core. Duplicity by both groups (the typical Old Boys Club) is alive and running on all cylinders. When did either file a grievance as Obama totally ignored the Constitution as he indiscriminately made rulings when ever he wished, and not a word from either of the check and balance units (Supreme Court, the other). The special perks of these two bodies of government, with previous members returning as Lobbyists to their old boys club pals, which the US citizens don’t receive, and would be jailed if they attempted some of the freebies the legislative members have Carte Blanche. The Bankers, Military, Industrial, Government, Elitist, hegemony, has stolen 90% of global assets. They consider the common man as being stupid and undeserving of any notice of equality, serfdom is to be their lot. The middle class is being squeezed out of their independence. The Banks
    will “all” shortly charge negative interest rates. A tragedy for those retirees on fixed incomes. These elitists are a godless group, without any sense of compassion or concern. They and the Environmentalists
    suggest the world would be better off with only one billion souls. Hence the false concept of mankind polluting the ionosphere with carbon, causing Global Warming. The United Nations in December 1915, in Paris, ratified, unanimously, on a program to charge all members of the UN with their demands of each member’s responsibilities, in bringing control of man’s contribution to the Global Warming problem. Initial demands starting by 1917. Also the currencies of the world will be disposed of, in favor of One World Digital Banking. All participants under the control of the United Nations, with all world banking of individual’s account’s value at conversion, per their determination. No chance to argue. No one can buy or sell outside their individual accounts. Of course, negative interest rates will be in force, at 5% per year.
    Having laid out the current lifestyle of Americans being lied to and cheated on every hand, it’s easy to understand the anger and backlash of the American people toward their corrupt politicians, with out

    • Ernesto DelMundo

      You don’t do science very well. Polluting the ionosphere? LOL! And why are you talking about the UN in 1915? It didn’t exist until the 1940s.

      • No but is that the Alphameg’s point? I’m not here to defend him or accuse you – but there is a widespread anger as a result of feeling used and abused and indeed it may not be clearly focused or articulated – but it is all primed up and ready to discharge.
        There are those who capitalize on directing such forces for their own agenda.

        Some of those who use and abuse others without any sense of compassion or humanity are very articulate scientists – though to my way of seeing, the willingness to uncover truth is what validates science and not peer-exclusive presentations of the form of science.

        I feel to join with that willingness across apparent divides in a humanity that cares enough to listen through the jamming frequencies and discern the signal from the noise.

        Perhaps (re your remark above) most people simply want to be fooled – to get their Dream back – because the only alternative to deceit is a willingness for true. USAmericans may never have been who they thought – but they can be who they are. It isn’t only markets that have to undergo readjustment – it is consciousness itself. An Identity breakthrough?

        • Ernesto DelMundo

          Here’s the thing: if you are going to claim scientists are pushing an agenda or are part of some evil conspiracy, then at least don’t come across as scientifically illiterate in your critique.

          • I am saying that science is a result of human thinking arising from human definitions, and as such is not separable from human arrogance and ignorance. Scientists include a wide spectrum of human individuals engaged in studying the measurable for a wide range of intentions.

            I appreciate science but extend it to the tangibility and visibility of that which is within as well as that which is without – while traditional science seeks to minimize or deny the subjective element from results. No wonder then that a ‘scientifically’ empowered elitism denies the subjective experience of billions to pursue its ‘technocratic’ goals which of course have nothing to do with mere identity validation in power or fame or wealth and privilege. Scientists are pure, neutral – robots even!

            Evil can be said to be the capacity to reverse identity so as to operate against your own true function or fulfilment while believing yourself justified. It is also used as a scapegoat term for the projection of the hated.
            It is retrograde or contra to your desire for Life as you are defining it. Is your definition sound?

            Let’s lose the word agenda then and use the word purpose.
            Science is a purposeful act of intention.
            Perhaps you would define it for me in ‘literate’ terms?
            I feel you are presuming an elitist superiority by painting others as ‘illiterate’. That’s your church if so – not mine. But a cult of scientism has nothing to do with willingness to uncover truth.

            If I come across as confrontational here it is simply that I don’t find anything of substance in what you are posting – but everything of smear and innuendo. I gave you the benefit of the doubt but perhaps you are not used to being treated as a human being?

            A willingness to meet doesn’t have to be agreement in content. If all you can see is in terms of asserting and prevailing your judgements upon what might have been a relational willingness then you know exactly what the evil conspiracy is – because that is its modus operandi. It doesn’t actually know it conspires in secret with lovelessness everywhere because it believes it judges reality in secret – and it believes what loveless thinking dictates.

            If you are a scientist – start out from Wonder! and don’t abandon Wonder! – for narratives preceding from or arising as a result of gathered data. Or you may become a dead matter (dead Mother) cultist who only “feels” the thinking that validates or violates your self concept.
            Technologists are not necessarily scientists but are set to solve or address pre-set problems – or use the tools of science to search for opportunity to meet a perceived or believed need, or perhaps hoping to capitalize on exploiting such a need.

            I may be judged for using words in ways that seem dense and inaccessible – depending on your presumed self definitions, but ‘here’s the thing:’ I am not seeking to undermine or deny your right or worthiness to communicate – if you should be willing to actually open a channel. Self-righteousness protects itself from quacks, deniers, nutters, or any other terms of invalidation. Only the elite can be trusted to communicate because they are not conspiring – but agree with Reality!

            I have had a bit of fun writing this that is not aimed at you in particular but at illuminating something more than the established paradigm allows – and if you think science has not led to a culture of hierarchical conformity in ‘consensual’ and institutional refusal to evolve then are you suckling a narrative that keeps you in the dark because you are getting off on the movie?

            When I was a kid we just turned up at the cinema and started wherever the film happened to be and then became engrossed until a moment of recognition; “This is where we came in!” – and usually we’d get up and leave then – unless we felt for whatever reason to carry on again.

            It isn’t going to happen that anyone leaves a movie they are engaged and identified in unless something shifts their priorities that cannot be dismissed, hushed, walled out or deferred.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            I am not smearing anyone by asking them for a bare minimum of knowledge of the topic which they are attacking. How am I being inhuman in doing so? The ionosphere and the troposphere are two completely separate things. If you don’t know the difference then how can you be taken seriously? The short answer is you can’t. The long answer is you can’t because you didn’t make the effort to learn the difference. I have no patience for these people. Not on the internet and not even in person. This has nothing to do with basic humanity, it has to do with not being lazy and stupid.

