What the Hell Are These Colleges Talking About?
By Joe Jarvis - March 31, 2018

Maybe I’m the dumb one for not understanding what this lecture was supposed to be about. The description on the University of Texas at Austin’s website says:

In the wake of renewed attacks on Muslim and Muslim-adjacent communities, the hijab and turban continue to be enveloped as important material objects in the racialization of Muslim and Sikh bodies.

Okay, so far I think I understand. The sight of turbans and hijabs triggers racists (religionists?).

Analyzing contemporary visual culture as both testament and counter-archive to a geopolitical project of Islamophobia, “Sacred Wear, Endless War” moves to both assemble and update how we apprehend these unsettling figures.

Not sure what visual culture is, but I could certainly make something up that would likely be pretty accurate. That’s basically how I did so well earning my sociology degree in college way back in 2011. But I never did get around to taking a gender studies class.

Never-the-less, I think I can tap into my inner intelligentsia to interpret this. The professor wants to take stock of how people use visual cues to fuel their Islamaphobia. And apparently what she has found has unsettled her.

Comparative in scope, this talk looks at the racial, gendered, and queer configurations that the religious symbols and objects of hijab and turban provide.

Aaaand they lost me. What the hell is a racial, gendered, and queer configuration have to do with turbans and hijabs? Perhaps I would know if I went to the talk–or could find it on youtube. But I suspect that the lecture consisted of similar lunacy masked by an intelligent sounding–but incomprehensible–mashup of words.

It costs $35,000 a year for out of state students to attend the University of Texas at Austin.

I’m sure some people go there and devote themselves to engineering or pre-med.

But why on earth would you waste that kind of money on this garbage? Where does that get you? Does analyzing queer turbans pay well these days? Can understanding the gendered configuration of the hijab provide value to someone?

Look, if this professor wants to give a talk about how some people respond to visual cues like turbans and hijabs, fine. But why can’t she just say that in plain English? Does speaking in academic code add value, or is it a way of signaling intelligence, whether or not she actually has any?

This is how the intelligentsia operates when what they have to say is really not compelling, novel, or insightful. Often they have nothing to add but need to stay relevant, and this is what you get.

You also get outlandish theories that seem intended to shock rather than add a useful perspective to a conversation.

Was Jesus a Drag King?


But that hasn’t stopped the chair of New Testament Studies at Holy Cross, a Catholic University, from claiming so, and other nonsense. In Professor Liew’s essay Queering Closets and Perverting Desires: Cross-Examining John’s Engendering and Transgendering Word across Different Worlds, he writes:

If one follows the trajectory of the Wisdom/Word or Sophia/Jesus (con)figuration, what we have in John’s Jesus is not only a “king of Israel” (1:49; 12:13– 15) or “king of the [Jews]” (18:33, 39; 19:3, 14– 15, 19– 22), but also a drag king (6:15; 18:37; 19:12).

John’s constant references to Jesus wanting water (4:7; 19:28), giving water (6:35), and leaking water (19:34) speak to Jesus’ gender indeterminacy and hence his cross-dressing and other queer desires…9

Or maybe he was thirsty. Oh silly me, how could I be so uncultured!? It takes a real academic to read between the lines of the Bible and find Jesus’ queer desires.

We have to rewrite history to include trans-religious leaders and insert erotic fantasies into a martyr’s execution.

when Jesus’ body is being penetrated, his thoughts are on his Father. He is, in other words, imagining his passion experience as a (masochistic?) sexual relation with his own Father.11

Not sure which Bible Professor Liew is reading… but something tells me his interpretation has more to do with what is going on in his own head than what was written in the Bible.

The professor notes that he is not suggesting Jesus was actually a woman. He is more suggesting that Jesus was gender-fluid, or something.

Liew relies on indulgent readings of the text, where he seems to fill in a lot of information that is simply not there. For instance, he suggests the centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant was actually a pederast with a boy sex slave. The evidence:

The centurion’s rhetoric about not being ‘worthy’ of a house visit by Jesus (8:8) may be the centurion’s way of avoiding an anticipated ‘usurpation’ of his current boylove on the part of his new patron…

What other explanation could there be? Besides the obvious fact that a Roman soldier was seeking spiritual healing from a political dissident

If you want to really delve into the science and history of who Jesus was, fine. But this professor is simply throwing out suggestions based on a few random words in the Bible here and there. In short, he is making stuff up.

Why does everything have to be queered or read in the light of gender indeterminacy? These perspectives are largely irrelevant to most topics. But the intelligentsia is not satisfied with inserting these memes into contemporary popular culture. They have to weave them throughout history too.

Holy Cross costs almost $50,000 a year to attend. And Professor Liew teaches the general ed 101 class on the New Testament. So most students will be subjected to his ideas in freshman year.

College is dead. Don’t waste your time or money. They aren’t training people for careers, they aren’t even imparting a critical and scholarly view of the world. They are speaking nonsense and passing it off as academic.

This leaves students worse than unprepared. It warps their expectations for real life.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Don Duncan

    I started college in ’61. Some classes, e.g., english composition, were extremely valuable, some, e.g., US history, were propaganda. I enjoyed chemistry and calculus and found them useful throughout life. But the propaganda was a barrier to understanding politics. When I majored in philosophy I found it filled with confusing concepts which instructors did nothing to clarify. If it hadn’t been for my outside reading (Ayn Rand) I would have been frustrated.

