Was the Sony Hack a Domestic Ploy?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 26, 2014

Obama Urges Congress To Renew Push For "CISPA-style" Internet Laws After Sony Hack … This week, Obama announced a renewed push for tighter internet regulations in congress, citing the need for additional cyber-security in light of the recent hack on Sony. The White House has been taking this opportunity to initiate strategies that had already been planned for years. … During the press conference Obama also said that, "We have been correlating with the private sector but a lot more needs to be done," and urged congress for "stronger cybersecurity laws in the new year." – TheAntiMedia

Dominant Social Theme: We have to respond via regulations to grave Internet threats.

Free-Market Analysis: Our suspicions about the Sony hack were raised when North Korea accused the US of involving its CIA. By then the story had been continuously presented by the mainstream media, always a sign that some sort of promotion was underway.

And now the next shoe has dropped – predictably. The administration is calling for "stronger cybersecurity laws."

So who was responsible for this hack that revealed so much about internal Sony workings and supposedly raised the ire of the North Koreans – as the movie that started it all portrayed the murder of Korean leader Kim Jong Un?

Here's more:

Many internet freedom activists actually expected for these types of suggestions to be coming out of the White House after any type of internet incident or irregularity. At a press conference on Friday, President Obama said that he had assigned a "cyber agency team to look at everything we could do at the government level to prevent these kinds of attacks."

Other government representatives such as White House Economic Council Director Jeff Zient are also pushing for tighter cyber-security laws. At a Politico breakfast on Friday, Zients said that the President would take executive action to pass internet regulations "if federal government assets were at risk."

"In order to take this to the next level we need legislation," Zients told Politico.

As we have been covering this week, the US government has been attempting to lay the blame on North Korea for the Sony hack, but many experts and Sony employees actually believe that it was an inside job, possibly carried out by a disgruntled employee.

While government officials are talking about how to respond to this alleged transgression from North Korea, the FBI is actually thoroughly investigating Sony's IT department for suspects in the case.

Our take is even more suspicious. We think the issue is deeper than whether the hack came from North Korea or inside Sony. We would suggest that the CIA or other US intel agencies might have been involved from the beginning.

The Internet itself has shown us clearly once a crisis has been manufactured, certain sought-after legislation can be rushed through Congress.

The results are usually the same – a restriction of liberties among civilian populations. Why is this desired or necessary? Because more and more power is being transferred to international facilities as nation-states lose power.

This transfer of power is an elite policy; the Internet, with its fractious alternative media, is providing a lot of information on a process that was supposed to proceed with a modicum of secrecy.

Thus, in the West, the reduction of information freely shared over the Internet has become of primary importance to governments and those interested parties that stand behind government.

In Britain, David Cameron has generated a regulatory authority that forces people into an affirmative obligation via "pornography." These websites are withheld until people ask for them.

What the Cameron administration has done is added numerous alternative media websites to the "pornography" – attempting to create an effective "quasi ban" for sites that make the administration uncomfortable.

In Spain, the current administration has helped pass a law that demands companies must charge a certain minimum amount of news aggregators and others that link to a company site. Google has announced it is ceasing news operations in Spain as a result.

Here's how Wikipedia explains CISPA:

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA H.R. 3523 (112th Congress), H.R. 624 (113th Congress)) is a proposed law in the United States which would allow for the sharing of Internet traffic information between the U.S. government and technology and manufacturing companies. The stated aim of the bill is to help the U.S. government investigate cyber threats and ensure the security of networks against cyberattacks.

This is the legislation, in one form or another, that the US administration and elements of Congress want to push through. Described in the above manner, it sounds fairly innocuous. But nothing is especially innocuous when it comes to government "investigations" of cyber threats or "ensuring the security" of networks.

All this is likely a veiled attempt to give the federal government the ability to insist on transparency when it comes to private networks. Essentially, CISPA and other such gambits would strip away remaining privacy from users of the 'Net.

Of course, we'd also argue that it is too late for these attempts that seek to generate transparency and thus further avenues for intimidation as necessary.

As with the Gutenberg press that came before, the explosion of shared information has revealed government and business manipulations of modern society. Now the more "pushback" that is generated by authoritarian forces to try to control the flow of information, the more controversy is generated.

