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Financial Times: Globalism Is Dying, Even Though It’s the Better Choice
By Daily Bell Staff - September 07, 2016

The tide of globalisation is turning Trade liberalisation has stalled and one can see a steady rise in protectionist measures  …  Has the tide of globalisation turned? This is a vitally important question. The answer is closely connected to the state of the world economy and the west’s politics.  – Financial Times

This article present a lot of positives surrounding “globalism,” which is a fundamental elite meme, almost as important as central banking itself.

And who is the author, Martin Wolf? According to his FT bio, he is chief economics commentator at the Times, London. He was awarded the CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in 2000 “for services to financial journalism”.

Wolf is very obviously a globalist. Nonetheless, one might be impressed with Wolf’s sincerity since the article itself is postulating that globalism is somehow “losing.”

Here’s more:

Globalisation has reached a plateau and, in some areas, is in reverse.  An analysis from the Peterson Institute for International Economics argues that ratios of world trade to output have been flat since 2008, making this the longest period of such stagnation since the second world war.

The impetus towards further economic integration has stalled … Globalisation is no longer driving world growth. If this process is indeed coming to an end, or even going into reverse, it would not be the first time since the industrial revolution, in the early 19th century.

… A principal focus of US economic and foreign policy after 1945 was to recreate the global economy, but this time among sovereign states and guided by international economic institutions. If Donald Trump, who has embraced protectionism and denigrated global institutions, were to be elected president in November, it would be a repudiation of a central thrust of postwar US policy.

Of course, Wolf doesn’t want globalism to end. Somehow he sees globalism as providing prosperity to people around the world.

His main regret when it comes to globalism is that it elevated poor people around the world at the expense of wealthier nations, thus creating a good deal of resentment.

Why would the Financial Times, itself a globalist organ, publish an editorial claiming that globalism is losing momentum and attractiveness?

From our point of view it allows writers like Wolf to position themselves as both wise and regretful. In other words, if any serious difficulties do arise as a result of Brexit, globalists like Wolf will seem in retrospect to be the repositories of real acumen.

Of course, we do think there will be significant difficulties as a result of Brexit, not because Brexit is inherently troublesome but because globalists like Wolf are determined to undermine it.

This is actually part of a larger elite that presents “globalism” and “populism” as the two choices facing the West today.

Globalism is to be seen currently as “losing” – it’s not – and populism is to be seen as “winning” – whatever populism is.

In fact, the populism we speak of here is actually a kind of nationalism. But one of the best parts of owning the entire Western mainstream media is that you get to define your terms pretty much as you would like to.

Populism, for instance, is the sentiment animating pro-Brexit voters, despite the warnings of bankers, politicians and economic “experts” generally that Brexit was going to be a disaster.

The people are to be known as “globalists” and are therefore positioned in opposition to the “populists.”

Eventually, when the bankers and EU politicians have made Britain thoroughly miserable, another strand of the dialectic will be produced: That Brexit was a thoroughgoing mistake and that the “populism” that produced it was also wrongheaded.

The corollary to this conclusion will doubtless be that “globalists” had the right idea in the first place, and given a choice between no-nothing populism and the mild, wise and cohesive approaches of globalism, there should not even be any hesitation. Globalism is clearly the correct pick.

This particular elite meme is one we will be living with for years, no doubt. And while it has been triggered by Brexit, major elite programs like this one are not restrictive.

Trump, in fact, can be seen as populist as well, and win or lose, Trump will continue to be in the news representing populism – with all its supposed racism, isolationism and know-nothingism.

This globalism versus populism meme implies further set-backs for both globalist and populist perspectives – as globalism must be seen to be “losing” despite its wisdom while populism must be seen as creating disaster after disaster.

Wolf mention many of the purported populist disasters that are starting to take shape as globalism remains on the defensive.

  • Labor has fewer opportunities in an era of populism that restricts “free trade.
  • Cross-border trade decreases for the same reason.
  • Financial assets will cease to be liquid and the availability of loans and liquidity around the world will suffer as a result.
  • Entrepreneurial activity will be stifled.

These are just some of the problems that Wolf foresees – again from the standpoint of gentle – and wise – regret.

Of course, we don’t agree either with his points or with the idea that globalism is some sort of unalloyed good, or even a good at all.

