Warning: Never Accept America’s Foreign Policy “Help”
By Joe Jarvis - April 13, 2017

It’s no secret that the U.S. unleashes all sorts of death and destruction with its foreign policy. But it is all for the greater good… so they claim.

Actually consider for a moment the obscure possibility that the U.S. foreign policy–drone bombings, supplying weapons to rebels, and rogue missiles attacks–is actually well intentioned. Even if America is truly trying to do the best thing for the citizens of the United States and the people abroad, its foreign policy is still is not okay.

Everyone knows by now that Trump authorized the bombing of a Syrian air base. But this isn’t an isolated event. We can look back at other countries we “helped free” from their dictators. How well did that work?

Still suspending our disbelief to assume America has the best intentions, how did “freeing” the Libyan people from Qaddafi end up?

There are reports that slave trading has returned to Libya.

West African migrants are being bought and sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya, survivors have told a UN agency helping them return home.

Trafficked people passing through Libya have previously reported violence, extortion and slave labour. But the new testimony from the International Organization for Migration suggests that the trade in human beings has become so normalised that people are being traded in public.

For all his faults, life in Libya at least appeared to be more stable under Qaddafi who nominally supported the sub-Saharan Africans in their struggles for a better life.

For migrants from sub-Sahran Africa, Libya was a destination even before Muammar Qaddafi fell in 2011, and the country turned itself in a boat launch to Europe. The dictator fancied himself as a munificent overseer of the continent below. When liberation struggles were underway against colonial masters, Qaddafi sent guns and money, and when the newly independent nations set out to organize themselves as a bloc, he not only helped fund the African Union, but proposed an even more ambitious configuration, The United States of Africa.

Qaddafi probably only supported those fighting for freedom and projects like the United States of Africa because of the power it would gain him. But so what? At least under his rule, they weren’t trading slaves in public. It wasn’t justified that he ruled by force, same as it is not justified that America rules by force. But it also is not justified that America’s foreign policy is to destroy what little stability a region may have.

So even when we assume that America had the best intentions–freeing the Libyan people from a dictatorial ruler; and even when we assume Qaddafi had the worst intentions–gaining power by exploiting the oppressed–America still has not clearly benefited the region by its intervention.

In fact, it is easier to make the opposite case, that America caused instability that led to worse conditions. No matter how unjust government is, even oppressive regimes can oversee periods of prosperity and offer a decent standard of living simply by being consistent.

That doesn’t make it right, it simply makes America’s intervention wrong.

When in Doubt, Stay Out!

America simply does not know what is best for the world! The politicians, the bureaucrats, and the voters are far from omniscient, and cannot guess what negative effects the actions of the government will have. Given the track record, America would have better luck betting it all on red at the roulette table than benefitting the foreign countries in which it intervenes.

And of course, I have been talking about the best case scenario of America actually doing what it thinks is right. That this is almost certainly not the case only makes the effects of America’s interventions worse. Suspicious that many of the countries in which America intervenes are rich in oil, and antagonistic to the U.S. dollar.

The American government is made up of self-interested individuals who are all using their power to do what it right for them and their sponsors, not for the American people, nor the people of Libya, nor the people of Syria (nor Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and so on and so forth).

The problem is that these individual actors who use the government to gain power do not feel the backlash of their actions. They will continue to be funded by forced taxation, and they will continue to use America as a shield to obscure the fact that their evil actions are the actions of bad individuals.

At least the CEO of United Airlines apologized for the recent incident where they called Chicago Airport police to drag a passenger off a plane. United stock slipped hundreds of millions of dollars in the following days, and the CEO vowed that the airline would no longer call the police to remove passengers from airplanes. Furthermore, there are other airlines we can choose to use if we don’t like United’s actions.

Now compare this to much more egregious examples of police murdering innocent civilians. Often the police are not even fired, let alone prosecuted. The department loses no funding, and the Cheif of police does not even apologize, he stubbornly sticks behind his officers.

Private entities feel the market repercussions of their actions and the actions of agents working on their behalf. The government is subject to no such regulation.

Even if the government has the best intentions, it does not truly know what is best.

