Votes for Hillary: Two Party System Implodes as Top Republicans Offer Formal Dem. Support
By Daily Bell Staff - August 04, 2016

The list of Republicans who support Hillary Clinton is growing — quickly  … Richard Armitage, Henry Paulson, Brent Scowcroft. Three big-name former George W. Bush administration officials in the past few weeks have announced that they are supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016 — all because Donald Trump is simply a bridge too far for them. –Boston Globe

Trump may be a “bridge too far,” but why are Republicans voting for Hillary Clinton?

In fact, this election has revealed the truth about the US two-party system.

There is only one party: pro-war and pro-technocratic (corporatist).

The fundamental mythology of US politics is that the Democrats are socialist-oriented and Republicans believe in freedom and individual human rights.

But Hillary is corporatist, not socialist.

Meanwhile Trump, whose rhetoric sometimes adopts certain libertarian and free-market overtones, is pilloried by Republican leaders who increasingly state they will vote for Hillary.


‘‘When it comes to the presidency, I will not vote for Donald Trump,’’ Paulson wrote. ‘‘I will not cast a write-in vote.

“I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton, with the hope that she can bring Americans together to do the things necessary to strengthen our economy, our environment and our place in the world. To my Republican friends: I know I’m not alone.’’

He’s not. And below are the big names that are with Paulson — or, perhaps more accurately, with her (Clinton).

Members of Congress  Representative Richard Hanna of New York, a moderate Republican who is retiring this year, told that he will support Clinton and that Trump is unfit to lead.

Doug Elmets, former Reagan spokesman is quoted as  saying, ‘‘I could live with four years of Hillary Clinton before I could ever live with one day of Donald Trump as president.’’

Important Republicans call Trump’s stances “brutal, substantively incoherent, and authoritarian.”

Strangely, Hillary’s actions and statements provide evidence of the very authoritarianism and brutality that Trump is being accused of.

When she and her husband entered the White House, one of the very first things Hillary did was fire the staff of the travel office in order to put her own people in place.

She didn’t just fire the staff however, she also tried to get the head of the office, Director Billy Dale, put in jail for embezzlement. He was subsequently found not guilty and Hillary herself was investigated for initiating the firings and making false accusations.

Her intimidation and blackmailing of her husband’s lovers is well known by this point- and thus her campaign’s emphasis on “women’s rights” is ironic to say the least.

Her voting record and statements reveal an individual who is most comfortable with US serial wars abroad, no matter the reason (or lack of reasons).

Additional  accusations against Hillary and her husband include violence and even murder of individuals whose interests diverged from theirs.

Most notably, Hillary has been accused of orchestrating the death of Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster.

None of this seems to register with Republicans who are “crossing over.”

The article quotes Mark Salter, former top adviser to John McCain, as saying, ‘‘Whatever Hillary Clinton’s faults, she’s not ignorant or hateful or a nut. She acts like an adult and understands the responsibilities of an American president. That might not be a ringing endorsement. But in 2016, the year of Trump’s s campaign, it’s more than enough.’’

The reality of the US political system is nothing like the rhetoric surrounding it. And now this is being actively and graphically illustrated.

Under both Trump and Hillary, the system has imploded. Its rhetorical pretenses have been shattered.

Conclusion: Whatever else takes place during this federal election, the disintegration of the credibility of the two-party system is perhaps the most important development of all.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Raoul Sabido Gonzalez

    Go ahead and let all these “Republicans” declare their allegiance to Hillary. The more of them the better. When Trump wins, we’ll know who to kick to the curb and advise them “don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out”.

  • Bruce C.

    Yes, Trump is already a gift that keeps on giving. As far as I’m concerned the more criticisms from the Washington establishment a-holes the better for Trump. These arrogant jackals who sound so high and mighty about Trump are useless pieces of crap that haven’t done a damn thing or taken any substantial stand on anything for their entire pathetic careers. I hope every one of those incumbents are replaced when their terms expire.

    All of this is actually clearing things up for normal people. All of those rumors and suspicions that have been around for years about both parties being the two sides of the same coin are being validated. If 70% of the population believes the country is going in the wrong direction, and now both parties have joined forces, people are going to vote for Trump. And not just traditional voters either. I predict there will be an unprecedented turn out of people who haven’t voted for years (like DB readers!) who are going to vote for Trump. He will probably win big.

    “‘‘Whatever Hillary Clinton’s faults, she’s not ignorant or hateful or a nut.” Actually she’s all three, and statements like that are very telling that that’s what “everyone” truly believes. The level and breadth of peoples’ dislike for Hillary is almost shocking because so many people usually aren’t that perceptive, but Hillary has stepped in it so many times that it’s just too obvious to everyone.

    • Praetor

      Clinton has a brain sickness. We can’t have her finger on the button!!!

    • Merida A McKnight

      We can only hope he does win big! Just remember to pray a lot!

