By Matt Agorist - April 05, 2018

South Hampton, NJ — One of the most disturbing videos illustrating the horrors of marijuana prohibition was released this week showing police officers handcuff an innocent man and publicly grope his genitals and probe his anus. The lengths the police state will go to prosecute otherwise innocent people for this plant were on full display as two New Jersey state troopers detained a man then humiliated and sexually assaulted him for nearly ten minutes in broad daylight.

Highlighting the gross negligence associated with such a tyrannical and vile act — the public sexual assault of this innocent man turned up nothing. What’s more, the footage of the attack was hidden from public view and only discovered by accident.

The traffic stop took place on March 8, 2017, after police allegedly saw the driver of a vehicle, Jack Levine tailgating another vehicle. When the officers pulled him over, they claimed to have smelled marijuana and then used this as justification for the disgusting and horrific act that followed.

According to NJ 101.5, who first reported the video, it was published by open government advocate John Paff. He came across the case through happenstance — filing random public records requests, as he does across the state.

Paff told New Jersey 101.5 he became aware of the search after the driver filed a motion to extend the 90-day deadline for a tort notice — the notification a person must give a government agency before suing it in New Jersey Superior Court. He then filed records requests for dashcam and body cam videos, according to the report.

In the video published by Paff — from the perspective of Trooper Andrew Whitmore — Levine’s passenger, a coworker, is seen in the back of one troop car, and Levine in the other. Whitmore tells the passenger that “it’s not like TV” — that marijuana possession isn’t an offense that will land him in jail — and urges him to disclose where the pot the troopers say they smelled might be. But the passenger says it’s not his car, and he doesn’t have any marijuana.

As the video shows, once cops claimed to smell the weed, they used this as probable cause to detain Levine and his passenger and search the vehicle with no warrant.

After finding nothing in Levine’s pockets and the vehicle turning up empty as well, trooper Whitmore urged trooper Joseph Drew to turn their attention on this innocent man’s most private parts.

“He might have stashed it somewhere …” Whitmore says.

“That’s what I’m thinking,” Drew responds.

“… stashed it somewhere where we can’t just … physically can’t … it’s not in his pockets,” Whitmore says.

As we see in the video, this is when the nightmare begins.

“Am I free to go?” Levine asks before the sexual assault. “Not at this point, no” Whitmore tells him.

“Am I under arrest?”

“Yes. you are.”

“For what?”

You’re under arrest for the odor of marijuana.”

“So now you can get arrested for somebody smelling something? What is that all about?” Levine says.

The officers tell Levine they might bring him back to their station for a strip search.

“If that’s you guys trying to scare me into telling on myself for something I didn’t even do wrong, then it’s not going to work,” he says.

Later in the video, Drew then pulls Levine aside and begins the search.

“If you think this is the worst thing I’m going to do to you right now, you have another thing coming my friend,” trooper Drew says as he searches the outside of Levine’s pants, premeditating the public sexual assault.

“Try not to rape me, already,” Levine says, halfway joking, not knowing that this was actually about to happen.

For several minutes, Drew proceeds to savagely poke, prod, and molest this innocent man as he finds nothing.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” screams Levine as the the trooper physically grabs his penis while violently ramming his fingers into the innocent man’s anus.

Drew then yells at Levine to stop squirming as he sexually assaults him — as if it is easy to sit passively by as an armed man who has kidnapped you on the side of the road attempts to sexually assault you in search of a plant.

At the end of the assault, the troopers then let Levine and his passenger go but not before they gave him a ticket for following too close.

The Free Thought Project contacted the New Jersey State Police who said they were aware of the video and were going to release a statement. TFTP has also confirmed that both troopers are currently on active duty.

“It was the most humiliating experience I’ve ever been through, also due to the fact people were driving by very slowly (sic), watching him with his hand down my pants,” Levine said.

Below is this graphic footage. Warning, it may be extremely disturbing to some viewers. When watching the video below, ask yourself who the real criminals are.

If you’d like to express your peaceful protest about this incident to the New Jersey State Police their information is below:

Trooper Joseph Drew
Trooper Andrew Whitmore
Phone number: 609-882-2000

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  • john cummins

    Hopefully he will sue the daylights out of this tyrannical bunch of jack boot thugs.