Considering that the government does not have the best intentions, the less involved they are in everything, the better.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • DonRL

    It seems that in the middle east and in muslim countries the best form of govenment is a dictatorship. These dictators although bad from our point of view are the only way to maintain any semblance of order in these countries. When we depose a dictator the likes of ISIS arise and make things worse.
    The dictator of Syrian many be truly bad but ISIS is worse. It appears to what must be done is to chose the bad over the worst. Neither is a good solution.
    The only thing that can change the population so they have the ability to govern themselves without a dictator is a change from Islam to Christianity. Only Christ can change the human heart and give us the ability to be self controlled enough to self govern. This is what the founders of the United States said. The self governing form of a republic as we have is only sufficient for Christian a people and is wholly insufficient for any other.
    As the people of the US become less and less Christian they will be less and less able to govern themselves and we will become a dictatorship. We are well on the way. We then will become them and in the process destroy ourselves.
    Revival and a return to Christianity is the only hope for the US.
    There is no hope for world peace until Christ returns and establishes His benevolent Kingdom. In such a Kingdom there will be peace and righteousness
    but many people will not want to live in a situation where they are not able to express they wicked and lustful desires so they will eventually rebel against God not final time. God will then establish His eternal Kingdom where there will be true eternal peace and those who live there will delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

    • Steven Hotho

      Well, if there is “no hope for world peace until Christ returns”, then why bother. Believe as you choose (and I happen to believe as you) and do the best you can for God and others. America has nothing more to do with Christianity than Syria; both nation- states that are passing away as He foretold.

      • DonRL

        We should try to be as peaceful as we can. The scripture says, “live in peace with others as much as possible”. We can do this as individuals. As for world peace; peace among nations, there will continue to be conflicts until Jesus comes. We as a nation should try to live at peace with other nations as much as possible. Sometimes it is not possible because others will not allow it.
        Islam will not be as peace with anyone that is not Islam because they must, according to the koran, convert by force, terrorism if necessary or kill all non muslims. Since the koran says that god is on the side of the winner in war they cannot stop fighting because if they have not won what they wanted the would have to admit their god is on the side of the ones they are fighting. Because of this they have to keep on fighting to say, “the war is not over yet”. This way they can maintain their fantasy.
        There is no hope for total world peace until Jesus comes. He is the Prince of Peace

        • Col. Edward H. R. Green

          Your Jesus has come:


          Not quite the Prince of Peace. More like the Prince of P.

          • DonRL

            Jesus is not my Jesus. He is God’s Jesus as revealed in the Bible. He is the Prince of Peace. He made peace between God and man. Some people accept His peace and come do not. Those who do not cannot negate the peace He has provided.
            Jesus indeed has come and will come again.
            I don’t quite know what you mean ty the Prince of P. Is this some slight against Jesus? Or what??
            Some people claim to believe on Jesus but do not follow what He taught, nor do they live according to the Salvation He has provided. These are ignorant or false believers.
            If some believers are not peaceful they are so not because they are following the teaching of Jesus but because they are not.
            Jesus will come again and there will be universal peace world wide. Some will delight themselves in the abundance of His peace. Some will hate Him and His peace because they do not want peace.

    • Doc

      “It seems that in the middle east and in muslim countries the best form of govenment is a dictatorship.”

      Well, these “dictatorships” typically ask you to pay a few percent tax and then leave you alone. The only thing you can’t do is to challenge the government.

      Ask for democracy and you pay 50% tax and get the government all over you. You can challenge the government but to no effect.

      I can see reasons for demonizing these kind of dictatorships.

      Anyhow, having lived in a few places liked that, even during a military coup, it not necessarily hell on earth.

      • DonRL

        Tell that to the thousand of Christians who are being terrorized, raped and killed by ISIS.
        They would tell the real story of what Islam is all about.
        Islam is the religion of Cain who rebelled against God and when His brother talked with him about his rebellion, rather that listening and appreciating his brothers love for him he killed his brother. Islam does the same.

        • Doc

          Christians have been living in for example Syria for more than 1000 years along side Muslims. Same in places like Iraq, where even the foreign minister was Christian before the foreign legions took out Saddam. History is also full of such relatively peaceful coexistence.