It is a self-fulfilling feedback loop. The very efforts of government to reduce the flow of damning information provide posts that expose these efforts. The government doesn't end up with more secrecy. Such efforts actually produce more PUBLICITY.

It's hard to say exactly what's taking place when it comes to the Sony hack. But we would tend to believe that more of the alternative ´Net media will begin to speculate, as we have, that the US government is somehow behind this monumental privacy breech to push forward laws that will retard the progress and utility of the ´Net.

If this is the case, the finagling will at some point be exposed, at least to a degree, and the US government and its apparatchiks will be revealed. This just happened when it came to torture and the CIA. The outcome has been embarrassing.

After Thoughts

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  • The agenda is exactly as you point out here – more control in the civilian sector. US Government “assets” are already under attack in cyber-space as described in this brief interview with Dr. Pippa Malgren (link below). It is very possible – as you have stated above – that the CIA was the perpetrator of this hack, and Sony may have used the episode for free publicity – people are lining up outside theaters to “show their support for freedom”! : ) As Goering said many years ago, it is much too easy to get public support for government actions or restrictions: all you have to do is to convince the people that they have been attacked. As inevitable moves are made to further control the internet – where privacy has already been completely eliminated – the next war is already being fought in cyber-space:

  • Bill Ross

    DB: “the explosion of shared information”

    Our “monkey see, monkey do” species had been in an information economy ever since the first primate defined two objective concepts (language with a 1:1 correspondence to provable reality), rubbed the concepts together to find a better way of accomplishing goals, such as the superiority of shovel over hand digging, or, bow and arrow over spear.

    Controlling the internet / information is simply a means to control what we see, think and, therefore do. Nothing more, nothing less than a deepening lobotomy for mankind, as the internet reformation “heals” us from the more primitive lobotomy of MSM last century:

    • sleat

      Look also for new legislation cementing this lobotomy by outlawing “outside the normal internet” type P2P mesh networks, with the justification of them being havens for “cybercrime” “terrorism” “pornography” and other crimes, despite what will be the fact, that most people who eventually end up using them will have other reasons for doing it besides being criminal hackers or ISIS affiliates.

    • William Scott

      Yes, indeed! (Restores both hemispheres of the brain, understanding, and the ability to critically think.) And in the short term this “mental stimulus” passes the time, provides a place to “vent,” and (most importantly?) keeps the -99% from taking any real ACTION (much like MSM / TV, for the primitives) against the PTB… Trouble is (for them) an “enlightened populace” can’t be FOOLED too many times, using similar (proven) tactics, before they begin “evolving” in CONSCIOUSNESS by default! And they don’t seem to be very “creative” or “savvy” (in the “trying new things” department) when it comes to hiding behind the curtain, pulling their few remaining levers of “control…” at say the Whitewash Press Office, for example. This is afterall their plausible denial “blindside,” and I’ll wager will lead to their downfall, well within most of our lifetimes? 😉

  • Four FBI field offices reported arab flight school issues prior to 911, all were ordered to stand down. Hijacker #20, Moussaoui was jailed three weeks prior to 911, but ordered by the FBI to not be interrogated and his laptop sealed. The only American prosecuted for 911 was CIA asset Susan Lindauer, for sharing intel on a pending airliner/WTC attack beginning in May 2001. The Slick Willy appointed assistant AG that installed the CIA/FBI firewall ‘credited’ as one of the causes of 911, was appointed by Baby Bush to be on the 911 Whitewash Commission. The shadow government control of segments of the CIA and FBI have been repeatedly defective and exposed, see Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods. There is an excellent analysis of the Sony manipulation tactic at the Daily Beast, “No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony” by security expert Marc Rogers. You can only be LIED to by those your trust.

    Please help make 2015 the Year of Truth, by not ‘trusting’ the government/media monster, and sharing the Truth that you do find.

  • sleat

    Fast-forward to a time in the future when sites like this are somehow targeted for harassment and/or takedown under CISPA.