  • David L. Wrightsman

    If true this directly speaks to the corruption in both parties. Those who jump party lines are the very same people who have much to risk with Trump in command.

    • Da Breeze

      Both Parties are Highly Corrupt ! We NEED TRUMP TO Take them DOWN & bring control Of America BACK to it’s LAWFUL Citizens ! & NOT The Illegal Masses that have INVADED US This INCLUDES The POUS ! & his Trans gender Wife Michael !

  • Guy Christopher

    Limbaugh has been saying for years that in order to defeat democrats, voters will have to first defeat the republican party. trump is proving that to be correct.

  • Praetor

    Well, finally. There is only one party in DC, and their calling it the Progressive Party. Their beliefs are a gradual step by step rise of a tyrannical oligarchy. DC is infected by usurpers and are in the process of taking, ‘We The People’s’ freedom and liberty.

    The Progressive Party is in reality the Regressive Party. They are intent on returning the U.S. to less developed state and less free and liberated peoples.

    I have not voted for Prez since 1980, this time is different. Vote Trump, if only to Avoid war with Russia.

    And make sure vote is counted and counted properly!!!

    • David Stewart

      Fat chance; voter fraud has controlled at least the last three elections!

      • Da Breeze

        So VERY TRUE When the so called Elector congress can OUT VOTE the American People & they where NOT elected BY the People There’s something SERIOUSLY Wrong with this picture !

    • Jennifer Nouri

      Progressives are for fair and open elections, we are mainly independent. Don’t confuse us with the Party establishment. We are fighting the same people that Trump is against. Once smart people realize that, we increase our people power.

      • Praetor

        Sorry, Progressives as represented by Hillary are regressive. They look back in time to when we had a ruling monarchy, this is the progressive goal. The few dictate to the many. That is regressive a return to the past. Sorry!!!

        • Da Breeze

          So True ,

  • H D Bush

    Seems like the answer is the Convention of States

  • David Stewart

    Those fools are NOT Repubs any longer, but Communist wannabes!

  • WRF

    This proves in my mind what I have thought for years, which is: We have one political party (the CFR) with two wings (the Republican wing and the Democrat wing). They all have the same objective, regardless of wing membership, which is the New World Order.

  • Steven Hotho

    Rodham will probably win the battle of 2016, but “trumpism” may win the war of ultimate control. After all, he can come back in 2020 and say, “I told you so”. Then, he can declaim himself too old, but recommend Donald Jr. or, better yet, the lovely, charming Ivanka. Rodham vs. Ivanka – no contest. And, all within the cozy confines of a new party. Trumps forever!

  • Webforager

    I still think Trump’s gonna take the election. He’s the globalists’ boy.
    As for these republicans supporting Hillary, I think the Republican Party is experiencing a “changing of the guard”; a restructuring, if you will.

  • rapph

    While some of the higher ups in the republican party may abandon the party and vote for Clinton, most of the people who have come to realize the globalists’ agenda and the way the government has been taken over by the elites will vote for Trump….a huge majority there.

  • FreeOregon

    Let the warmongers join the Democrats so the GOP has a chance to become the New Freedom Party.

  • Lillian DeVore

    Excerpt from a Washington Examiner post 8/3/2016:

    NOTE: The letter below is NOT real, just what Trump COULD say to Paul Ryan (and NeverTrumpers):

    “I have great respect for Speaker Ryan, but it’s clear that our partnership isn’t working.

    The speaker has strong beliefs. I know, for example, that he does not agree with my plan to build a wall, secure our borders and protect Americans from criminal illegal immigrants.

    I know that he does not agree with my plan to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country.

    I know that he does not agree with my plan to ensure trade agreements are fair to American workers first and foremost. And I also know that I don’t agree with his plan to cut your Medicare and Social Security.

    So while I wish Speaker Ryan the best, and I look forward to working with him when I am president, I will stay out of his race for re-election and I will release him from his endorsement of me.”

    In one statement, Trump could lance a pretty awful political boil, and at the same time make a straightforward appeal to independent voters. He could also re-frame the current dispute around actual policy issues, instead of compassion for Gold Star parents or other questions of temperament.

    It’s just a fact that in many policy areas, Trump is not an orthodox Republican, and is in fact the opposite of Ryan. A Trump-Ryan divorce could make that clear, perhaps to each man’s benefit.

  • EDD

    Astrology has played a part in many of the world’s leaders over time. December 21, 2012 has come and gone. Or has it? The Mayan culture covers many centuries and a large part of it was destroyed in the Conquistadors invasion of their empire. It is possible the culture had it’s beginning circa some 12,000 years ago when the earth went through convulsions of a catastrophic event. There were small pockets of civilization left in areas of the world, Then began the expansion once again of human procreation.

    The DB has a remarkable audience. Three quotes stood out for me.

    DB: “Whatever else takes place during this federal election, the
    disintegration of the credibility of the two-party system is perhaps the
    most important development of all.”