          The recent evil indeed started with the rise of ISIS and the likes. So we must hold those responsible for that accountable as well. Certain Western powers appear to be just that, together with a few other Muslim run states. Blame these evilmakers, not the billion of peaceful muslims around the world.

          Also remember that ISIS et al has killed more Muslims than Christians as far as I know.

          • DonRL

            Islam by definition is a religion of hate and violence. The Koran says. “Christians and Jews are dogs and are to be hunted and killed where ever you find them”. It is the religion of Cain who rebelled against God and killed his brother. I am not blaming peaceful people but people who hold this false religion and its rebellion against God. Such a belief system will ultimately turn violent because it is not based on the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, but on hatred of God and rebellion against God. Love begets love and hatred begets hatred. If one loves God they will love their fellow man, as Christ said: These the the two greatest commandments. Hatred of God is to follow Satan and hate ones fellowman because mankind was created by God. Islam is the religion of Cain who followed Satan in rebellion against God and who then killed his brother because his (Cain’s) works were evil and Abel’s works were righteous. Cain did not want Able to tell him about the evil he had done and so Cain killed his brother Able. This is the same that Islam teaches although some to not practice what it teaches. Since then some do not practice what Islam teaches, in regard to terrorism, then why do they continue to follow Islam? It is because although they personally do not practice terrorism they agree with it, whether it results in killing other followers of Islam or Christians.
            Christianity is the only God given faith that there is: Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes unto the Father but by Me.” Islam denies Jesus and is therefore a false religion.

          • Doc

            “I am not blaming peaceful people but people who hold this false religion and its rebellion against God.”
            I rest my case.

          • DonRL

            You have not made a case and have no case!!

          • Doc

            You must be right. Your religion is right and my religion is false. Not much more to say I guess.

          • DonRL

            It is not about me being right. I simply told you what Jesus, the Son of God, said. You have not said what your religion is. By the way as a Christian I have no religion I have what God revealed. Religion is man made as was Cain’s religion and Islam. IT is like Adam and Eve clothing themselves with fig leaves. When God appeared Adam said he was naked even though he was clothed with fig leaves. Man’s attempt to cover himself may appeal and be acceptable to other men but not to God. God has revealed His way of covering man’s sin (disobedience and rebellion) which results in spiritual death (separation from God) an physical death.
            God provided Adam and Eve with the skin of an animal to cloth them. The animal gave up its life and the skin which covered the animal covered Adam and Eve. This is an illustration of what Jesus Christ would do when He came. He was righteous and took our sin on himself and paid the penalty of it which is death. Who accept what HE has done for us are covered with His righteousness. This is God’s salvation.
            If you are a muslim what salvation do you have? NO! Do you have a savior? NO!Do you have to try to save yourself? YES! Do you have to kill those to do not believe in the religion of Islam to get into heaven? YES! IF you kill enough what you call infidels you maybe will be allowed into heaven??!! Really you have to kill others to get yourself into heaven??!!
            In your religion your god wants you to die for him. In Christianity God, in the person of His Son, died for us.

          • Doc

            I’m not religious, I have nothing against religions, as you can use any set of beliefs to do both good and bad.

            You should know that to a nonbeliever, you might come across just as much of a religious fanatic as the few crazy people of that other religion you dislike. It seems that never has crossed your mind.

          • DonRL

            A set of beliefs is either good or bad. Good beliefs produce good things. Bad beliefs produce bad things. Bad beliefs cannot be good and cannot produce good things. Good beliefs are good and cannot produce bad things.
            I am not religious either. I believe religions are all wrong having been produced by mankind in rebellion against what God has provided for them.
            Even Jesus and the apostle Paul were considered to be crazy by those unbelievers of their day. I guess I am in good company. Jesus said that if he was not believed and ill treated or though crazy his followers would be treated the same way; so it has crossed my mind.
            The Bible says that proclaiming what Jesus did for us by His death and resurrection would seem to unbelievers to be foolish, so you are fulfilling what the Bible says.
            It is not whether I like or dislike what another person believes. It is whether what one believes is consistent with what God has revealed or something made up by their own or another’s imagination. When the truth is rejected the only thing left is to replace it with someones imagination, which is empty, foolish and not beneficial.
            The Bible also says, “He that believes is not condemned but He that believes not (that’s you) is condemned already because he has not believed on the name of the only begotten Son of God.”
            I hope you will reconsider who Jesus is and what He has done for you. “For God so loved you that He gave His only begotten Son that if you believe on Him you will not perish but have everlasting life.”