    • Marten

      Yup…The toxic degeneration of the Amerikan Mind and its violent outcome

  • FreeOregon

    Disarm the police and you will recruit a different kind of officer. Perverts are not likely to join groups that rely on empathy and persuasion, without force.

  • Tony Nobaloney

    NJ Troopers get their uniforms at Fascists R Us.

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      If you look closely at the uniforms of most state police officers, you will notice how closely they resemble the style of the uniforms of the Nazi SS officers. The state government operators merely decided not to make the resemblance more obvious by making the uniforms black.

  • Rowald Holt

    This is unbelievable but shows that our police forces are infiltrated by criminals and psychopaths that are empowered to abuse, intimidate, torture and kill, because they carry a weapon they can’t wait to use with total disregard of the law and against innocent people – and they have the support of corrupt superiors and judiciary. How long are we, the people, allowing these criminals to wield their MAFIA tactics over us?
    It is time to take the power from them and make them afraid of us, and not make us fear them!

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      The full coercive power of the government that every police officer has backing him up is what attracts psychopaths and sociopaths to the occupation. It is the same with every government job, be it a DMV position, that of a USPS clerk, on up to a city government, state government, and federal government position. The most psychopathic and sociopathic ones occupy the highest echelons (POTUS, Senate, Congress, state and federal supreme courts, the IRS, FBI and all of the other the federal alphabet agencies).

  • James Higginbotham

    as soon as i were released, id a walked those two down and shot both of them for SEXUAL CRIMES AGAINST AN INNOCENT MAN.

  • Col. E. H. R. Green

    This thuggish behavior by government police officers has become the rule, not the exception.

    Police officers commit hundreds, if not thousands of assaults like this, and worse, across the country. They don’t get recorded, and they don’t make it to the evening news.

    They murder many of their victims at their precinct with impunity, too, and the local judges cover for them. The police threaten their victims’ family members with violence if they threaten to sue. Often, they end up dead, too. Again, the news doesn’t cover it.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    and you have to ask why cops get killed on duty everyday????
    going to get a LOT of dead cops this way??

  • Don Duncan

    I notice they emphasize the futile search. Why? It makes no difference. The search was unconstitutional making any evidence void. The problem of illegal/immoral actions by authorities will continue until authorities are held accountable by the same laws we live under. How does throwing the evidence out punish them? It lets off a criminal (don’t forget the illegally obtained evidence could pertain to a murder) and that punishes everyone. The evidence should stand, and the authorities punished for their illegal acts. This would be justice for all. So why isn’t this done? Because our justice system does not dispense justice. It has always been in place to inforce rule for the rulers, by the rulers. The victims support this by their obedience, e.g., willful blindness. Where was the outcry when the SCOTUS ruled that throwing out illegal evidence was justice? It was the opposite. It didn’t change the evidence or punish the authorities who violated the rights. Both the guilty citizen and the guilty authorities got off. This is unjust. Why do the people ignore it? Are they stupid? No. They worship the initiation of force and will rationalize away any evidence against it. They are getting what they deserve for their intellectual dishonesty.

    But what about the voluntaryists who do not blindly support the political paradigm based on violence? Why should they suffer? They suffer because they are in the minority and individual rights are sacrificed to democracy, an irrational, unjust system that is forced on all except authorities. This is unjust, unreasonable, and creates a chaotic, unsustainable society. This explains poverty, crime, suicide, mental illness, domestic unrest, and war.

    We live in an unfree world, a delusional world of political zombies who have the ability to see reality but choose not to so they might keep their superstitions.

    • Neil S

      Illegally obtained evidence must be thrown out. Otherwise, if such evidence is used in the name of justice, then the actions of the authorities who obtained it illegally cannot be considered unjust, which would mean the law that makes their actions illegal is unjust and those authorities should not be punished.

      • Don Duncan

        ? I read your argument 3 times, 1. No law that violates rights can be just. 2. If rights are violated, the guilty should be punished, but that does not reverse the violation, after the fact. 3. Illegally obtained evidence does not change based on how it was obtained. It is still either true of false. If true, then it should be considered. How it was obtained doesn’t change that. What deters crime is punishment. Not punishing the criminals, e.g., the corrupt cops and the perps is a double crime. The two crimes are seperate cases connected only by irreleivant circumstance.

