Why Save American Politics?
By Daily Bell Staff - October 29, 2016

Four Steps to Save American Politics … Donald Trump has taken a battering ram to longstanding political norms — the unwritten conventions that make governance possible … Immediately after the election, one of the most pressing questions will be how to restore them. To answer that question … what are the minimal norms on which we might agree? Here are four suggestions. -Bloomberg

Cass R. Sunstein is disturbed that “unwritten political conventions” have not been adhered to in the current presidential election.

From our point of view, the disintegration of such conventions is good news. Anything that impedes the political system from working in the US is probably a net positive.

The current political system has virtually bankrupted the US and especially the middle class, many of whom have less than $1,000 in savings and over $100,000 in debt. Some 90 million potential workers don’t have formal employment.

The US continues to engage in serial, undeclared wars that have killed and wounded tens of millions overseas. And in the past few years, the military-industrial complex, facilitated by Congress and the executive branch, has embarked on a series of provocations abroad that have heightened tensions  with both Russia and China.

The political system itself is held in low repute, with Congressional approval in the single digits. The US justice system and even the executive branch are not held in high regard.

Yet for some reason Sunstein is worried that “normal” American politics won’t be “restored.”

He makes four points.

1: Civility now … Right after the election, the losing and winning candidates should strike notes of humility and grace, and Democratic and Republican leaders should join them.

2: Compromise, early and often. 2017 could be the year of splitting differences. On gun control, for example, Clinton has a number of ideas, such as forbidding the sale of guns to people on the terrorist watch list, that many Republicans could accept.

3: Identify a set of attractive proposals from “the other side,” and champion them. With a compromise, one party yields to another; it gives something up. But there is an even more appealing possibility, which is to find domains in which the two parties agree with one another, and no one has to yield a thing.

4: Ease up on the process for confirming executive-branch nominees. This is more important than it may seem, because the current system, in which nominations are held up for months or even years, discourages good people from entering public service, wastes time and money, creates acrimony, and makes it much harder for government to serve the American people

Let’s take these points one at a time.

Why should civility return to a process that has bankrupted the American people, put six million of them in various stages of incarceration and murdered millions abroad in serial, illegal wars? Civility presumably makes the system less dysfunction. Our take: the more dysfunctional the better.

Why should the system seek out compromise? This assumes that compromise will actually be beneficial to those being governed. But compromise merely facilitates the secret goals of those who run the federal political system from behind the scenes – especially banking and military interests. Why ease their way?

Champion proposals from the other side? The US is $20 trillion in debt, is viciously divided and increasingly provides a government that is actively adversarial to the people it is supposed to “serve.” The FBI and IRS are only two elements of governance that have proven dysfunctional in the immediate past. Why support such a system or advance it?

Confirm executive-branch nominees? These individuals for the most part ease the way to more effective federal actions domestically and abroad. Yet when one examines what the federal government does, it become hard to make an argument that much of it, or almost any of it, supports the civilian population it is supposed to aid. Why facilitate federal government actions when those actions are most often destructive?

Sunstein concludes his editorial by claiming that the current rancor in federal government and its heightening dysfunction has made the American people “the real losers.” He suggests that immediately after the election, those involved should rebuild the “institutional norms that have long served the nation well.”

Huh? What institutional norms have “served the nation well”? We find this statement highly questionable. Again, the US is run by shadowy military and banking forces with their own agenda and increasingly the federal government is hostile to its own civilian population.

The most troubling issue is that larger international interests are apparently trying to reconfigure Western civilization in order to install more pervasive globalism. Aggressive immigration in Europe and a divisive political effort in the US are both contributing to the destruction of domestic society and culture.

Conclusion: Government is an initiator and abettor of the current internationalism. The US federal government is no exception. Better that it remains dysfunctional. Paralysis is not an enemy in this case.

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  • Scott

    “The US is $20 million in debt” lol, I’ll pay it myself then.

  • ArmyAviator

    Yes, yes. Compromise is ALWAYS the right thing to do…as long as Republicans cave to the whims and demands of Democrats. Like giving in to CrooKed Hillary’s “reasonable gun control proposals.” That…is compromise, from the Establishment point of view.