          • OK. Enjoy being right and impatient.
            I discerned a different conversation than you did.
            Perhaps ALPHAMEG enjoys being right and impatient too – and if I don’t watch out, I might join the club.
            I didn’t pick up on ALPHAMEG – but on a sense of put-down. I have an interest in promoting communication without put-downs, Not by insinuating correctness – but by inviting the issues to be addressed – not the person.
            You can phrase a query or offer correction without dumping your personal emotional issues. To shoot at a barn door from 3 paces is not a difficult target. I have no issue with your corrections – but in the way in which you delivered them. And I offer this feedback without rancour as ‘data’ you can use as you feel or think best.
            But the comments at the Daily Bell are generally good – even if ranging in different styles, outlooks and views – perhaps because there is a shared sense that put-downs introduce division and noise then blocks the signal – while blame discourages the venture of sharing anything.
            Its reasonable to address errors but not to expect peer reviewed ‘posts’. You can help educate by example or you can withdraw into an ivory tower of elitism. And I expect you do both at different times.
            Lazy and stupid is an easy charge for you to make – but why do you give time and attention to what clearly irritates you? But then cant be bothered to focus in the science and leak your irritation. That might be ‘stupid’ and ‘lazy’ – but one learns nothing by being already perfect and I’m willing to own the same charges at various times in my life.
            Persisting in what doesn’t work and not caring enough to focus on what is actually called for.
            I’m interested in humanity. We are a mess – from certain perspectives – perhaps as a result of persistence in not caring enough to focus in what really matters.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            Believe me, there was a time I tried to use a more subtle approach. That time came and went and I now fully believe that no amount of patience can help you reach through the dense skulls of these people. They believe in an alternate reality of their own making and they are happy there. Go ahead and try to reason with them, I dare you. I predict, from years of empirical observation, that you will fail and end up shaking your head that millions of years of evolution or the hand of some demented deity could produce a dead end with no discernible value to the ionosphere, troposphere, or biosphere.

          • mary

            It’s alternative reality, not alternate, Mr. Genius.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            Perhaps you should google the phrase before you attempt to school anyone, Ms. Numbnuttz:

          • I have a different approach, in that I am not presuming any need or right – nor am I trying – to reach through ‘dense skulls’ or indeed layers of conditioning that – knowingly or not – operate as defences against anything that does not support the self-definition or model by which others identify and feel supported by. I am reaching from and as an expression of that which is already being – regardless its current form of presentation.
            I don’t need patience because I am not impatiently invested in an outcome that invalidates or overlooks our starting place – which is where we are rather than where the mind may want to jump ahead to – in identification with its projected outcome. The mind of judgement is very similar to the idea of a field of possibility and probability that collapses to a specific pre-set outcome – and indeed re-enacts the split mind of a demented god in infinite variations that all speak the loss of the awareness of the field in which a subjective experience of an objective reality arises.
            Subjectivity is inescapable – though you can try dying and see if that in fact relieves you of whatever awareness actually is – which is where you are – happy or not.
            Objectivity is a moving shared focus within consciousness – where two or more are gathered in one movement of being – there is a quality of recognition that embraces self and world at once.
            This is not a private reality imagination but a relational disturbance to such apparent ‘reality’ that calls forth a balancing of self and other within an expanded sense of self.
            However, focusing in identification of the private self sense, can fail to recognize the call and movement of expansion of the focus of awareness, and set up a countering force of contraction and defence around the image, model or definition of self reality.
            All the conflicting ‘selves’ generate a conflicting ‘world’ of competing judgements that is as dense as the ‘contract’ demands.
            Holding back the flow of Life must be in concept and not in truth – but nonetheless we have the ability to render ourselves virtually unconscious in any number of ways – each seeming justifiable to its own thought – because its thought is invoked to provide justification.
            I can shake my head in wonder at the different ways the Living Universe has of manifesting Itself – but I can abide in wonder – that is the fruit of the field of pure awareness or I can get lost in plunder – that uses others to ‘get’ a sense of becoming more or better or more justified in judgement or better qualified to vent grievance.
            Discerning Worth is either the false currency of such a segregative sense of self in conflict – or an innate quality of existence that spontaneously rises as the movement of awareness/object.
            Defining worth in negative terms of the ‘prodigal’ plunderer – operates a depleting and destructive unfolding of conflicting experience whilst limiting such worth to an ever decreasing elitist and isolationist agenda – which defines itself in terms of power to control narrative and enforce it.

            But where there is any willingness for communication – and I expand the term to include emotional communication beneath and within other forms of communication, there is an opportunity for a release of conditioned reaction to an expanded appreciation. Of course we each and collectively set rules of ‘communication’ that we want others to fulfil – but life has a way of disturbing our sense of how things ‘should’ be,
            because our ‘model’ is blocking a greater fulfilment of integrative appreciation and function – but it cant force us to see what we refuse to accept – and so our will is done – on Earth – but out-of-true in dis-integrity.

            It is ourselves we impoverish when withholding our blessing – our willingness to acknowledge worth in the other – and our world. Others can choose to use the experience in whatever way they will – but if they are sharing in the same currency of belief – they will find reinforcement of the experience of a loveless, hostile and treacherous world.

            Finally, yes there are paths of willingness that open and apparent obstructions of refusal, defiance or incapacity that we meet in others – as our reflections of reinforcement of prior conditioning. There is no point in persisting in talking to that which is unable to hear – but that does not mean one is deprived or slighted. Use the experience for whatever it reveals of one’s own mind-in-reaction and turn to that which is representative of who you prefer to be – because there is no objectively imposing ‘should be’, and if you attempt to impose it on self you will suffer it in other. Likewise if you seek to impose ‘should’ on another, you lose your own awareness of freedom. It always cuts both ways – so why not use the nature of Mind constructively and give or extend that which you want to strengthen in yourself.
            You may think you have preserved an island of Reason amidst a sea of insanity – but there is more going on backstage than you realise.
            Hypotheses can be tested. By the fruits you shall know. If you actively want the fruit of the tree of judgement of good and evil – then your are NOT subject to a demented god nor obliged to hide (redefine yourself) within “Billions of years of evolution”. By your own will – or indeed by the denial and impositional model upon what would have been your will – are you free to expand your perspective or contract upon your conviction. Is this so? I don’t ask you to abandon what serves you while your belief is in it – but your long-suffering of ‘fools’ has a deeper root than the behaviours of others, following whatever they are following. The world really is not unfolding as anyone’s model supposed. This is transformational once we release energy from defence and invest in creative curiosity – and follow through with an integrity of communication and relationship. Science and technology restated in expanded terms. If a ‘model’ serves useful purpose – let it. Why seek the One True Model? Why seek to rise on the death of the other? I believe there is a unifying, integrative ‘force’,’field’,’principle’ – but that it can only be known by its embodiment and reflection. It takes one to know one. Scientists forget they are dis-covering an already truth and think they are determining and defining it. Humanity has always been uncovering already truth in all kinds of ways. Science is one of them – but is built on more of an inherited conditioning than it generally recognizes.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            Look…when I say dense skulls that’s exactly what I mean. They are not penetrable to logic, reason, or science. Trust me, I tried. You can’t finesse a coconut open. You have to use a hammer. That’s the only thing that a coconut will yield to. You feelin’ me?

          • Yes, I can feel you.

            For what purpose would you want to ‘hit’ ALPHAMEG – or anyone else to ‘crack them open’ and ‘yield’ to you?

            Is your rage the only feeling you have – or must it be felt (yielded to) first in order then to meet the more of who you are?

            I can feel your anger and I am still here.
            Logic can only operate from an initial presumption or definition. Reason properly speaking, is sanity and as I said before, science is the desire and willingness to uncover what is already true.

            If there is an error in the initial presumption, logic may operate perfectly and seem to be sane when in fact there are internal contradictions that are unrecognized in the model. This is what Kuhn referred to in ‘The structure of scientific revolutions”.