        Cops violate rights daily, cover it up by more crime, e.g., lying about their actions, then get rewarded by a conviction on their record. They don’t stop when the evidence is thrown out because they get away with it a lot when jurors grant them the assumption of innocence or maybe because the jurors realize how the evidence was obtained doesn’t change the immorality, unlike the SCOTUS who twist logic (rationalize) to empower authority. They are part of the power structure, not impartial as was hoped by the founders. The system of “checks/balances” has not worked, on net, overall, as we can plainly see. Are you the citizen on an equal footing with a cop. An LEO can do many things you clearly can’t do, but where does he get those priviledges? His authority comes from you. How can you authorize an action you are not permitted? A citizen arrest was once common, not now. What has changed? Authorities have assumed power over citizens not granted but now accepted by the public out of igornance and fear. Coercive govt. will always grow until it destroys the society that permits it, even if that takes centuries. We are living under tyranny that has grown bit by bit based on the premise that the initiation of violence is moral and practical. It is neither. It is inhuman, unjust, and destroys societies that are blind to that fact, that political paradigm. A mistaken premise does not become true based on faith in it. It still destroys. That’s why we need reason. It is the only way to obtain knowledge. Reason, facts are not defeated by violence, but instead destroys just the same. And the present political paradigm, as Washington warned, “…is not reason, but blind force”.

  • LewPatrick

    These officers should be sued personally in their own capacity.

  • Gunkadink

    Ever since the so-called War On Drugs
    (WOD) and, now, the War On Terror (WOT) — actually more like the War
    On The Bill of Rights) — began, our civilian cops have been
    undergoing MILITARY training. The “authorities” gentle it down
    with the prefix “Para” but those “dynamic entry” teams would
    be more at home in Baghdad than Boston. (Well, unless they hit John
    Kerry’s front door at 3 am, Boston might not be a good example.)

    A study cited by John Whitehead of the
    Rutherford Institute (which deals with these liberty related cases)
    found that in 1985, there were around only 3,000 SWAT actions in the
    US. In 2015, is was OVER 80,000!!! John contends – and is borne
    out by the statistics – that we are now a POLICE STATE.

    John, whom I’ve met, went on to offer
    that when governments put cops into tactical/combat gear, a very
    dangerous – deadly – mindset develops in many of these officers
    leading them to deal with EVERYONE they encounter NOT as fellow
    citizens, but as THE ENEMY. Despite the decrease in crime rates and
    the drop in police deaths by REAL criminals, that is probably WHY we
    are seeing an increase in the deaths of often blameless and unarmed
    citizens at the hands of those sworn to “Protect and Serve” them.

    (For those interested in the process by
    which our liberties have been eroded to this point, I suspect you
    would find John’s recent book “Battlefield America: The War on the
    American People” highly informative – and infuriating.)

    I have long thought that this sort of
    activity within the ranks of otherwise “civilian” law enforcement
    was a push by those with an agenda to bypass posse comitatus for
    purposes BEYOND the WOD/WOT and other currently criminal behavior.

    That the mass of that shrinking
    minority – the American citizen (thank you Mr. Open Borders Bush
    and Total Amnesty Obama) – has NOT objected to this erosion of
    personal liberty does NOT bode well for the future of freedom here.

    I wonder what sort of body count of
    innocent grandmothers and others it will take before folks begin to
    grasp that they might be more at risk from the cops than the
    criminals and bring the situation back under control?

    My Uncle Bob (R.I.P.) would be

    My Uncle Bob was a 30-year veteran of a
    police force in suburban Cleveland. He was best man at my wedding in
    1962. He served in an era when MOST cops embodied the now frequently
    hollow motto emblazoned on police units all over this country: “TO

    The last final years of his career
    were spent as a Juvenile Detective in his department. When he died, a
    number of the young men whose lives he had touched years before came
    forward to tell how his timely and sometimes tough-love intervention
    turned them around.

    I know that many officers STILL try to
    live that creed today. I also know that there are officers out there
    who, despite the rulings by the Supremes that they have no obligation
    to specific, individual citizens (see Warren v. DC 444 A.2d. 1, D.C.
    Ct. of Ap. 1981 for some fascinating and frightening reading on
    that), would stand between one of us and a bullet – and have.

