Trump’s skepticism of US Military-Industrial Complex Is Hopeful Sign
By Daily Bell Staff - April 27, 2016

Trump’s World to watch as Trump outlines his foreign policy … Critics have accused the Republican front-runner of bigotry and posing a danger to U.S. national security.  Many foreign policy and defense advisers say his views are worrying, mingling isolationism and protectionism, with calls to force U.S. allies to pay more for their defense and proposals to impose punitive tariffs on some imported goods. – Reuters

Former Congressman Ron Paul lost the GOP presidential nomination in large part due to his stance on US military foreign involvement. Now the GOP, which is the engine of the US military-industrial complex, faces a similar challenge in the potential presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump’s stance, like Ron Paul’s before him, has been significantly skeptical of US foreign wars. Even the sprawling overseas occupation of the US military has come into question during his campaign.

Under Obama it has been business as usual for the Pentagon. But the military-industrial-intelligence cannot be happy – in aggregate – that the country’s core propaganda has now come under direct challenge in no less than three separate national elections.

It is also direct reason for the odd speculation that Hillary Clinton could attract significant GOP support from monied, insiders.

The spectacle of GOP cross-over to Clinton indicates, almost for the first time, the real fault lines of US politics.

The national priority is a continuation of military and intelligence activity aimed at a variety of internal and external targets, many of them fanciful, or worse yet, actually constructed with Western resources.

There is considerable evidence that both Al Qaeda and now ISIS were Western creations supported and directed by Middle Eastern allies such as Saudi Arabia.


“Part of what I’m saying is we love our country and we love our allies, but our allies can no longer be taking advantage of this country,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday night in a speech preview.

He said he would focus on nuclear weapons as the single biggest threat in the world today. “I’m probably the last on the trigger,” Trump told ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Wednesday, citing his opposition to the Iraq war.

Trump’s remarks are especially timely in light of Barack Obama’s recently revealed plans to build a “missile defense shield” around North Korea.

According to ZeroHedge, “It appears that the US will set up a missile defense system to surround North Korea and shoot down any future flying nuisances.”

In the article, Obama is quoted as saying the following: “One of the things that we have been doing is spending a lot more time positioning our missile defense systems … we’re setting up a shield that can at least block the relatively low-level threats that they’re posing right now,” Obama said.

Obama has indicated that the bottom-line problem regarding Korea is its nuclear program. But as ZeroHedge points out, “[This] is surprising considering North Korea has no chance of ever launching a fully functioning ICBM, let alone one which can reach the US.”

So what is the unsaid impetus for this move? Perhaps it is simply to deploy even more ships and military equipment in the region where recent diplomatic posturing between the US and China over various contested islands in the South China Sea has been the biggest geopolitical threat in recent years.

This ZeroHedge assessment is an accurate one, in our view, though we have taken it a step further in previous articles about North Korea’s nuclear “threat.”

Here’s what we wrote early in March regarding North Korea and nukes:

For instance, North Korea claims to have a new-type “large-caliber multiple launch rocket system.” However … “experts are divided” about the country’s ability to mount warheads on “working missile delivery system.”

North Korea feeds the fear. Now it has released photos of Kim looking at a mock up of miniaturized atomic bomb — “a small, silverish globe with a ballistic missile or a model ballistic missile in the background.”

According to Reuters, South Korea disputed the North’s claim regarding miniaturized warheads. The alternative media weighed in skeptically as well.

The Daily Sheeple posted an article entitled, “Guess It’s Supposed To Be Scary, But Kim Jong-Un Just Looks Stupid Posing With This Supposed Mini Nuke.”

We also wrote, “Some of North Korea’s claims – and the hyper-nuclear claims of other states – are so exaggerated that they are difficult for anyone to believe.”

At some point, the entire 20th century (and now 21st) narrative regarding nuclear weapons is going to start to come apart. The Cold War itself was very much not what it seemed, nor it turns out was the “space race” given that the US generously provided Russia with Germany’s top aviation minds after the war.

At a time when so much in the West seems grim and wasteful, US mainstream political challenges to international security expenditures are a hopeful sign.

Stripped of titanic military and intelligence expenses, the US might even have a chance to recover from its current bankrupt condition.

Conclusion: Whatever else Trump does or doesn’t have in mind, he is doing US citizens a significant service by questioning military-industrial costs and the larger positioning of the US “empire” abroad.

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  • Bruce C.

    I thought I posted a comment here. Did I not?

    I see it got attached below.

  • Praetor

    These times are hard to distinguish the truth, no doubt! NK is a phony problem. Is it really isolationism and protectionism. You don’t go campout in you’re neighbors yard if, you’re having problems with your neighbor, seem that would just exasperate the problem.

    Isolationism means, mind your own business. Protectionism means, you’re ready to fight if, others don’t let you mind you’re own business.

    Trump, as I see, is all business and it looks like he hates waste. There is a lot of waste in the military. Trump, can make new deals, and that may mean the rest of the world is on its own. Time for them to tie their own shoes. That would be a significant service to We The People.

    You have to consider people still wish to come to the new world. We need to stop taking in the worlds criminal. In other words, skrew the globalists!!!!

    • concerndcitizen

      There are a lot of people enjoying all the waste.

      • Praetor

        And getting rich on it. If Trump does one thing, time to stop the waste. A real business men shouldn’t like waste. May mean a lot of people won’t be working for government, and the words ‘You’re Fired’ might mean something!!!

        • concerndcitizen


  • In my view Trump is playing like Lucy with Charlie Brown. Goal is to pressure Europe into playing the neocon agenda.

  • Bruce C.

    For all of those who like the idea of open borders:

    • Fred

      I have always reasoned that open borders are best. But I was naively thinking in terms of a free market economy where immigrants come to work and contribute and are able to support themselves by providing needed services and skills. Alas, the U.S. (in my view) has a socialist economy and the resulting flood of immigrants is, for the most part, arriving with expectations of “everything is free in America.” The ongoing ‘directed immigration’ now being used as a weapon would not do so well in a free market system. . . . Socialist countries need closed borders.

    • Pilgrim

      “Open borders” is for a planet where all men respect one another. Not one where one quarter of the inhabitants follow a misguided religious ideology bent on world-domination.

      • Fred

        Perhaps, but I would be more inclined to attribute the “world domination goal” to those who deploy military basis around the world and maintain (I have lost count) numerous ongoing wars of invasion without end (seemingly). The ongoing migrant crisis is certainly (it seems) planned by the same instigators of war. Aren’t the religious zealots merely pawns on the board?

        • Pilgrim

          Fred, We are in agreement. I’m also not a big fan of American imperialism for the purpose of preserving the status quo of the dollar as the “world reserve currency”, and while the “refugees” may be pawns, they’re also being used as a vehicle for the world domination religious ideology attempting to impose a global caliphate.

  • LawrenceNeal

    “Former Congressman Ron Paul lost the GOP presidential nomination in large part due to his stance on US military foreign involvement.” If you want to pick any one reason why Ron Paul was denied the nomination, it would be his opposition to the Federal Reserve Counterfeiting Scam. As well, many of his proposals threatened existing bureaucracies, like Internal Revenue, and all those that profit from the War on Drugs. Just like Hillary is the anointed of her party and the Elite-owned Lame Stream Media, Paul was blacked out by media and party.

    • Ron

      Dr Paul “offended” a lot of Insiders. I would love to see him as Trump’s VP!