Upcoming British Legislation Could Jail Journos for 14 Years
By Daily Bell Staff - February 11, 2017

Business  Arrow Policy Planned Espionage Act could jail journos and whistleblowers as spies …  Proposals in the UK for a swingeing new Espionage Act that could jail journalists as spies have been developed in haste by legal advisors, The Register has learned.  The proposed law update is an attempt to ban reporting of future big data leaks.  The British government has received recommendations for a “future-proofed” new Espionage Act that would put leaking and whistleblowing in the same category as spying for foreign powers.  That threatens leakers and journalists with the same extended jail sentences as foreign agents. Sentences would apply even if – like Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning – the leaker was not British, or in Britain, or was intent on acting in the public interest. – The Register

Britain is doing one of the things it does best, which is thinking of how to punish people. Now it’s figuring out ways to throw more people in jail for longer periods of time for exposing various kinds of government crimes.

That’s right. It’s not thinking about lessening those crimes, only covering them up.

The British government has received an updated Espionage Act that is a good deal stronger than the act on the books. It puts journalists in the same boat as foreign agents when it comes to spying and also does not differentiate between those who are citizens of other countries and those who come from Britain.


The proposals have been slammed by journalists who faced down British and US government threats after publishing Edward Snowden’s sensational revelations in 2013.  The UK Law Commission’s recommendations are contained in a 326-page consultation paper titled Protection of Official Data [PDF].

“It is alarming that such a far-reaching proposed reform of laws which could be used to jail whistleblowers and journalists should have been drafted without any adequate consultation with free speech organisations”, Alan Rusbridger, the former Guardian editor who published the Snowden revelations, told The Reg.

According to the commission, the proposed “redrafted offence” of espionage would “be capable of being committed by someone who not only communicates information, but also by someone who obtains or gathers it”.  There should, it says, be “no restriction on who can commit the offence,” including hackers, leakers, elected politicians, journalists, and NGOs.

The journalists who helped Edward Snowden with thousands of GCHQ documents and who visited him in Hong Kong in 2013, could be thrown in jail for long periods of time under this potential legislation.

David Leigh, The Guardian’s former investigations editor reportedly said that the Law Commission’s recommendations were a “a giant leap backwards to the bad old days when public-interest journalists went in fear”.

Additionally, British offices abroad of all types would be “prohibited places” or “protected sites”, so that reporting about then would be subject to the penalties of the Law Commission.  There should be no public-interest defense for those caught up in the Commission.

The commission supposedly consulted with journalists and others from across Britain, but the article states that it did not do much consulting in reality.  The commission itself admits that the job was too big to allow time for much consulting. And even though the commission was directly involved, its fact-finding was suggested by the government itself.

It was not generally press released either but only provided to the Telegraph newspaper because, “it’s a nuanced issue. We wanted to secure an opinion editorial first”.

In reality this is simply a British government project that has been initiated not in parliament from what we can tell, but behind the scenes by London’s City, the financial backbone of England and Europe.

The City doesn’t want leaks going all the way up the chain to the square mile establishment itself. Instead, laws should be put in place that return sentences of between 2 to 14 years.

The article adds that the commission ought to be encouraged to cast its net far more widely now that it has gotten to the end of its fact-finding phase. It must act more independently.

But no matter what it does, the British Cabinet Office will probably take up the commission report as legislation.  While, “the Cabinet Office refused to say whether a draft Bill would be requested or legislation intended,” it is hard to believe that the commission would go through so much effort without any results.

We are also on record as pointing out that Snowden himself was a CIA agent and that much of what he released was already known or didn’t damage either America or Britain very much. And now his efforts are being used to justify this legislation.

Conclusion: Besides, as stated above, the impetus for legislation probably comes from the very top as the City wants legislation before something emerges over time that implicates the City itself.

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  • Thomas Clawson

    If the law goes through it will set a very dangerous precedent for “free” world governments.

  • John Stott

    Britain already has many laws on statute that are similar. Conspiracy being the catch all. And what counts as a “journalist” nowadays? Certainly anyone involved with MSM is not in that category.