    WRF: “We have one political party (the CFR) with two wings (the Republican wing and the Democrat wing).”
    (Hegelian dialectic in it’s simplicity.)

    David L. Wrightsman: “If true this directly speaks to the corruption in both parties. Those
    who jump party lines are the very same people who have much to risk with
    Trump in command.”

    Astrological configurations have some aspects whose effects are felt very rapidly, (consider the moon in full phase). Other effects are drawn out over time. This is the case of 2012.

    The Ancients considered a void in our Galaxy to be equated to the underworld. As the solar system transversed over the equatorial plane of the galaxy, it entered this area largely devoid of any predominant characteristics. The portent of this is the same as opening the door into the underworld revealing many things heretofore hidden.

    Almost daily, new revelations are brought to the public’s attention. The shenanigans of those who do not share in the best interests of the common individual are being shown as predators on decent society. For me, this process is interesting in that I see people reacting outside of the norm and, for once, TPTB are becoming very impulsive and careless.

    Just how much can be unveiled in the next few months depends on the free speech of journalists outside of msm influence. ‘You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free’. Journalists seeking truth; you know who you are and the truth you convey to others helps this process.

    • Astromoney

      EDD – I read about the “Harmonic Convergence” Mayan event on Page 1 of Wall St Journal Late July or early Aug 1987. Looking at sky for Aug 17, the date Arguelles estimated was the Mayan date, i saw nothing to confirm such importance. Moving computer ahead 1 day at a time, 7 days later, Aug 24 = There was the tightest 5-body conjunction in at least 800 years that i checked.
      I wrote in my Stk Mkt newsletter, Crawford Perspectives on Aug 9 or 10th: “This market will peak on August 24th, +/-3 days, after which we will have a horrendous crash!” Looking back, you will find the high close of 1987 was August 24th! …and of course it dropped from there and crashed on Oct 19th.

  • mike

    I just got to this because of outside rat problems. I think I think Trump is a false flag operation. We shall see. I hope he’s better than the PLC whose running for La Casa Blanca. Self Reliant magazine has run the same article twice about the lesbo-a-go-go.
    The last letter of PLC rymes with Hunt as in Michael Hunt. “Have you seen…?” “It’s in the White House.”

  • John Edward Blake

    “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.Establishment politics against the American people has finally shown it`s very dirty head.That a MAVERAK like Trump can scare them and make them drop their pants a expose themselves is a interesting surprise.Is there any doubt what so ever that the conspiracy is on full swing to put Hillary in power and end the freedom of choice in America.You can bet your life on it.Jjohn F.Kennedy.Ronald Reagan,and Ddwight David Eisenhower knew this group having put Obama in power and now planning to put HILLARY CLINTON and THE BILL into power against the people.Their intent destruction of the MIDDLE CLASS thus eliminating them as opposition.Obama has done a big start at it.Did you wonder why the Republicans were so lackluster and too late .This is their lies.Well America go And ahead and vote them in and watch your nation descend into a broken mess with corporations calling the shots to the world order.Freedom loving Americans will be what killed ,taken at night,put in camps and indoctrinated .Robert Ludlam had it right didn`t he as NAZI`s will rule the world in a socialist state.One God the State.


    The more these neocon phonies side with the left wing extremist Democrats, the more I think that we need Donald Trump in the White House. They’re attacking him from both sides because he’s saying what normal middle class Americans have been saying for years now. Decades ago, George Wallace was quoted as saying that there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. And now they’re proving how right he was. The Democrats pander to blacks, homosexuals, atheists and illegal aliens. The Republicans pretend to be the party of whites, heterosexuals, and Christians, but only when campaigning for votes. After getting into office, they’re just as despicable as the Democrats. The neocon wing of the GOP are every bit as dirty, evil and left wing extremist as the Democrats. This is why they all hate Trump so much.

  • falcon

    Good , i will never vote for another RINO!

  • Scott W

    I noticed that Jill Stein of the green party was completely ignored by
    this article as well as by the mass media, thus perpetuating the
    two-party meme.

    This election is making it obvious that the United States is not just an oligarchy but also a kakistocracy. I find Hillary Clinton to be very frightening which is why she is the corporate darling. I suspect that the fraudulence of the electronic voting system will make her the next president.

  • Dr. Mike Reeder

    These “Rebugnicians” are out of their minds. Hil-liar-ly does NOT act like an adult and would be a complete embarrassment IF she were elected. (God forbid!) This “lady” has a body count around her, that’s growing, She IS ignorant and hateful. Just ask the Whitehouse staff when she was there before. She will carry one BO’s agenda and destroy our military and our first two Amendments. She just can’t be trusted and has proven it over and over again. Mr. Trump wasn’t my first choice either, but given what I know about them both, my vote goes to the Trump/Pence team! NEVER Hil-liar-ly!