Zika and Superbugs: Is There Real Cause for Alarm?
By Daily Bell Staff - May 19, 2016

Zika virus could spread to Europe in coming months, says WHO …  The Zika virus is expected to spread in Europe within the next few months, the World Health Organisation has said, although it has classified the risk of an outbreak at low to moderate … WHO Europe, which made the assessment, said the risk should not be underestimated. -Guardian

We’ve avoided writing about health catastrophes for a while because they seldom if ever materialize. But two caught our eye recently: Zika and Superbugs.

We thought the Zika alarmism had died down but the Guardian has discovered a new wrinkle with the news that Zika could “come to Europe” in the next months.

The Superbug alarmism, meanwhile, is being delivered, unsurprisingly, by the BBC, which seemingly never misses a chance to upset people about war, plagues, drought or famine – or all of them together.

Certainly we don’t know what the World Health Organization would do without repetitive media alarmism. From swine flu to bird flu and beyond, we’re constantly being alerted to medical catastrophes.

Sometimes the reporting can go on for months. But in the end, nothing happens, or very little.

As usual, it’s important to check out the alternative ‘Net media – especially the dependable Natural News. There, a post back in January tells us that the “establishment mainstream media continue to parrot the same hysteria regarding the Zika virus.”

The mainstream media fails to tell the whole story of why Zika has become such a big problem in Brazil in recent years and how the outbreak is connected to the release of genetically modified mosquitoes in 2012.

The birth defect is real, with affected newborns’ heads measuring 32 centimeters or less in circumference, but the causes are not fully understood. The causes are varied and more likely resemble chemical toxicity, vaccine damage, pesticide exposure and drug interactions.

Of the initial 4,180 suspected cases of microcephaly, only 270 cases have been confirmed by Brazil’s Health Ministry as actual microcephaly. Of the 270 cases, medical researchers could only correlate six cases of microcephaly to the Zika virus. This means 264 confirmed microcephaly cases didn’t even show a trace of Zika virus!

OK. One horrible scare more or less defused. Zika does exist but the birth defects associated with it cannot be proven and may have been generated by a variety of causes, at least in Brazil.

How about the BBC’s Superbugs?  Here:

Superbugs will kill someone every three seconds by 2050 unless the world acts now, a hugely influential report says. The global review sets out a plan for preventing medicine “being cast back into the dark ages” that requires billions of dollars of investment.

It also calls for a revolution in the way antibiotics are used and a massive campaign to educate people. The report has received a mixed response with some concerned that it does not go far enough.

The battle against infections that are resistant to drugs is one the world is losing rapidly and has been described as “as big a risk as terrorism”. The problem is that we are simply not developing enough new antibiotics and we are wasting the ones we have.

We did a quick Internet search and came up with the following from the journal Nature:

[There is] widespread alarm at the spread of antibiotic resistance. This paper presents some welcome good news, in the form of the isolation and characterization of a new antibiotic active against a range of bacterial pathogens including Staphylococcus aureus, and apparently untroubled by the evolution of resistance.

Kim Lewis and colleagues use a recently developed system for in situ cultivation of previously uncultured soil bacteria …  Screens for mutants resistant teixobactin were negative, perhaps a consequence of this novel two-target mechanism.

The tally? When it comes to Zika, the birth defects supposedly associated with it are not nearly as clear-cut as reported in the mainstream media.

And when it comes to superbugs, a cursory search of the Internet located at least one new antibiotic that sounds promising for a variety of microbial diseases.

When the consequences are severe enough, new technologies often present themselves.

Thomas Robert Malthus famously predicted famine in the late 1700s because that’s when projections shows the English population would outstrip the food supply. But it never happened. People started growing gardens.

Conclusion: Big Pharma and organizations like WHO thrive on alarmism. But we don’t have to succumb to it. In any event, the linear, Western, allopathic model of medicine encourages both panic and passivity. Take your health into your own hands by investigating age-old naturopathic regimes and cures.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Praetor

    This goes along with, ‘ Why people don’t believe in Science’. Duh. And this is why, lies, manipulation and deceit. All they want is more public funding, and to continue to live lavish lifestyles in search of ( traveling the world) looking for the Megabug. Zika virus has a rhythmic sound to it, the bird flu or pig flu, just don’t make it. I’m sure there are some very catchy virus names you could make a song out of it. Stinking phonies!!!

  • Jim Kluttz

    “It also calls for a revolution in the way antibiotics are used and a massive campaign to educate people.”

    I couldn’t resist this one. After a hundred or so years of progressive education training people to trust in rule by technocratic elites, we the people are going to have to learn to think for ourselves, maybe even take some responsibility for our own health? Irony abounds.

