Why Private Prison Stocks Soared When Trump Got Elected
By The Daily Bell Staff - May 21, 2017

Why did “private” prison stocks soar the day after Trump got elected?

It is almost like people in the industry knew something that the public didn’t. The former Attorney General Yates said that private prisons would be phased out. So before any cabinet members had been announced, why were stockholders betting that private prisons would not be phased out after all?

It could just be Trump’s tough on crime stance in general. But something else happened days earlier that suggests Washington insiders already knew what was going to happen.

…just before the election, two of Sessions’ former Senate aides, David Stewart and Ryan Robichaux, became lobbyists for GEO Group, one of the two largest private prison companies, and that the two were specifically engaged to lobby on government contracting.

Sessions was chosen for Attorney General on November 18, and in February 2017 announced that private prisons would not be phased out because that would have “impaired the Bureau’s ability to meet the future needs of the federal correctional system.”

And now we are starting to understand what those future needs are. Sessions wrote in a memo that law enforcement should charge defendants with the most serious crimes possible, especially when they carry mandatory minimum sentences.

It is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offense…

By definition, the most serious offenses are those that carry the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences.

Of course, many mandatory minimum sentences apply to drug crimes, which means the Justice Department will be wasting more tax dollars keeping people in cages for non-violent victimless crimes.

The drug war has been so successful already, why not double down, spend more money, and ruin more lives? This is what investors sought to capitalize on when they heard the news of Trump’s election.

But the evidence suggests Sessions doesn’t really care about crime or law and order. He has connections to the private prison industry and will be able to steer contracts in their direction as America’s top cop.

Back the Blue

But just to make sure America doesn’t lose the superlative for highest prison population per capita on earth, a new bill is making its way through Congress. Called “Back the Blue,” the bill adds mandatory minimum sentences for killing or attempting to kill police officers.

The legislation also creates new mandatory minimums for assaulting a law enforcement officer based on the extent of the injury and the use of a dangerous weapon.

Fleeing from justice to avoid prosecution for committing one of these crimes, meanwhile, would carry a mandatory minimum of 10 years.

This conjures up the line from Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Last time I checked murder and assault were already illegal. Why should crimes carry different sentences depending on who the victim is? Do police lives matter more than other lives?

Furthermore, this bill assumes it is never appropriate to fight back against a police officer. Police are capable of committing crimes too, and this ensures a strong disincentive to protect yourself against anyone in a uniform or claiming to be a cop, regardless of the truth behind their costume/ statement.

Anyone who has watched youtube in the last decade has also seen police violently throwing people to the ground while shouting, “stop resisting”. The police shout “stop resisting” in order to make a case for later charging people with resisting arrest. But when resisting arrest is the only charge, it means someone was literally arrested because there was no reason to arrest them, and they expressed that in their actions.

So this bill would threaten those pesky supporters of the First and Fourth amendments with a 10-year prison sentence if they don’t accept the aggressive and unconstitutional actions of officers.

Furthermore, as public protests heat up, this bill just ensures peaceful protestors have to take all the abuse the police pile on, like pepper-spraying crowds for no reason.

And this highlights another reason this bill is trash. Police can abuse the citizens all they want, and attack them without provocation, but if any citizen resists, they risk a decade behind bars.

Luckily a couple of Senators are fighting back, namely Senator Paul and Senator Leahy, who introduced legislation to give federal judges more discretion in ignoring minimum sentencing guidelines.

But the whole attitude of the government and law enforcement is the ultimate reversal and perversion of a government supposedly made up of the people for the benefit of the people.

The corrupt officials make money and amass power by abusing the citizen and making up excuses to throw them in cages for the most minor offenses.

We are getting to the point where all actions of a private citizen must be approved by the government, while the government officials need no permission–and will face no punishment–for their egregious abuse of the people.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • The stage is being set for noble revolutionary civil war and grand political assassinations….. with clean skin lone wolves doing the anonymous bidding of the masses and finding succour and sanctuary in their quiet and stealthy support.

    Think Ulster and “The Troubles” on a greater scale.

  • Kernel01

    The difference between private and “government” prisons is like the difference between private and public housing. Go figure.

  • Oliver Twist

    Senator Leahy and Ron Paul are both gatekeepers poised to control and water down the backlash of real resistance. This should be fairly obvious now with the way useless strategies like “sueing the TSA” or “auditing the Fed” have been proposed — especially by Ron Paul. There is nothing lucky about keeping people bamboozled into believing that these two frauds are there to fight for them.

    • Michael Miller

      Oh really? And who are the ones that are defending liberty then? Rand Paul is one of the only voices in congress defending the Bill of Rights.

      • Oliver Twist

        Defending liberty? What freedoms do you imagine you have? You are living in a growing police state that is condoned out of ignorance. And I suppose you believe the elections are not a rigged dog and pony show as well? Right. And congress is made up of a group of well-meaning but misguided ‘Yaleys’ who don’t really understand what is at stake rather than a group of stooges doing the bidding of the Deep State. Rand Paul is a puppet like his deliberately ineffectual father. It is called the “controlled opposition” and you obviously don’t know how it works. This inability to see the true situation behind the facade is why America is going into the crapper.

        • Ephraiyim

          Sadly true.

