What They’re Not Telling You About Homeland Security
By Daily Bell Staff - May 18, 2016

Here’s Why the TSA Is So Terrible … Dozens of people were stranded overnight when the long security lines caused people to miss their flights.  Nor is this an anomaly. The problem is occurring all around the country at busy airports.  – Bloomberg View

We’ve been writing about how Homeland Security is extorting passengers on behalf of the TSA PreCheck program.

You can see our articles on the subject HERE and HERE.

Our basic point is that Homeland is trying to build an extensive data-base of travelers.

Ultimately, once the base is large enough, Homeland will be able to anticipate travel patterns. It will also be in a position to grant or withhold the privilege of flying on an official basis.

For us, the money being charged to join PreCheck is a secondary concern, though many seems to believe it is a primary consideration.

In any event, one of our articles was picked up by ZeroHedge, which further contributed to information about this scam.

But recently we noticed this Bloomberg article, (see above). Once more, nothing acknowledging the Homeland Security “shake down.”

Just a kind of vacuum where there should be information.

We have the same trouble with another Bloomberg article entitled, Zuckerberg Meeting With Conservatives Strikes Sensitive Balance.

Here’s how it begins:

Conservatives are meeting with Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg Wednesday to voice their concerns about potential liberal bias.

The social network, which has 1.65 billion users worldwide, is responding to an anonymously sourced report in Gizmodo last week alleging that its team of human editors leaned toward liberal sources in selecting stories for the trending news topics feature.

Legally, Zuckerberg owes the conservatives nothing, despite an inquiry from a Republican senator about Facebook’s methods. The company is within its rights to order trending topics however it wants, according to First Amendment lawyers. But as a CEO, Zuckerberg has other priorities to consider.

Zuckerberg, who has said Facebook has so far found no evidence of a political slant in its news rankings, hopes to have a “direct conversation about what Facebook stands for and how we can be sure our platform stays as open as possible,” according to a May 12 post by the 32-year-old CEO …

Already millions of words have been dedicated to this upcoming meeting. Yet none of them mention Facebook’s CIA connections.

We’ve written about them numerous times. The second investment in Facebook came from an individual closely associated with the CIA. It was a huge amount for a start-up, some $12 million.

These connections are well known. And it’s an obvious reason why Facebook would try to reduce conservative content.

Conservative commentary is often anti-government – and sometimes religious in nature as well. Government does not fare well in many articles written and published by conservatives and at conservative website.

The hard news is very simple: Fedgov has an interest in Facebook and Zuckerberg respects that interest by positioning Facebook in certain way.

This is an extremely important point. But try to find it mentioned in any one of a thousand mainstream reports.

You can’t.

Likewise, nothing about Homeland Security’s obvious manipulation of wait lines. It doesn’t take a good deal of brilliance to figure out that the wait-times have been extended to promote PreCheck.

Here’s more from the Bloomberg article:

This weekend, I flew to Chicago for my 15th (!!!) business school reunion … It was on the way home that the events of columnizing interest occurred: I found myself in the middle of what I thought was a confused crowd, and turned out to be the line for security. Said line was, according to reports from classmates, running at least 90 minutes.

…  This is the essential logic of bureaucracy. The TSA will suffer terribly if a terrorist slips through with a bomb — or even if the auditors make it through with a fake bomb. On the other hand, what happens to them if there are long lines? Not much. They’ve got to be there for eight hours, so why should they care if we are too?

This is why government agencies tend to be much more attuned to remote risks than the real and persistent costs they impose on the rest of us.  This is also the essential problem of American security theater.

This well-written analysis still doesn’t get to the heart of the issue.

Such under-reporting is a damning example of why people in the US don’t trust the mainstream media.

The constant avoidance of major – significant – issues is a major contributor to distrust.

We’ve read that less than ten percent of Americans “trust” the media these days. That figure is down to six percent in some surveys.

Conclusion: Any media report ought to be approached skeptically. But US mainstream reporting, with its continued avoidance of the truth, is increasingly irrelevant.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Bruce C.

    I have no reason to doubt the DB’s point of view here, that the TSA purposely causes delays, congestion and inconvenience at security check points to encourage people to sign up for PreCheck, but I still – personally – don’t have a good sense of what’s really going on.

    First of all, I’m assuming these delays are relatively new because when I flew a few months ago there were no delays (it took maybe 10 minutes to get through, flying round trip New York to sunny South Florida.) Secondly, I usually fly first class and when I do I never have to stand in line for security. Usually I’m waved through, or I only get “wanded” and my carry on baggage X-rayed. However, when I have flown “economy” I have had to stand in line and take my shoes off, etc., but it’s never taken that long. Thirdly, I never heard of PreCheck before reading the articles here recently. Maybe a lot of people don’t know about it, including the media people who write the articles. I mean, are there big signs with an arrow that says “sign up for PreCheck here”? Billboards that read “If you were PreChecked you’d be on your plane by now”, or something like that? If you’re a grunt reporter having to do a story on security delays at some airport, how obvious is it that PreCheck exists and is being offered as relief from the drudgery of airline security checks?

