Why the Government Hates Your Car
By Joe Jarvis - August 02, 2017

How could The Daily Bell be so clueless and naive about autonomous vehicles? A lot of you pointed out in the comments of a recent article called 5 Huge Benefits of Self Driving Cars, that the government and their media are in favor of anything that takes control away from the individual.

You raised a lot of good points. Among them was a strong theme that since we know the government spies on us, self-driving cars will just add to their knowledge of our whereabouts.

Sure, police won’t be able to pull us over, but they could have the car drive us directly to jail, as one commenter put it.

You are right. The government is engaged in a war on cars. Autonomous vehicles are a piece of that puzzle.

The War on Cars

PragerU points out what car ownership means to Americans culturally. Cars are synonymous with freedom for many Americans, allowing them to spontaneously go wherever they please.

On the other hand, buses, trains, and airlines have pre-planned routes. Somebody controls where public transportation takes you, and it is not always the consumer. The government sees it as their job to shape the citizen to their standards. Getting people to use public transportation validates the need for government services, and increases dependence on government institutions.

There is an inherent freedom on the open road, in being able to pick up and go. The government sees it as their job to crush this freedom. And to them, it doesn’t actually matter how free cars really make you. What matters is destroying the idea of freedom. Don’t encourage them! They seem to think. The battleground is in the mind.

To increase their control and relevance in transportation, the government and media take a multifaceted approach. They start by crushing the pride car owners have felt since the Ford Model T. They replace that pride with guilt, fear, and anxiety.

The meme is that cars are dangerous and dirty. You must not care about the safety of yourself and others if you drive a car. You must hate the environment if you drive a car, and the bigger the car, the worse you are.

So if you want to be environmentally conscious, you need to get a car with better fuel economy, which means it is lighter weight, and less safe. Driving an unsafe car increases the anxiety of dying or being seriously injured in a car accident; stats the government and media are happy to hammer home.

But government standards, and environmentalists pressure, to drive more fuel efficient cars also significantly raises the costs of those vehicles–another source of anxiety. At some point consumers are supposed to just throw their hands in the air, give up, and use public transportation.

You should also be ashamed if you peel a banana while stopped at a red light. A British woman was given a citation and fine for doing so. But the worst part of the story is how the police, her peers, and even she herself responded to the situation.

Anna Mellors added: ‘I think it needs to be a blanket rule so debates like this don’t need to take place, just don’t eat or drink behind the wheel.’

[The motorist said] ‘Understandably, it is illegal to take both hands off the wheel but I didn’t think I was a danger to anybody.’

Really, is that understandable? You can’t turn the lights, windshield wipers, or turn signal on without taking your hand off the wheel. Are you really supposed to keep two hands glued to the wheel the entire time you are driving or is that an unrealistic and unnecessary standard which increases the stress of driving?

The police said:

‘The driver slipped up when they declined the offer of a course and elected to challenge the case in court. However the driver entered a guilty plea and received three penalty points and fines totaling £145 [instead of £100].’

A driving course for eating a banana.

The clear message the government wants to get across is to not fight their authority, and you will not be punished further.

Washington state has introduced a similar law, which doesn’t outright ban things like eating burgers and drinking lattes while driving. Instead, it outlaws distracted driving, so police can make a case out of just about anything, even fixing your hair in the mirror.

Seattle even admitted to reducing parking spaces in a concerted effort to drive citizens crazy enough to abandon their vehicles in favor of public transport.

The fear and anxiety of driving around are mostly caused by the government. Your commute driving to work may be cheaper than the train if you don’t get pulled over. This will be a fun road trip if you don’t get pulled over.

A natural anxiety while driving would be worrying about the safety of yourself and others. But when I come up to the crosswalk on the bike path down the street from me, I find myself not looking for bikers approaching from the left and right, but watching to see if there is a cop lurking in the parking lot beyond.

But don’t let the government and media bully you into abandoning your freedom to drive a car, even a big old truck if you want to. Certain things you can’t avoid, like the possibility of being pulled over. But the mental fortitude to not let the government stress you out is still in your control.

That, and if all roads were private then the government wouldn’t even have a say…

But that is a topic for another day.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • RED

    EXCELLENT POINTS!! NOW YOU’VE GOT IT (As I suspect you always did).

  • Alan777

    Yes, pretty sneaky/clever to gin up interest with the prior article. I was beginning to think that the younger libertarians (Daily Bell staff) had a different view on autos.


    The self styled “elites” are in the business of being smarter than the “people”, and constructing a way of life for the ignorant masses to follow. Like it or not. And business is good when you have the cabal of education/media/government all backed up by the force of police power. Any moral, ethical, and free minded person must chafe under such disgusting condescension. The ever increasing social tension can only result in eventual release of such tension. Certain laws of physics can be applied to societies as well as objects. My concern mounts daily.

    • Sheila

      You are not the only one.