            When one is in receipt of being hit and cracked open to force a yielding to what does not feel true or loving or worthy of loving. The tendency may not only to defend in any way possible, but associate the forms of the antagonist with the agony, and reject them – thus growing a reactive oppositional identity of anti-‘scientist’ because the ambassador failed to open a channel of communication – for whatever reasons.

            I am inviting you to listen to me. No hammer, no cracking open and no intent that you yield to anything but what you decide is your true or highest good.

            Listening is not yielding or weakness, listening is opening to data and trusting yourself to read it. Refusal to listen may look like a dense skull – but the density is proportional to the sense of being hit and the fear of being cracked open. Denial is appropriate to unloving or harmful intent – but if it sets in place – it imprints all that comes thereafter in the same terms. In other words it is no longer reachable – excepting to be hit by.

            If you were defined publicly here as you are describing and defining ALPHAMEG – would you feel hit on or would you feel that it simply had nothing to do with you and therefore gave it no further attention?

            I suspect that the latter course is the sanest response because anything said to someone who comes in hitting is likely to be interpreted as justification for attack – and so they get a wide berth – unless useful in a proxy war.

            The world is like it is because we are behaving like we do as a result of mis-identifications and breakdown of communication. A hammer is a fair choice of tool to open a coconut but is not a sane choice to communicate with – unless murder or torture is what you want to get across above all else?

            I am joining with your example to illustrate an alternate perspective. What you choose to use it for is as always with you.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            I am doing the guy a favor by drilling or hammering into his head. It’s an intervention. Tough love. A rescue of someone who has turned self-destructive. I am trying to prevent him from further harming himself and others. Climate change threatens the entire web of life. His ignorance is fueling the threat and making it worse. I am capable of introspection and perhaps my methods could use refinement or adjustment. This is the product of 20 years of dealing with the fact-free zone of the conspiracy theorists of the internet. It’s even worse on Youtube than it is here.

          • No you are trolling.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            Trolling? Perhaps in the sense that Donald Trump is trolling, i.e., providing a pubic service in identifying people who should be sterilized.

          • OK so you are one trick anti trumpet. But instead of exposing him – he becomes you.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            Are you kidding? He didn’t even read a word I wrote. He’s off taking photos of “chemtrails”.

          • I don’t doubt he read it and chose not to respond.

            I find YOU to be someone who doesn’t read a word I write – excepting to use it for ammunition. You have an axe to grind – whether it is really yours or you are played out as an actor in someone else’s script.

            If you have a grievance – then it is YOUR anger and the sense of hurt beneath it is yours too. Sun-screening keeps the Light OUT and the means to do so are toxic to Life. Redistributing psychic energy or weather as if to control the narrative and protect an elitist power base, is simply lies built on lies. We do unto our self unknowing.

            Climate change is naturally challenging and yet the human exploitation of climate change is unnatural in making a pseudo religion in which fear, guilt, hate and rage are given power to dictate and control the narrative.

            There is no love of Humanity in such a ‘religion’ what so ever. Are fear, guilt, hate and rage a ‘conspiracy’ to appear not only reasonable but Exclusively Compelling and above or beyond any process of communication excepting Edicts?

            I see fear, guilt, hate, rage – and deceit and denial as expressions of a negative appreciation.

            Under the convenient fiction of ‘saving the world’, everything that would thrive is withered on the bough. It’s a trojan horse of wishful thinking and ‘good intentions’ through which evil intent operates under cover.

            Disinfo is wielded as a weapon. Large budgets are assigned to undermine and frustrate any ‘movement’ the shadow ‘governers’ deem a threat to Notional Security – their notion of a trans-national system of extortion.

            Just like your ‘climate theory’ in which humanity is guilty of causing and more guilty of not addressing and even more guilty of presuming to challenge, survival theory generally runs the same pattern. “If you do not do as we say – and our experts agree, bad things will happen to you”.

            ‘Bad things’ will happen to you in any case – in terms of unexpected and unwelcome outcomes. But to be in a true willingness of embracing Life – your own life truly lived – is to be vigilant against letting fear, guilt, hate, rage, deceit and denial operate in place of truly heart-connected thought, word and deed.

            Conspiracy theory originated as a CIA tactic to ‘own any opposition’ before it even takes breath. That’s why it is necessary to find a voice that is not coming from fear, guilt, hate, rage, deceit and denial – but from the recognition, reintegration and transcendence of division within our own heart and mind.

            I read that ‘conspiracy’ once meant ‘breathing together’. Breathing in light that opens a togetherness rather than locking down in denial of light and regulating how to breathe.
            Here’s something from:

            Definition circa 1300: From Latin “conspirare” which means “to agree, unite, plot,” and “com” which means “together” + “spirare” meaning “to breathe.” So, literally “conspire” means “to breathe together.”

            According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “conspiracy” is from 1386; “conspiracy theory” is from 1909. Before 1386 the word “conspire” simply meant to breathe together. After the word “conspiracy”was born, the root word “conspire” took on a new meaning – to plot
            something wrong, evil or illegal.

            Modern definition of conspire : 1. To agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal;
            2. To act or work together toward the same result or goal.
  , 2010

            The power of breathing together was hidden for centuries due to the misdirection of a powerful word. Do As One is reawakening the original meaning of the word and inviting people to conspire anytime, anywhere in one of our LIVE Breathing Rooms.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            You are obviously new to this. The crank would have definitely responded with more non-scientific gibberish had he read my response.Or perhaps he sees you doing his work for him.

            Let’s talk more about climate change. It’s not just the atmosphere that is impacted by humans spewing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. The ocean is chemically altered as well, to the point where the entire food chain could collapse. Google “ocean acidification mass extinction”. We are possibly on the brink of causing the worst mass extinction in about 250 million years. So keep fiddling on about “conspiracy theories” like the rest of whack jobs or educate yourself about the actual ways the biosphere is under siege. Your choice.

          • Mr. DelMundo, please stop now. You’ve made your point several times over.

          • I had wondered if you were overseeing, DB, for there is a certain ‘leakage’ of emotional charge that is part of being able to address charged issues that should (I feel) not be “INcorrected” or demonized – but resolved within a willingness of communication if only to identify the feelings that are present – rather than run with their personifications.

            But – put-down – if it becomes accepted currency – is the end of any honourable process of comment and conversation here. I value the quality of conversation here at the Daily Bell – though I see the currency of personifying negative feelings can also lead to a bubble ‘consensus’ of hating this or that in a way that actively blocks awareness of the underlying issues.

            I sense that it is because there is some willingness to enquire more deeply that the attracted community of commentary here has depth. It is in this willingness that I extended embrace to Ernesto DelMundo – who for all I know could be an AI algorithm – so blurred is the line now between human and robotics.

            I appreciate that moderating is called for sometimes but that also any one valuung honourable exchange can address hate by bringing it to light as an unacceptable currency of exchange. If there is any substance to a point we want to make we can find a way to do it without dumping or targeting another with invalidating or negative feelings – and in the light of a recent DB article on medicalizing or criminalizing ‘conspiracy theory’ I restate that this is a radical educative need!

            But that we uncover feelings of hate and its accompaniments is part of the ‘territory’ of reclaiming power from that which robs us. The ideal of tidying it all away is part of the overcontrolling imbalance that works against Life. Thankyou for your timing and your lightness of touch.

