Why So Many People Believe the FBI Killed Martin Luther King Jr.
By Joe Jarvis - April 04, 2017

The FBI is super sketchy. Questions abound over their role in various assassinations. The case of Martin Luther King Jr. is no exception.

Today is the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., a man who stood for peace and encouraged everyone to not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

The personal attacks that MLK suffered at the hands of the FBI are well documented, though they sound like conspiracy theories to the unaware.

The FBI investigation into King started as a national security issue, with the official stance of the FBI being that King was a communist sympathizer with close ties to card-carrying members of the communist party. On April 4, 1967, exactly one year before he was assassinated, King gave a speech in which he denounced the Vietnam War, which the FBI took as proof of his communist affiliation.

Then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover even publicly denounced King as a liar and a fraud. He is believed to have also initiated a letter sent to King in 1964 accompanied by a tape from an alleged sex party in a DC hotel room. The letter appears to be crafted to sound like it was a disappointed former follower, describing King as an “evil, abnormal beast.” But that wouldn’t provide an explanation for how the disillusioned fan got access to all this knowledge on King’s “adulterous acts” “immoral conduct” and “sexual orgies.”

Only the FBI would have that knowledge, from the wiretaps and monitoring they were doing supposedly for national security purposes.

The letter concludes,

King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is… You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.

King interpreted the last part of the letter to be urging him to commit suicide rather than have the information go public. And that wasn’t the FBI’s last attempt to smear King out of the public eye. They attempted to get news organizations interested in his immoral behavior in order to publicly shame King and counteract his message. However, these campaigns failed.

Is it possible that the blatant failure of the FBI’s public smear campaign against King, made them decide to go to the extreme to rid the nation of this “troublemaker”?

Not that his words alone should hold much weight, but King’s assassin, James Earl Ray, claims to have been the fall guy for a larger conspiracy. Even Martin Luther King Jr.’s widow and children believed Ray innocent and later advocated for him.

Ray stood before a Memphis judge in March 1969 and pleaded guilty to King’s murder in order to avoid the electric chair. He was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

Three days later, he attempted to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming he was innocent of King’s assassination and had been set up as a patsy in a larger conspiracy. He claimed that in 1967, a mysterious man named “Raoul” had approached him and recruited him into a gunrunning enterprise. On April 4, 1968, he said, he realized that he was to be the fall guy for the King assassination and fled to Canada. Ray’s motion was denied, as were his dozens of other requests for a trial during the next 29 years.

James Earl Ray had escaped from prison in April of 1967. The gun running operation he was supposedly recruited for would explain how his fingerprints could have ended up on the gun that was left behind at the scene after King was killed. Ray died in prison in 1998 of liver failure, after officials refused to allow him to be evaluated out of state for a liver transplant.

Another person had even admitted to killing King, after a large sum of money somehow found it’s way into the mix, to support the assassination.

December 1993: Former Memphis restaurateur Loyd Jowers says he paid laborer Frank Holt to shoot King. Jowers says he was paid “a large sum of money” by Memphis producer dealer Frank C. Liberto to find someone to kill King.

This was confirmed by the civil trial in 1999 which found that there was indeed a conspiracy to kill King, as opposed to one lone shooter, motivated by racial hatred.

After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999 after about an hour of deliberations that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. In a press statement held the following day in Atlanta, Mrs. Coretta Scott King welcomed the verdict, saying , “There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King, Jr. And the civil court’s unanimous verdict has validated our belief. I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury and I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations. This verdict is not only a great victory for my family, but also a great victory for America. It is a great victory for truth itself. It is important to know that this was a SWIFT verdict, delivered after about an hour of jury deliberation. The jury was clearly convinced by the extensive evidence that was presented during the trial that, in addition to Mr. Jowers, the conspiracy of the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies, were deeply involved in the assassination of my husband. The jury also affirmed overwhelming evidence that identified someone else, not James Earl Ray, as the shooter, and that Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame.”

Of course, multiple government investigations into the matter of a larger conspiracy concluded that James Earl Ray did, in fact, kill Martin Luther King Jr. What a surprise that when the government investigates itself, it finds nothing amiss.

But even without smoking-gun proof that the FBI ordered the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. the organization’s behavior towards him was remarkably abhorrent. Using the excuse of national security, the FBI monitored him. But when they found nothing to pursue, they turned to a smear campaign from information they had gathered.

It sort of makes you wonder what the government might do with all the information collected by the NSA–or perhaps already has done.

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  • Bernz

    I had a comment ready but then I realized, we’ll never stop these people. King like many before and after begins the movement and they kill him and they take over.


      The knowledge of their nefarious ways exposes them and the internet is spreading the essential information, that when widely known, will end this criminal reign. 54 years of CIA coup government, controlled media, fascist control, and perpetual war. This is not normal.

      • Patrick Perry

        On the contrary Collette, this is normal. It is only the brief periods of peace and prosperity that occur when there is little to no government that is not normal. Government (gubernare mente, mind control) by definition is criminal. Not even global catastrophe will end the current reign of terror. COG, continuation of government has been the priority for a very long time, the ruling class and the roaches will survive.

  • Amy McLain
    • Thank you Amy! The story has been updated to reflect that information.

  • davidnrobyn

    There’s a Canadian financial writer who has this slogan: “The G man is a liar, and a thief, and a murderer.” That’s a general statement, not referring specifically to the US Gov. I find it difficult to disagree.