  • It does make one wonder what monumental shit the system is trying to hide and stop escaping. Secrets are dangerous and eventually surely always self-destructive.

    That makes it all the more exciting and necessary to discover them before they infect and pervert and corrupt the future in the same manner as they have done in the past and presently.

    It is not natural to deny folk knowledge for it breeds discontents and arrogants to battle with ignorants against smarter foe which be unbeatable.

  • apberusdisvet

    Hmmm. I wonder what big scandal is about to break in the UK for this obvious ploy to hide malfeasance or criminality?

  • Alan

    We wouldn’t want whistleblowers and journalists to uncover graft and violations of the law by government bureaucrats, now would we, you UK government bureaucrats in charge?

  • ICFubar

    You can bet some City high priced law firm had the legislation written shortly before the commission was even called. Now try calling for a commission to look into the abuses of the privatized monopoly money creation scheme and see how far you get. Soon such suggestions will be liable for a lengthy jail term to be served in some CIA-MI6 black site and sent to Room 101 for re education..

  • Brabantian

    What is funny about the above is that every major government knows – as DB has suggested – that Edward Snowden is a CIA fraud run by the intel agencies, & that the UK Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, longtime CIA & MI6 asset, is the biggest lying hoaxer in UK media (Rothschild staff are on Guardian – Scott Trust board)

    Now these same agencies that ran the Snowden – Greenwald hoax, are using this very scam, to create tools to attack honest journalists, who are certainly not the ‘Guardian’

    The intel agency report on the Snowden – Greenwald frauds:
    talks about how even UK schoolboys were laughing at the UK gov farce when they made the video of ‘smashing the Guardian computers’ whilst everyone in the world knows about storage offshore in the cloud etc

    The Snowden & Assange frauds are now being wound down – Putin is tired of playing along with what all major world governments know is a CIA fraud, as Putin himself has hinted from near the beginning, so now we have the talk of packing Snowden back to the USA, perhaps for a fake ‘trial’ & a fake ‘imprisonment’ too

    For those who need an executive summary –
    Highlights of why Edward Snowden & the UK Guardian are frauds:

    Laughably, the official story is that Edward Snowden first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend & biographer at the Washington Post, anti-9-11-truth Bart Gellman … of course no real ‘dissident’ would ‘leak’ to Dick Cheney’s friend at a flagship CIA newspaper

    Snowden & ‘constitutional lawyer’ Greenwald & ‘not really living at Ecuador Embassy’ Julian Assange, not only all oppose 9/11 truth, but also, laughably refuse to discuss the USA Virginia federal judge court corruption about which they have specific files … the wide exposure of which would instantly make the extraditions of Snowden & Assange impossible

    This hoaxer Snowden-Assange-Greenwald trio, even used the case of UK hacker Lauri Love to promote themselves, with Snowden tweeting about him, but then hid the USA judge bribery info that would have saved Lauri Love, or anyone else, from being extradited to USA … a UK court filing on this is posted on PasteBin

    Snowden & Assange have likely helped identify, silence, maybe even murder real dissidents, who were duped into contacting NY Times / UK Guardian / Greenwald / Wikileaks

    Rothschild employee Greenwald, funded with US $50 million by CIA billionaire & Ukraine-war-crime-sponsor Pierre Omidyar … certainly would not support a real major dissident, tho glad to back up the immense hoax of Eddie Snowden

    Glenn Greenwald & Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, both were p-rnography sellers before their current shticks, gay p-rn in Greenwald’s case

    – One can see Greenwald produces very little with his $50 million ‘brave great journalism’ operation at ‘The Intercept’, aside from me-too bashing of the corrupt Hillary & trying to bathe himself in Trump’s popularity, & surveillance-type stuff everyone knows already
    – Assange has had Rothschild lawyers & Snowden & family CIA-tied lawyers, Plato Cacheris, Bruce Fein, who never represent real dissidents
    – Snowden’s revelations were not ‘new’, just more details on what was fairly fully on ‘conspiracy’ websites from 5+ previous NSA whistle-blowers & even in a 2008 book
    – Snowden & Assange were both creations pumped by CIA newspapers New York Times & UK Guardian, global kings of Fake News & continual CIA propaganda … both papers named in criminal charge complaints in Europe for libelling real dissidents
    More at link above

    • James Clander

      Don’t know who gave you an UP vote but they must be seriously delusional like yourself. To suggest that the revelations from Snowdon & Assange were not damaging to the PTB is laughable. All the other “crap” you dredged up is just rumours & black op rebuttals that they no doubt enjoy being repeated by a know all wannabe -who in reality knows FA.