Globalism is basically an elite mechanism intended to build the foundation for world government – with which we also vehemently disagree.

And the building blocks of both globalism and world government are monopoly central banking and multinational corporatism.

Multinational corporatism would not exist without Supreme Court decisions regarding intellectual property rights and corporate personhood.

Central banking, certainly in the US, would not exist without Congressional approval.

Both central banking and modern day corporate technocracy would not exist without force. When  Wolf argues in his gentle, regretful way for globalism he is actually promoting incarceration for those who disagree with him and wish to act on their points of view.

By leaving out fundamental points regarding the origins of globalism, Wolf mischaracterizes the movement and attributes positives to it that simply do not exist.

Globalism is basically a forceful erection of the State and world government, if it ever gets to that, will be even worse. The “populism” of the modern-age as Wolf and others are defining it, seems to us to be the far better choice.

Conclusion: What’s wrong with allowing people to decide on their own course of action and take control of their own lives? Wolf, of course, holds that the better choice is to put wise globalists in charge. But need only look around the world today to see that this point of view is surely insupportable.

You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media, and brainwashed peers.

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  • Carl McWilliams

    Well said DB.

  • concerndcitizen

    The is the end of centralization and everything will now move to be decentralization. Centralization had certain advantages that were abused by those in a position to abuse them. Those with access to the top levels of banking and politics were able to milk it for trillions, while everyone else saw a lowered standard of living. This is now obvious to the masses.

    • Or decentralisation as defined and controlled under a technocracy administered by elitists? “You can choose whatever you want – and these are the terms in which you must operate – or else…”.
      Where exactly are the choke points to the ability to live? Housing, energy, food supply and distribution, water, healthcare and environmental integrity, access to information and education, social and legal requirements including means to access any of the above – ie money. The owners of the financial system have leverage through all of the above in a number of ways and is effectively strangling Life on Earth to death, or subjection or perhaps some kind of torture in which power gratification over powerlessness runs both hot and cold. But I say this in appreciation of the denial splits of compartmentalisations that operate beneath the persona we present. assert, and defend.

      So maybe you mean this is the time when bad cop leaves the room and good cop enters. Are such ploys obvious to the many?

  • Praetor

    The old Wolf has regrets!

    Questions, who are the globalists actually providing prosperity to around the world, what poor people is he, talking about, the ones being bombed, the ones turned into refugees. Wolf regrets the expense is being paid by the wealthy nations, who in these wealthy nation are the ones paying. The billionaires, the millionaires, ‘who’ is paying the price. Well it looks to us as if the middle glass is the ones paying, the every day person.

    The so called Populist creating disaster after disaster, NO. The disasters we have now are caused by the 100’s plus years of globalism.

    These Oligopoly Monarchs are creating a One World Monopoly of collusion and corruption. The governments, central banks, copyright, patents, trademarks and all other anti-competition laws are their creation, to suppress, We The People of Earth.

    Wolf can choke on his regrets. He be a member of the Monarchs of Doom!!!

  • john cummins

    You mean Know-nothing, I surmise.

  • vongoh

    “writers like Wolf [to] position themselves as both wise and regretful”

    Or (in other words) like a ‘Wolf in sheeps clothing’ ..

  • disqus_QZX8ENhLyb

    I think the entire mess is caused by one major basic cause: the overweening intervention and power of government, resulting in an almost total lack of individual freedom; there are no truly-free markets. We must emasculate government and keep its filthy, greedy hands out of EVERY marketplace, especially that of MONEY. Money was a market-place phenomenon until government shouldered its way onto the scene. Government has NO LEGITIMATE function in any marketplace. We should ignore government, sidestep and elude government controls, take over governing ourselves and living by the rules of a peaceful cooperative society. Government comprises the worst thugs, sociopaths, and charlatans on the face of the earth, no matter what country of nation you examine. People left to themselves quickly discover that cooperation allows everyone to live and let live. Centralized controls exploit the peaceful majority at the hands of a thuggish ruling elite.

  • Keith Liberty

    It’s (globalism) the better choice for control freaks.

    Now if globalism meant the merging of governments across the world with a positive view of liberty and freedom, that would be more receptive.

    The fascist type of world government posing as progressive/socialism is NOT welcome and they know it; hence, why they’ve been using FORCE.