    I say, “TO HELL,” with the Establishment!

    Go TRUMP!!

  • William Riley

    $20 Trillion is just the cumulative Fed Budget Deficit. Prof Laurence Kotlikoff-Boston Univ says the future unfunded obligations of the feds is another $200 Trillion. Add in another $1 Trillion plus for unfunded state retirement plans and you can begin to understand why the Feds refuse to raise interest rates. A 1% annual interest rate on $20 trillion is $200 Billion. And these same fools in Wash DC doing the spending are proposing a TPTT to ship more US manufacturing jobs overseas. Add in flooding the US with refugees and you begin to understand why as taxpayers we are doomed.

    • We’ve mentioned the $200 trillion figure in the past, thanks.

      • James Clander

        Throwing around figures about Trillions doesn’t mean much – -until you look & think about exactly how much just 1 Trillion is worth.
        There is NO escape from the current US debt. None.
        For example : (If thinking of multiples of time )
        1 Million seconds = 11.5days
        1 Billion Seconds = 32 years
        1 Trillion seconds = 32,000 years !!!!!

        If not convinced check out visually – exactly what Trillions of $ actually looks like at the following web site. Mind altering – be warned:
        “US Debt Ceiling Visualized”

  • eyesofgod

    Power corrupts…but who does it corrupt? It corrupts gov’t and Big Corporate psychopaths, obviously, the most. But it also can corrupt the common egos–to one or another degree. Message: to have anything even barely resembling what Power corrupts…but whom does it corrupt? It corrupts gov’t and Big Corporate psychopaths, obviously, the most. However, it also can corrupt the common egos–to one or another degree. Message: to have anything even barely resembling what we have been suffering as government that would actually work well for the people, it would have to be led by true Spiritual renunciates. Why? Because they have no agenda. Their primary “motive” is Divine Realization, which leaves no personal motives left over but kindness, positive energy, and love–of all “others”, including the plants and animals and the very Earth itself.

    As time goes on (and it is truly questionable just how much is left for us), it becomes clearer that we need small villages, a worldwide network of little autonomous communities, each self-governing. This has worked in the past, before industrialization took over and destroyed them. With our new understanding, we can make them work again–but with greater longevity. We have to go local for very survival. Big Gov’t has not and cannot work with psychopaths (some 1% of humanity) in charge. Even if they are “weeded out” by some process, we still have laws, rule and regulations created by bureaucrats such that between going to bed and waking in the morning we have committed three misdemeanors and two felonies we knew nothing of.

    Bottom line: let’s get local. That way, we can take back control of our lives. We can hold a small group of people accountable. With Big Gov’t, this just ain’t gonna happen. They will hold onto their power until we are all over the cliff.

    • wcarlson

      Secession is the principle the Founding Fathers bequeathed us. It’s high time it was embraced and asserted.

      • eyesofgod

        I like it, wcarlson. If you are going to work within the system, this is certainly one way to go. Personally, I have less and less interest in anything other than getting local, working within my immediate community–except to write to others like this. May those be blessed who have the energy to help the States break away from Big Gov’t. We all must work at the level of our interest to help this change of consciousness take place in the world. Thank you, my man.

    • Gary

      Very nice, Eyesofgod! Very close to my sentiments. You’re correct, small communities have worked well in the past. The Haudenosaunee Confederation in the northeastern U.S. were doing quite well before Europeans came and began the extermination of all tribes across the continent. I think the return to “divine realization” you mentioned is on its way; albeit not soon. There is momentum gathering, however – we just don’t see it happening given the bombardment of falsities from the MSM. The Internet Reformation is helping to spread the word. Thanks for your comment!

      • Steven Hotho

        Surely, divine realization will again enter our world, but it might not be in a form we ordinarily consider salutary.

    • Steven Hotho

      Localism would undoubtedly run into the interests of the neighboring local tribe and, before you know it, conflict ensues over limited resources.

