Trump’s Complications in Draining the Swamp
By Daily Bell Staff - February 04, 2017

How Big Government Has Outlasted Presidents for a Century … Trump’s recent flurry of executive orders mandates that for every new regulation issued by any agency, two must be eliminated. This comes on top of a federal hiring freeze and vows to reduce administrative bloat and otherwise force the government bureaucracy to conform to the kinds of expectations that govern private business.  While Trump sees himself as an outsider president bringing new ideas to Washington, these particular ideas would be painfully familiar to his predecessors.  –Bloomberg

Trump’s idea of cutting two rules for everyone put into place is a fine but Bloomberg has actually printed a pretty good article about the chances of Trump doing as he says – which are slim to none.

It’s not necessarily Trump’s fault. As this article shows, the federal bureaucracy is very inventive and can figure out ways to fight back.

After all, not all rules and regulations are the same. Some are much tougher than others. By picking out rules and regulations that are redundant, or limited in scope, the federal bureaucracy can undercut much of what Trump is trying to do.

This is an organized effort that assumes the bureaucracy is trying to keep regs in place, which is true. They are not fighting for the sake of the regs but for the sake of the agencies administering them.


Not even anti-government crusader Ronald Reagan was able to lessen the regulatory burden in any significant way.  Can Trump triumph where so many stumbled? He’s already buckling to pressure on the hiring freeze. And if history is any guide, his only chance at success depends on something he’s avoided so far: the hard work of building a bipartisan consensus across all branches of government.

Here’s what he’s up against.  Reform efforts arguably began with President Theodore Roosevelt, who made his feelings known with this quip: “Our executive government machinery should be at least as well-planned, economical, and efficient as the best machinery of the great business organizations, which at present is not the case.”

Roosevelt’s campaign for efficiency and accountability gave rise to the banal-sounding Committee on Department Methods, which sought to impose order on the burgeoning federal bureaucracy. Like many of its successors, it largely failed, even if it helped establish the idea that the president, as much as Congress, had the power to review and reform the federal bureaucracy.

We can see that previous presidents failed when it came to cutting bureaucracy. Part of the problem may be that the bureaucracy itself was not cut back. Cutting regs is one thing. Cutting the people who create the regs is another.

Congress itself sometimes opposes reforms by sustaining certain projects and agencies. When President William Harding tried to cut government spending, Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover enthusiastically took up the cause, but did so in way that gave a lot more power to his own agency. Other secretaries refused to go along with his suggestion.

Hoover tried once more from retirement, but ultimately was not much more successful. In fact his changes eventually gave rise to yet another agency, the General Services Administration, that today has some 12,000 people in it and a budget of $20 billion.

Ronald Reagan tried too, but ultimately government still grew bigger, though he did manage to restrain growth for a while. Clinton’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government tried to turn bureaucrats into change agents but this was no more successful than any other approach. Like Reagan, he did have some initial success but nothing long term.

Trump’s “twofer” rule is probably not going to make any long term difference either. In fact, it is a kind of PR effort. It sounds good but doesn’t do much for reasons mentioned above.

It’s a reason we regularly write that politics cannot make much of a difference, not long-term. Office holders are for the most part concerned with holding onto their jobs. Making big decisions that affect the DC bureaucracy is not high on their list of change making efforts.

Trump is apparently trying to keep his word about draining the swamp but his cabinet picks, including bankers from Goldman Sachs, show just how difficult the process really is.

Conclusion: Chances are he will move on to other areas that create more of a PR splash with less effort. And smart people will have to move on by themselves, without much help from the government, which is not really, after all, in business to help them.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Mstrjack

    Three of Trump’s campaign promises, if carried out, would make a huge step forward in draining the Washington D.C. swamp.

    Limit lobbying
    Term limits
    Audit the Fed

    • Jim

      …..about the same time as when Hell freezes over, eh?

      • robertsgt40

        Correct. The power elite didn’t come this far to be steamrolled by Trump. This is gonna get ugly quick. I wonder if they’ve showed trump the “other” JFK assassination video yet?