    So, how about this as a possible genesis method of this latest scandal;

    A disgruntled Sony employee is surveilled, and from that, the inside info (pathnames, hardcoded passwords in file-paths, etc) are gleaned.
    US State agency actors commence to cobble together a malware kit which (rather disingenuously) includes evidence of “North Korean” involvement, but mistakenly use the wrong language settings. They try to cover this by also stating that “similar lines of code” and “similar file deletion API calls” are used. Of course this is weak. In programming, everybody uses “similar lines of code” and “similar API calls” to do the same things.

    So, having built the malware, they unleash it on Sony, causing the crisis. They then observe that Sony is about to release “The Interview” and so, not letting a good crisis go to waste, they start to include direct info implicating NK for the hack. This also helps Sony recover from its (actual) debacle, by promoting the movie as “controversial”. Not a bit surprised that Sony ended up ultimately releasing this movie.

    Only, most cybersecurity experts worth their salt aren’t buying the NK villain stories. Not one bit.
    And, in this current news cycle, the US State actors observe this, and note it.

    And the whole thing cycles back around to the internal techno-creative folks in the agencies with the question “How can we boost the NK-culprit credibility factor, or at least find ANOTHER patsy group that still justifies decisive legislative action passing CISPA?”

    Of course, logically, CISPA or law packages like it will do nothing to stop State-Based actors like NK from hacking against US interests. Only a Washington-beltway moron would think that they would.

    The new laws MIGHT stop actors based in the US, inside US legal jurisdiction, but they’re unlikely to work if the actors are in, say, Russia, Asia, or Eastern Europe, and non-state-based, essentially a freelance crime syndicate, as most “criminal” hackers are.

    So, yes, CISPA will MAINLY allow the US Federal Government to attack US based people using the internet in ways that they don’t approve of. I doubt that arguing that “New CISPA-style laws will not stop enemy hackers based in North Korea” will deter the Beltway-mob from rushing these new laws through without reading them, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

  • Guy Christopher

    It does appear the false-flag industry has abandoned the usual purported attacks on military targets for purported attacks on instant gratification targets. Gulf of Tonkin and Remember The Maine have given way to Remember The Bad Movie Hack Job. which does appear closely related to Benghazi’s anti-muslim video, but much better executed.

  • objektwerks

    I’m happy to see DB reporting on this issue. Several conservative sites, ignoring network security experts’ the world over, reported the FBI assessment as indisputable fact. North Korea was wrongly accused and people bought into the lies hook, line and sinker. To learn that so many people are so clueless about technology and still dangerously trusting of a deeply corrupt government is troubling, to put it mildly.

  • Lyn Morris

    Excellent article DB. And let me say before I forget….I really like the new web site. It is bright, clean and extremely well organized to find contributing writers and staff reports. It’s going to be a tremendous asset for this coming year.

  • dave jr

    It stands to reason that since government officials deny monitoring all internet traffic, they are unable to act on any info gathered lest they expose themselves as lying goons and spooks. So naturally, they need a law. They need a law that makes what they have been doing ‘legal’, and also to require ALL businesses on the net to support the goon squad. It isn’t so strange that North Korea gets pinned. First they’d have to connect a computer to deny publically it.

    • Thanks, Lyn.

      • Bill Ross

        ignore this

        • dave jr

          You win. But I’m not exactly sure what?

  • Scnhell

    A nice example of state sponsored propaganda. Sloppy, but it worked. Good job!
    Trending: Syria, Iran, Jordan, Turkey.

  • William Scott

    The PENTAGON / CIA / NSA / DHS is responsible, AS PAR! (aka: the “Unites States, inc.” City State Fascist Empire for OWG… and a NWO.) Go ahead and “censor” the net, like say China… and just WATCH what N. American people in particular DO… after you PLUG the only REMAINING “safety valve” keeping the frogs, in the pot. (i.e. Which much like TV, also keeps the masses “passively… occupied!”) (And their only “in” to perhaps keep abreast of WHO is GOING to do WHAT to you, WHEN… after they THROW AWAY the “smart phone,” etc.) But HEY… they have the FEMA encampments and “biologicals” all ready to go now, as PLANNED. And 315 million VERY UPSET Americans, 25 million Canadians and 125 million Mexicans will be EASY to deal with, under Martial Law with MASS MUTINY in ALL RANKS, on a continent the size of? Just send in the RUSSIANS and Chinese??

