US Presidential Elections Sound a Warning of Catastrophes to Come
By Daily Bell Staff - November 08, 2016

What’s wrong with Hillary Clinton’s brand? …  As momentous an occasion as this should be for women around the world, Ms. Clinton would begin her term in the Oval Office with her unpopularity ratings at near-record levels.  All of which leads to the question: What’s wrong with Brand Hillary?  – The Globe and Mail

In the run-up to today’s election, many articles on Hillary in the mainstream media have tried to explain more fully why Hillary is electable and desirable as the leader of the US.

A common theme of these articles is that Hillary’s troubles are not mentioned or analyzed in detail. The Economist magazine, like many other publications, recently came out with an endorsement of Hillary.

But the endorsement simply dealt with Hillary’s legislative and professional history. As always when it comes to Hillary in the mainstream media, deeper questions are glossed over.

This approach to covering Hillary is deliberate and has generated increasing skepticism among large portions of the American public. Correctly, alternative media reports have pointed out this declining credibility but not enough have explained its widening ramifications.


Ms. Clinton is one of the most qualified presidential candidates in recent memory – and her credentials are that much more impressive compared to those of her opponent.

After her time as first lady – in the state of Arkansas, and in the White House – Ms. Clinton served her country as a U.S. Senator and as secretary of state.

The article goes on to ask why Hillary has not been “able to break through in a way that inspires fervent support and popularity.”

At this point a significant analysis would grapple with underlying issues regarding Hillary’s background and approach to politics and life. These issues are well known. But instead, these issues are presented as “multiple scandals, ranging from Lewinsky to Benghazi, and most recently, her e-mails.”

The use of the word “scandal” implies something embarrassing. The significance of these problems in her personal and professional life goes far beyond embarrassment. It illustrates her approach to the US political system and generally how she wields power.

Having skipped past this analysis, the article then minimizes the scandals themselves, stating, ”Any politician who has been in the game that long has their fair share of scandal.”

The article continues to evolve toward ephemera, suggesting that a big problem with Ms. Clinton is her inability to “appear likable to voters.” This is a political problem to be sure, but it is not the UNDERLYING problem, which is much more significant.

Finally, the article brings up the idea that a big reason for the disconnect between Hillary and voters has to do with her gender. “As disheartening as that still is, society and the media still stereotype women and paint them with a negative brush.”

The article explains that much criticism of Hillary is gender-related. She has been scrutinized because of her health problems and has too-often been seen by the media as a wife and mother rather than as a businesslike politician with a long, professional history.

As stated, articles like this are at variance with what many believe to be true. Hillary is seen, at this point, by tens of millions as a person with an extremely shady past who may be part of a larger political mafia with her husband that deals in extortion, cover-ups, drug-dealing and even murder to generate vast profits for their Clinton Foundation, and thus for themselves.

Since this information is so widely dispersed, articles that don’t deal more directly with these issues can be seen either as painfully naive or as concealing something. It is one of the reasons that trust in the mainstream media has plunged so precipitously.

Additionally, as we pointed out recently, belief in “conspiracy theories,” has risen to over 50 percent. Hillary’s campaign and its coverage may be directly responsible. Once people were increasingly and regularly exposed to the disconnect between what they believed about Hillary and what was being presented, they began to reexamine various “conspiracy” reports they’d previously discounted.

Even among those voting for Hillary, there is widespread sentiment that she may have committed criminal wrongdoings and deserves a trial rather than the presidency.

We’ve advanced the idea that none of this has come about by accident, not the FBI fumblings, nor reports of her healthcare problems, nor even the email “scandals.” All of this in fact was known well in advance of her latest presidential run.

This is simply not a coincidence in our view. The idea, increasingly it seems, is to shatter cultural cohesion in the West with an eye toward creating increased globalization and an internationalized society. This presidential election and its mainstream coverage has done just that.

Going forward, it is probable that cultural destruction will be increasingly significant throughout the West, employing numerous strategies – political, ethnic, economic and military.

These elections – whether Hillary wins or Trump – are evidently the starting gun, along with the European immigrant crisis, for a new series of elite programs. These will likely yield up serial catastrophes that will change lives and belief structures going forward for millions and even billions

Conclusion: Building an international world, whether the effort is to be successful or not, is a massive and horribly disruptive and bloody prospect. Americans would be wise to perceive this latest presidential elections as a kind of warning of what it is to come.


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  • JohnnyZ

    Correct! The Bell has been hitting the nail recently on a variety of topics, be it Tesla and Musk, Global Warming, Clinton, Assange, or the Clinton “counter-coup“. Keep em rolling!