  • alaska3636

    My soon-to-be wife works in a hospital and deals with acute pediatrics, including microcephaly. She tells me that 1) Zika virus has been around for a long time and 2) only recently has it been correlated to microcephaly. She believes the temporal alignment of GMOs coincides with the resurgence of microcephaly. Still correlation but more closely aligned…

    Second, from the same intelligent woman: the problem with anti-biotics and super-bugs is three-fold. Super-bugs, so-called drug resistant, are created as they evolve immunity to traditional antibiotics; antibiotics destroy the gut biome and increase the likelihood of illness; and the over-prescription of antibiotics possibly from medical professionals to avoid liability.

    If I were to put this in a narrative, it might go like this: parent hoses Jimmy down in Purell everyday after school, while encouraging him to stay inside and avoid “dirty” things; Jimmy catches a virus at school anyway and the parent flips out and demands that medical professional X prescribe a round of antibiotics. Said antibiotics work and Jimmy goes back to school and catches a new form of the same virus that is now resistant to traditional antibiotics.

    I believe that is how it works anyway.

    • Centurian

      Actually the viruses are not affected by the antibiotics. Mis-prescribed antibiotics don’t help with viruses but do build bacterial immunity to them. That means Jimmy is now more susceptible to future bacterial infections even though the drugs did nothing for his viral disease. There is little evidence that the antiviral meds do any good either.

      Catch a cold and take antibiotics and you will get better in about 7 days. Don’t take the antibiotics and you will get better in about 7 days, but will have paid the doc and the pharmacy as you become more susceptible to future bacterial infections. Perhaps we should go back to bloodletting and burning sage! At least rest, fluids, strong tea, a good diet and some decongestants will actually help.

      Remember fewer than 50,000 people are killed in car accidents in the country each year (some from mandatory safety features) and less than 10,000 are killed by guns. But, somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000 (depends on the studies and statistics) are killed by medical errors and those probably vastly underreported for reasons of liability and reputation.

  • eyesofgod

    alaska3636 has got the idea. The Zika thing was analyzed by investigative journalist Jon Rappoport when it first made the press recently. Turns out that it’s blown way out of proportion to reality. Same bullcrap by Big Pharma to get tons of our money from the gov’t. I was in active medical practice for 44 years and can’t begin to tell you of the awful stuff these monsters have pulled on people all around the world for the past hundred years–ably assisted by the Rockefellers.

  • mary

    The one who was out front on this was Jon Rappoport. Natural News was writing stupid scare articles and hyping their products so their customers could supposedly avoid zika. i wrote to them with links to Rappoport’s excellent analysis and they changed their tune.

    alaska3636, Three quibbles, if you’ll allow. There is no proven correlation with birth defects, recent or otherwise. This is totally false, made up by the scare mongers. Also, bacteria do not “evolve immunity.” What happen is that there are bacteria within the population that are already resistant. The antibiotic kills off the non-resistant bacteria, and the resistant ones proliferate. This is NOT evolution. Finally, it’s my understanding that there are far more antibiotics spewed around in agriculture than for medical applications. Did you know, besides the obvious antibiotics used on animals, that glyphosate is an antibiotic?

    The problem with mrsa and other superbugs in hospitals may have much more to do with the fact that hospitals have a lot of susceptible people–very sick, injured, cut open in operations, VACCINATED, fed crap food, and on crazy dangerous drugs, so their immune systems are compromised–and the hospitals’ practices now do not lend to proper disinfection of the surroundings, than it does to “evolving” superbugs.

    Just stay out of the hospital, and if there’s no alternative, get high dose vitamins C, D, magnesium, etc. You’ll have to have your family smuggle it in for you. Ugh.

    • Yes, we were aware of Rappoport’s work. The Natural News article provided a nice summary, so we used it.

      Interestingly, the issue you raise of bacteria not “evolving immunity” is also used by those who are interested in counteracting the theory of evolution.

      • mary

        Well, I would never use it that way. That would be illogical. The biology of antibiotic resistance is simply not an instance of evolution, but in no way saying anything about evolution itself–which is another propaganda/directed history topic, btw.

        This is standard biology, taught in every university intro genetics course. It’s an important point, because it means that the “environmental” damage that antibiotics cause can be reversed, since when the selection pressure for resistant bugs is removed, the susceptible bugs will out compete the resistant ones, taking their niche. Wise antibiotic use will again be effective. In other words, if we stop slathering the world in these drugs, big pharma–those heroes–won’t have to keep developing increasingly toxic new antibiotics.

        Yet another one of those incredibly stupid situations that makes me crazy.

  • Bruce C.

    I don’t mean to sound cynical but when I first started reading this piece I figured that the zika scare was going to be blamed on the US trying to subvert or punish or whatever Brazil, etc. (for reasons I still don’t quite get, but that’s another issue.)

    I guess not?

    • Good point. However, these particular dominant social themes exist apart from Brazil.

  • LawrenceNeal

    Microencephaly is caused by the larvicide, not Zika. 80% of the antibiotics produced in the US are fed to livestock. Profit is at the center of both.