    I must say that I find it “mildly amusing” (at best…) that the so called PTB (or more aptly, that’ll FLEE ?) seem to believe that if they just run the same’ ole “game plan” they’ll FINALLY SCORE BIG in the coming tragic comedy? Well it won’t WORK this time… and you’d have to be “in a bubble,” with your head in the sand (or elsewhere?) to BELIEVE you won’t be (collectively) THE NEXT MARK… And no amount of CENSORSHIP, agencies, high tech toys, bullying, violence or PHONY “propaganda…” is going to change people’s RESOLVE! And the “sowing and reaping” LAW is truly, about that SIMPLE… (Fooled US, ONCE upon a time???)

    “Other government representatives such as White House Economic (WARFARE) Council Director Jeff Zient are also pushing for tighter cyber-security laws. At a Politico breakfast on Friday, Zients said that the (company) President would take executive action to pass internet regulations IF federal government (inc.) assets were at risk… In order to take this to the next level (of control) we need legislation, Zients told Politico.” REALLY??? Isn’t “assets” a CORPORATE term? And doesn’t this quasi- “publicly entrusted” COMPANY technically belong to EVERYONE, USA?? Or perhaps to NOONE… as the “natives” better understood??? (Like, DAH…)

    • Bill Ross

      well, maybe a rant would help?:)

      • William Scott

        Snarl !? Rantfest, 2014. LOL 😉 OK Bill, I’ll actually READ the article, next. If they put up a “great firewall” equivalent, or pull the plug… then all HELL will break loose, to be sure! (I don’t do MSM / TV… At least the “alternatives,” have their “soapbox.” I have almost nowhere to vent, myself…) Happy Holidaze, Mr. Ross!

      • What would help is for some tech genius to develop a system that combines the old UUCP system and wi-fi. Decentralized, it could combine the features of amateur packet radio with the spare bandwidth of each of our wireless routers. We could pass data from neighbor to neighbor bypassing the cable monopolies completely. Ham radio operators did it with the AX-25 networks 25 years ago. It might not have the bandwidth for Netflix, but it could certainly carry or mail and articles and comments like this one. And unlike the big cable networks there are no “choke points” where the government could shut it down as it would merely re route to another path just the way the government designed it to protect their communication stream.

        • frankz00

          I’ve been saying similar. Basically, I see the future of the internet being point to point with pirate boxes, usb thumb drives, DVDs, sneakernets, FedEx net, etc.. making a centralized government’s job MUCH more difficult. It’ll be born out of necessity and I’m actually looking forward to it!

        • Bill Ross

          Research “Mesh Networking” already exists

  • acudoc1949

    I prefer the new format. Nice job. Regarding the article I am reminded of a quotation attributed to Tacitus, which I freely translate as: “The more corrupt the State, the more it legislates.”

  • Pilgrim

    It fits the pattern. Create a problem, incite public outrage, ride in on a white steed with sword drawn and finally get people to trade liberty for security.

    • Isn’t it a delightful formula? A formula for success we can all follow : )

      • Regarding “Isn’t it a delightful formula? A formula for success we can all follow : )“, Gregg Fosse, do delightful formulae for success in these certifiably changed days with strange ways and means and memes into the exercise of absolute control of all energy for almost unbelievable powers over and within SCADA Operating Systems, have a requirement for delivery of services and solutions via AI and Virtual Applications with Smarter Programs and Programming for Virtual Machinery in all of its Cyber Phorms and IT Guises …… Stealthy IntelAIgent System Disguises ….. to be easily marketable to an uncomfortably exposed and rich tableau of client bases with an abiding interest in the purchase of such facility/capability/utility.

        That, and the following snippet of news, is nothing to be really worried about though I’d wager, unless one has dirty little secrets to hide and share in practices with others in order to remain in charge of leading events and materially relevant in unfolding tales for future presentation expecting an unquestioning global accommodation.