          • Doc

            You are basically telling a stranger that he’s condemned for not sharing your beliefs. If you believe that is the case I suggest you keep it to yourself and the people who share that belief.

            Do not try to impose your beliefs on other people mate.

            I’m sure our real-world masters would love to see that, doing their usual divide and conquer.

            Be smarter.

          • DonRL

            I am not telling anyone that they are condemned. Jesus said that all are condemned because they do not believe on Him.
            Jesus also commanded that, the Good News that He has provided salvation to all who will believe, is to be proclaimed to everyone. So I will obey Jesus and not you.
            I am sure that those you speak of would be glad if Christians stopped telling others about Jesus and so would you.
            The smart thing is to believe on Jesus Christ and be saved.
            Judgment is coming it is not smart to ignore this fact and put your head in the sand. Ignoring God’s judgment will not make it go away.

    • James Clander

      The God preaching spoils your post. Plus your comment :
      “The dictator of Syrian many be truly bad ” — is totally inaccurate. Syria had a very open society with non of the nonsense seen in Saudi Arabia for example.
      Yes ISIS is worse & so is the Government of the USA !

      • DonRL

        We should try to be as peaceful as we can. The scripture says, “live in peace with others as much as possible”. We can do this as individuals. As for world peace; peace among nations, there will continue to be conflicts until Jesus comes. We as a nation should try to live at peace with other nations as much as possible. Sometimes it is not possible because others will not allow it.
        Islam will not be as peace with anyone that is not Islam because they must, according to the koran, convert by force, terrorism if necessary or kill all non muslims. Since the koran says that god is on the side of the winner in war they cannot stop fighting because if they have not won what they wanted the would have to admit their god is on the side of the ones they are fighting. Because of this they have to keep on fighting to say, “the war is not over yet”. This way they can maintain their fantasy.
        There is no hope for total world peace until Jesus comes. He is the Prince of Peace

        • James Clander

          You should keep your religious nonsense to yourself. I’m a non believer but I don’t go sprouting my non belief in public. If you want to believe in whatever it’s your business & not anyone else’s.
          It’s a well known fact that the USA is way over burdened with religion – the total nut jobs that always run your Govt are self professed so called Christians other wise they don’t get elected! So called Christian leaders who have shown no respect or human feeling for the millions they’ve killed in the multitude of illegal invasions carried out over the past 60+ years.
          Worse still probably 50% of your religious voters are more than happy for the USA to be showing it’s muscle & superiority with weapons – even if it does entail killing innocents for no good reason.
          Blowback is coming & it’s not safe now to travel. Well done.

      • DonRL

        I did not say he was bad I said he may be truly bad. I hope you can see the difference.
        I don’t think that the US gov is worse than a dictator the gasses his own people as has been reported. We certainly to not know all what is happening due to errors or omissions in reporting.
        Including what the Word of God says is the only thing that we can be totally sure of. To you God’s Word may be nonsense or irrelevant, but it is true and is the only basis for understanding what is happening in the world and the end to which it is going.
        If you are not a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ they you will not participate in the eternal Kingdom He is going to establish. If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ then you should rejoice in the hope of His Kingdom.