    Thanks to Ayn I discovered my passion. In High School I had always been interested in literature, especially Shakespeare, but it was resolution of the conflicting ideas dramatized, not the drama, that I found fascinating. I didn’t know this was philosophy. When I tried to major in philosophy in college I quickly found out I was on my own. None of my teachers were concerned with truth or knowledge, except one who was visiting from Taiwan. He taught a class in the Asian philosophers. I asked him why no one seemed to care about authentic learning. He told me it was unimportant to an academic career, e.g., financial reward. So, unlike the “hard sciences” I had to rely on myself, i.e., I attended college, but I was self-taught, i.e., I had to think everything out for myself. Perhaps that’s the best way to learn anyway. Once you learn it, you really, really know, you “grok it”.

    • Marten

      Interesting.Don…..The “conventional” University trained “Professionals” ignored “Energy” and……..”Spirit” is a taboo…

  • 45clive

    Perhaps the professor’s agenda has more to do with creating discussion and interest in religion in general and Christianity in particular. Personally, I don’t care a fig about Jesus’ sexual bent – I have worked with many sane and competent homosexual men. I do find any philosophy or ethical structure aspiring to unquestioned belief and obedience through magic rather than rational thought to be highly suspect. Given the reliance of Jews and Christians on “magic” to end rational discussion perhaps Jesus could touch his genitalia and have it magically switch from one gender to another; makes as much sense as turning fish into wine or whatever other miracles he is accused of. The fact that Islam is also based on Jesus as well as the Old Testament prophets leads me to suspect that the Jews invented the “my god is the one god” scam, which was picked up by the Romans and later by Mohammed. Since Abrahamic religionists have been killing each other and stealing from each other and raping each other’s wives and daughters (and sometimes sons) throughout history, I can only sneer when I hear these religions speak of love for your fellow man. Fellow tribe members, perhaps, but even then there are exceptions.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      I take what Marcus Tullius Cicero said about Epicureanism and apply it more accurately to religion, any religion, to religion as such:

      “Res ficta total pueriliter est,”

      “The whole thing is a childish fiction.”

  • Gerold

    I want to get off this planet.
    They’re dumbing-down faster than I can laugh at them!

  • Warren Celli

    Good article! Academia was hijacked long ago. It is a result of the morphing of evilism to xtrevilism…

  • CP1

    Agenda 21 says it all. Make everyone read this. It should be mandatory in schools. As well as the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They should be mandatory courses with passing grades.

    • Col. Edward H. R. Green

      No one at any age should be forced to read anything, not even Agenda 21, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      Doing so sends the message that one is a rightless person living in a dictatorship.

      Inform people about them, urge them to read them, but do not force them to read them as if their minds and lives were your property, and they your slaves.

  • Join 13,000 who are protesting the College of the Holy Cross. That blasphemous professors needs to be fired. Join the protest here:

    God bless.

  • Alan777

    It’s rather striking that so many college “professors” today are the biggest nitwits. At least they give that impression by the nonsense that they profess.

    • Col. E. H. R. Green

      And they are tenured.

      There are several sound reasons for abolishing tenure, and Liew and his fellow imposter “professors” comprise one example.

  • James HIgginbotham

    those so called Professors NEED HUNG PERIOD.

  • Sam Fox

    Liew is a weirdo. The Centurion knew that Orthodox Jews were not supposed to enter a gentile house. The Roman was offering Messiah a courtesy by giving Jesus an out so the Lord wouldn’t have to worry about going in to the man’s home. The thoughtful Centurion must not have realized Jesus would have come in anyway. If Jesus could touch ‘unclean’ lepers & heal them, He could have entered the man’s home, no problem.
    Liew is also a very mentally sick perverted person, to use the term ‘person’ loosely. Jesus had already given up His life when He was thrust in the side & ‘penetrated’ by a Roman spear. The spear was to be sure the Lord had died, so His legs would not need to be broken to finish Him off. What do ya know! Another prophecy fulfilled…
    Drag queen? The 3 verses from John’s gospel say 000000 about anything close to resembling what the sick Liew postulated. Liew sounds like he has some kind of psychosis regarding homosexuality & incest. This is one very deranged er, ok, ok, ‘man’.
    Water means one is a homo? Or trans? ???????? Since when? What does Liew know about water & homos that no one else is aware of? Jesus asks a gentile woman for a drink. So what? He was opening a dialog with her. On the cross He said “I thirst.” So?
    John 6:35 the Master says those that believe in Him will never thirst. That’s a hint of His being trans? That dud Liew is whacko. That’s dud, not dude.
    Jesus’ side poured out blood & water when He was stabbed by the spear. That flow was a lot more than just ‘leaking water’.
    Liew is one warped college professor. That is a very twisted being.
    My heart is heavy for that being.

  • NobodysaysBOO

    Trump lied about the WALL to celebrate.

    • Alan777

      Trump has a few more years to make good on his promise. He’s dealing with democrats and RINOs who don’t want a wall. I believe he’s too willing to compromise with his enemies, but then it’s easy to be critical from a distance.

      • NobodysaysBOO

        I think the big beautiful WALL was another BIG BEAUTIFUL SCAM to get into office, but now we have the guy in place what next??
        we will be overwhelmed like the Swedish and never get an honest election ever again.

  • Dick Turpin

    It’s an agenda to totally corrupt the next generation. They confuse and dilute inate morality, spiriituality, logic, ethics, personal and civic responsibility and are replacing it with a sedated, confused and psychopathic populace, a populace that will readily obey any suggestion given to them as “naturally right”. Why certain individuals, and there are thousands of them in north America and Europe, would seek to destroy their own nation states is a mystery to all sane people!

  • SW Richmond

    Using language and the mantle of being educated to twist meaning and minds.