  • It’s not regarded as controversial that the FBI created the letter as part of COINTELPRO. It was revealed in the Church Committee hearings: It’s pretty incredible to realize that the FBI was sending this letter to MLK after he had already been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1963. They didn’t want him going to Stockholm and giving an international speech. It’s important to understand how COINTELPRO, which targeted so many innocent people for criminal harassment was revealed – anti-war activists who knew the FBI was breaking the lie decided to stage a burglary into a tiny FBI field office in Media, PA to find document proof. They succeeded – an event which caused Hoover to immediately close all the small offices of that type all around the country. They sent their documents to the New York Times and other outlets. On one of the documents, this got reporters interested. One just happened to see the word, on a stray document, and managed to follow that up: It was those events which eventually led to hearings. Otherwise, the public would never have learned anything about it. By that time, MLK was cold in the ground. The FBI handled the investigation. Most of their files on that remain classified 50 years later. Hmm…William Pepper is the name of the attorney hired by the King family for the civil trial, in which a jury found a preponderance of evidence that the US govt. was involved in King’s murder. Pepper talks about it here: and also about how reporters were blackballed from covering the trial and the MSM still refuses to mention it:
    Muckrock notes today that the FBI never interviewed the guy who confessed to the murder when interviewed by Pepper:

    • Lindsey Mcgill

      Great info 👌

  • Jas

    Uhhh….No mention of the 1999 King trial? Showing it was a collusion between the FBI, the Memphis police department, army intelligence and the mob who provided the sniper. What about the FBI having to put metal plates under the scope to level it out because it was so far off? The first judge being replaced in the Ray trial. Lots left out here.


      A conspicuous omission by mainstream media, who didn’t cover it at the time either.

    • Note the Muckrock link I posted indicating that the FBI didn’t bother to ever interview the guy who confessed, when Pepper interviewed him, to being part of the crime.

  • Barky

    Jessee jackson was a part of the assasination plot and was assured the role of the new black leader in America…and he was successful.

    • Maximiliano Plus Adrienne

      interesting! jesssee the housenigger?

  • melgibstein

    Maybe the kosher behind washer Bill OReilly will write a book about “Killing MLK” and no Jews will show up in that one either.

  • melgibstein

    Its rather odd that Jerry Ray, James Earl Rays brother shot Don Black of Stormfront and lived like Gabbie Giffords never said a word about it in his book “A Memoir of Injustice”. If you shot someone in the chest with a hollow point wouldnt it be in your book about your life? Odd that a patsy’s brother would shoot someone isnt it?

  • CCblogging

    The Deep State was the Satanic force behind Dr King’s murder. Just like yesteryear, the Deep State is still murdering and controlling the state media’s propaganda. The Globalist Elites control the Deep State and we know who many of them are. America must rid itself of the Deep State, it is a vile cancer on our Republic..

  • Stephen Persaud

    Head of the FBI was fearful of a Black Messiah !

    The infamous directive from Hoover to “prevent the rise of a [Black] ‘messiah’” A “messiah” would have the power, according to document, to bring about “unity” and “coalition” among Black political groups. The document reveals a central purpose of COINTELPRO: to hinder the political actions of the radical Black American population. “In unity there is strength,” the document admits fearfully.

    The Panther represents Christ, who drew all mankind to him……

    On the evening of January 14, 1970, Felicia Bernstein hosted approximately 90 people in the Bernsteins’ home to raise funds to support the families of the “Panther 21,” a group of twenty one Black Panther Party members arrested on April 2, 1969 and charged with conspiring to kill police and bomb New York police precincts, department stores, and other public buildings. The Panther 21 had been held in jail for 9 months—many on bails set as high as $100,000—without a trial and without adequate resources to prepare for their defense.


    what’s with all the “SP”…….(Sennaya Ploschad) ?

  • JohnnyZ

    The conspiracy (theory) of MLK’s murder as finally “admitted” in 1999 is a fascinating one, but it seems that the true one is even more sinister. There is a scenario that MLK was simply a controlled opposition of the Deep State and his death was faked. This would not be surprising if one realizes that e.g. the communist ideology was created by the same jews / freemasons that control and operate the Deep State and that all major revolutions (Bolshevik, French, American, Chinese) were instigated and controlled by these same freemasons / illuminati / Jesuits / royal bloodlines. The Soviet Union and now Putin were and are only the controlled enemy that the Deep State needs (e.g. check “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy”).
    A similar series of events seem to be the deaths within the Kennedy clan, which seems to have been faked (e.g. check “The hidden kings” by Miles W Mathis). People keep arguing who killed JFK and CIA’s potential involvement, whereas he was not killed at all, but likely assigned a new personality. Similarly, the death of MLK seems staged, which casts in doubt his genuineness as a leader of the suppressed masses. The Deep State loves to control both sides, to create false division / conflict lines, which they control – all part of divide and conquer and problem (or if no problem we create one) / reaction / solution (Hegelian synthesis).

  • Cynthia McKinney

    I would encourage the readers at The Daily Bell to listen to my interview of William Pepper, the former King family attorney who conducted the 1999 trial whose jury found that the US government was complicit in the conspiracy to murder King. Pepper has a new tell-all book, “The Plot to Kill King,” that documents the whole sordid story. You may listen here:


    Damn but it is tiresome to have a bunch of “IT’S THE JOOOS!!” imbeciles show up in anything not accepted by the establishment narrative crowd. On the other hand, they are so ubiquitous, I wonder if it is not some NSA toadie typing neonazi smack to discredit anything outside the established narrative. These people ain’t exactly the brightest bulbs burning….., and maybe that is the objective.

  • Cary David Hoffson

    They bug his room that is how they knew every move he made to tell the person when to shoot him and they could have had inside help to know even more when he had to go back inside his room so know one else would get shot but him