        • jgmoebus

          As You so well put it: “The power elite didn’t come this far to be steamrolled by Trump.”

          On the other hand, Trump didn’t get this far without being approved of by the power elite. And Trump will be around only as long as it is still cost-effectively convenient. And that he “gets’Er Done.”

          One could hypothesize that the election of Donald Trump to the White House is the third stage of The Coup that began with the Terror Event of September 11, 2001, and continued with Phase 2: the 2008 Financial Crisis.

          i used to think that Trump was the patsy in a conspiracy to put Clinton in the White House; i am beginning to suspect now that The Hillary was but a ploy in the plot to ensconce The Don(ald).

    • autonomous

      Drain the swamp? and destroy a natural wetland? Where would the alligators live?

  • Brabantian

    Donald Trump is quickly losing the support of his core with his Same-As-It-Ever-Was neo-con foreign policy, his stupid war-mongering with Iran, Trump appointees absurdly bashing Russia over Crimea, & horrid events such as Trump’s massacre of women & children in Yemen to serve the Saudi-Israeli agenda

    Yemen where Trump troops shot at close range, little 8-year-old girl Nora Nawar Al-Awlaki, then left her to bleed to death over 2 hours, brave dying child Nora who even tried to comfort her own crying mother in Nora’s final words on this earth … Trump tried to justify this massacre with a stupid fake-seeming bomb-making video allegedly found amidst the at least 10 murdered women & children … photos of 8-year-old Nora murdered by Trump troops, are viral all over the Muslim world, creating thousands more ‘terrorists’ as Trump likely realises

    On Zero Hedge which highlights DB, the formerly loyal pro-Trump crowd, is now riffing ridicule of Trump from his orange-ish fake-tan skin creme, calling him the ‘Cheeto Hitler’, or making sarcastic remarks such as, ‘Oh, no, the Iran boogeyman again, ORANGE JESUS PLEASE SAVE US!’ … With Trump’s core of support collapsing thanks to Trump’s Obama-like servility to war-mongers, Trump may be toast

    • Alan

      Unfortunately, Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism against us and others. They’re on the path to obtaining nuclear weapons and their missiles can reach us. Muslim terrorists can bring in nuclear or other weapons covertly. So, talking tough and slowing them down in various ways makes a lot more sense than helping to fund them. Muslims are on the move throughout Europe and the world to spread their poisonous totalitarian “religion”, many on orders or encouragement by their clerics.
      A little too early to pass judgement on Trump in this complicated messed up political world. Muslim terrorists are happy to murder civilians or use them as shields wherever and whenever they can to produce their product, terror. They despise us infidels regardless of whatever we do, unless of course, we submit and become good little braindead servants of allah.

      • ron R

        I think you have your facts all screwed up. Please open up your minf & do some proper research.

        • Alan

          Your argument is weak.

      • 45clive

        You mean Iran is a terrorist state like Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S.? Oh, horrors!

      • MetaCynic

        Why should any state which spends enormous resources to develop nuclear weapons share them with volatile terrorists? That’s like some nerd who devotes his entire working life to making enough money to attract hot chicks now agrees to share them with homeless people! I think not. Furthermore the US and Israel are looking for any reason to destroy Iran. A nuclear weapon from any source in the hands of terrorists will certainly provoke a nuclear attack from NATO on Iran. The theocrats running Iran may be crazy, but they are smart enough not to be suicidal.

        The best way to halt the spread of both terrorism and refugees is for the West to stop manufacturing them. Stop bombing other countries. Leave other people alone. It’s that simple.

        • NARF

          What a novel idea for the USA & Israel…STOP KILLING PEOPLE. But the 1% won`t have it…they are driving us toward a world war and collapse of the current monetary system.

      • Marten

        Alan, what have you done to yourself ???? It’s not Iran the problem, but the criminal US AND iSRAHELL

  • Vicky Davis

    What Trump needs to do is to pit one group of politicos against the other. Trump should have an initiative to cut all funding to counties and cities and send all federal money to the states for the state legislatures to decide on which social agenda items they want to fund. That would move the battlefield to the states.