  • Harry de Vries

    This article present a lot of positives surrounding “globalism,” which
    is a fundamental elite meme, almost as important as central banking

    Maybe globalism is more important then central banking.

    Globalism is perhaps the goal whereas central banking is a tool to reach that goal

  • Harry de Vries

    sorry my bad, as the article stated, the goal is a new world order and the tools are globalism and central banking

  • Retreat – feigned or actual – is a strategy. A ratchet effect may push further than it knows it can hold, but the retreat leaves a significant gain from which to regroup for the next push. Perhaps to return as saviours to whatever chaos can be elicited or triggered in our reaction.

    However the very context of consciousness shifts in ways that leaves thinking impotent that once seemed un-challengable. When everything is lies – don’t listen to them. Do something real – be with what moves you.

    Those who adapt to exploit change, ride close to the wave, perhaps – but exploit is not the term I would choose as much as being in alignment with what is truly going on – rather than in alignment with a predation upon what is truly going on but is not recognized because all one can see is through a getting mentality. There is no relationship or communication with a getting mentality. It is not the wave.

    A persistent focus in seeking and consolidating power over generations operates through negative self interest. The ‘invisible hand’ in reverse. As long as fear operates the thinking then the tares growing among the crop multiply and – as I read it – bring us to a checkmate, breakdown or paralysis – if not into self-destruction on a huge scale. Is there another planet to move on to?

    Our global communications and infrastructure make globalism a fact on some level – but the basis of our communication and how we organize and live is a top down parasitic financial-corporate dictate upon a cultivated but also generally accepted dependency. Whatever the futurists predict who are paid big money by big money who then position in advance to what is presumed probable it must be very dire to account for the desperation and careless and callous disregard that is inviting and creating dire consequence as a self-fulfilling fear. For there is no genuinely positive vision for humanity being offered or inspired in any way that is being taken up or supported. It is all fear-based.

    The Markets are known to have an ’emotional’ undercurrent whatever the rationalisations of account or control – but of course so does human society and consciousness. Drip drip poison of fear does not in fact leverage any real control so much as undermine trust, integrity and enthusiasm of endeavour. The big machinery of corporate profiteering will persist in sucking up wealth regardless of outsourcing true costs because they are set up and purposed to do so – and only a change in law could hold them to honest account or social responsibility. A free market for the power cartels to regulate all else off the Earth is no freedom at all. True freedom must have accountability and responsibility or it can and does extend to rapacious exploitation, corruption and heartless denial and destruction of life. Thus a restoration of true communication, within us as without, is the foundation from which true account is called and witnessed.

    Life rises anew from a fresh sense of tangibly felt and shared worth. Our foundation is not a weapon or a leverage or a set of ideas to make into buzzword marketing spin. It is the basis from which all else derives its meaning in us. If coming from fear is conscious – then those fears can be explored, tested and perhaps moved through. But denied fear operates a lie – a concealment, diversion, masking or subterfuge.

    There are some who consciously cultivate using deceit as a weapon upon those they do not count worthy or of significance – to the degree that they have no sense of ‘lying’ even in the full awareness of deceit, and no sense of moral consequence, self-doubt or check. “All is fair in in love and war” and the people of the lie, love to win and refuse to lose. The nature of this consciousness is exposing itself in its effects in society as hate, blame, fear and division – and whatever anyone’s intended or professed agenda, these wreak destruction spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Indeed replicating the terror that gave power to the lie. The pattern fruits or replicates its foundation – or one can only arrive in where one is coming from.

    If the lie is not you – then watch for hate, fear and blame and honestly account for its effect in you – when dumbly reacted out from, rather than consciously integrated or may I even say healed or undone. Why presume any power to call corporates to account if you wont live the same?

    Political ‘analysis’ often incites polarized identity in hate. Its understandable to feel it when hurt, fear or a sense of denial is triggered for we are all already loaded with conditionings that can be and are triggered – sometimes by manipulative design – but in any case in our relationships and ultimately within our selves.

    Without a true foundation one needs and uses the ‘OTHER’ to generate a strong sense of self and others to reinforce and validate it. That is exactly what operates the attempt to control Life rather than feel and embody one’s balance and fulfilment within its flow.