          • It appears that your perspective and your choice to present a smug superiority in the guise of condescension and smear.

            I don’t share currency of hate-terms – excepting they indicate unresolved issues of fear, guilt, hate, rage, deceit and denial. You may not desire to be free of them – but I join in that desire and it is a perspective in which your coconut will at some point flower whether you like it or not. (But no because I say so!)

            I have a possible point of connection with you from a deep love for (and concern as to our treatment of) Mother Earth – Our Planet – Our Living Environment in which and from which we are humanly integral – yet which a disconnected kind heartless thinking is poisoning – just as such thinking corrupts or poisons our own consciousness.

            I would rewrite your sentiments within a more inclusive ownership of thought, word and deed. I can see that you have a sense of defining yourself AGAINST something you seem to find more destructive than the poison. If you want to ‘fight evil’ why not seek to identify it’s nature and device and bring it out in the open? Perhaps what at first seems an impure perspective might have something to share in a way that your pride and prejudice disallow? You are not the ONLY perspective on Earth – nor the judge of others – excepting as you want to assume a position of power over Life on Earth?

            One kind of a conspiracy is a conspiracy of silence – where what is known is NOT spoken, witnessed or embodied. This kind of tacit agreement NOT to acknowledge, honour or accept is the primary basis of a false human consciousness. I use the word false because it costs us our true appreciation of Life in “Heaven and on Earth” as of a unified Spirit or Purpose. Bringing the false out into the open – into the light is served by symptoms of dissonance and distress – brought to curiosity and enquiry – rather than made war upon as evil in and of themselves.

            Fear and guilt frame very dark dramatic pictures with rage and powerlessness playing out a sense of power by which to NOT see they are of the same mis-identification. The only SEEMING power over Life is death. But it has no power over you but what you give it. If you seek power over Life you are seeking to limit and control it to your concept of yourself – and this inherently conflicts you in an experience of war against Otherness in place of knowing your right relationship.

            Our Biosphere Breathes within a Greater Being. You can find you breathe as one with the Earth’s Evolving Consciousness or you can conspire to play out power games in which you cast yourself against shadows that you refuse to meet or recognize.

            Theories are imaginations and the fact is that imaginations that truly don’t serve you, do not belong in you, or identify you truly. Fact is not determined by theory but by a wholeness of appreciation. A negative appreciation is inherently conflicted and a false positive is only a wishful mask over a feared negative.

            Beware the names you give – for they have stuck to you and set your face – that then seems to besiege what would have been your mind-in-relational communication rather than a disconnect or communication breakdown looking for life to kill so as to finally make a fact of being right about the power of death.


    a chance of change, except the upcoming Presidential election. The only candidate running with no connection to the Old Boys Club, is Donald Trump, promising to break up the roadblock of corruption in Washington D.C., and restore integrity and pride of old to the American people. I believe he will win big and become the Republican nominee. and will crush the Democrats in November. Will the Secret Service be able to keep him from assassination????

    • Ernesto DelMundo

      Trump has a lot of people fooled. To quote him: “I love the poorly-educated”.

      • I didn’t get the quote in context – but does he love them, or does he ‘love’ that it is dim enough for him to be able to seem to get away with things that cant happen in the light?
        A lot of people want to fool Trump into enacting this role?
        A lot of people want to fool themselves?
        I feel a true education is always a timely beginning and starts out from a true desire to learn rather than presumption to already know.

        That is not so common even if it is at root common sense.

        • Bruce C.

          FYI: The context of the quote was in his “victory speech” after winning the primary in South Carolina he was exclaiming to his critics (and celebrating with his supporters) that he received the majority of votes in every single (I think) “demographic” political category – ‘wealthy people, poor people, older people, younger people, men, women, blacks, whites, hispanics, well educated people and poorly educated people’, etc.

          He said, “I love the educated…I love the poorly educated”, etc.

          • Thanks Bruce. In which case Trump is being inclusive – albeit within the context of those who voted for him and his platform or indeed for his spanner in the works.

            Whatever anyone SAYS – it will be what they do that reveals where they are really coming from.

            If I write longer than you want to read – just follow your inclinations. Attempting to articulate some of what I feel is beneath or behind the ‘human drama’ is having to find vocabulary in new ways – because the existing ways are so predicated on mind-control.

            It is easier to appeal to people’s frustrations and angers and fears than to elicit their free willingness. Because anger writes a blank cheque to ‘the enemy of my enemies’. (Remember the use of 9/11 to destroy Iraq – among many other restrictive and destructive agenda).

            The action/reaction re-enactment of conflicted self, externalized and suffered, is not where I see any movement for qualitative change – but in the very midst of reaction is the moment of opportunity to pause from running on the same old program and open perspective upon it.

            So to me the persistence of the struggle of powers is not wrong so much as misdirected. And predicated upon a false – but heavily imprinted – conditioned sense of self. It is not wrong for powerlessness to seek to regain power, for example.

            It does not require a ‘good education’ to smell a rat, have nothing to do with it within yourself, and thus live a perspective that is true of you. And, there are many mythological stories (personality constructs) through which to live that are as valid as the results in life lived – that need no justification or apology. But if any one operates as an exclusive ‘truth’ and undermines all others so as to seem to become unchallengeable power, then there will be rage on behalf of the movement of Life Itself – which experiences itself in infinite richness and diversity of perspective – each valid AS a perspective.

            Free will is the core human quality from which Spirit recognizes Itself in embodied reflection. But a loveless self-concept, operating as dominant, controlling and conforming imposition upon Will – (and upon experiencing Life), is the basis of an ‘anti-Life’ principle. However, it has no power but that which is given it in acceptance of self in its terms.

            If rage is identified with hatred of OTHER – then the pendulum swings. But in the noticing of the qualities of rage is the opportunity to open a feeling connection – an inner recognition of hurt. The opening of emotional honesty and communication within is the shift from the control-minded definition to a more compassionate willingness that step by step opens and aligns a quality that the control-minded cannot know – much less embody.

            In any moment of reaction is the opportunity for mindfulness of embrace rather than a false but very very quick and clever mind of mapping, defining and controlling.

            Trump is an embodiment above the radar of controlled media-mind of a rage that demands to be engaged with.
            Whether that is lost to the machinations of devious deceits is a matter of standing in integrity and refusing to be baited (or recognizing the error and simply restating and realigning in integrity).

            Communication with emotional integrity, is deceit, But communication restored automatically works to undo deceit and take the covers away from that which cannot operate in the open – or must openly reveal its hate in raw terms.

            If one does not in a living way say “No!” to hate, it corrupts and despoils any appreciation of Everything – because it usurps the self. But I have to feel its nature within myself to know it does not belong within my current desire and simply – and wholly engage in focussing in my desire without giving power to fear of the rejected self – because I haven’t rejected but embraced and moved on.

            So I acknowledge feeling hatred as the context in which to own and release it. Which is not ‘spiritual or political correctness’. Whereas the mind-denial of hate feelings suppresses that discomfort AND healing from occurring by asserting a pseudo-conformity of assertive identity in concept.