    • Praetor

      That’s a good start. Make the states more like individuals and responsible for their own actions.!!!

      • jgmoebus

        That was the original intent of the people who Wrote the Constitution. More importantly, it was the intent and condition under which the RATIFIERS of the Constitution accepted the Constitution, in the first place. That’s why we have a Bill of Rights that very specifically included the 10th Amendment.

        • Praetor

          Yep! Power not delegated to the United states (Fed) is reserved to the States and its people. Let them hang on their own petard or let them succeed on their own decisions. If mistakes are made no bailouts, allow them to fail. They make it or they don’t. The Fed only has to insure that no foreign, outside elements interfere.!!!

          • jgmoebus

            When You say “no foreign outside elements,” does that include the Wall Street banks, as well? Or the nation’s national security and defense contractors? Or America’s Rust Belt? Anybody else?

          • Praetor

            Well. Lets put it this way. Wall Street is in the US. National Defense Security/Defense Contractors is in the US. American Rust Belt is in the US. If there are FOREIGN outside elements interfering in these American entities they should be thrown into the Pacific and the Atlantic.

            Make sense will you.!!!!

          • jgmoebus

            And does that mean that when the U.S. acts as a “foreign outside element” in the political and economic affairs of OTHER nations, that we should be thrown into the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, and the Arabian Sea? Or, to project a bit, even the South China Sea?

            Or are we somehow different? Somehow better? Somehow indispensable? Somehow always, inevitably Right?

          • jgmoebus

            whattsa matter, Praetor? Cat got Your tongue? pffffttt….

      • toddyo1935

        With regard to the Senate – the Founders set two Senators for each state. The Senators were chosen and served at the pleasure of the state legislature – effectively lobbyists for their widely diverse states. The 17th Amendment made them popularly elected and turned them into an exclusive club responsible to no one. It needs to be repealed.

    • jgmoebus

      That would be an excellent place to start. But first, let’s cut back on all the federal taxes all the citizens of all those villages, towns, cities, counties, and states PAY to the federal government. It’s not the federal government’s (let alone Trump’s) money to cut off. That was where the “social agenda items” issue was intended to be dealt with in the first place, if the 10th Amendment means anything. At the present, it means nothing to DC. And that didn’t start w/ Trump. Or Obama. Or Cheney. Or Clinton… . One can take that problem all the way back to The Beginning, with his Hamilton and Crew of Merry Federalist Pranksters..

  • autonomous

    In order to succeed, one must understand one’s strengths and weaknesses in addition to knowing one’s enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. In the realm of politics, both the protagonist and the antagonist is heavily camouflaged, for the battle is public and what public wants is not the outcome, but the spectacle. It is very much akin to a bull fight; if not for the arena, no fight would take place, and the crowd is just as happy to see a matador gored and trampled as to see a bull slaughtered, and is highly critical to any other outcome. A debate between a bull and a matador would never draw an audience.

  • stevor

    with all the Goldman Sachs folks he’s buddied up with, I don’t call that “Draining the swamp”. That’s the same Rothschild gang that donated to shillary

  • toddyo1935

    My solution for Draining the Swamp – written in 2012…

    • jgmoebus

      i just tried your link, and got the following: “This site does not exist within the LDAP database.”

      And then, what’s an “LDAP database”?

  • jgmoebus

    With all the military-industrial-government complex, financial-petroleum-government network, techo-infotainment-government matrix, surveillance/secrecy/security state insiders and operatives peopling the new administration, it looks like the plan to “drain the swamp” entails first filling it, and then skimming off the top whatever is left that is good for the Swamp Drainers.

  • windsor1

    “Drain the Swamp” is just a catchy campaign slogan like “Hope and Change”. says it all. Without good relations with the bankers The Trump Organization is toast. Expect it to be business as usual and a major war with Iran that may go global.

    • jackw97224

      Well, I don’t expect global war, but I do recognize the virulent nature of Islam. Its “book” the Quran teaches that Muslims must kill/murder/behead me because I am a Christian Muslims are intelligent and the Iranians know that their population would be annihilated in a nuclear exchange.