    If you hate being lied to – be straight with yourself right now – and see if you throw the first stone or are in a perspective and relation from which to open a communication within yourself where none was believed possible. One can ‘try to live’ by asserting a presentation that seeks validation – but at expense of investing in a mask that compartmentalizes and conflicts – and requires the sacrifice of an inner joy – whatever substitutions are engaged instead.

    Joy elicits a wholeness of being that is not indulging or engaging in hurt, fear or a sense of denial. It can be called different things – and yet you recognize aliveness and connection of being rather than lose yourself in a script of self-isolating gratification. If I don’t appreciate what I appreciate in life I depreciate my life and find a script of anything and everything to hang it on – instead of turning to what works for me. And no matter what – turning to what works.

    Fearism isn’t really alive and so it cannot die – but it can be starved of being fed with sacrifice of life – for ‘THEY’ cannot force anyone to give up their will – but have to trick them into a false one. So why not use the messengers of fear to check your ground and keep your house in order – which is not really outside you – but your core integrity which grows by living from it.

    • Sam Fox

      Ahh, just tell your subconscious mind the truth out loud so it sinks in better.

      • ‘Talk’ to or re-train your subconscious by your actions – within a consciously felt purpose. The subconscious is a holding of ‘habit’ for you. Sane choices, persisted in, make new habits that then support who you truly feel aligned and preferring to be rather than resist or block. But one cannot change a choice one has not first owned.

        Of course one can become subconsciously programmed to parrot anything to support a presentation – and the presentation can become a habitual or conditioned ‘defence’…

        But reading out loud with a willingness to be present in the revealed meanings is a powerful intimacy within a felt resonance instead of the pervasive habit of skimming the surface and not really connecting or grounding thought – and so not seeing but only validating pre-judgements (presumed knowledge/past conditioning/ survival strategy).

  • deanharrington

    A great and pointed article. We see a number of the elites disassembling. We saw this with the Showa Emperor of Japan at the end of WW2 and we are witnessing the same here. The very rats at the top of the globalist oligarchy having nothing to loose but control if Nation States begin to re-immerge as representing the wealth and health of a society. Follow the money and it’s clear … it’s been flushed upward into the grubby hands of these greedy elites. Crumbs falling off the table of monopolized and centralized banking, international financial cartels and corrupt public figures are a heady mix of con-artists and thieves. Breaking them up is the only solution and for heaven’s sake, get rid of the IMF and UN or fully democratize it’s control structures to reflect the interests of ordinary people. Free trade is something we have not seen for over 100 years.

    • DrDean

      The United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held at the Bretton Woods Hotel July 1st to 31st 1944. Which was before the second world war ended… The United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held at the Bretton Woods Hotel July 1st to 31st 1944. Which is were and when the IMF (the International Tax Haven) was formed in writing.

  • The ‘globalism dying’ is bait (see the emotional reactions of the fooled) – the ‘it’s a better choice’ is an implanted suggestion attached to that emotional response. When a positive emotional response is generated – as in “YEAY! globalism is on the RUN! the associated attachment goes in to the subconscious. Which puts an energetic of positive response with a suggestion that rationally one may have negative or critical views about. If rational views generated action advertisers and politicians would use rational discourse – and if you have noticed – they don’t.

    The persona or indeed its associated tribal identity of a polarised win/lose conflict is the undercurrent subconscious fight/flight routine – that runs AS you while you accept it as true of you. It is properly a response to operate when there is no time for rational evaluation or felt discernment – so as to keep you in physical existence through a sudden threat so as to then refocus in a whole or integrated attention and awareness.

    Repeated triggering of this reflex in trauma and subsequent manipulation of self or other as part of perceived temporary expedient or gain – conditions the mind to be effectively run by what indeed can and has been called the primitive or reptilian brain.

    Conditioning that is not addressed becomes the ‘condition’ that is presumed and accepted real – and any attempt to them address it is seen as un-real, or dissonant to the business of life within the conditioned reality.

    The irony is that hidden in the most basic survival urge is the most destructive influence to Humanity – and perhaps to Life on Earth of which we are a Consciousness Expression.

