Yahoo, Facebook Exposed: Propaganda More Difficult in Era of Internet
By Daily Bell Staff - May 27, 2016

Katie Couric Regrets ‘Poor Decision’ to Insert Pause in Gun Documentary Interview  … Katie Couric is upset that an eight-second pause inserted into an interview she did with gun rights activists in the documentary “Under the Gun” has drawn criticism. – TheWrap

Yahoo’s Katie Couric has just released an anti-gun documentary with a manufactured pause that mocks pro-gun interviewees. This is one of those stories that the mainstream media cannot ignore.

It provides us with further evidence that those who wish to propagandize audiences need to be careful about how they do it. If biases are not revealed, the Internet may expose them.

The perspective of the documentary is not surprising, but its clumsiness has likely undermined its effectiveness.

The Couric expose comes not long after Facebook received a good deal of negative publicity for reducing its audience’s exposure to conservative and libertarian viewpoints.

The Facebook news algorithm may have been written to promote this reduction. But Facebook also seems to have hired individuals who took it upon themselves to minimize conservative content.

After a former employee of Facebook exposed the practice, founder Mark Zuckerberg held a “summit” with certain conservative media leaders including individuals like Glen Beck.

Zuckerberg wanted to assure the conservative community that Facebook was not inherently biased. Now it is Katie Couric’s turn to do damage control.

The initial manipulation is fairly blatant. Members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League attended a “roundtable” and seem to fall silent after Couric asks, “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

This didn’t actually happen.

According to  VCDL president Philip Van Cleave, “[Couric] intentionally removed … answers and spliced in nine seconds of some prior video of our members sitting quietly and not responding. Viewers are left with the misunderstanding that the members had no answer to her question.”


Director Stephanie Soechtig inserted the pause, which critics are calling an example of “deceptive” and “appalling journalism.”  Soechtig … spoke to TheWrap and stood by the editing choice … “My intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question …

This answer is ridiculous.

She made pro-gun responders look silly because she wanted viewers to reflect on Couric’s question?

Yahoo must be comfortable with the way Couric and Soechtig feel about guns to put up with such after-the-fact justifications. In another profile about the documentary, TheWrap quotes Couric as saying,

What we’re trying to do is set the table for an informed discussion. We embedded with a number of families who’ve lost loved ones to gun violence: a couple from Chicago; the Bardens from Sandy Hook; Richard Martinez, who lost his son Christopher in Isla Vista …

Couric mentions Sandy Hook in her statement above. The anomalies between the government story and what has been established by private investigators regarding Sandy Hook and other shootings are enormous.

But obviously Couric has not looked into them in any great depth. What she does at this point is not journalism. When her perspectives are examined in totality, it is obvious that she has preconceived notions.

But it takes a lapse like this one to bring her views into focus within the larger context of Yahoo and similar media vendors.

Conclusion: As with so many other important developments, there are positives and negatives to the Internet’s expansion. But when it comes to communication, the size and intimacy of the ‘Net is making it more difficult to create and sustain overt propaganda. Zuckerberg and Couric are finding this out now.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Marten

    Guns,it is often blamed for “evil”…It is a tool and as such it cannot be “evil or good”…But good & evil can be achieved with any tool….Blame the “User” not the tool

    • Bill G.

      Another example is if a carpe

      • Bill G.

        If a carpenter building a house, using a nail gun shoots a nail into his hand, is it the nail gun’s fault or the carpenter that pulled the trigger of the nail gun. How stupid can liberal socialist like Katie Couric and Mark (what his name that owns Facebook) be not too understand that it’s always the person fault, NOT the GUN.
        So stop watching Katie and using Mark’s Facebook (a friend of the worst President that America has ever had , along with another President Jimmy Carter. Worst President President was Jimmy Carter, Obama now takes his placed, Jimmy moves to # 2, both Democrates!!!!

  • perger


  • Chemist

    You always have to call them out, when and where possible. Like this article for example:

    Hi Lisa,

    I sort of chuckled when I read your article:

    It’s not the gun that is doing the trigger pulling. People will use whatever tools are available. Of course the stats won’t line up behind gun-related suicides in New York state because of the assault on the 2nd Amendment that has been going on there for the past 20 years.

    States with lots of water might have more drownings. States with high cliffs might have more people falling off those cliffs. People jumping off bridges? Well, cities with tall bridges will have more of those kinds of suicides. Correlation does not imply causality in this case, whacked out people will find different ways to do the deed.

    Consider Great Britain. It’s a more violent society than the US, and absent guns and even long knives (yes, the UK’s nanny state has indeed gone that far) people resort to bludgeoning each other with blunt objects.

    Please stop the continuation of the villainization of gun ownership. It’s a false narrative. The only stats that are real is the more guns a given area has, the lower the crime rate. Criminals don’t want to roll the dice when they attack a person or a household when they believe there is a gun to be found on the other side of their ill-deeds.

    • 2bvictorius

      Actually the Brits have decided to commit suicide by importing Muslims to kill them, ever so slowly by enslaving them first, then enacting Islam’s version of a “head Tax.”