      On the issue of fiat currency, I agree, the evil of the monetary powers will control much of what Trump tries to do. I listened to an interview that Janet Yellen gave just recently and she came off a very deceitful, well, IMHO of course. The interviewer did not ask Yellen about the criminality of the Fed-Gov. legalized plunder via inflation of fiat currency.

  • MetaCynic

    Trump must get more creative and think outside the box in countering foot dragging bureaucrats. He can, for example, identify agencies whose existence is unconstitutional (whose isn’t?) and announce that he will pardon in advance anyone who violates those agencies’ regulations.

    Next he could cut off those agencies’ oxygen and refuse to spend money allocated to their budgets.

    Finally he can harness the greed of Congress and urge the passage of laws which would allow members of Congress to collectively pay themselves a bonus, of say 1%, of all spending cuts. The opportunity to enrich themselves legally would be too attractive to ignore regardless of pressure from lobbyists and the clamoring of special interest groups.

    Finally, if all this fails to reign in bureaucracies and their regulations, Trump can avail himself of the nuclear option so foolishly granted him by Congress. He can now legally order the arrest and indefinite detention without due process of any bureaucrat or politician who defies him! Perhaps it’s going to take an enlightened autocrat to start to roll back the entrenched parasitic state snuffing the life out of civil society.

    • Praetor

      Well! The most simple why to kill a bureaucracy may be finding those in the government who right the checks or authorizes the direct deposits into bank accounts arrested under the NDAA or the Patriot Act.!!!

      • jgmoebus

        Wrong. The simplest way to kill a beauracracy is to cut off the money that it has to write all those checks/direct deposits. And then to cut off their check writing ability to those who have benefited from, NDAA, USAPA, etc. You know….. the old question of “Cui Bono?” But that would entail dismantling the Federal Reserve’s system of payday (deficit and debt amelioration) loans to our government.

        • jackw97224

          Indeed, as Tolstoy wrote; Politics is violence. So, if one were to do something, then it would be nice to eliminate the power of politicians to initiate aggression. You might like, if you haven’t already seen it, The Zero Aggression Project by Perry Willis and Jim Babka.

      • James Clander

        Right the wrongs & write the cheques. Don’t be lazy 🙂

    • jgmoebus

      Trump “can now legally order the arrest and indefinite detention without due process of any bureaucrat or politician who defies him!” ???

      What is Your basis for making that statement? Has a new and improved Alien and Sedition Act of 1798 been approved?

      Of course, given USA PATRIOT Act, NDAA, etc etc etal, that would seem about right for the way this nation is headed, but…..

      But…. “arrest and indefinitely detain without due process…bureaucrats OR POLITICIANS (emphasis added)” who defy him? i know we can arrest, detain, torture, and even kill just plain old common US citizens on even flimsier grounds…… but bureaucrats and opposition politicians?

      When did Congress grant that “nuclear option”?

      i sincerely hope that You are channeling too much Infowars, Breitbart, Common Dreams, and the like.

      • MetaCynic

        The nuclear option I referred to is the power sneaked by someone into the NDAA several years ago. Despite a public outcry by civil libertarians, Obama signed that NDAA and that power has been reauthorized by Congress every year since. So this awful power granted the President is not there out of ignorance by Congress.

        Keep in mind that unconstitutional laws, regulation, rules, fines, mandates and prohibitions snuffing the life out of liberty and crippling commerce in America have been authorized by a Congress corrupted by special interests, approved by a judiciary with an overactive imagination and vastly augmented by unelected bureaucrats. What’s to be done?

        How many generations will it take for us to laboriously untie that devilish Gordian Knot by begging the political class of America to voluntarily give up illegal powers which so massively benefit them at our expense? How many millions of Americans have already been sucked into their cruel criminal justice system and ruined for life for having violated some prohibition or ignored some mandate dreamed up by power hungry politicians and bureaucrats? How many millions more will become victims while we strive to untie that knot in accordance with their rules? What we need is an Alexander with the audacity to cut that murderous knot with his sword.

