When War is the Only Option
By Philippe Gastonne - July 06, 2015

In recent years, the United States has killed untold multitudes in wars and counterterrorist drone warfare in West Asia and North Africa. Our campaigns have spilled the blood, broken the bodies, and taken or blighted the lives of many in our armed forces, while weakening our economy by diverting necessary investment from it.

These demonstrations of American power and determination have inflicted vast amounts of pain and suffering on foreign peoples. They have not bent our opponents to our will. Far from yielding greater security for us or our allies, our interventions—whether on the ground or from the air—have multiplied our enemies, intensified their hatred for us, and escalated the threat to both our homeland and our citizens and friends abroad.

It is a measure of the extent to which we now see the world through military eyes that the response of much of America's political elite to the repeated failure of the use of force to yield desired results has been to assert that we would have succeeded if only we had been more gung ho, and to argue for the use of even greater force. But what we have been doing with our armed forces has not halted dynamic change in the global and regional distribution of economic, military, and political power. There is no reason to believe that greater belligerence could yield a better result.

Most Americans sense this and are skeptical both about the neoconservative agendas the military-industrial-congressional complex seeks to impose on our nation and the wisdom of staking our future on the preservation of a rapidly crumbling post-Cold War status quo. – American Conservative, June 16, 2015

The world might not need diplomats if it had no nation-states. Since we do, they serve the valuable function of lubricating relations between governments. They nevertheless represent governments, not citizens.

Our excerpt today is from Chas Freeman, a retired U.S. diplomat who believes the government is terribly misusing this basic foreign policy tool. He thinks the political elite resort too quickly to military force. When it fails, the only solution they will accept is even more force.

Mr. Freeman is certainly correct on that point.

He seems to think the neoconservatives are simply bullheaded and ignorant. This is where he goes wrong.

The "powers that be" regard constantly escalating force as a feature, not a bug. Military force costs money, and the money flows to the military-industrial complex whose revenue correlates directly with the amount of force deployed.

Let's name names. More war means more money for Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, United Technologies, Raytheon and all the other top defense contractors.

Worse, it means more money for the little-known private companies that serve the Pentagon. I mentioned recently that private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts had sent General David Petraeus to this year's Bilderberg conference. KKR did not hire Petraeus for his brainpower. His job is to vacuum as many tax dollars as he can into KKR's moneybag. That is the only reason they hired him.

More war means more money for people like Petraeus to vacuum. That, I submit, is why the U.S. no longer practices traditional diplomacy.

The small group that benefits from war will always outweigh the much larger but more diffuse population that sincerely wants peace. Diplomacy has no chance. War is the only option.

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  • Bill Ross

    well, to know whether there is “no other option” to WAR, need to know what war actually is:

    WAR (algorithm): demonize, socially, economically isolate, provoke response that can be spun as aggression, initiate aggression (including false flags), feed from the carcass, next prey.

    So, the “no other option” “opinion” is a falsely framed illogical “argument to prey”

    …and, the ONLY reason for this is that the aggressor has forsaken peaceful honest trade and division of labor in favor of a division of spoils (predation) “civilization” and goal seeking.

    A LIE of omission: When you reject peaceful, honest trade as a method of securing goals, well, yes, by definition and process of YOUR elimination of viable alternatives: WAR is inevitable, because YOU have chosen to reject peace, honest trade and civilized behavior because of addiction to “something from nothing” (really: at the expense of innocent others / prey)

    The oughta be a law. Oh wait, THERE IS:

  • windsor1

    Boobus Americanus or Joe Sixpack believes the gov’t works for him or her. Nothing could be further from the truth. The American politician’s loyalty is to the corporations including bankers and defense contractors, super-pacs, lobbyists etc. who fund his campaign. He is beholding to them and the media. If you don’t vote for a politician the elite wants a Diebold voting machine will do it for them. The voter has been marginalized and democracy no longer exists.
    – was the passing of the TPP trade agreement for your benefit or for the corporations?
    – Is coming forced vaccination as passed in Ca. for your benefit or the drug industry?
    – Is Obamacare there for your benefit or the benefit of the healthcare industry?
    – Is amnesty and uncontrolled immigration for your benefit of the benefit of corporations and future political agendas?
    – Is the surveillance of civilians and Data warehouses in Bluffdale Ut. for your benefit or for the government’s
    – Were bank bailouts and too big to fail programs for your benefits or for the benefit of the financial industry?
    – Is the militarization of police forces and construction of FEMA camps for your benefit or theirs?
    – Is outsourcing and offshoring of industry for the benefit of corporations or you?
    – Are bank bail-in laws for your benefit or theirs?
    – The US military spends more than the next 10 leading nations combined. Who is the enemy? Why is the US military in over 100 countries? Who other than the US and Israel is continually invading other countries (preferably oil producers) to liberate them and bring them democracy?
    – Since its founding the US has been at war longer than it has been at peace. Why? Are American citizens warmongers or peace loving?
    Figure it out folks. The US has been co-opted by special interests and you are no longer in charge. Wake up!
    Wars benefit bankers and the military industrial complex. The banks fund both sides and the military industrial complex makes a ton of money selling non renewable expendable equipment. They supply the bullets and you supply the bodies. They control the spin and propaganda. The same folks have been doing this for millennia using divide and conquer strategy along with Machiavellian political tactics.
    They have duped Boobus Americans before and are in the process of doing it again on a scale that is unimaginable. Boobus has been duped by the media and his politicians and the inflatable money system and sadly he is totally unaware of it.