            I felt it worth reaching for these meanings with you for anyone who looks beneath the first reaction in desire for a greater perspective than what we think we know.

            I don’t give Trump the power. I see power in each and every one’s willingness to align truly in power for Life or re-enact the destructive illusion of power over Life. It is a heart-sense that cannot know its power unless it lives from it – hence the aborting or subverting of any such Movement.

            On the other hand ‘power over Life’ must keep its hostage alive though powerless because without anything to deny and thus “Lord it over”, the very notion of such ‘power’ is nothinged. It feeds on victim-hood whilst masking its victimizing behind self-justificatory narrative of claiming victimhood and accusing the Other of its own ‘sin’ and WANTS to believe it true.

            Once we made (defined) power in our own image we fear it because it has all the power of our initial investment, and all the reinforcement of conditioning through experience thereafter.

            So be careful – indeed truly mindful – of what you/we give power to – because it will come back to us in unexpected and unrecognised ways. Properly understood, this is the secret of Life. Not a conceptual construct, but a relational appreciation of expanding perspective.

            Hating and fighting symptoms, or killing the messengers, is the error by which false power denies a deeper communication by dividing us from our own intimate experience with a loveless rule – with the mind of judgement – which is or asserts to be the usurping of power to define all things to a personal private dictate in place of a true willing.

            The idea of Jesus – illuminates that of pausing the first so as to feel and know the second. It doesn’t matter what path or modality serves such a willingness – it is the fruit that matters – which is an intimacy in motion and not a frozen closeted idea. I feel not to use “Jesus” as a ‘power’ to hide in or behind – for that is how to lose awareness of the power of love. Love of humanity – through our Own – cannot pre-set qualifications of worthiness – nor make special some at expense of others.

            Hatred of humanity is very active in Our World – through the same in ourself. Perhaps only on the recognition of death’s approach can love remember that which was lost – unless being right is clung to as hate’s defiance and death the proof of victory.

        • Ernesto DelMundo

          Trump loves that they are not critical thinkers. He loves that they can latch onto the simple concepts he repeats over and over. He loves that the USA is a consumer culture and the buyer is pre-conditioned to accept any premise without question as part of the sale. He loves that the media will help him spread his message for free because he is a carnival barker, the PT Barnum of 2016.

          • Lets say that that is so for the sake of making a point; who is running for election that is any different?

            You are simply describing the State of the Nation – no?

            I don’t feel to defend or attack him. But to recognize the forces at work through the forms that they take.

            Perhaps he represents the last grab at restoring the American Dream – which usurped a pioneering spirit to indeed become the way you describe. You may be right – yet he still may be the only focus for many to give voice where they have felt denied and deprived of a voice – regardless of his personality traits. The image that comes to mind is of a charge that seeks discharge toward balance via the path of least resistance.

            That may be dangerous – but so is persisting in the denial and deprivation of humanity under the deceit of governance.

            Sanders is the other somewhat outsider – for those who think along different lines – but just reading of his conformity to vaccination agenda suggested to me that he has no idea of the way power operates these days – or is part of its presentation. Whereas Trump plays the same game and so is less inclined to trust what very clever people present as critical thinking – and yet may also be part of its presentation.

            As an Englishman, I perceive the USA has sort of mutated in its worship of presented or affected image – to a level that caricatures itself – and yet passes as ‘normal’. Ron Paul is wise and unassuming and courageous – and yet does nothing to keep the inflated imagery that so many (seem from where I am) to aspire to or are compelled to maintain.

            These times are marked with the flip into the absurd passing off as normal. In a way this has almost always been so – but the exclusive focus in ego or self-image has become so disconnected with anything that it is become a house of cards that simply cannot be presented as credible and only becomes the more grotesque the more it intensifies.

            When making bridges of trust and communication with someone who is dissociated from true relational responsibility, one has to enter into their mythology and use it on behalf of gaining attention, opening a reliable channel and restoring perspective to a focus in a true relational presence. I see this as the Power behind all apparent powers.

  • rahrog

    I think the establishment’s fear of Trump is genuine. This leads me to believe that they do not control him. The funny thing is that The Ruling Class will have more control over Trump if he is elected than they do now. Is he smart enough to see the trap? If so, will he be able to do anything about it? The USA has already gone over the edge into what appears to be a neofascist abyss. No executive, no matter how skilled, will be able to stop the crash. SECEDE…SECEDE…SECEDE!!! Then SECEDE again.

    • What is ‘The Establishment’? the structure of conformity that bulks it out or the quickwits behind the strings.
      When there is a big Crash, almost everyone get burned – but not everyone. When there are world wars almost everyone is burned – but not everyone.

      Insider dealing is a market term but also serves for those who are inside the timings or even the events, and direct and seed trends so as to be positioned to exploit and benefit – often in quite long term plans.

      If fascism is governing by dictate and without assent or accountability, then it tends to run either on a ‘popular’ personality or a collectivism presented as fairness that operates a kind of mind-control.

      What is the nature of control? Either undisguised threat or a subtler deceit. What is the true nature of governance? A process of communication out of which outcomes arise that honour that process of communication.

      If we use smear and propaganda in place of communication then we are already part of a controlled opposition and no matter how much we may seem to be a loose cannon, we are infected with the same mind that we profess to hate in the other.

      However, Trump has a platform for witnessing issues that the Media and its puppeteers cannot altogether shut down and deny while he is undefeated in this bid. Regardless of what presidency may or may not be able to enact or change – while he is in the spotlight he can expose more of the deceits going on.

      Somewhere down this page was a mention of chemtrails – which – whatever it is supposed to be for – is toxic to Life on Earth. This cannot be talked about without meeting the denials of the Establishment – which is mostly a zombie army of mistaken and mis-directed self-interest. And so the Established Narrative is that whatever they are is either nothing or out of bounds to hold to account. There are many ‘corporate’ agendas that result in biocide. The answer is to change their legal status to hold persons accountable and stop accepting legally defined entities as having personal rights (without corresponding responsibilities).

      However, I note Trump is willing to raise the similar issue of vaccinations – which have a trojan horse of scientific “consensus and believability”.
      I believe the best strategy is freeing our mind and using it to reflect a true witness in which deceits must be recognisably deceits. Will there then still be the sense of power with which to rule by fist alone? And is such a rule anything more than a SHOUTING over the truth that they cannot and will not accept?

      • rahrog

        Yep. A healthy dose of truth would be most beneficial.

        • No one is open who already believes they already have it – or that opening will deprive them of whatever they have. And the fixation upon the evils or faults in the Other is the symptom of that.
          If someone is on a red alert as their normal state of mind then they simply wont get any invitation to reconsider the role of control.
          As in True Medicine; simply remove and desist from the toxins and do nothing to prevent the intake and exposure to nutrient and a true supportive environment – and health rises and regenerates of itself. The caveat is that ‘toxins’ are not just embedded in all sorts of chemistry – but are neural pathways of conditioning associated with negativity that has been dumped in the body and denied emotional expression and release and so there is a HUGE backlog – and the World reflect the same complex MESS!
          However, in the willingness for truth there is a shift by which our relationship to symptoms changes and we are no longer so defined or subject to them. Freedom is firstly being who you are without fear or guilt or any call for justification or apology. Some things change radically and instantly and others may persist but become insignificant to fulfilling your life – or serve some purpose of keeping you focused.

