You Won’t Believe The Nerve of These Three Government Officials
By The Daily Bell Staff - November 10, 2017

The problem with government is it elevates people to positions of power over their fellow citizens. And all too often, these people take advantage of their status.

You Get The Prosecutors You Pay For

When you’re in power, the rules don’t really apply to you. I mean, sure, officially you still have to follow the law. But what happens when a politician is in a position to change the rules?

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has found an interesting way to fight charges of securities fraud. His lawyers are attempting to limit how much prosecutors can be paid. As Attorney General, Paxton is in a unique position to defang the prosecutors attempting to hold him accountable for illegal activity.

States typically have the power to pay prosecutors more for tough high profile cases. But the Attorney General has used this as an opportunity to try to limit the pay for prosecutors. He says it is to make sure the government doesn’t take advantage of their power to gouge taxpayers.

A helpful side effect is that the prosecutors might drop off his case if they are limited to what they can earn.

This move has threatened the ability of the state to attract qualified prosecutors for tough cases, like prosecuting the attorney general. Classic conflicts of interest inherent in government.

Police Get a Little Overzealous

As much as police need to be held accountable, they also need to protect themselves. One cop saw his partner being attacked by a man with a knife. The guy even got a couple stabs in. Clearly, the police officer was completely justified in shooting the man.

He shot him nine times, and the man was down. But he was still moving. At this point, procedure says an officer should stop with the deadly force. But the officer instead shot the man nine more times, later justifying it by saying he was still moving.

Then the cop, according to court documents, took a running start and stomped on the man’s head, three times.

So again, completely justified to use deadly force on a knife-wielding man attacking your partner. Not justified to shoot him an additional nine times after he was down, and then stomp on his head, for some reason.

It really just seems like this cop was waiting for an opportunity to go Rambo on someone. And that is a scary person to have out there on the streets enforcing the law.

At least the appeals court will allow the dead man’s family to sue for excessive force. Too often police are given sovereign immunity and cannot be held civilly accountable for their actions on the job.

Legal Consequences For Lying About Service

A police officer and former military member was dealt a double blow. A court affirmed that he cannot sue a news station over defamation. At the same time, he was found guilty of fraud to obtain government benefits.

He wanted to sue because the news said he lied about receiving a Purple Heart. The only problem was, the news was telling the truth. But not only had he lied about receiving a Purple Heart, he also used the lied to get a special license plate that allowed him to avoid certain taxes.

And that’s when it became a criminal case. While he was tied up in court trying to sue over defamation, he was charged and convicted of fraud for lying about his military service to receive government benefits.

This is a case of stolen valor, and being convicted by his own big mouth.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • ddearborn


    “Stolen valor” is in of itself a complete crock. Why? because the first amendment says we can have freedom of speech. That freedom, however distasteful it may seem, includes the right to lie about your back ground, including military service. Remember we swore an oath to uphold and defend that Constitution. However, you can’t use lies for monetary gain because that constitutes fraud.

    disclosure: I am an honorably discharged 11B from back in the days of the all green Army.

    • SnakePlissken

      Maybe not throw them in jail so the taxpayers have to pay their room and board and healthcare, but a right cross might change their behavior, Huah?

    • Groucho_Lenin

      What was the “all green Army?” Google drew a blank. No agenda, just curious.

      • ddearborn


        The US Army went from all green fatigues to Woodland Camo which they began phasing in during 1981.

  • SnakePlissken

    Gubmint scum. Toss them all out.

    • Samarami

      Only want to “…toss ’em out…”, Snake, is to refuse to play their game.

      Abstain from beans, Mates! Sam

  • Bill Ross

    Those of you inclined to use defensive force NEED to comprehend that you are, by law entitled to a “proportional response”, and the judiciary will attempt to use their own “opinion” of proportional and allege you exceeded the bounds. Truth is, proportional, by law is a physics definition: enough to stop the aggressor and, NO MORE. So, if you must use defensive violence, don’t go “postal”, use moderation.

    As to this article. Pretty bogus. Of course we know the arrogance of governments and, the examples given are pretty tame. Far more outrageous examples occur, on a daily basis.

    • Marten

      Very nice to see you back Bill

  • NobodysaysBOO

    LIARS do NOT KEEP their Oaths or their WORD!!!
    lying UNDER OATH is just a little criminal stuff NOT enough to put them is the GALLOWS?
    ask hillary!!!
    WE the PEOPLE NEED their BLOOD in the streets and HANG them on the capitol steps just to PROVE them VERY WRONG!!!

    • Don Duncan

      Do you vote? If so you have no right to complain. The forfeit of sovereignty (voting) by many concentrates political power. Furthermore, it claims to authorize that power be used against all, even those who did not vote for the winners and those who did not want any rulers (did not forfeit their sovereignty). No argument justifies this political paradigm. After arguments have failed, the use of force remains, against all reason, decency, and common sense. Those who see this and still support the initiation of violence, threat thereof and fraud (govt.) are being willfully blind to the consequences of their actions. Blaming the power structure they create and support is hypocrisy. Refusing to acknowledge the continued corruption that occurs with all coercive systems is possible only by self-delusion and results in self-enslavement.

      All that is necessary to stop the madness is to self-govern and respect rights. That will create a voluntary system of social interaction.

      • NobodysaysBOO

        nope just the same OLD CRIMES and then LIE about it.
        if YOU think 911 was OVER in 2001 you MAY be zionist!

  • Randy

    Here is the oh-so-simple way to get rid of all of this crap and nonsense! That POS and scumbag AG wanted to pull the teeth out of the mouth of the ones going after him?? Well how about we just pull ALL of the teeth out of the mouth of the 100% corrupted legal system? It’s just so easy, it’s almost comical!
    The basic premise of the legal system is that it’s there to right wrongs, punish the law breakers and ensure that justice is delivered to the ones who have been wronged, correct? Isn’t that what we’re always told and taught in the public fool system and other places? But yet the legal system does the EXACT OPPOSITE of those things on a daily basis! So here’s our way out of that mess. Expose the fraud and you win! Fraud is a crime, is it not? So if the legal system is committing fraud upon us, doesn’t it stand to reason that it LOSES all force and effect upon us by committing those crimes?
    If only just 3% of the people who have been lassoed into the legal system were to expose its frauds when their name was called, it would spread throughout the entire legal system quickly, no more cases could be heard, and the legal system along with its feeder mechanism known as road pirates (police forces) would dry up and blow away too! What would be the point of having road pirates arrest people on false charges if the cases have to be thrown out due to fraud? We would have to go back to Common Law courts with REAL juries of our peers. And just who are a man’s peers? They are his friends, neighbors and business acquaintances, for who else should know him better in order to judge him??


  • gary2505Texas

    so the cops a bad shot. Maybe none of the first 9 hit the attacker. He definitely needs to qualify with his gun.