    That said, I must also lament that SOME
    cops are “cowboys.” Too many are simply power driven
    megalomaniacs who would have dropped on the OTHER side of the law had
    their lives drifted a degree or two off the course they did take. It
    is these cowboys who give credence to the wry bit of “humor” that
    there is no situation than cannot be made worse by the presence of
    the cops.

    I would urge you good cops, who KNOW
    who the dangerous power-trippers in your department are, do what you
    need to to get them OUT of the uniform. They not only are a threat
    to any non-criminal fellow citizen they encounter but are putting YOU
    in danger as they exacerbate the now festering anti-cop attitude
    their unacceptable over-the-top behavior creates in the community.
    And just getting these “cowboys” out of YOUR department is not
    enough: Their employment records should follow them so they cannot
    ever again carry a badge and a gun in another jurisdiction! At best,
    they might handle a desk job.

    I believe the “cowboy” mentality to
    be especially true of far too many federal law enforcement types who
    have allowed their egos and hubris to become as bloated as the
    bureaucratic federal behemoth they serve. (See footnote below).
    Their mandate is no longer to “…protect and serve” the citizens
    who pay their salaries: It is to crush any meaningful resistance to a
    growing body of procedures, regulations and policies – too
    frequently enforced under severely tortured interpretations of the
    underlying legislative enactments (if any) – and often put in place
    by executive fiat. The massively abused SEIZURE statutes – laws the
    author of which now seeks to RESCIND! — spring to mind.

    And one cannot but help to wonder how
    the clear to anyone with half a brain criminality of the Clintons and
    now Obama – and their subsequent avoidance of any penalty – has
    played into the problem? There now seems to be a bright line between
    the easy, highly flexible, slap-on-the-wrist law for the rich and
    powerful and the rigidly enforced law against even the tiniest
    victimless “crimes” committed by those of us further down the
    food chain. Does anyone in his right mind believe THAT will NOT
    engender added disrespect for ALL law?

    Could those things be a large part of
    the problem in some of the highly disturbing – and DEADLY (on BOTH
    sides) – confrontations we have witnessed over the past decade or
    so? Gordon Kahl, Ruby Ridge, OK City, Waco, Beck… This list WILL
    lengthen and we’d all better pray that it does NOT include one of
    OUR loved ones.

    Roman historian Tacitus warned that one
    could tell the level of corruption in a society by the NUMBER of its
    laws. Anyone doubt the level of corruption here?

    Am I the only one who thinks we’re
    long overdue a serious review of the NUMBERS of laws under which we
    are now forced to exist – and which are increasingly used not to
    assure our safety or well-being, but to COMMAND AND CONTROL us and

    Only the most tyrannical and
    power-crazed members of law enforcement could possibly object to

    The modern counterparts of my uncle
    would not object.

    It is THEY, after all, who are most
    likely to catch that bullet – probably fired by someone who has
    symbolically screamed to himself “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT
    GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE” — referred to earlier when they sally
    forth to serve that flimsy warrant or make that bogus arrest.


    At a cocktail party back in the late
    80’s, I struck up a conversation with a fellow — his name was Joe M.
    — whom I’d met on one or two previous events. After my
    first encounter, Joe’s neighbor and my boss at the time told me that
    Joe was an alcoholic who had just retired from 25 years
    with the IRS. Needless to say, I was guarded in expressing my
    political views to Joe as the IRS had helped my dad into an
    early grave in 1977 — at age 59 over an estate matter.
    Joe was pretty deep into his cups at the function in question and
    began telling IRS “war stories.” Most had to do with
    clear cases of criminal conduct by not very nice people.
    Joe — who was a few years short of 60 — sounded to me like someone
    who enjoyed helping getting really bad people off the street and
    I asked why he’d retired early. He told me that what he called
    “the service” had changed for the worse. Then I asked
    him about the new people coming in. He shook his head, actually
    teared up and said that many of them were “really bad.” I
    pressed. “Really bad” meant incompetent? “No
    — DANGEROUS,” he responded “they like to hurt people.”

    It was then that I think I understood
    why Joe drank.

    It also caused me to wonder how many of
    those folks bypassed the IRS and wound up in OTHER law enforcement

    Something to think about as the
    civilian body count grows.