          I felt to share this because I don’t feel to wait on anything or anyone or even another moment for a dose of truth 😉

  • william beeby

    Cynthia McKinney said that it is ridiculous to call Trump an outsider of the establishment as he has sponsored many candidates in the past although this is the first time he himself has stood for an elective office. He rubs shoulders with the elite on a daily basis and has done so for many years. I think it was his tv game show The Apprentice popularity and his big increase in exposure through the show that put it in his head to run and to run his campaign just like a game show …lol….it is clever if you think about it because his expenses will be a pittance compared to the others in the race.
    To me his only redeeming factors are that he appears to be anti-war and his attitude to 9/11 is different to the standard view . Sanders would be my preference but I can`t see a socialist , as he calls himself , winning the presidency in a very conservative country.

    • MetaCynic

      Trump has been criticized for giving money to politicians of both parties. His response to this criticism is that he couldn’t get a single building built if he didn’t grease the way with money. This isn’t so much a condemnation of Trump as it is the reality of not only the corruption of politics but of the power of bureaucrats who enforce zoning and building codes to make or break private projects.

      The bigger a private company the more complex its coerced relations with all kinds of regulatory and taxing bureaucracies. It’s impossible for any business to properly comply with all the scores of thousands of pages of laws, rules, regulations, edicts and codes showering down nonstop on the economy. Of course, there are fines and jail sentences for even the most innocent and unknowing violations of this ubiquitous web of control ensnaring us all. Especially now with the NSA’s surveillance of all electronic communications, an ambitious prosecutor can target any business he pleases and dig thru that company’s paper and electronic trail to uncover “criminal” behavior.

      In modern America we are all criminals in the eyes of our rulers. Whether we know it or not, we all have something to hide because we all can’t help but do something “wrong” each day as we peacefully go about our lives. High profile Trump knows this. In order to stay in business and to even stay out of jail, he has no choice but to give money to politicians. This is no different than paying protection money to the Mafia.

  • william beeby

    Don`t be surprised if the republican big wigs do to Trump what they did to Ron Paul last time out. They just ignored him and acted as if he wasn`t on the ballot…lol….amazing but true.

    • sk1951

      Don’t forget about the electoral collage…

      • sk1951

        Paul was simply to good a man to survive in the pandering “freedom liberty JOBS” and gawd buybull monkey show.

  • Carol

    I have been reading Trump’s book, Crippled America, and like some of his ideas. However, his enthusiastic idea that the American military is and will be the police force or global military of the world is disturbing in that it is exactly what the NWO has proposed. America will be the NWO military and UK Rothschild Bank of England will be the NWO global bank. This has been in the works for a long time along with the cashless society.

    The chaos on the world stage and the ridiculous political clown show are a distraction from what is actually happening. Give the people “bread and circuses” with gladiators and blood shed for distraction. A shallow and greedy elite focused on wealth and power want to rule the world.

    We are headed for a return to the feudal system where the masses are tax slaves to the elite living like kings and pharaohs on the planet. It was the British feudal system that motivated our ancestors to travel to North America to escape the brutality and slavery of the wealthy ruling class. And now we are being subtly shaped into the same system. Interesting that most governments are headed by some member of the millionaire / billionaire club. No one represents the people.

    • N6J

      Absolutely correct about the return of feudalism. Every socio-political system degrades (given enough time) into feudalism having an elite few parasitically living off the plentiful poverty stricken plebes/vassals. Going one step further, the Earth is a plantation and we are not its masters. It doesn’t take much to expand upon the possibilities about how all of this functions the way it does.

      • The few with more wit to see, yet cannot see a way to awaken responsibility in the many, who demand to be led and managed – whilst holding and alternating in the right to resist, refuse, complain and generally rebel. So they see the many as ‘choosing’ ignorance and using pretence of conformity along with taking offence at being conformed.
        I don’t hold this view exclusively – because there is a multi-layered dynamic between everyone involved. But there is something to see here – if you want.

        A fearfully and thus rigidly held and defended self-concept, asserted as ‘self’ – as one’s active identity – automatically rejects and excludes from acceptance, appreciation of worth and belonging, that which does not support or conform to its idea.

        Such concept judges others as a world lacking in worth and
        confidence in its own feeling of being. One sees what one is the vibration of. We see blame in others because we put it there.

        Your plantation example bridges to Jesus’ parable on the tenant farmers…

        By identifying in self-image instead of being identified in Source (Life unfolding ever anew unto Itself) – We became as the tenant farmers whose Master had ‘gone away’ so as to come to believe We were in charge. The Natural Communications of the Master to its Expressions then became interpreted as threat to a false sense of coercive sovereignty – that killed the Messengers which felt to be threats and violations. (And may even do so in God’s Name – because name had become divorced from true Nature).

        However, some level of awareness of what was in fact going on reflected in self-guilt and corresponding fear of punishment – which then added another layer of motivation for killing the Messengers who became shadowy witnesses to a vengeful fear of retribution. (And unrecognisable as natural communication within Being).

        Yet when the house of cards collapsed and the clear Source and Nature of Being restored the awareness identified in image to its true foundation – there was no punishment whatsoever – only a resuming of a totality that had only been broken in concept; a mis-identifiction built upon, believed and experienced as real.

        So the way out of a mindtrap – as I said here very recently, is to awaken to that you are not in it. What Mind is cannot be contained and defined and actually disconnected by thoughts in that mind.
        But we can become very attached and identified in the objects of mind – just as we can to a anything we have invested a lot in and fear or hate to lose.

        In a confusion of apparently conflicting thoughts and feelings – wisdom pauses to take a true account – or else the momentum of current investments blinds one to what is in fact unfolding – as well as our right or integral relationship within what is happening.

        Systems degrade because systems, to have life, must serve Life. When the ‘law’ works as the sacrifice of humanity to those who invest in that system so as to maintain in darkness an isolated sense of control, then such law naturally undermines its own source of existence – even while claiming victory. The house of cards may as well be Sauron’s impenetrable and unassailable fortress – for its lack of integrity is in its false foundation – and not in its superstructure of “presented power”. And indeed in Tolkien’s story, that foundation was undone by a willingness to relinquish the will to coercive power and not by pitting power against itself.

        Ideological purity rejects that which works because its identity is invested in a model it cannot and will not back off from. It isn’t that ‘elitists’ are not often aware of evils – but that from their perspective ‘too big to fail’ includes anything that is so intertwined in its foundation as to be the tares that would spoil and lose the whole crop to try to remove while both grow together. So when is the Harvest? The true accounting? Indeed with the undoing and closure of the insane and sorry affair with ‘stealing’ a mind of judgement of good and evil?

        “Love waits on willingness, not on time” ~ (From A Course in Miracles). Individual freedom to accept is integral to our true Nature – and this also means we are innately able to refuse to be controlled or conformed to what, upon a true accounting, is unworthy of investment and can be known by its returns or fruits.

        The fear of love runs so deep that even spiritual sensibilities refuse it, in the guise of moralizing and cajoling into living up to or forcing what then cannot come naturally – in its own terms – and with fruits that restore joy in life, and honour a true sense of worth – not a system of beliefs that confers or invalidates worth.

