44 40 vs 45 70: The Cartridges That Won the West
The 45-70 Government and 44-40 Winchester are two centerfire cartridges that emerged shortly after the end of the American Civil[...]
If Celebrating Celebrity COVID Vaxx Injuries Is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right
November 30, 2022. Fully vaxxed author Julie Powell Tweeted that COVID kills the "right people", specifically, "anti-vaxxers/maskers." A year later, she died of cardiac arrest. Oops!
My Final Report After 6 Months in Cancún
November 29, 2022. Cancún is obviously well known as being one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. And that has both positives and negatives.
25-06 vs 30-06: Is the 30-06 Overrated?
The 25-06 vs 30-6 isn't much of a debate by many standards. So why does the 30-06 continue to be more popular than the 25-06 for so many hunters?
The Real Environmental Disaster: Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ Everywhere, Even Babies’ Umbilical Cords
November 28, 2022. Babies will get to enjoy those plastics for the duration of their lifetimes, from cradle to grave.
Flashback: Christopher Hitchens Destroys an Anti-Free Speech Islamist on National Television
November 28, 2022. Free speech was under assault long before the Social Justice™ mob emerged from the sewers of American liberal arts colleges.
NPR Releases Hardcore Abortion Porn Audio to Savor on Your Morning Commute
November 28, 2022. Abortion pornography in pop culture was once confined to the very specific musical sub-niche of horrorpunk, for the sole purpose of shock value.
When Woke Students Ruined Their University 800 Years Ago
November 23, 2022. This might sound strangely familiar to today’s university system, at least in the United States.
There Was No Civil War in the US
November 23, 2022. The south had no intention whatsoever to rule the north.
Canadian Government Literally Proposes State Execution of Living Babies
November 22, 2022. The state will determine when death is the most humane outcome – a mercy killing.
Femininity as Performance Art: the Social Justice™ ‘Womanface’ Moral Dilemma
November 22, 2022. An apparently deeply psychologically unstable man named Dylan Mulvaney has gotten ultra-internet famous dressing up in “womanface” (performative womanhood)
‘Zero COVID’: The Cringest Fringe Sect of the Branch COVIDians
November 22, 2022. The Zero COVID left's ideological mission appears to be to fully invert reality.
I Was Blown Away by My First ‘Medical Tourism’ Experience
November 21, 2022. You always have options… for just about everything in your life… if you expand your thinking internationally.
FTX: It takes a village to fail this big…
November 21, 2022. Frankly this is the opposite of what crypto represents. Crypto is all about decentralization and transparency, and that no single person or group has control.
Five COVID Investigations the GOP House Needs to Launch on Day One
November 18, 2022. The GOP promised COVID investigations. Now it's time to deliver.
All Eyes on APEC Summit: A History of Thailand’s Protests
November 18, 2022. Well well well, things have gotten a little spicy in Bangkok these past 24 hours.
30 Carbine vs 223: A Carbine Bullet Battle
30 Carbine vs 223 caliber comparison by the experts at Ammo.com. Comparing ballistics of various 30 Carbine ammo against the AR-15 and 223 Remington.
A Passport With an Ocean View That Pays a Dividend
November 16, 2022. This region today still represents an option for people thinking about a potential escape route.
Alex Jones is Innocent
November 16, 2022. Ok, he hurt feelings. That should not be considered a criminal act.
What happened in Mexico City this weekend…
November 16, 2022. We believe that the more options you have at your disposal, the more free and in-control of your own life you can be.
The Red Wave Fizzled Because the GOP Sucks
November 16, 2022. I want the populist right to prevail because the Democrats are now nothing but puppets of the WEF-run multinational corporate state.
Poll: Liberal Women Experience Worst Mental Health of All Demographics
November 11, 2022. Least surprising poll results in human history.
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