Trump Versus Mexico: The Conflict That’s Bringing Union
By Daily Bell Staff - June 07, 2016

‘Take that order and throw it the hell out’: Trump reportedly rails against campaign staff for telling surrogates to stop attacking judge … Donald Trump advised prominent campaign surrogates to go after journalists who ask questions about a Trump University lawsuit and encouraged them to defend him against criticism of his comments about the US district judge presiding over the case. – AOL

Donald Trump is facing two fraud lawsuits over a for-profit real-estate school that supposedly didn’t provide appropriate services.

The case currently is being presided over by US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel.

Supposedly, Curiel has indeterminate linkages to La Raza, a Mexican-based rights group that wants a large part of the Western US returned to Mexico, or at least turned into an independent country.

Some media reports have denied a direct linkage. But alternative media outlets like WorldNetDaily have made the case for a broader linkage.

Trump has objected to Curiel’s continued presence on his case, and  his statements regarding Curiel being “Mexican” have caused considerable controversy.

The GOP presidential nominee has been pilloried as “racist” for his observations regarding Curiel.

The fundamental issue is once again Mexico versus America and how the two countries can put aside differences and exist harmoniously.

Right now, however, there is no harmony.

We told you so.

We’ve written a number of articles stating that the subtext of the Trump campaign is much larger than “immigration versus a wall.”

The Trump campaign has surely reignited the controversy surrounding the so-called North American Union.

This was an elite plan to create a North American Union comprising the US, Canada and Mexico.

We suggested some three months ago that the Trump campaign would unite pro-Hispanic forces and put the North American Union back in play.

Our first article on the subject, posted March 14, was entitled, Trump and ’60s Propaganda: Strategy to Launch North American Union?

Then only a few days later, we learned that George Soros had funded a large anti-Trump coalition that supposedly presented a Hispanic point of view.

We wrote about this on March 16 in a post entitled, Broadening the Race War? Soros Creates Anti-Trump Pro-‘Illegals’ Super Pac.

On May 4, we posted an article entitled, Trump Irony: Candidacy May Unify U.S. with Mexico

Then on May 14, we followed with an article entitled, As Predicted, Trump’s harsh Rhetoric Reignites Mexican-American Embrace

In this last article, we pointed out the following:

The idea of merging Mexico, America and Canada into one large region sharing political and regulatory oversight subsided a few years ago because of determined and angry opposition in the US.  Highways between Canada and Mexico intended to bisect the US and further ruin the national economy are still being built. But their construction is surreptitious and indirect.  But Trump has set the debate in motion again. It has been reignited just as we feared.

Before a solution can be presented, the issue must be resuscitated and the arguments reheated.

This is what’s going on now.

Our prediction, whether Trump wins or not, is that there will be advances made toward a union.

Too often it works that way in this weary, modern world.

Thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The synthesis is a union.

That’s our take as observers of elite propaganda. The dominant social themes that run the world.

We still have no idea if Trump is complicit. It could be that he is simply being used.

One can also make the case that he is aware of what’s going and doesn’t care. He may believe that the current, evolving polarization is necessary to “make America great again.”

He is willing to fight to promote his vision of a renewed US republic.

Certainly, he seems to have a point regarding the judge presiding over his case.

According to Trump, the lawyers who brought the class-action lawsuit against him used a young woman who turned out to be a bad witness.

But instead of throwing out the case, the judge allowed another witness to be introduced.

Trump wants the judge off the case. This is not unusual.

 More from AOL:

The billionaire real-estate mogul has said that the Indiana-born Curiel’s ethnic background creates an “inherent conflict of interest” because Trump has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexico border and deport immigrants who are in the country illegally.

… Trump also reportedly told his supporters to attack journalists who inquire about Curiel and the lawsuit. He’s been beset by accusations of racism in recent days because he has questioned whether Curiel’s ethnicity disqualifies him from handling the Trump University cases.

Trump reportedly advised going after journalists and suggested that they were the racially influenced party for questioning his comments about Curiel, according to Bloomberg.

The larger issue has to do with the way Mexico and the US related to each other. We’ve predicted the current polarization and believe it is part of a much deeper process.

Conclusion: The banking elites trying to create an ever-closer globalism never give up. The Trump campaign may indeed be about “making American great again.” But on a fundamental level, it may be about whether the United States will survive at all.