  • Don Duncan

    Wasn’t the phrase “of the people, by the people, and for the people” coined by the tyrant Lincoln? Isn’t the US govt. of “some people who enjoy the power to initiate violence, threaten, and make false promises (defraud)”? Isn’t this govt. created by a few and supported by the majority because they worship authority and violence? Isn’t this “for the few” at the expense of the people? Isn’t “for the people” a myth that is accepted despite all the evidence to the contrary? Isn’t this myth destroying society and the economy? Isn’t the threat of WWIII & nuclear holocaust created by those who are given power to protect us from danger? Isn’t it past time to wake up and smell the danger “we the people” support when we endorse rulers called leaders? Wouldn’t the elimination of federal govt. & state govt. lessen the danger?

    • LawrenceNeal

      Yah, I think that’s the Constitution.

  • Alan777

    “But the evidence suggests Sessions doesn’t really care about crime or law and order.”
    I have to disagree. Sessions has a long lifetime record of defending law and order.

    • Ephraiyim

      Who’s law and who’s order?
      There are literally thousands of laws on the federal books.
      That doesn’t even include state and local laws and ordinances.
      Does order mean we don’t tolerate peaceful demonstration?
      Does it mean no one is allowed to express their opinion if someone’s feelings are hurt or the government is made to look bad?
      That is the definition of the NWO’s “law and order”. Session’s record is almost a tutorial for how to support, legislate and enforce the law and order of the elitists scum.
      Oh, wait, maybe that means he is actually one of their slave scum himself!
      Gimme a break Alan777 and BTW maybe start thinking for yourself instead of following the whole propagandist paradigm fed to us by the NWO. You don’t get peace through ANY use of government force.
      Peace and prosperity only occur when people are free from human government.
      Try starting with “Our Enemy The State”

      • Alan777

        The executive branch is supposed to execute the laws, the justice branch applies the laws, and only the legislative branch is supposed to make the laws. Sessions is not in the legislative branch. You’re faulting him for doing his job well.
        If you’re disagreeing with the thousands of laws and overbearing government, well so do I, especially the tens of thousands of administrative laws created by the executive branch that are unconstitutional.

  • Delwingoss

    Really? There are no victims in drug crimes? Only the addict, his or her family, the close friends, the people who lose property so an addict can pay for their drugs and the occasional victim of a violent assault from some one on drugs and lest we forget; the suicides, other than that small circle. Oh and society as a whole suffers the loss of an otherwise productive and happy societal memebr. Sure no victim related to drug use and sales. And yes I’ve been strung out on just about every drug on the market so I do have more than a little experience. Other than that extremely misleading and really? Out right stupid statement? It’s a pretty good article.

    • What is your take on the harmless private, fully functioning recreational drug user with no addiction nor need for any treatment and attention, Delwingoss. Are they to be criminalised nevertheless …. and made victims of what many would suggest and recognise is a bad law enforcement program? Did the lessons of the era of Prohibition with the demon alcohol not teach anyone anything? And what of that particular poison? Is it not a curse causing untold misery to hundreds of thousands if not millions and costing a fortune to boot?

      • Agent Revolver

        Brave Bastards of the Banking Business Breaking Bad, Boldly Busting Billionaires’ Benefits… I suppose, the banking Prince’a’Pals are really not in a good mood, amfM. They’re in a desperate need of the circulation and its weight growing still on; vampires they are, and that’s their sweet thick vein in between of another ones.

        • Those particular and peculiar Masters of the Universe doing God’s work are certainly in dire straits need of new lavish fiat currency spending Knights hell bent on reversing the negative impact of their catastrophic self indulgent extravagant behaviour/ignorant arrogant actions, AR, for such is all that will save them from the wrath of an increasingly greater educated and sublimely informed mob in a time of spaces where secret information is easily set free and shared world wide over myriad stealthy networks and deep dark webs.

          • Agent Revolver

            Such kind of Service requires Self totally. Otherwise those in the field of reversing the impact would surely point it out as a show. One doesn’t need to continue telling what it would mean both for a being of a Knight and of his horse too.

          • When the masses and their wannabe commanding controllers enjoy and rely upon shows to maintain remote power over the direction of media hosted realities, providing a greater script for grander beta shows is an obvious root and route for provision of a universal change in the presentation of future conditions in systems of operation defaulted in past technologies.

            There are new and novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive tools readily available to all with the necessary passion to create what is in AI Circling Networks, a Simply Complex New Orderly World Order for SMARTR Virtual Machine Use …. which can easily also be tailored for wanton abuse and misuse should one be so inclined, although that will always have one designated as an enemy in need of being permanently removed from any and all future situations/scripts.

          • Agent Revolver

            “There are new and novel NEUKlearer HyperRadioProActive … …future situations/scripts” –

            There are universes inside the heads of the human beings which make the Ways of the Wind different from the ones of the Water, Earth and Fire, and they make their Flow filled with everything scripted to appear running in the Tide, be their run geared or drifting… but in every one of them universes do thirty pieces of silver indicate a separation from every other manly fall. Thus the enemy is defined, both for a friend and for a land.

            And, please, there is something more in the manuscripts which do not burn, “Master and Margarita” …”The only thing that he said was that he considers cowardice to be among the worst human vices”.

            Anything else… well, everything’s clear.

            55 73

  • LawrenceNeal

    “why were stockholders betting that private prisons would not be phased out after all?” Too many powerful people and money involved.