  • ED.F

    The US Govt,s only intentions is to keep itself empowered and enriched.it cares nothing of the populace except to keep them in control by debt ,taxes and a militarized police force.if the populace becomes emboldened by means of protest,they herd them like cattle so they can club them and spray them with toxic sprays.
    A govt. that can create money at infinity and use it to kill other humans instead of helping them is a dispicable entity.I am discusted by it.I do love my country,but laugh sadly when they say people are homeless and hungry and we should all donate $$$ to help them,after the military spent a trillion dollars on wars all over the world.
    I am not happy with Trumps war mongering ,perhaps the criminal Banksters threatened him with the JFK speak.l’m hoping it is a short political theatre to quell the propagandist MSM nonsense.If not I will not vote anymore .
    Our govt. will never be less involved,untill the masses revolt !! ,but that will never happen due to the wussyfication of the population,and the illegal importation of illegal immigrants which they are diluting the legal population with.
    Sad to say,nothing will change for the better for the people’s .

  • notwithabang

    Intervention in the ME & N.African has proved tragic on the ground for citizens, but collateral damage signals the likely collapse of Europe (refugees/invaders). What happens in the Old World will haunt the New – i.e. attempts to bomb an ideology to death will result in the ultimate demise of that bomber’s civilisation. Presently, cause & effect seem to rest on existential level confusion: physical punishment to remedy cognitive misdemeanours – does not work. (e.g. Stockholm’s intelligentsia wanting to ban cars from the city centre to prevent deaths by “vehicular terrorism” = bad & naughty trucks, never mind the psychopathic and nihilistic drivers.) One cannot contain or subdue a thoughtcrime.

    Cui bono? The banks and MIC – if the actions of the US military cause widespread cheering (from the globalists & MSM especially), that’s the ode to joy from the symphony created by the printing of warbucks.

    Threats like ISIS & Marxism continue unaffected, obviously, as their supporters are legion and spread across the globe like a giant hydra. They are within state borders, ubiquitous. Their nihilistic cells await activation like a virus, immune from the bombs raining down in the distant ME, Afghanistan or…North Korean hills.

    On an individual level the solution to any problem generally resides within, and I suspect it is the same with these nefarious “states” – the US included: they should sort themselves out – find & embrace a reason to live through sublimation.

  • bbenhamid

    The US Government is its own victim of its own insane policy.

    • Boysie

      Please see above

  • Boysie

    What sort of rubbish is this – (don’t bother to explain) – The American government is populated by the American people – The American government cannot be divorced from the American people – it did NOT arrive after the last tornado or after the last shower of rain – the American government has been the same criminally insane entity from its inception – and the American people have always accepted this criminal insanity as normal –

    The American people with the exception of a very brief period
    vis-a-vis (Viet Nam) – have rejoiced and enjoyed all the fruits of successive conquest by the American armed forced / financial services – They have NEVER EVER campaigned for equity in Americas dealing with other entities…Case in point “The American Indian – what happened to all 60 million? / Mexico / Spain / Viet Nam / Phillipines…et al

    • Spanky Lee

      Non sequitur.

      • Boysie

        this one always beats me – just like “Un-half-bricking”

  • georgesilver

    It’s not the government. It’s the private Central Banks and their strong arm boys the military and secret service. Government is just the clown show with puppets strutting the stage. ALL wars especially since WW1 have been organised by private Central Banks. Print fiat currency. Pump up the debt. When it becomes unsustainable and they can’t get the people to take on more debt they go to war. Rinse and repeat.

    • Esters

      They will remain in power as long as people use Dollars.

    • Don Duncan

      What is govt.? It is the initiation of violence, threat thereof, and fraud, all sanctioned by its victims, “we the people”, i.e., the individuals of the collective who approve of brute force. It is all of them, even the person in jail for life but who still supports the “right” of government to use violence against non-violent people. That includes the “clowns”. They play a role. It includes the social worker or teacher or small businessperson who believes govt. does more good than harm. It is the mafia “don”. It is the hermit who hates people and loves the idea that they are controlled, but never sees it. Govt. is a state of mind, a belief. And that belief is destroying our species.

  • jimmym99755

    If you are on Twitter and care about Freedom and Democracy, please visit
    these French News feeds and give your support for Marine Le Pen for the
    upcoming final French election. Every bit counts. The elites are trying
    to do to her exactly what they did to Trump during the election. Most
    French people can read English – although “Viva Le Pen!” is pretty
    universal 🙂
    Le Pen in France would be great for the USA too. Thanks guys…