      There are many ways the black side of Govt can get things done & my firm conviction is that both Snowdon & Assange are the real deal. Your repeated suggestion that Assange doesn’t really “live” at the Embassy in London gives an insight into your delusion.

      Unfortunately the DB doesn’t help – their suggestions & hints re Assange & Snowdon are totally unsubstantiated. and – – Why would Britain even need such a Law if they could just use “plants” like A & S ? Doesn’t stack up.

  • This is unbelievable.

    They don’t want the people to know what politicians are doing.

    Wikileaks, and Soros cables have been vital to choose a Trump, the Brexit, and the FARC (in Colombia).

    There we have the impact, institutional censorship and fear in the people.

    And, as always, the police in between.


    • CCblogging

      They are NWO Globalist tyrants.

  • Oliver

    Much of what Snowden showed about how surveillance works was completely bogus like the “busted computers” mentioned below.

    Loved it when he is in the hotel in Hong Kong and put a “towel over his computer” so that the surveillance cameras in the room couldn’t see him plunking in his password. Oh that was rich.

    The CIA calls it “chicken feed”.

    What most people don’t realize is that they have EVERYONE”S password to EVERYTHING that they do online already on file. It is that bad. They have access to ALL proprietary personal and business information of everyone… IE; who you buy widgets from, who your clients are, contracts, banking info, health issues etc. Black ops have covertly put many people out of business who had no idea who was behind it. ALL hacking — with very rare exceptions — is done from within by black operations. They have detailed files on all of us from decades ago.

    • James Clander

      “What most people don’t realize is that they have EVERYONE”S password to EVERYTHING that they do online already on file”

      Nonsense ! — plenty of users take precautions — the majority are lazy & use the same password for everything. Snowdon putting a towel over his computer was a good idea.

      Using the very best VPN gives a high degree of privacy.
      I use one — do you ? – – –or do you just talk idle chat?

  • Oliver

    To add to what I just posted: Credit Card fraud was perpetrated purposely by government black operations [who has amassed all of our banking transactions and credit card information] to push through tighter regulations. Nothing is by accident.

  • CCblogging

    This is nothing new in Britain. The left wing liberal government there was/has been prosecuting people for speaking out about the terrorism of Islam, the perversion of homosexuality and the British government has been persecuting Christians. All part of the agenda of the NWO Fascist Socialist Globalist world government aka UN Agenda 2030.

  • rahrog

    Truth is treason in The Empire of Lies.

    Hack the Fed!!!

  • gary2505Texas

    There is a thin line between sedition and ‘news’ reporting. Foreign spies have for decades used journalism as a shield to do their dirty work. Sometimes it works (arab spring) and sometimes it doesn’t (Iran). But anytime when a secret document is published there should be a price to pay by all involved.

  • Black Cat

    Defending legislation like this is a gradual endorsement to your own slavery! Increasingly I am seeing comments that admonish those who would risk releasing factual documents that reveal massive amounts of government miss conduct, waste and abuse that both directly and indirectly very much effects you in negative ways. This in turn is you supporting the governments, big banking, big business atrocious behavior and legalized plunder. Your saying you support government lies and would rather punish those who would risk telling you the truth based on factual documents. The willful blindness, and hypocrisy that is spewed defending establishment corruption for the likes of “National Security” & “The Good of the People” is a dark spell cast over those who truly value self-responsible freedom and liberty. Shame on those of you who defend the most dangerous thing on the planet, Organized Centralized Mafioso Government.