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How Communism Almost Prevented The First Thanksgiving
November 23, 2017
When settlers first arrived at Plymouth, their first attempts to survive were disastrous. ...
A Communist Utopia (Funded By Capitalism)
October 23, 2017
Twin Oaks is an "intentional community" in Virginia. It is one of the oldest successful communes in America because it's not really a commune. ...
Propaganda: New York Times Says Sex was Better for Communists
August 23, 2017
Don't you know that to be a liberated woman, you need to have the sex life of a chimpanzee? That's the latest propaganda to come out of the New York Times. ...
Why Coming Together Creates Strife, and Individualism Creates Order
March 20, 2017
People cannot properly organize when property is held in common. Individual interest creates order out of this chaos, because it shows clearly who is in charge under given circumstances. “Responsibility must be individual, or there is no responsibility at ...