  • James Clander

    Looking very possible for Trump as I type this – — – GO Donald!

  • Praetor

    Hillary can go to prison, for all I care. She is a criminal.

    Of course the doomsday day death cult will continue to preach doom and gloom. The only way for evil to be defeated is if good people fight back. The death cult had better believe it. Their are a lot of us that are going to fight back, because they leave us no chose.

    The thing about Trump, we real have no idea what he is going to do. The rest of the world has no idea either.!!!

    • Stuart Ragsdale

      But like what the lady said on he third marriage, I now what I’ve had. We will be married to Trump for 4-years. He is an extremely smart and successful man that will surround himself with the same, he can break the corrupt cycle in our political system and change the moral tone of our leadership. We can’t afford to let ourselves be afraid

      • dauden

        Really? You sound like you’re looking for a savior. Why not put your life in the hands of the only One who truly saves? Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again to give you eternal life where sin has been overcome and evil does not exist. Trust in this gospel and when this age of grace ends, or you die first, you will see a glory such as….. “But
        as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have
        entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for
        them that love him. I Cor 2:9 KJV. Funny, at the end of the Book, the whole world gives their praise to a man called the “anti-christ”. Sounds like globalism at its climax then which, of course, is naturally spiritual in nature as it is now where people are looking for someone to give them a future without fear.

    • John Lock

      The market is soaring and may close at the highest ever?

  • autonomous

    The cultural implosion is especially to be seen in the feedlots (aka cities) of America. Looking at the election results by state the picture is more than graphic; in every state, regardless of who won overall, outside the feedlots are all red. The extreme periphery–east and west coasts–where major populations concentrate, and consequently buzzards find their meals, are blue, elsewhere red prevails. We can only hope that the worst cancer gets excised, and that gangrene can be overcome. In short, I hope the we are not too far gone to recover. It would be a precedence–all empires to date have died away.

  • timothy price

    A DNC operative mentioned her dismay at Hillary’s drop in the polls, saying that after all, she had the best political campaign money can buy. (LOL).

  • ICFubar

    It seems a great many of the democracy loving don’t want to picture themselves as a herd to be exploited by the Apex Elites but rather see themselves as free human beings. Any intended catastrophes to come for the people will likely result in growing blow back for these elites, which Ms. Clinton personifies and no doubt Trump’s right wing economic ideology tends to support even if he doesn’t support the globalists agenda in toto.

  • Marten

    Trump didn’t win…The Establishment lost…cause it is out of touch with reality

  • windsor1

    Don’t look at Trump as a panacea. If he wanders too far from the reservation he will receive the same treatment as Kennedy. Trump glossed over some huge issues like ending the FED, runaway military spending, how to reduce the Federal debt etc.
    Don’t forget as well that Obama is still in charge till January. This gives the Establishment a window of opportunity to create an excuse for a big war and/or martial law causing a big delay or cancellation of election results. Obama is the Establishment’s boy and Trump apparently is not.
    The most frightening aspect of this entire election is Trump’s opponent has proved herself to be a pathological liar, engaged in treasonous acts like giving a big slice of US Uranium deposits to Russia, accepted money for the Foundation from dubious sources and used her office for personal financial gain. I think the Clinton’s accepting money for the Haiti earthquake relief program and keeping most of the proceeds speaks volumes for their integrity, moral convictions, and concern for other human beings. With behavior like this, it is hard to find her compassion and concern for the welfare of down and out Americans genuine. Then you have the body trail of Clinton related critics who proved to be a liability, the drug business, Lolita Express, Laureat University, Spirit Cooking dinner parties etc etc. and that is without mentioning the emails. How can anyone gloss this over and claim she is the best qualified candidate; for what, a senior position in the MOB or Illuminati perhaps but certainly not the office of the POTUS. She is an undocumented felon yet she won the popular vote. What is wrong with the American voter that they would try to elect this woman who is both morally and ethically bankrupt and truly has no concern for anyone but herself. This is what disturbs me most about this election. Each generation of young Americans is dumber than the preceding generation, thanks to programs like “Core Curriculum”. The declining SAT scores testify to this. I continue to believe we are all doomed.