        True mastery is a capacity to feel all of what is met within oneself and to immediately feel and know how to be or meet or relate to the living situation. Techniques there may be, systems may still be used – but there is a real relationship here. That’s the key.

        As for our impending future; some of the probability lines that are active are much worse than feudalism – for our biology is being corrupted and poisoned in the guise of progress – and I sense a force of hatred for Life beneath whatever devices and deceits operate at whatever level of the tacit conspiracy to make Life a slave to a loveless will – because love is not able to Message its Own – but is ‘aborted or crucified’ by an unfeeling insular ‘mind’; that has conditioned itself to love to hate, and to hate to love. A mind held in reversal to its Nature.

        A result of a false accounting. Rather than hate the moneylenders – thank them for illuminating the nature of a false interjection in your own thinking – and put it behind you whenever you notice it.

    • sk1951

      People no longer care about the cow…they just want milk. The once powerful constitutional Republic that created all that we have is dead. Taken over by a corpratocracy over 150 years ago. Politicians cry out to the weak poor and feeble minded. Creating JOBS is NOT the point of a Republic. A healthy Republic lends to opportunity that creates jobs. Today…they don’t even have to go to the trouble of the Roma circuses…people have TV.

  • Charles Davis

    Good, or bad, Trump has captured the imagination of the PEOPLE. IF it continues, he, will quite likely become POTUS. I would expect him to surround himself with experts in the various fields, but NOT political hacks.

    IF he becomes POTUS, I think he need NOT fear Congress… He would have the power of the people, and if he pointed his finger at an opposing figure, the electorate would depose that problem.

    Would he do, or cause to be done, all the things suggests during the campaign…Of course not. Trump is no dummy.. he has created a magical aura around himself that has enveloped the millions, but will tread cautiously to continue, and expand that aura to include foreign leaders.

    Will I vote for him? I don’t know…I’ll decide in November.

  • Another? Who were the ones before him?

    • A Manchurian candidate is said to be one running for office while secretively helping the opposition. It is a popular phrase in US politics. Those who believe President Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim, for instance, sometimes make the case that he is supporting terrorism rather than fighting it.

  • Thomas Schmitzer III

    Good advice

  • I invite understanding of the script writer. I don’t isolate characters from the script-in-play and pretend I am also a free puppet!
    I have read that the Rockefeller dynasty was founded

    in the sons of a snake oil salesman – and that Tea tree oil was sold in Oz because it is effective against snakebite but dishonest salesmen diluted or cut it to be trading false currency of exchange.

    I don’t gain understanding when getting or reinforcing reactive identity against something else. But I get that you have fixated on Trump in a way that makes him a special hate figure in your script. That’s as you like it – but where does it then go?

    We all develop some private mythological scripting mind that judges others in terms of our own person. This becomes a subconscious and almost autonomous routine – that we can confuse with reality – like a movie where we write our own bias into the script. Like a communication that was effective before we adulterated it with personal bias of a private agenda – running without any real governance.

    • Ernesto DelMundo

      I am not isolating tRump. I am seeing him in the context of the society that produced him and produced the masses yearning for a more effective snake oil at a reasonable price of 2.99. Watch the movie, it nails the entire history of this place.

      • Whilst I am not understood, I am neither surprised.

        • Ernesto DelMundo

          You don’t understand context…at all.

          • Well go with what you can use towards the best outcome you can – and understanding expands in unexpected ways. None cannot understand what their starting point does not support – and the only way to understand one’s starting point is from a perspective prior to and beyond it’s scope.

            You might ponder why almost no communication occurs between us. I simply do not share your presumptions – which are the context of the perspective that then logically unfolds or extends from that foundation.

            The Ideas of the Age are in ruins – or rather have become lost to derivative concepts of Idea that connect with nothing but Who Says So.

          • Ernesto DelMundo

            You want me to read every word of your drivel yet you won’t do a simple task I assign you? Where did you become so privileged?

          • But you are free to read or not as you please. I am addressing the wholeness of attention – as it freely alights to join here at the Daily Bell. If it is nothing to you – let it be nothing to you – and it is!
            False currency is simply valueless – meaningless. Any attempt to reconcile it with the true will GIVE it the power of its face value. But at the cost or indeed the demand for the sacrifice of the true.
            If it is not true of me – I don’t have to get rid of it.
            If a sense of hate rises in resonance to hateful intent, I don’t have to reinforce it in myself by reaction.
            I use the event to serve the purpose I choose – and withdraw allegiances from any hate that had lain hidden until triggered.
            I fully feel whatever I feel – as my own being – my own Conscious Experience, and open it to fresh perspective.

            I feel a horror that this reflects a part of the wholeness ‘Me’ that has chosen to unfold its own experience within hatred. That is not my choice and I thank the reflection for clarifying a choice that has no belonging in me – for every time I consciously don’t choose it, the pathways of my natural preference are restored to a free and thoughtless creativity.

            I am blessed in my true inheritance and keep it in awareness by extending it – and keep vigilance against inducements or deceits by which to hate. It is always myself that I attack. Don’t be fooled by the ‘hit’ of a momentary satisfaction that passes off as righteous vindication. It fuels the identity-cycle of war and the illusion of power to export the cost of self-hate and self-pain.

            Better to draw it out in the open – and resolve it where it is, than project it out into terms that ensure it will never be healed. But hate will not allow that while it thinks for you. There has to be a relinquishment of using hate-thinking, as a result of a recognition that rises within a choice or shift of focus within our being. It is what we want that aligns and colours our perception.

            Ernesto has what he wants – not from me – but because he wants it enough to make his world on it. When enough people conspire secretly in hate, the ‘world’ that is presented and ‘traded’ as consensual reality, becomes full of the witnesses to hatefulness, lovelessness, unworthiness. The rot works through the whole batch.

            But although born and acculturated to such a ‘world’, I have a deeper sense of value that stirs at what I can only call a depth – somehow beneath thought and appearances. I treasure the witnesses to the ‘real’ world – real because it isn’t manufactured distortion – but more than an absence of hate – it speaks the qualities of being – of a true appreciation of Conscious Existence – right here amidst the ‘ordinary’.

            Blessed are the self-impoverishing – for their true inheritance is not their power to change – but only to lose sight of in fixation on the false. This is an ancient habit that has to become recognized as a habit and thus transformed to a conscious choice. Making choice against the grain of ingrained habits calls for discipline of self-worth – and when there is no other real choice available – discipline comes naturally. Its a matter of self-honesty and desire. The rest follows.

            Notwithstanding the horror of the human world we inherit and participate in, I hold a sense of Humanity in desire for Life on Earth in a true freedom of being. Not a bunch of concepts – but a primal force of Life Itself. I use words – but they will never substitute for an intimate recognition. A moment of which is richer in information than linear mind can formulate in a lifetime. But then we only need to know, what we need to know, when we need to know it.

            The power that aligns or facilitates this is not ‘lording it over anything’. That was the image of self that raised a false sense of ‘control’ over the denial of true feeling being.

  • Quote:// Conclusion: Conserve your energy and husband your resources. Advance your personal goals and improve your professional
    circumstances. Look to yourself first and the larger system second, if
    at all.//

    This at first seemed reasonable – even wise and kindly – but is it not the very predicate of the problem; the philosophy of elitism?