        Yes, I know that a President who exercises the power granted by congress in the NDAA will set a terrible precedent, but one should be allowed to dream.

        • jgmoebus

          MetaCynic: i will confess to only a barely functionally literate familiarity w NDAA. i do know of it that any of us, We, The People, are, at any time and in any place, subject to arrest, indefinite detention w/o charges, no jury or confrontation w/ our accusers, and even torture and death, w/o any legal recourse or even counsel. But bureaucrats and opposition politicians?

          Can You refer me to a specific part of the NDAA where that can be found? Or at least to a website that will point me in the right direction? i have a hard time believing that Anybody up there in Congress, or out there in the political class, would allow that threat to make it thru the legislative process, let alone get past the lobbyists.

          i’m not sure as to exactly what we need to get out of this mess, but i am confident that it is not another Alexander. We don’t need any more Emperor-WannaBe’s than we already have, what with Putin, Xi, La Pen, Bannon, and his consort, Trump.

          What’s to be done? Indeed. i think Lenin once asked the same question, albeit in a not entirely different context, eh? He was another Emperor-Wannabe, and You see where he got Russia and, eventually, all the rest of us.

          And, when You say, “Yes, I know that a President who exercises the power granted by congress in the NDAA will set a terrible precedent, but one should be allowed to dream,” do You mind if i ask You what that dream of Your’s ~ “terrible precedent,” and all ~ might be?

          • MetaCynic

            I too have no idea of the specific wording of that executive power sneaked into the NDAA, but the political and bureaucratic class have for generations now been waging a treasonous war against our liberty and wealth. How will they be stopped without much bloodshed except by a shock to their center of power?

            What’s easier, fighting future wars of secession from Washington as the colonists did from England or, in a single stroke, removing from power the ringleaders of the institutions oppressing us and then allowing those institutions to collapse from lack of funding? Whether the NDAA specifically allows this power to be wielded against the political class would be a moot point if those who repeatedly approved this power are themselves thrown into the gulags already built and waiting for us.

            The terrible precedent I refer to is, of course, that even if a president uses the powers in the NDAA in an enlightened manner to uproot a criminal class destroying civilization, a successor could likely use it to further oppress us. The key here is to use that power once to get the government boot off our necks and then to get rid of that boot.

            Of course, none of this will happen because the American people collectively want a nanny to take care of their needs and wants and so are willing to tolerate the regular beatings and humiliations from Washington.

  • jgmoebus

    robertsgt40 noted here some 3 hours ago: “The power elite didn’t come this far to be steamrolled by Trump.”

    Trump didn’t get this far without being approved of by the power elite. And Trump will be around only as long as it is still cost-effectively convenient. And that he “gets’Er Done.”

    One could hypothesize that the election of Donald Trump to the White House is the third stage of The Coup that began with the Terror Event of September 11, 2001, and continued with Phase 2: the 2008 Financial Crisis.

    i used to think that Trump was the patsy in a conspiracy to put Clinton in the White House; i am beginning to suspect now that The Hillary was but a ploy in the plot to ensconce The Don(ald).

    • Oliver

      Agree entirely.

  • illuminoughtu

    Drainy Swampey = Hopey Changey

  • MetaCynic

    Before he can drain the Swamp, Trump must first get rid of the EPA. Otherwise, he will be charged with destroying wetlands vital for the survival all kinds of endangered species!

    • Marten

      First, drain AIPAC…period

  • Oliver

    Not his fault?
    Funny. That’s the same rhetoric they used about Obama.

  • Praetor

    Eradicate the bureaucracy. 32 million work for federal and States government, 10 million of those are contractors. 95 million not looking, 15 million unemployed. Of these 110 million, I’m sure we could find the 32 millions replacements or say 16 million, half of those with well motivated employees to do the work of the present government employees. I would say there are endless possibilities to eradicate the bureaucracy or at the least diminish it. Around 5.5 trillion to run the ‘GOVERNMENTS’ of the US, that support the welfare/warfare state.!!!