  • GH

    The War on Cars is just a subset of government’s war on free individuals.
    Folks in Seattle ought to pack up their cars with all their belongings and find parking spots in other cities…maybe even other states. Loss of revenue is the best way to get local government attention. Voting with your feet is a good practice…or in this case, voting with your wheels.

    • davidnrobyn

      Nice try, but you’ll never get the overwhelming majority of Seattleites to go elsewhere. My brother left his position at UW to take a similar, but better, position at Penn State. Everyone thought he was crazy. And that was around 1990, before the current fad for the Northwest had started.

    • Tre Deuce

      All cities, big or small, are the same, so save your moving dollars.

  • Vinnie

    Think common law and the right to travel freely on the public roads. Think the difference between traveling and driving. The reason they can regulate driving is because it’s defined as commercial activity and requires you to be licensed. There is a clear distinction and the vehicle code can only apply to commerce or to those who voluntarily wish to fall under the jurisdiction of the motor vehicle code.

  • Doc

    “if all roads were private then the government wouldn’t even have a say…”

    Well, they have a say in most private property so that’s not really the case.

    • LawrenceNeal

      Presidential Orders permit the seizing of any resources deemed necessary, including food, water, roads, your house and even yourself.

      • Doc

        Hey, they took 80% of my income in my home country and that’s just the general tax situation (I left). All the regulations on top of that. Maybe not as bad in the US yet, at leastvas long as you don’t get shot etc, but it’s a stretch to say the government don’t have a say in private property.

  • davidnrobyn

    I’m reminded of the lack of speed limits on the autobahns in Germany. The Germans live under such regimentation, that this is one real area of freedom they enjoy. And the German voters are not about to relinquish it. Sure, there are campaigns to limit speed, such as the posters showing the aftermath of a high-speed crash with the caption, “One Hundred Thirty (80mph) Is Enough”. But the German politicians wouldn’t dare try legislation. That would be political suicide.

    • Tre Deuce

      Reg; ” The Germans live under such regimentation, that this is one real area of freedom they enjoy.” More then the US, we don’t even have that driving option.

    • Imagine what happens when some of the cars on the road can’t handle the speeds assigned to them. You could be the next Sandra Bullock! Imagine the fame it would bring to your career by starring in the sequel. hehe

      Questionable cars with questionable tires trying to stay on their rims when the car hits a large pebble or a nail.

  • We will absolutely NEED driverless cars when they come out because by then the entire populace will be legally blinded due to a million 5G devices robbing us of the negative ions in the air.

    Inside your eyeballs there are ‘brooms’ called cilia. They beat 900 times a minute to keep the fluid moving, thereby preventing glaucoma. Extra positive ions slow the beat to 600 a minute. The 5G units will make sure cities and rural areas are getting plenty of positive ions. Positive ions are ATTRACTED to moisture, so your eyes and sweat glands will be primary targets, along with your nose and mouth.

    So you better support driverless cars unless you want to stay home all day tripping over your things. /sarcasm

    We need to stop this madness today. 5G will be here in full bloom in three years and partial bloom before the year is over in select cities at lower power levels. So get busy.Since the driverless cars won’t be here for ten years, you’ll have to wait inside your house once you lose your eyesight. Do what you can now to save your eyesight and your children’s eyesight.

    • Tre Deuce

      Thank the gods for some common sense on this subject.

    • georgesilver

      “5G devices robbing us of the negative ions in the air.”
      As a fan of alternative health (real health) I hadn’t heard of this. I must investigate.

  • Praetor

    Now the temperatures are reaching 100 plus degrees ‘Across’ most of America. Take a look at local news in the cities. Lots of technology not working do to the heat. Trains power outages satellite connections ATM’s down, a whole lot of tech; not working right now across America. Extreme heat negatively effects technology more than any other temperature range.

    And the ‘IDIOTS’ in Washington have a belief that the power grid is a dependable source of control over our every move, this is why they are such fools. They are very fortunate that Global Warming is a Scam.!!!

    • Tre Deuce

      Another clear case of cognitive disconnect. Probably voted for the congenital liar, too

      • Praetor

        True Deuce screw you.!!!

        • Tre Deuce

          COL! Do I detect a ‘Note of admiration’

          After a terse exclamatory sentence, you still felt it necessary too use three(3) exclamation points. Grammar, observation skills and critical thinking are not part of your bag of tools.

          My apologize if you were offended by my questioning your intelligence, I thought you already knew of your intellectual limitations.


          Exclamation points were originally called the
          “note of admiration.” They are still, to this day, used to express excitement. They are also used to express surprise, astonishment, or any
          other such strong emotion.

          Use of Exclamation Points; Most conventional grammar rules say, that they really don’t belong in proper grammar, or at a minimum that they should be used sparingly..