    • dauden

      Why would a Creator who has provided a world for humans to be born into and live, though fallen, not provide a way out of the eventual calamity? Well, graciously, he has. His will today is that all men would be saved AND come unto the knowledge of the truth. He has preserved His Word as in the King James “only uncopyrighted” Bible and used his body the church (all those saved by simply trusting in the gospel found in I Corinthians 15:3-4) as ambassadors to preach the message of the cross without religious affiliation! We live in a present, evil world but the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, is still pouring out his grace willing that none would perish but that all would come unto repentance (change of heart and mind). Judgement for our sins was taken out on Him when he died for all, was buried then rose again so all may receive life eternal freely. This is the message of hope not doom. Believe it and be saved. A just and righteous Creator God will not look the other way forever. He told us the end from the beginning but folks are turned off by a Bible they cannot understand. “Rightly Divide” it and it all becomes easily understood–though study must be done. Put your mind in the hands of a religious leader and become a religious nut like most of Christianity today. Ask me for scripture verses on anything I just wrote and I will be happy to give it. I’ve studied the Bible on my own (with other like-minded believers from time to time) and have found the truth! I like reading the DB because it falls in line with political truth searching rarely found.

  • Goldcoaster

    This is simply not a coincidence in our view. The idea, increasingly it seems, is to shatter cultural cohesion in the West with an eye toward creating increased globalization and an internationalized society. This presidential election and its mainstream coverage has done just that.
    Oh really? Wrong.

  • drdavis

    One World Order, Obama’s thing in order to bring in ISLAM Sharia Law to bring us down to third world levels which he has been doing. We now have illegals coming in by the groves not knowing who they are and what diseases they carry. My great grandfather sat for a weeks going through medical exams before they let him and his parents travel on the main lands of the USA. Globalization and New World Order is the same in one. The great Spain tried this back in the days and they failed disastrously. We the USA don’t need globalization we have our own everything we have been bless and should take advantage of our blessings. Globalization is those of us who are more prosperous must share our wealth with those welfare nations. Sound familiar now. Liberalism is Globalism or One World Order. Take from the prosperous and give to the welfare nations. The USA has been one of the most giving nations ever in the world at any time we Americans have spent more money on other nations than our own. This is our tax dollars and if not mistaking I do not remember once being ask if it was alright to give my tax dollars to other nations.
    Obama gave IRAN 1.7 billion in cash and we the people were not ask and our congress did nothing. It is time for this to come to a stop and I truly thing President Trump will make every effort to right this wrong and invest in AMERICA the USA for once. The Democrats have done nothing for Black Americans but give them welfare just enough to get their votes another words still slaves to the democrats to be used as they feel fit. The DNC should be disbanded and jailed for what has come forth out of this election. Term limits, Voter ID, repay our Social Security which the Democrats started stealing from us in the 1950’s. Need to rename it so it is not confused with Welfare for it is far from welfare and if Roosevelt would of lived his plans were to secure the SS for the American workers just as he stated that Unionism should not be in government jobs that tax payers support. People just don’t remember I wouldn’t either before my time but it is in our history literature if you care to dig for it and study a little. Just think of it if these Democrats would of left our money alone what it would of accumulated to today with interest just as a 401K in fact I say it was the first 401K type saving. Well God Bless our Nation

  • Casey Phyle

    If the long anticipated economic crisis/depression were to materialize soon, who would take the blame for it? The money printers, because there is no one else to blame. But the sneaks don’t like blame to fall on them. So they mobilize Trump for the purpose. Once he veers sufficiently off the globalism path, they can secretly pull the plug on the economy and then blame Trump and his “isolationist” voters for rejecting this wonderful thing of globalism that would have kept the economy alive and created so many jobs. That is the main reason why Trump “won” those all-important swing states, imho… and also thanks to two-way modems in the election machines.


    The election held 2 days ago gives a more enlightened view of the question of the ‘HATE HILLARY. There was more at stake here than her gender. The country would have loved to elect a woman who didn’t have so much dirty laundry in their background. The Arkansas State Police who were security at the Governor’s mansion were certain of her bisexual and Bill’s nefarious sexual history, As they drove both to their rendezvous’s. That they had an open marriage, she with Vince Foster, and Bill with a different doll every day. They took Vince Foster to Wash. DC when Bill became POTUS, and a couple of years later Foster wound up dead in a park as a “suspicious
    suicide”. While in Arkansas, Hillary was involved in a real estate scandal (White Water), where her cohort “Warren Hubble”, went to prison, while Hillary was given a “pass”, her husband was the Governor. Then the later scandals of her escapades in D.C.while she was Sec. of State. She was known to be cold and calculating, and greedy, in general, with the “Implorables” she catered to. This should have been a easy win for her, but she was known for the witch she was.