    My point is, maybe the reason TSA isn’t blamed for the delays is that it only happens at a few airports like O’Hare. Besides that, whatever happened to old-fashioned incompetence and union-mentalities for the delays? As I said before, that sort of thing really isn’t news. Everybody knows government is bureaucratic and slow. Instead, “the news” is that people are missing their flights.

    • Centurian

      Well PreCheck has been around for a few years. Because of my travel status with one airline, I’m always Pre. In January, I booked tickets to a vacation in FL. Due to using miles for my wife’s ticket, I was Pre and she was not. If we were on the same ticket code we both would have been. At one airport, we went through security. I made it in about 2 minutes and it took her more than 45. This is extortion by public organizations and employees. Fire them all!

      • Bruce C.

        But that’s what’s so crazy and typical about the way government does things. They can succeed at executing step A.31-1 of their plan (make people miserable and hate security lines) but then they fail at step A.31-2 (make people aware of PreCheck and easy to sign up.) I never heard about it, but in case I’m an ignoramus (it’s possible) then I think they should make it free or even pay signers if they really want to get millions involved.

        Hopefully they won’t figure that out.

        • Centurian

          Many airports that I’ve been through in the past year have special signup places. On the back side of security and you have to pay for the privilege.

          All of the TSA stuff is just security drama. I’ve worked in protection details (state, local and Federal) and SWAT. What they are doing makes no sense whatsoever. If they inconvenience you enough, they may convince you that they are protecting you.

          If they paid people, they would need to get that money from you and me!

          • Philosopher

            I have never considered the TSA to be anything other than security drama.

            As for paying the TSA, I thought that is what our taxes did.

            I am sick of being told I need more ID and it is going to cost more. How many IDs do I need? I have an upgraded state driver’s license (since I live on the Canadian border) so that I can go to Canada without my passport. I also have a valid US passport. Furthermore I also have an indefinite military ID which allows me access to (almost) any military base in the world.

            But I am supposed to pay more money for what? I am done with this nonsense. It makes me furious.

        • Philosopher

          It should be free. I have a valid US passport. That should be adequate. It isn’t. I also need to pay more money and basically buy an internal travel document.

  • Praetor

    Two fold purposes here. Get more info on you and to get more money out of you. They didn’t build acres and acres and acres of main frame in Utah, to not fill it up with something. What can you say about Suckerberg, he is a tool for the fools!!!

  • Brosky

    The lying enemedia is on its deathbed. Literally nobody believes them. Even the zombies know.

  • Ernie Hopkins

    Local newspaper ran another front page piece today playing this meme. Daily Bell is on the money about what is not said. I suspect this path will ultimately be used to force the “chipping protocol” these self anointed elites seem to be hell bent on.

  • Philosopher

    I have heard repeated arguments about people needing to sign up for Pre-check. However, it may take months to get an appointment to be processed. I find the whole thing ridiculous. I have a valid US passport. I also have a valid military ID which allows me access to (almost) any military base in the world. There is no reason that someone like myself should be groped by the TSA, and forced to remove clothing, in order to board a commercial flight. It is ridiculous.

    Furthermore this type of security theater does nothing to ensure my safety or the safety of anyone boarding a commercial flight.

    The weakness of US airports is that people with daily, physical access to planes are not screened. By screened I mean physically screened when they enter an airport and re-screened when they leave the airport. Specifically I am talking about those people with access to luggage and planes. Background checks should be done on an annual basis. Physical security checks should be done upon entrance and exit. Those are not done at the present time.

    The US will wake up to this fatal flaw. When? Sooner rather than later.

    • Mary

      NO ONE should be groped by the TSA. Screening people is not the point. The point is control of travel.

  • Oscar Martinez

    I stumbled onto this site from an old Galt’s Gulch post. Sorry about Chile. You should have reread the sections of Atlas about the real GG before heading south. You would have known you were being fleeced.

    Anyways, great post. Thank you. Just two observations:

    1. Question EVERYTHING you are being fed, not only by MSM but also blogs like this. We don’t really know who you are or who’s signing the paychecks. You could be CIA too, for all we know.

    2. MSM is not increasingly irrelevant. It’s totally irrelevant.

    Thanks again. Rock on.

    • Yes, thanks. Question everything. And then try to observe the sociopolitical and economic patterns around you.

      Begin to fit together what you know and try to separate out falsehoods from truth, Gradually, you will see a pattern appear. There’s always a pattern.

      How do you know we are telling the truth as best we can? Go read some of our 5,000 articles and see if they repeat previous truths and build on each other in a logical and sequential way.

      Do this. And then, if you are satisfied, you will have confidence in the reality of this blog’s truth-telling no matter who “signs the paychecks.”