    It can be read as “hold back on moving with or deny what moves you, and hold onto your private stash to use what profits you and gains power and privilege without regard for context or relationships – excepting they impinge on or support your private arena of power”.

    You may not intend such a meaning. I will now look at what I first took from it because of how and who I identify ‘self’.

    I know a lot of Americans (and others) use religious insight as weapon – but I invite looking at this phrase as a pointer that can be re-found in whatever terminology suits you.

    “Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be added you”.

    This can be reduced to ‘put first things first and all the rest follows’. Or simply ‘get your priorities right’.

    Obviously this phrase has not been used or appreciated in the meaning I accept or the world would be different than it is. The idea of a private authoritative and elitist self ‘getting to heaven’ or achieving enlightenment or Validation is deeply imprinted in human conditioning – regardless the symbols for fulfilment. It always ends in tears.

    The idea of balance and alignment in Life is also one of healed communication and indeed communion; a FELT QUALITY of Being as the expanded CONTEXT of living a truly human existence. Without which is a flat or dimensionless struggle of obfuscation in which a sense of disconnect operates within a mind of judgement and control within its own narrative framing. A negative loop.

    Because ‘seeking’ can be interpreted as if to find in some OTHER moment it may be worth using ‘a willing desire to be found in’ balance and alignment with what and who your truly are – rather than running as a ‘self’ presumption set by conditioning to think without feeling – in other words – to look only to its private thoughts and defend against or ignore anything that does not conform or fit.

    I do believe we have to look to ourself first and release investment in ‘systems’ of thought that are not truly relational communication – though they may affect such a presentation. The capacity to Feel is the capacity to truly be with what is real- moment by moment – and we do not have such capacity within our own investments and identities as to what we define and determine real. And so we withhold or run from communication that threatens our sense of personal abiiity to control the narrative. AND the mind does this in ways it does not even notice.

    It is telling to notice that your own definition of what is ‘outside’ or beyond self is called ‘system’. For this is your world-reflecting as system of control rather than as relational communication. Yes there are systems of thought and behaviour that are part of our world experience – but beneath these are relationships. Perhaps messy, chaotic and out-of-control relationships! And is that not a large part of what power is sought to protect against? (within as without).

    If we are out-of-true in ourself we meet that reflection everywhere – but having (all) learned to see what is wrong with everyone else – does such a world profit or indeed fulfil us? But if we first honour and align with what is true of us – we are then in a connected relational capacity to relate from strength and wholeness rather than distrust of mutually coded contract.
    The fear of love – of real relationship – is the fear of sacrifice. Any love coming into this world meets the experience and demand for sacrifice – and forgets who it is for an adaptive mask.

    The word “I” can be assigned anything within a range from a reactive subconscious reflex to the “I Am That I Am” of G-d. (If you regard the G-d term too degraded from misuse to use, just Feel the part within the double quotes).

    Verbal mental concept and language itself is a set of derivative short-cuts that originally connected with direct experience that was substituted for by symbol, and basing our currency of thought on symbols of Life, is Life Itself made invisible – except to be enslaved and exploited by a worship of false thinking.

    An Individual is integral to the Whole as an expression and extension OF Individuality and Indivisibility. Taking out of context is only possible in Concept – because you are as you are created to be and not as your thinking asserts you to be. However, you are free to prioritize your thinking over your relational communication – but you will then need to sell yourself for a power to deny Life and set you in in a narrative of justification – such that Life is seen as worthy of denial and denial as power to survive and prevail.

    I’m not having a go at you Daily Bell. I am inviting a look at fundamental issues that can be seen to imprint themselves in every aspect of our lives. They are as hidden from our sight as any hidden power agenda – but in this arena we are free – are we not? – to open to communication.

    • If your goals are spiritual ones, then by all means, seek those …

      • I wonder what you mean by spiritual – because it feels like a deflection and device of denial in the way you put it. This may of course simply be your auto-responder and nothing you are aware of intending.

        Spiritual forms can belie and serve hidden private agenda as can any other forms. I accept the word Spirit as synonymous with Purpose. On purpose means conscious. Those who know not what they do, are spilt under an un-conscious hiding or masking of what they do. This runs beneath all of the goal-seeking and is a different starting point than true wealth creating. So far at the Daily Bell – it is “THEM” – the elites and the ‘psychopathic bastards’ out there who are being blame-hated or held responsible for – and accorded – power over the world. But blame operates the hidden purpose of divide and rule – lest communication occur!

        Unless and until there is a willingness and capacity to not react to the FORM of a thing as if its meaning is locked into it – there will be no resolution of any of the issues but only their multiplying into ever more complex instruments of insanity – and I believe that this is the intended ‘goal’ of such an attraction to un-consciousness that is characterized by a demanding NOT to know. It operates as a shadow power beneath and behind the ‘matrix’ or surface appearance of mutually agreed definitions (locked in meanings). As such it forms the thinking that conforms and upholds its Establishment as guide and support – whilst giving the illusion of self-powered independence.

        The goal of Life is its Purpose which is not assigned to it by the personality which is an instrument OF purpose. Within Purpose is freedom to set goals that are aligned with or at odds with, who you are – that alter your personality experience of the world. They all generate perspective, feelings, meanings and refinement or indeed loss of awareness of purpose. In other words one can freely give up freedom for a set of beliefs in which an illusion of a goal of freedom is held dear.

  • sk1951

    So how many have wised up to the fact that this country was taken over by a corpratocracy over 150 years ago? WE got nothing to protect and defend us anymore.

    • Taken over or set up by? Did you ever really have it? You’ve enjoyed the illusion while it worked for you and now the paint has worn off. Is that Life Happening the way it always has? Disillusion. The thing you need protecting from is the thing you set up to protect you. Corporate power is legally set up. Get the law changed. expose the root of the beanstalk and don’t be mesmerized into what does not serve your heartfelt purpose for if anything will align your life it is not something outside you that can then abuse or fail you – but something you are that meets in like kind.
      Or did you mean protect and defend a global empire that never was for the American people. It is for those who look to their self first – and last. The American Dream was that everyone (at least everyone American) can get wealthy this way. How’s it going over there!
      That was somewhat tongue in cheek. My heart goes out to Americans as to anyone who desires to live and share a human existence and is finding that increasingly difficult. However – if we focus on what makes us mad – we go mad. Don’t lose your balance.
      Live this day well – and maybe that includes honestly feeling whatever you feel and letting it really move – but not hurting yourself or anyone in the process.

  • bladerunner6978

    “[The U.S.] is a country that is too important for the rest of the
    world to have in the White House a clown, a demagogue and a racist.”

    Ya but that didn’t stop Bush (clown), Reagan (demagogue), or Nixon (racist), from also getting in the “White” House now did it ?
    The last “real” good president was maybe FDR, or maybe even Eisenhower.

    The USA has ever-increasingly been run by a small cacaphony of extreme right-wing predatory, monopolistic, capitalist Corporatists.

    You could literally stick the now deceased Bozo ‘da Clown in ‘da White House and it wouldn’t affect a single thing, and it definitely would NOT change any outcome for the better.