      • eyesofgod

        On the contrary, without Big Corporate destroying the ecosystem, the Earth is plentiful. In true CoopCom (, resources are rightly used, not abused. In the ClusterDome Project, we can live in a human scale environment. Our GardenDome, which is climate controlled, will produce almost all our food. We will be off the grid, and thus not dependent on Big Corporate for water and power. Is this making more sense? It is a higher way of life. There are many who are ready for it now, and many more who are getting ready. Privacy and community with those closest to you. The best of both worlds.

    • Samarami

      I am a sovereign state. How local is that? Sam

      • eyesofgod

        No man is an island. We need the energy, talents and resources of others to survive. Few have the abilities to survive alone. Thru cooperation, tolerance, and making and keeping agreements among small groups that are interconnected with other small groups (communities) all over the world, it happens.

        • Samarami

          We” is a dangerous word. I am fortunate to share the energy, talents and resources of others. And I survive. Quite well, thank you.

          I also believe in cooperation, tolerance, making and keeping agreements. I hope those within the groups with which I’m involved believe likewise, but their beliefs are not my responsibility. I will, of course, gravitate toward those of whom I sense those beliefs to be present; and will try to make myself scarce among those who I sense do not.

          Communities whose residents consist of sovereign states are indeed strong communities. We’re dealing here with individualism vs collectivism. Sam

          • Doc

            Not sure it’s local vs central, individual vs collective, small vs big, limited vs unlimited. I think it’s more about voluntary governance vs forced governance.

            Break the monopoly that all current governments maintain.

            “To each the government or non-governmental society of his or her dreams!” – John Zube

          • Don Duncan

            Your last statement cannot be stressed enough. It cuts to the root of the problem.
            Fifty states competing for the ultimate resource, us, is a good start, but still leaves a long, long journey uphill. As politics change from state to state, as freedom grows here or there, the economy will flourish and draw human resources away from the more authoritarian places, putting pressure to change or whether away. And that’s how the state dies.

        • Steve

          It may be that no man is an island. But it is also true that our sovereignty is! It is another way of saying we have equality of natural rights under natural law, another way of saying we are all children of the same creative source.

          But you nailed it, the way forward is cooperation, tolerance and keeping agreements. All the things that relate to voluntary exchange. No higher authority other than the individual is necessary for such a civilization. Any claimed higher authority is not only a danger to liberty, but unsupported by the facts.

    • EDD

      Eyesofgod; an interesting comment. I found much I resonate with. Quote: “Message: to have anything even barely resembling what we have been
      suffering as government that would actually work well for the people, it
      would have to be led by true Spiritual renunciates. Why? Because they
      have no agenda. Their primary “motive” is Divine Realization, which
      leaves no personal motives left over but kindness, positive energy, and
      love–of all “others”, including the plants and animals and the very
      Earth itself.”

      The word heaven can be seen to have different meanings. Astronomy: The sky or universe as seen from the earth. Religion: The abode of God, the angels, and the souls of those who are granted salvation. Source:

      Religious: In other words, a state of exalted awareness. The nde’s and oob’s experienced by numerous people share in a conceptual commonality of life beyond the physical. (And this regardless of what Md.’s and others have to say about chemical reactions in the brain.) Biblical references support the state of a higher existence. In short; Enoch, Elijah, and the experiences of the disciples on the ‘Mount of Transfiguration’ to mention just a few.

      Who are these individuals? Are they not the one’s who have graduated from the planet earth? Indeed, Your statement: ” It is a higher way of life. There are many who are ready for it now, and many more who are getting ready,” supports this very hypothesis.

      Imagine a time when those who are prepared will experience the phenomena when those enlightened individuals materialize in the physical just as did Moses and Elias, (Elijah), did before the eyes of the disciples. And these exalted personnel are the ones who can influence those who are spiritually inclined here in the physical realm. Note; influence them, not dominate them thus violating ‘free will’.