        HonourableMember 26 December 2014 3:10pm …..having a vetted say in reply to a comment on

        History is too slow, need something quicker. ….. Madranon said, 26 December 2014 09:50am

        Your wish is ours to command with Advanced Anonymous Autonomous Activity with NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive IT, Madranon. ……..

        And something the US Patent and Trademark Office is withholding in its SAWS paws, thus guaranteeing Sublime Surreal Stealth a Forward Operating Future Oriental Base and its virile virtual transfer overseas to both offshore and underground and private pioneering and public pirated clients? …….. USPTO Has a Shadow Program

  • William Scott

    There’s nothing “innocuous” about this again rebraded and (even more) refined and controlling “CISPA” legislation. And as we’re (nearly) all well aware… their real “intent” has next to NOTHING to do with “cyber security,” beyond a further controlled “need to know” policy of (corporate) government SECRECY. GOOD ARTICLE about a critically important concern… and I agree that it’s TOO LATE to hand out the “blue Prozium pills…” The internet will ultimately prove to be the great EQUALIZER of LEVIATHAN. 🙂

  • Bruce C

    When I first heard about the allegation that North Korea was upset about Sony’s film I immediately thought about the allegation that the Benghazi attack was because of an inflammatory video. Then, just as in the former case, the more details I heard about the Sony film itself the more ridiculous it seemed to be. Even though Muslim’s are often depicted as being pretty irrational and stupid when it comes to religion, a lousy video by some punk didn’t strike me as sufficient fodder for even the looniest to react to – especially in what they allegedly did. Ditto for North Korea. My impression was that the N. K. citizens are pretty oppressed, so the only people with the potential means to hack anything high tech is nil, and why would the N.K. government care? Are we supposed to believe that N. K. suddenly has standards of decency? I doubt even a government dissident would care enough to risk something like a cyber attack on the US and all of the potential fall out (none of it good.)

    When the subject came up with friends most figured it was probably a publicity stunt since the film was supposedly so crappy they needed a way to break even on the project. So within days of the incident, most of the people I know were already believing in some kind of inside job, especially since it exposed the true and embarrassing natures of high level executives and actors/actresses in Hollywood.

    If/when word gets out that the CIA may have been involved I think more people than usual will find it believable. I don’t know many people who trust the government any more. They already know that government wants to tax the internet so the desire to control or restrict it is totally believable.

    Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t mean Obama won’t ram through another god-awful law via Executive Order.

  • Gil G

    Worst-case scenario: it was an inside job to do nothing but promote the movie.

    • It’s going to get a couple of top Sony execs fired. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to promote a single film ….

    • frankz00

      That’s a bad butt joke movie with overgrown third graders to you, sir!

  • Joelg

    A good probing analysis, DB. Sony Hack sounds like classic False Flag event, with legislation waiting in the wings for an opportune time to be turned into law. Conjure up a foreign threat, and just about anything goes.

    Directed history, in process. I expect California Senator Diane Feinstein, with her impeccable credentials as an opponent of Torture and CIA/NSA spying (on Senators) to carry the torch. I mean, how can an Anti-Torture spokesperson be against freedom? Internet Censorship by association must therefore be pro-Freedom. If not this time, with all the unlimited resources of Big Government behind this they Will Be Back Again with a better false flag.

    I suspect that lurking in the background are Central Banking, the FED and the on-going Currency Debasement, old DB themes. As people’s savings are devalued and bailed in, and retirement plans… To cut to the chase, with an economic collapse induced by Central Banking and the FED supporting and the warfare-welfare state, an Expanded Police State is needed. But it has to be in place before the economic collapse, which means False Flags galore.

  • Praetor

    Well, if you can’t make it the private sector or don’t have cuts or gumption to start your own business, you can get a job with the U.S. government. N. Korea didn’t hack Sony, Sony Hacked Sony, who did they fire in the last 6 months. What did Sony do after getting hacked, they called 911, and then they had a conversation with the FBI, this is what you call a win-win situation. Sony can play up another loser movie, and the FBI and Obama can push some more commie crap on the people, with CISPA, win-win for big Gov; USA. Then to go and impose Denial of Service on N. Korea “INTRANET” service that has maybe 100,000 users at any given time, is a joke. The Elites in N Korea are the only ones with “INTERNET service. How incompetence is the U.S. Government. U.S. Government is hiring, if you are incompetent, stupid, anal, and have no ambition to succeed, and are willing to sit behind a computer screen for 2 hours, and take 4 hour lunch breaks, and can go home early, we have a job for you. Geezus H Crap, who believes this nonsense, “O” I forgot Government workers!!