    • Red Baron

      The work will soon demotivate the most highly motivated. I saw this recently in my department. A bright, ambitious, young man with a family chaffed to do something meaningful and see it all the way to implementation. Long story short, he quit and when to work for a highly regarded private sector firm. Now he can actually get something accomplished! Believe it or not, headquarters are the worse for getting anything done. A million roadblocks, signatures, red tape, you name it.

    • MetaCynic

      I think that the issue here is not to pare down bureaucracies but to eliminate them entirely and allow free market competition to privatize whatever legitimate functions those agencies may have performed. To simply cut staffing is like partially removing a cancer. It will grow back!

      As flawed as it was, returning somehow to the original decentralized mini state as intented by the Constitution would certainly be a vast improvement to the near totalitarian monster state we have now.

  • jackw97224

    I believe EOs only apply to the Executive Branch, else they would override the legislative and judicial branches and hence those latter two would be of no use and might just as well be eliminated. It seems EOs overstep in many instances and are mistakenly applied to those outside the Executive Branch. If someone has facts that correct my understanding, i.e. show me where I’m in error, then by all means, let me know. Frankly, I believe most of FDR’s EOs were illegal or were applied illegally/crookedly. In fact all EOs should be reviewed and if they are applied outside the Executive Branch, then those applications should be removed and damages awarded. All people should be educated as to the limits of EOs.

    • d

      actually ALL Federal LAW ONLY applies to Washington DC….10 sq miles and various armories post offices federal buildings and Federal employees….such as per the Constitution Article 1 Section 8….we the people just assume that ..federal laws apply to the States…they DO NOT…..imho

      • jackw97224

        I agree with Lysander Spooner’s No Treason No. 6, The Constitution of No Authority. Also, Marc Stevens ask the simple question: What factual evidence do you (politician, judge, enforcement officer, IRS agent have that the constitution and law apply to me just because I am physically present in some geographical location? They don’t have it because it never existed nor could it. The colonists who cast off the shackles of the English tyrants, could not have turned ’round and immediately imposed their rules as that would have just replaced one form of tyranny with another and to do so would have been anathema to their very justification of the rebellion and desire for freedom of choice. The nation state political creation was just a variant of the old feudalistic system and has been the source of massive slaughters of wars and economic depressions and recessions. It is always the politicians/leaders who provoke wars.

    • Red Baron

      Exactly, but no one pays much attention to the Constitution inside the Beltway.

  • jackw97224

    What factual evidence do judges, politicians or any bureaucrats in general have that the constitution and law apply to you just because your are physically present in some geographical location? They don’t have it. Honest judges and prosecutors are dismissing traffic tickets when this question is put. Dishonest judges and police, like Judge John Mercer in Beaverton, Or. and Judge Jeff Bird in Fresno, Ca. could not provide such factual evidence, yet proceeded anyway, thus proving their utter and compete criminalities.

  • jackw97224

    Satan has dominion of the Earth for a while longer, so while some small corrections are possible, the long term is terminal. The Bible teaches that three powers, commercial, politics and organized religion will operate under Satan’s control and their conspiracy must be destroyed, which Christ will do. Tolstoy wrote that politics is violence and the massacres of wars and the economic depressions and recessions are all the proof one needs.

    • Rusty Brown in Canada

      The bible is so out-of-date as to have nothing to offer our modern civilization.

      • Tl Galloway

        I bet you’ve never even read it????

  • ICFubar

    Drain one – fill another, apparently ad nauseum. The names and the faces may change but swamp creatures being who they are are naturally drawn to the biggest swamp that ever existed, Washington D.C.. Want to drain a swamp then quite participating in stocking it with swamp creatures and build community away from the swamp.

  • rahrog

    Trump is trying to bail water out of a sinking ship that is on fire heading for an iceberg at break neck speed while groups from the left and right hold his arms behind his back.

    Are you not entertained?

  • d

    Team Trump all on the same page….cut down the federal government…rules regs personnel…ALL departments….Team work….and while they are at it …the $$$ for the ‘wall’ could be taken from the ‘sanctuary cities…and universities…$ 38 BILLION a year given to them….plenty of $$$ for the wall….and more all over the government beast….get busy…..imho

    • Red Baron

      If you don’t cut government contractors, you are merely creating an illusion of smaller government.