    An exclusively physical body is dead. The exclusion of the non physical excepting as exploited to manipulate the physical is using Life to bring about death. No matter how irrational it seems to the ‘thinking’ of a conditioned mind – the actual choice is death – but in the guise of the ‘survival’ of a disembodied mind – that stands outside Life and in place of it – as the power over it. Death is spiritual blindness, death is feeling disconnect – mental dissociation and denied or blocked physical function. The transformational nature of all experience includes the withdrawal of focus from the objects of identification when it no longer serves purpose – and in that sense death is not a denial of life so much as a release. Fear of change and fear of death are associated as with fear of any negative outcome.

    ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’ is a saying that illuminates why the deceit is chosen and the truth is kept hidden. The deep blue sea is not a sense of control or even a sense of self as we take our self to be. More like a void onto which we project our fears and the deceits that fuel them.

    Wanting to know the truth in our terms is trying to force Life to join in and take part in our conditioned narratives and definitions – and this makes the Movement of Life seem limited, weak, unreliable, or non-existent – while the voice for supporting the narrative gets louder and associates as the power to protect or preserve the self-in-threat.

    To know the truth of our terms we have to release them – not to an ‘other’ but in yielding to our own being. If the lies of the mind have not sickened you enough yet – then you will think you – as you define yourself are your own being – and yet that exclusive sense is a partial true – to be corrected of distortion and expanded within an inclusive integrative recognition of being – which is the gift OF being and not an object or ability to be harnessed or used by a mistaken partial sense of self arrived at within confusion. Silence is not empty and the Void is not annihilation, nor is space or awareness a nothing. On the contrary fear is a mistaken identity – but the waking of this recognition is a compassionate translation of denial to true acceptance. No one heals or resolves an issue they are not willing or able to face or own – but who is without some awareness of their desire for hiding or avoiding an honesty of noticing. The people of the lie are not people who lie so much as the willingness to use it as power and protection – but a lie is seeking to hide a feared true – and if that fear is truly unjustified, it is an error and not a sin. Calling for correction and not inflicted pain of vengeful hate.

    As it stands the Daily Bell may be promoting the ruse by not in some way bracketing and identifying the payload. yes the word ‘claims’.
    Perhaps “FT ed uses ‘globalism is dying’ to insinuate it as the better choice?”

    And is not globalism v populism another faux choice?

    From your conclusion:
    I am not denied my own course of action in my life – though I may act out from mistaken perceptions. The notion ‘taking control of my own life’ is worthy of expanding upon
    and consideration – for all these terms are ‘loaded’ and can mean many
    conflicting things and therefore persist a conflicted agenda of a

    Clearer saner perceptions lead to saner choices. I see that insane choices promote insane results that then validate their premise. I suggest the whole record – or thought system that we base our understanding on – is corrupted and therefore a fresh currency system is called for – from the Ground up.

    If I uncovered dishonesty in my personal narrative identity assumptions – that I have invested my life in – would I release that investment to align true – or persist in what then would be a knowing falsity? And if the latter – would that be while enquiring into and discovering more as to what IS true or by denying the denial with heavier investment in narrative spin and heavier consequence of entrapment in a lie?

  • Rich

    In the 1991 words of David Rockefeller: “The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national
    auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

  • JohnnyZ

    “And the building blocks of both globalism and world government are monopoly central banking and multinational corporatism.”

    Globalism is the centralization /consolidation of economic and political power. But I think what you call building blocks are mostly some of the tools or results of an ideology to rule the whole world by an “intellectual elite and world bankers”. Globalists control everything: politics, police, judges, military, secret services, banks, economy, media, science, education, culture etc. They can set any organizations or rules / laws that they want. Even removing the two manifestation of their agenda you cited above, their total grip via the deep state will remain unscathed.

    • Disagree, remove central banking and the control probably collapses as the funding is removed.

      • JohnnyZ

        Funding can always be generated via fractional reserve lending by banks (at an interest!) which are controlled by high-level cabal members. Bankruptcies of such banks can be avoided in case they are threatened by controlling the necessary government institutions, by takeovers etc.
        I think we should dig deeper to the roots of the Deep State. It did not come about in 1913. It was there at least hundred+ years before.

  • rahrog

    SECEDE from central governments that central banks control.

  • Demonocracy

    Globalization does not include a middle class. It is comprised of 98% and 2% and that’s it.