    • IdahoGrandpa

      You understand our situation perfectly. In a way, it may be a kindness that so many others don’t get it. Keep your head down and spend your time and effort on your family, that’s all that really counts. The final battle between good and evil is rapidly approaching, save as many as you can.

      • Barney Biggs

        I refer to us, regardless of country as the SHEEPLE whose main purpose is to be sheared by the power elite of the world.
        Understand this and accept it and life becomes a lot more peaceful and quiet. Try and plan for survival.
        There is a move afoot in Europe (Denmark and Scandinavia ) and also several large banks in the US to eliminate cash and only have credit cards which of course will funnel all transactions through the banks and allow the power elite even more control over us.
        I laugh at all the people who do the on line banking and playing right into the hands of the power elite who are pushing for this vary thing. With cash we have some flexibility and independence from bankers and politicians and power elite but with cards none. They try and tell us it is to control terrorism and drug cartels which is only a small portion of the real issue.

        Watch and learn

  • William Scott

    Good point about ‘counter insurgency’ scumbag, Petraeus (I called him ‘betray us’ from day 1) but I would also ADD that those ‘Global 500’ companies are CROWN corporations, dba: ‘American,’ etc. companies… and no ‘corporate soul’ CEO/B (or even the KNOWN ‘public’ preferred stock shareholders on their boards, etc.) are truly in CONTROL OF these companies. (Same goes for ALL ‘publically traded’ corporations… under the Roman Crown EMPIRE… So if/when say the remaining THREE (of 197) countries now prized by the PTB’s UN / NATOsphere don’t ‘go along with the program…’ then of course the RULERS (above the governments, inc., in the empirical system, at large) will simply have their banks further DEVALUE fiat currencies, use that to bet on BOTH SIDES of a war… and use the illegally collected and allocated ‘tax dollars’ (sent to the UN) to FUND the war/s, after the ‘false flag’ or ‘preemtive’ EXCUSE to start the next one/s to EXPAND and PERPETUATE the system… The USA is primarily the ‘spearhead’ of the PTB empirical DC/City of London / Vatican City ‘Empire of the State’ triad being using to supposedly ‘master the human domain,’ to perhaps coin a ‘Betrayus’ slash Pentagon, slash Palatin, Stratfor, CIA, MI6, Mossad, etc. phrase? Trouble IS… even Greece’s LEFTist party isn’t ‘buying into’ the collectivist ‘austerity’ scam, so it’s looking like WAR is inevitable… however it’s NOT going to ‘play out’ like the PTB (who will all be hunted down, tried and executed) think it will… And I suspect MANY of them already intuitively realize this??? (Got a remote island “RE,’ private airforce, navy and a thousand x several mercs and unlimited gold, etc. so they don’t turn on you? Then why the HELL are you still ‘on board,’ running the same passe PLAYBOOK… expecting the same or a more FAVORABLE RESULT,’ lower to mid- tier, PTB? Because the ‘Novus Ordo’ seclorum simply isn’t GONNA HAPPEN, precisely because HUMANKIND ‘collectively’ isn’t gonna, LET IT HAPPEN!)

  • Joelg

    Add one more loop to the military-industrial-congressional complex: The shareholders reaping the most benefit from the “defense” industry, the owners of more than half the equity, are institutions, particularly USA Government Pension Funds (all levels: city, county, state, police, fire, education, federal employees). So, it is a rigged game on an additional level, with war spending flowing back and supporting government pension payouts (via higher share prices for war industry companies). Peace inevitably means smaller government employee pensions. Hence, there is a bottom-line vested economic interest (or conflict of interest) of government employees in supporting war and the Neo-con agenda.