      I haven’t referred to this in any recent posts, but a more modern concept of this occurred in ‘Washington’s Vision’: “This afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something seemed to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite me a singularly beautiful female.” And: “All I could do was to gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor. Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed as if it had become filled with sensations, and luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarefy, the mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy and yet more distinct to my sight than before.” (A full reading for context can be found at:

      America, imo, is at the crossroads of the third part of Washington’s vision and we are being severely tested as never before if the blueprint of America from the higher sources is to realize it’s full destiny. The question is this: are there enough American citizens awake to the corruption surrounding us to pierce the veil covering a divine reality for America to realize her divine potential?

  • Praetor

    Cass R. Sunstein, what a Putz. His whole life and career is government. His career is the best example of why we need a purge in the Fed.Gov! The man is a d*m communists. Cass R. Sunstein, what a Putz.!!!

    • wcarlson

      Yes indeed. A Cultural Marxist straight out of the Frankfurt School that has almost finished their work to destroy Western Civilization Trump’s candidacy is the best indication that millions have awakened to the dire threat and will finally stand their ground

  • rahrog

    Why save America? It is just another in a long line of totalitarian empires. Americans do not believe in basic human rights like LIFE, LIBERTY, and PROPERTY.
    Off to the dust bin USA.

  • apberusdisvet

    My solution would be to give back all power to the states. Disband the IRS, Departments of Education, EPA , etc etc. If one state wants to go full Marxist, let it. The people will decide whether to stay or move. Just imagine: one state totally populated with the Free Shit Army and snowflakes in their “protected” spaces; oh wait, there are a few already.

    • joeyman9

      50 labs, intent on improving the life of the people and trying to find the best way to do it. Some would fail and some would succeed. Beats one size fits all govt we have now.

  • robertsgt40

    Sunstein is part and parcel of the “team” that is intentionally dismantling the nation. It’s been their intention before the ink was dry on the Constitution.


    The Federal System Elite, The Scotus, the Potus, the Legislative, the Pentagon, the Treasury, the Federal Reserve, who control 330 million souls, live in their very own Ivory Tower. And it is a sound proof chamber, within the Green Belt, Wining and dining at the taxpayers expense, but every quarter the campaigners have to return home, take their ties off, roll up their sleeves, listen intently, and then return to the sound proof chamber, believing they just had a night mare out on the hustings,and are so relieved to be back amongst their peers, including their former associates, the lobbyists, within the old boys club, after cleaning the manure off their boots, and thankful for not having to give false promises to the home town deplorables, for another 3 months. Yep, life is great inside the Green Belt. Just heard they are planning to put a 30 foot wall all around the D.C.

  • Goldcoaster

    where is the link to his original article? I’d like to give him a piece of my mind.

    • Praetor

      He is probably one of those who have tweetybird account. Although he will probably block you from commenting, being he is a communist and does not like free speech. He wrote a book about limiting free speech. Good luck!!!

  • Kevin

    Agree 100%! It reminds me of people who claim Ron Paul was a failure because he only got 1 of his bills passed in something like 14 years. His legislation was always constitutional and designed to roll back the power of the State. The power hungry criminals in DC wanted nothing to do with THAT kind of legislation. I’m still VERY leery about Trump, but hopefully I’m wrong and he actually believes at least some of what he claims. My biggest concern is Trump will lock the police state down even tighter and will be looking for any excuse to bomb Iran. Hopefully he just knows for “we the people” to take back control of the government we have got to have the military and the police on our side because if the power structure really hates him as much as they seem to, things are probably going to get dicey.

  • Clayton Smith

    It is a very sad time in America. This election, thanks to Donald Trump, has revealed the great discontent of the everyday folks in this country and the profound disconnect the ruling elites have with them. We use the words, “flyover country,” but we could also coin the term, “drive through country,” to describe those parts of urban bi-coastal America that suffer the same neglect and the same contempt by the nations masters. Extreme self-absorption is a major characteristic of the psychopathic personality type, and the American oligarchy is rife with this. We see this in the popularity of American Idol(olitry). We live in a culture that promotes self-worship. The election process itself is exercise in this, issue matter far less than persona. In fact, issues only surface as a means to demonstrate how informed and clever one is. The solutions proposed to our numerous complex dilemmas are almost always formulaic and simplistic. Then, there is the fear and loathing of the other. If Hitlary gets elected, it will only get worse. The bad will drive out what little good remains in DC.