      • NARF

        then you cut each and EVERY Agencies budget by 20%…they pay their “contractors” out of their yearly budget…let them deal with WHO they want to pay to do the work.

  • Red Baron

    Limiting the growth of government employees is okay, having been one, but if contractors are not included in the number, it is largely a charade. Contractors will be hired in larger numbers and they are really a shadow government employee. The agency headquarters I worked in could hardly function without government contractors. You can expect more of this if only the government employee numbers are limited. Contractors will dig even deeper, making themselves indispensable. This should not be, as many times they are making more than the government employees. And I’m here to tell you that companies that make their many service government contracts are no more efficient than the government they service.

  • NARF

    Then you FORCE these Agencies to get smaller by a 20% budget cut to EVERY one of them….watch them scream & cry then as they finally have to make TOUGH decisions!

  • NARF

    and the ONLY real way to “drain the swamp”….TERM LIMITS and a ban on Lobbying. Don`t let these scum bags make being a “politician” turn into a life time of corruption.

    • wilbur

      Stop the uninformed voters from voting.

      • CactusPatch

        The system was originally set up to do that—only property owners were allowed to vote.

        • Rusty Brown in Canada

          The best argument against democracy is a five-minute
          conversation with the average voter.
          Sir Winston Churchill

  • Douteux55

    Trump is proving himself to be just like the rest only more of a clown. His EOs aren’t worth anything, His muslim ban simply isn’t, leaving out Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar, all of which are mainstream suppliers of military equipment and funds to the extremist groups fighting in the ME. But it’s really time that everyone grew up and realized that the US effort to effect regime change in Syria is at the core of this debacle and it never had anything to do with the desires of Syrian citizens, most of whom were resolutely behind Assad anyway. Our NGOs go in, under the guise of helping with schools, water, children, anything you want but under the surface they are coordinating protests and assaults to destabilize sitting presidents. We have long been aiming to crash the few countries left that are not part of the Rothschild banking abyss and all of them are the targets of the “muslim” ban. The ones who aren’t on that list are safe because they play along with the project and are guaranteed no Arab Spring in their respective dominions. There are no Syrian refugees, Asad is resettling people throughout Syria as successes permit along with the help of Putin. We’ve got to wake up and understand just who the bad buys really are. Trump knows but I’m not sure about Congress, although they’ve all got plenty of Rothschild donors so they’re not as naive as they appear. Word is that many of them are threatened but I’m sure if they all banded together against the evil empire they’d make some serious headway. There’s no way the cryptocracy would kill all sitting representatives and senators of the US. Admit it, they like the money. Heck they were even willing to let Biden paw their kids from time to time. Google creepy Joe Biden.

  • Stephen Persaud

    Ahh….Donald was just “playing to the gallery”…….and now he’s being steered by Goldman Sachs as they figure out the best way to handle the bankruptcy of the USA

  • Bruce C.

    If nothing else, if Trump can explain in simple terms what the problems are and why there is resistance to change – even if he can’t change things – then I will consider his Presidency a success. I say that because then there will be a significant number of citizens who will understand the situation. It will then become incumbent upon THEM to change things, as expressed in the Declaration. No longer by political means (i.e., by electing the “right” people) but by physical force.

    Personally, I don’t think most citizens have it within them to do that, which is why I hope Trump can succeed in changing things from within. Ironically though, that is precisely why I think most people deserve what they get (and don’t get). My greatest angst about Trump succeeding is that those who don’t deserve will benefit.

    Good thing I’m not a god, eh?

  • wilbur

    The government employees are a criminal gang and should be treated as such.

    • matslinger

      Trump must use traditional tools to get things done… there are hundreds if not thousands of pedophiles in our government… as the Pizza gate scandal
      produces more names, he can extort the criminals to get what he wants.
      There will be a abundance of oppositionists who will do an about face , rather
      than join the ranks of the black prisoners they helped put in prison factories.