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  • CAI

    Curiel is a La Raza supporter and sympathizer. La Raza is a terrorist organization whose sole mission is to break U.S. immigration law. Curiel has no business presiding over ANY legal matter where he has prejudicial issues with the defendant or the defendants political policies.

  • Bruce C.

    As I see it, Trump is making it far less likely that there will be a union with Mexico or Canada than ever before. That is, unless the terms of the “union” are very pro-American which basically undermines the union itself.

    Fortunately, a lot (I’d like to say “most” but when I deal with the GP I feel discouraged) of people understand what’s going on perfectly. For starters, it was only the asinine Republicans and MSM media who didn’t understand what Trump meant about the judge. After all, since when has some “minority” defendant not accused a white judge or jury of bias? Since when has not every lawyer advised every client in every case about the likely judgement of a judge in their case? If the individual (and all that that implies) is irrelevant then why is there so much angst about particular Supreme Court appointments?

    “Everybody” knows exactly what Trump meant by his comments, and – as usual – as time goes by and investigations are conducted he is proved right, or at least vindicated. His judge is a shill, or if he isn’t then he’s a fraud – choose your poison.

    I know this isn’t the only issue with Trump but I highly doubt this is going to lead to a union with Mexico.

    The waving of Mexican flags at Trump rallies aren’t going to help either.

  • rahrog

    Trump probably isn’t as important as some people seem to think. Tens of millions of americans have had a miserable time economically since the globalists began making their play in the 90’s, and they (the middle class) know they’ve been had, and by whom.

    • RJ

      Making their play since the 90’s? The Bilderberg’s were established in 1954 and they were well into full swing by then.
      We were all thrown under the NWO bus in 1913 by Woodrow Wilson. You may want to learn a little bit more about history or graduate HS first before making such a naive statement….the first attempt at the NWO was Nimrod around 2000BC. It is still true…ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.

      • rahrog

        Right. I was referring to the NWO push following the fall of the USSR.

  • Rich Faussette

    The key sentence in your conclusion despite any other factors involved is that: “The banking elites trying to create globalism never give up.”

  • Praetor

    Who knows about Trump? Anyone with the kind of money Trump has, is bound to be in court a lot. If, you’re going into real estate to get rich quick, than you are probably committing fraud against you’re self. You can get rich in real estate, but its hard work. Some people just don’t want to work that hard.

    A North American Union maybe on the agenda, but it makes no since. The British exit is a example of cultural differences that will effect the globalists attempts to form world governance. Where a person is born is totally underestimated by the (globalists). Like bonding with your parents, you bond with your environment (culture), the landscape of a place, the food, the air, all of it. I’ve lived in another country, for years, and the question always asked, where were you born, place of origin. Each human is who they are (individual), and where you come from (group). This is a good thing. Makes the world more interesting, as a whole.

    The great question. Why want a world government, when in fact there should be wayless government world wide. Of course, the control freaks, want to control everything. But control what, total chaos and a destroyed planet. They definitely have a mental disorder!!!

  • r2bzjudge

    Globalism isn’t working out too well in Europe. There are numerous separatist movements.

  • RJ


  • Pilgrim

    Historically, identifying an enemy has been easy. They’re the overt army, or nation, or empire posing a threat. Today, the enemy creates polarized factions, then uses a complicit media to create a fire storm to set them at each other’s throats. While the spotlight is on the manufactured battle, the unseen, cloaked real enemy leverages the Hegelian dialectic to advance their globalist goals while the rest of us argue over bathrooms, or gays in the military or whatever meme of the day is designed to divert our attention from the man behind the curtain.

    What we need is a little black dog.

    • Rich Faussette

      Well done Pilgrim but the sexual perversions are not a diversion. They are part of the strategy. We’ve lost 60 million in abortions in the US since Roe v Wade. Homosexuals don’t breed. The sexually ambiguous don’t breed except via technology.
      In Leviticus the Lord explains why his chosen must observe the prohibitions of Leviticus 18:
      “You shall not make yourselves unclean in any of these ways, for in these ways the heathen, whom I am driving out before you, made themselves unclean. This is how the land became unclean, and I punished it for its iniquity so that it spewed out its inhabitants.”
      You observe those prohibitions or you are “spewed out of the land.” The chosen people observe them religiously and have the highest total fertility rate in the world.
      Why murder them when you can teach them to murder their unborn or not breed at all?