  • James Clander

    Who the $#@% would even contemplate making a film about the assassination of a current leader of ANY Country ??
    Bloody wankers. I can imagine how the USA Govt would react if a film was made about the assassination of a current American President.
    Holy shit Batman – – fire up the Nukes !!

    • Google “Death of a President” 2006

    • esqualido

      “…the US government has been attempting to lay the blame on North Korea for the Sony hack…” No, actually, it came right out and did so, based on FBI “findings.” So why are they now looking into Sony’s system?). Your invective is well directed, though- the oft-repeated assertion in the MSM that this was just a “silly, harmless spoof” – IMO Seth Rogan deserves an Oscar for Best Display of Naivety”(with the President instantly coming to his defense, complete with effusive professions of love, no less (does the Chief Executive not have more pressing matters on his plate than to respond to every headline in the Hollywood Reporter?) Chaplin was a British subject, and they had been at war with Hitler nearly a year when The Great Dictator, came out, but he managed to do so without resorting to the viciousness, cruelty, violence and coarseness of The Interview

  • James Jaeger

    I agree. I think the CIA, or some federal government agency, is behind this hack. There are plenty of other negative movies about North Korea — such as Lisa Ling’s doc on National Geographic Channel — already on the net so if NK were going to attack, they would have done it years ago. This leaves disgruntled employees and agent provocateurs. Disgruntled employees would not threaten movie theaters. This leaves agent provocateurs, such as the CIA.

  • frankz00

    It was a lame attempt to guerrilla market a butt joke movie! It got WAY more attention than it deserved!

  • So when people coming up in 10 years or so wonder why we allowed government to take over the internet, and deny us liberty (again!), what will we tell them?

    • Bill Ross

      “what will we tell them?”

      Don’t particularly feel like apologizing to my children for failure. Would rather explain success and, pass the torch of liberty / vigilance on to them:

      • “And how we burned in the camps later…”

        Yes, the only way to defeat the takeover of the internets IS to go off line. But you know that ain’t gonna happen.

    • Is that what’s going to happen?

      • Yes, of course it is.

        No just kidding! Our government loves us and wants us to be free. It’ll be for our own good, and to protect us from the evil h4ck3r5!

        • Bruce C

          Evidently, YOU will tell them that YOU didn’t do anything because YOU believed that YOU couldn’t do anything about it, and YOU believed that NOBODY else could either.

          Take a load off.

          Happy holidays.

          • NOBODY doing NOTHING has more than just a few doing plenty in a Fundamentally Anomalous Underground Movement and Relatively Anonymous Creative Resistance, Bruce C, and the more unbelievable IT be, the more stealthy and successful its Future Presenting Programs and Projects be. Here be a lode ……… ….. with expanding explosive nodes?

            Let the Greater IntelAIgent Games Plays begin. Win Winners Who Dare Care and Share, Take and Make All.

            Capiche and Agree, DB? The Live Operational Virtual Environment is where IT is at, and where Creative Disruptive Command and Remote Virtual Control Exercise Powerful Energy and Synergy in Future Forging Force Fields of CyberIntelAIgent Design and Alien Phorm.

          • Hi Bruce. What did YOU do to prevent the feds from passing the Patriot Act?

            Next time, vote harder!

    • Robt

      Constraint of freedoms is relative for each generation. What is constraint for us will be the norm for them, but they will experience new progressive constraints, and complain about them, just as our parents complained about loss of freedoms in a society which we considered to be normal. Our parents’ society ran on index cards and personal interaction.
      We now have banking rules, seizure of assets by the state, constraints on ease of travel, and public surveillance which were unknown and not dreamed of when we older people were children but which seem entirely normal to the currently maturing generation.
      So, the short answer is they will think it’s entirely normal, and will wonder what we’re on about.