    • Barney Biggs

      It is not just the US Gov pension funds but most other pension funds are also invested in these companies.
      We have to constantly keep in mind we are SHEEPLE and our purpose on this earth is to be sheared by the power elite.

      Once you have that firmly fixed in your mind and accept that, then life becomes a lot more calm and peaceful.

      There is not a darn thing we can do about it as it is now global with over 7 billion of us to shear.

  • SexyIsntSexist

    “The world might not need diplomats if it had no nation-states”.

    First premise is wrong. What follows will also be wrong.

    Even tribes have representatives.

    • Bill Ross

      normally, representing their own self-interests and, NOT the represented.

      • SexyIsntSexist

        Really? What evidence do you have for that assertion; other than wishful thinking?

        • Bill Ross

          duh, our imploding peace, prosperity and civilization, under the “competent” management of our public representatives / servants. Surely you have noticed?

          • SexyIsntSexist

            wishful thinking then

  • Pilgrim

    It’s not the “military industrial complex” that worries me, it’s the moral/ethical foundation of our elected representatives who wield it.

    • Barney Biggs

      Pilgrim. Do you think the elected representatives wield it, or is it actually the big banks and the power elite who control the elected representatives.

      • Pilgrim

        Barney Biggs, There are four spheres of influence vying for power in the world today. There are numerous intersections where they have to “play well with others”, so to speak, so they don’t tread on each-other’s turf.

        The “military industrial complex” was born at the time of FDR when the world was on the brink of being militarily swamped by the Axis powers. FDR didn’t form it. Heads of corporations coordinated together and told FDR they would produce a war machine that would defeat the military might of German, Japan and Italy. FDR agreed to their terms.

        What grew out of that concession was a style of governance where corporations dictate legislative terms to consolidate market share. This is why America has the best military hardware on the planet.

        This is why “campaign contributions” are not prosecuted as bribes, even though they meet the definition.

        This is also why competition in the US is impossible for startups and why the US economy is in the toilet.

        To answer your query, Raw power has become the deciding factor in who dictates terms to whom. Right now it seems like the politicians and the banksters are having their way. But as anyone can readily see, widespread poverty is always the result when theft becomes the governing style of a nation’s government.

        Corporations can’t leverage power when they have no market. Their power derives from the creation of wealth. People on welfare do not constitute paying customers. They don’t produce anything. Neither do bureaucrats. Money is not wealth. Wealth is what money buys. Wealth is not produced by government, banksters, terrorists or academics.

        As wealth wanes, so does the power of corporations. The military industrial complex is currently gasping for air. Only a strong economy creating wealth can support a military industrial complex. This we do not have.

        Without America as a customer, China’s economy isn’t a bastion of strength either.

        In short, as evil grows, wealth shrinks.

  • Barney Biggs

    I have maintained for many years that the US and some others NEED an enemy. Without an enemy that they can sell to the voters the whole military industrial complex is redundant.
    If there is not a real enemy then they have to create one from someplace.
    The current enemy of the year is Putin and Russia with Iran as a backup.

    The real enemy is China but it is just too big and unpredictable to tackle so we then go to the default.

    • Get Real

      How is China our “enemy”?

      We need them as much if not more than they need us.

      It is us who have loaded them up with trillions of our dollars.

      Dollars, if ever dumped on the market, would sink us.

      Dollars which are used to buy US bonds, which finances our out of control spending. We depend on the Chinese. Get it?

      The enemy is our own uninformed arrogance.

      • Barney Biggs

        You did not understand my post.
        My post was that the US needs an enemy real or imagined in order for them to continue to maintain their industrial and economy programs.

        If there is not a real one then they have to mfg one.

        I have no argument with any of your comments and whether China or anybody else is really their enemy their system must consider them as such.
        They have had a series of real and imaginary. Castro, Noriega, Peron, Saddam, Assad and on and now Putin.
        We all know that Putin is no threat to the US in any way shape or form but they have to spin that he is to keep their tank, plane, military tech industry receiving funds from Wash. Some years ago the Pentagon told Congress that they did not need any more tanks as they had more than they could ever use. They were told that they were getting them anyway as a good number of Congressonal districts needed the production to maintain employment and the economy.
        The Chinese are the enemy only insofar as they are vying with the US to be the world number 1. The US is also ticked with China and the BRICS over the BRICS development bank and now the ASIA infrastructure Bank. The US put on a lot of pressure to stop both and countries from joining to no avail. China is the lead in both groups.