  • ICFubar

    Neo-liberal economic policy does not work for the vast majority of the population and anyone championing it, like the majority of politicians in the US Federal government,must then be classified as enemies of the people, as the population is seen as an enemy of the shadow government who is the real perpetrator of these economic policies. These members of the shadow government have captured the State and corrupted the entire political and administrative process of the American Republic. So as the anarchist saying goes “Don’t forget to wreck the state.”

  • Deneace

    Lets just start in the 1950’s when the Soviet Union was exacting regime change around, fostering discontent among rebellious groups like college kids and blacks, or minorities. Rebels like Fidel Castro and his band of thieves and killers who overthrew the Government in Cuba, regime change. In the Middle East the Muslim Brotherhood (against Syria) was defeated as well the Iraqi National and Communist parties against Saddam.The Communist African National Congress won in South Africa against the whites. The PLO were held back trying to take over Israel. The Black Panthers, Black groups out of Jamaica and elsewhere, The Weather Underground and other communists and college kids, lefty Jews (thieves) and Homosexuals in th the US were fomenting unrest for Communist (Socialist) overthrow (regime change, intervention) in nations around the world with communist Soviet Support. The catholic church has been supporting communist reveoutions (Jesus Killers) all over South America, America, South Africa and everywhere. I always wondered why those gay men never took Jesus off the cross but dragged him around like a reminder of what happens when you open your mouth.
    So here we are today just like the old Soviet Union exacting regime change for (materialistic democracy. We have multiple Gods for all the different groups and each god controlled by the state. Most muslims were the friends of the Soviets, now they are ours.

    • James Clander

      What a load of extreme lies – – all of it. No hope for the Planet if too many believe your rubbish. Burn in hell seeing you believe in that crap.

      • God

        So it lies? That’s it? Nothing in particular? Just lies?
        Only fools and tyrants want to be God.

        • James Clander

          Hey fruitcake -when did you descend?

          • God

            The State (your elected god) along with it’s legions of institutions and people (Hillary included) are a reflection of it’s people their principles, beliefs and values. Your god arose by your own actions. Jesus didn’t descend but was born.
            I can’t imagine that Jesus would want to be your god, as Jesus was neither a fool nor a tyrant.65
            God iwas never God’s name.

      • Prove it

        Disprove it instead of just giving an ad hominen attack!

    • Sadstateofaffaris

      Around here we think that the CIA & etc. instigated almost all those events?

  • Dalton

    Good article. Shared.

  • Philip

    Philip, Another so good article DB.Make my day and send a copy to Bloomberg and Cass Sunstein the MSM shills. Philip

  • Don Duncan

    What a great attitude you guys at DB have. You cut through to the heart of the matter.
    One day this will be on MSM. That day we will know the second renaissance is here.

  • john d

    imo, the root of all evil is the love of money. the accumulation of vast fortunes which cannot be spent in multiple lifetimes would be a good identifier of a “lover of money”.
    I accumulate money by depriving another from getting it. when I have accumulated money to the extent that I can buy influence in government to protect and enhance my ability to accumulate more money I have become a menace to society.
    we celebrate this type of person by publishing their greed each year. forbes does an excellent job of identifying the persons (money lovers) who have displayed their ability to prevent millions from obtaining the basic necessities. these individuals have collectively purchased the reigns of government to protect their “money” through favorable tax laws while steering government expenditures toward their mechanisms of amassing even more of their precious treasures. they have also put in place the means of controlling the masses through force if necessary but, more often through indebtedness. the enhancement of their riches also comes with devastating effect on the earth and its natural abundance.
    the one chance to change the direction of this death spiral is at the voting booth though recent supreme court rulings have supported the closure of the power of the people. every incumbent who is elected this year is a validation of the special rights of the ruling elite.

  • RezNdN

    I should of found this website years earlier.

    Nice work.