  • alaska3636

    A real journalist might reflect on the issue of gun violence in “gun free zones” like Chicago; the uptick in gun violence surrounding Black Lives Matter protests; or, the wild racial disparity in gun violence in general, instead of focusing on the statistically unlikely chance of being gunned down by a depressed, white teenager coming down off of his SSRIs.

    The phony editing trick was (and is still) used with aplomb by the staff at the Daily Show. Here is Gavin Mcinnes explaining how several hours of explaining his views is edited into 10 minutes of snarky asides:

  • 2bvictorius

    When one expects Anti Constitution , anti America progressives to do anything not in their Cloward and Piven handbook, disappointment is sure to follow.

  • Earn nest

    I never read Katie Couric on Yahoo as her articles typically don’t allow posts. Reading slanted opinion sold as fact without the relief of rebuttal is intolerable. Since yahoo generally allows for replies, even encouraging them, this must be her preference.

  • Rickster56

    I have always said pro-gun people insist on doing the same thing and falling into the same anti trap. They have you discussing the gun this, the gun that, the 2nd amendment, my dead fingers etc.

    These are all distractions, they want to take away any and all firearms from the public. It’s a waste of time to discuss what they say it’s all lies and when they run out of things to say the media and politicians make things up, falsifying statistics, and creating crap like Katie Couric

    We have to vote for pro gun people, and appoint pro gun judges, period. Anything else is talking heads and a time waster. Do things like join your local pro gun group that tracks and has involvement in government. The VCDL is by far the best I have seen living here in VA their mailer is stocked with details of their efforts and watchfulness. Miss Couric made a mistake trying this with the VCDL.

    • Bruce C.

      I would add that instead of dealing with their minutia and fear mongering, they should stay on point and continually remind everyone that the purpose of the right for citizens to bear arms is to protect themselves from government tyranny. They should always put the anti-gun advocates on the defensive and force them to explain how “modern government” would never be like every other one throughout history, and why “elites” can and should have armed body guards and security but non-elites can’t and shouldn’t.

      • Rickster56

        Well said, there is no reason for supporters of the 2nd amendment to be on the defense. Not only is it written by the founders as number 2, But it is just plain common sense.

  • tom nogaro

    does couric regret doing the reprehensible act, or being caught in the act?

    if the former, then real penitence will precipitate non-repeat, by her, and, more importantly, by others following her example.

    if the latter, any slightest repeat by her, or like others, will mean dissemblance, calling for removal (hers, yahoo, facebook, google, youtube, etal) by boycott or competition. abide not the clever dissemblers. we are tolerant, not stupid. we are vigilantly ready.

    fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Praetor

    There are to apposing forces in the U.S; Those who love their freedom and liberty, and those who are afraid of freedom and liberty. The people afraid are truly afraid of themselves. They must be told what is acceptable behavior by a higher authority. Freedom and liberty to these people means, their behavior and actions have no limits, so they most be restrained in some form or fashion. These people are morally weak. Those people who love freedom and liberty, know that freedom and liberty comes with a personnel responsibility and there are limits to ones behavior and actions. They don’t have to be told what is acceptable behavior, we know lying, stealing, cheating, murder and a whole slough of other actions humans can commit are morally wrong

  • Heather James

    Hmm…I just spotted a new elephant in this room. They “embedded” with families who had had a family member murdered with a gun, but did not even interview anyone who had actually used a gun in self-defense? It’s not like there aren’t a great many more of them than they are families of people murdered with a gun, or something

  • Lucas Doolin

    Couric showed the world what she is, her and the entire corporate owned news media. She should be doing coverage of go kart races in Alberta.

  • InalienableWrights

    “If there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?”

    I guess this dumb b–ch does not realize that up until 1968 felons could purchase guns because the 2nd amendment did and still does guarantee that right – to everyone.

  • Samarami

    Long before the term “social engineering” had entered my vocabulary, I divorced television. This is repetition, but I’ve been TV-Free for around a half century.

    The time came when I sensed that my brain was being manipulated — even embedded in advertisements. Not, mind you, by promotions of the products being sold. Putting your best foot forward is expected if you have a product or service you’d like me to purchase. I’m a believer in the marketplace, and advertising is a viable part of marketing. But I sensed mental manipulation by insinuations, reification, etc., inlaid in almost every transmission; all engineered to reinforce in my sub-consciousness that monopoly state serves a socially useful purpose and deserves my support.

    The current political holiday is just a small but classical example: its purpose is to sell and reinforce the sale of state wars. To aggrandize those who are participating or who have participated therein. Within each utterance on state media there is the “sales pitch” that everybody will be celebrating. Especially now that “we” are on the brink of a great bread-and-circus event. Everybody.

    Except me. And perhaps thee.


    • teabagger_1

      Me too! not TV for over a decade. My grandfather told me fifty years ago that the boob tube was going to destroy our culture. People said he was nuts back then, I say he was a prophet.