          • Praetor

            No! My comment to you was censored, by this webpage. A true dunce you are. You brag you boast about using 19th century technology, how moronic can you be. Punky city people, stuck in the rat maze. GLOBALISTS WARMING IS A SCAM. Which proves you will believe anything you are told and that makes you a fool.!!!

  • Tre Deuce

    Bottom Line, we need to get out of our personal transports for daily use. After WW11, most city people took the bus, trolley, train, or car pooled or walked to work. Cars were for weekends and getting to that fishing hole or hauling the boat to the lake. My grandfathers and uncles rarely used their cars during the week.

    We have moved from occasional use and one car garages to multiply daily use, and three car garages. A situation that is extremely costly to the environment and threatens our viable future.

    And worst, most us are in a ‘Big Hurry to Go Nowhere Fast’. We waste
    fuel, brakes, and save no time, but those thoughtless actions, seriously
    add to pollution and Human Caused global warming.

    Note; I’m a big Gearhead, love my cars and Bikes(27′ T-roadster, M3, pro-Touring(530-Hp) 90′ IROC-Z, Hayabusa, and more), but ride a bicycle for local transport and light loads.

    Get a clue, people, or suffer the consequences.

    • Brother John the Deplorable

      After World War Eleven, huh? Yeah.

      Well, where I live, cars were a daily feature of life in the 1940s. This is farm country. No buses run out here, today, or then.

      What is this “nowhere fast” talk? I’ll drive my cars when, where, and for any reason I like, thankew very much. And we’re not causing global warming, you’re sniffing gas fumes.

  • Praetor

    Censorship is an Ugly Thing.!!!

    • Tre Deuce

      Now we agree on something Cheers

  • eyesofgod

    My best solution is off-the-grid cooperative community, where far fewer cars would be needed and most of the small (16-25 persons) community’s food needs would be provided in their own climate-controlled greenhouse. Plans are almost ready. It’s called “Espheria”. Solves this and a whole host of other human problems. Will keep you informed. BTW, thank you once again, Joe Jarvis, for yet another excellent article.

    • georgesilver

      “My best solution is off-the-grid cooperative community, “
      Sounds all very mung-bean, eco-friendly, warm and self hugging.
      Trouble is the World is run by psychopaths. If your system was to really catch-on they would make it illegal or tax it to the hilt. You cannot escape the “system”. You can though make the system work for you with cunning and low profile.

      • Tre Deuce

        Competing currencies, political(Rashneesh Puram – secession) entities unilaterally declared within the borders of a country will incite a call to arms employing a lot of flag waving, calls to patriotic action and at the very least indictments by the AG and prison terms if you don’t die resisting arrest, but likely more death & destruction on a large scale.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! I am very interested to hear more about your project, that is something I have been interested in for a long time!

      • eyesofgod

        Sorry for the late reply. Please email me at and I’ll send you an intro document on Espheria. I’m Leonard.

    • Tre Deuce

      Our ‘Viable’ future is in cottage industry on or off the grid. There is a community near Madras, Oregon that is totally off the grid and is building supporting industry. When last there(1996), it was comprised of about thirty homes with more planned.

    • Sheila

      It’s great that people like that can congregate together.

  • georgesilver


  • Trmist

    The part of the story you left out is that cars are not really optional in America. One is virtually forced to pony up $7000 + per year to keep a car on the road. I like the freedom to drive but I would be happier still if cities were made for people rather than cars.

    • timamac

      Cars are made for people to move around.

  • Anon.

    It’s a good thing only commercial vehicles need a license plate or drivers licence.
    Look up the uniform commercial code (UCC) definitions for “motor vehicle” and “transport”. Some states put a few more layers in between but the key is to always find the legal definition of terms used in the “law”. Don’t assume you know what they mean because the words legalese and legality were invented for a reason.

  • jcwconsult

    FAR too much of traffic laws and their enforcement today is for profits, not for legitimate safety concerns. Enforcement for profits is 100% wrong, 100% of the time.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

    • LinuxGuy

      The government should focus on doing something good, like not spending money it does not have and living in a thrifty manner. Ha!

  • Juneau Plex

    William Binney was Technical Director of the NSA. He was considered one of the best code breakers in NSA history. He developed a relatively cheap but highly effective system that respected the constitutional rights of all citizens. But he resigned over what he saw going on there. He said their ultimate goal is Total Population Control. Mandatory Autonomous Vehicles would be a huge step in that direction. You can be sure that is why it’s gotten as far as it has. We can’t let it happen. As for the climate issue, the human race has worked too hard for too long to achieve the standard of living we have today only to see it be taken down now. The answer is through science an technology not conservation. With this talk of a trilliion dollar investment, that could fund alternative energy research, It could be used to build a lot of electric car charging stations. If they could produce electric cars that have similar range as gas powered cars and if it would only take 5 minutes to charge, the general public would embrace them. But the Oil lobby has to strong of a grip on our government. Ending the use of petroleum would also bring an end to all the wars in the middle east.