What I heard from Stephen Hawking’s daughter last week
September 28, 2020. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.”
Corporate Media Already Pushing Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines on American Citizens
September 28, 2020. Without a once-in-a-century kind of emergent pandemic to aid them, the oligarchs would never have been able to foist mandatory vaccines on the American public. Now, it seems they have a real shot. 
The Prelude to World War II: The Spanish Civil War and Today’s America
Is the Spanish Civil War a template for future civil unrest in the United States?
World War II memorial cancelled for being too white
September 25, 2020. A man who had the balls to fight the actual Nazis will have his memorial painting destroyed to appease the snowflakes who can’t even look at a painting without an emotional fit.
Panama is still an obvious escape hatch
September 25, 2020. Our research team counts at least 19 different ways you can obtain legal permanent residency in Panama. But the most popular option for Westerners still remains the “Friendly Nations Visa”.
AOC’s terrorist propaganda video
September 23, 2020. If you believe AOC’s melodrama, this isn’t even an election. This woman really seems like she’s rallying the troops and preparing for war.
Justice Sleeps and ‘We the People’ Suffer: No, the U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Save Us
September 23, 2020. More often than not, it gives the government and its corporate sponsors the benefit of the doubt, which leaves “we the people” hanging by a thread.
Interview: An Introvert’s Guide to World Domination
September 22, 2020. "Become a high Level Networker and Upgrade Your Life." We discuss how this book offers a great starting point to learn how to be invited to high end events, best practices to connect with people there, and how to maintain those friends moving forward.
When government incompetence and overreach turns deadly
September 18, 2020. Unborn baby dies due to absurd Covid lockdown rules.
Blaming Russia and Virtue Signaling Is All the Democrats Have Left
September 18, 2020. National-level democratic politicians on the corporate dole, like their GOP counterparts, simply have nothing left to run on besides nonsense; they don't believe in anything.
Is Jail Justified for Gene Editing?
September 18, 2020. It's not just China-- if He had performed this Crispr-Cas9 gene-editing operation in the United States, a similar fate would have befallen him.
Virtual School Dangers: The Hazards of a Police State Education During COVID-19
September 16, 2020. This is what constitutes a police state education these days: lessons in compliance meted out with aggressive, totalitarian tactics.
While I was sitting in the ER, I thought of these three other countries with great healthcare
September 16, 2020. You can find whatever you’re looking for. If you want beachfront paradise with great healthcare, that’s available. If you want great tax benefits, great schools, and close proximity to your home country, that’s available too.
California’s governor makes ominous prediction for America
September 15, 2020. “California is America. . . fast forward.”
The messed up reason age 30 is the new 20
September 15, 2020. How the government makes you feel like a kid in your twenties.
Impeach Donald Trump!
September 14, 2020. Does Mr. Trump get off the hook since so many of his predecessors are also guilty of this “high crime and misdemeanor?” Not a bit of it.
The Benghazi Attack: The Forgotten History of the 2012 Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya
Was lack of response by the American government to the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya a conspiracy – or was it just good old-fashioned incompetence?
Surprise! Politicians aren’t following their own COVID rules…
September 11, 2020. Restaurants and Gyms are open for the government, not the peasants.
Congressional Report reveals who politicians really represent
September 11, 2020. 9 out of the 20 wealthiest counties in the US are now located in the suburbs of DC.
Geopolitics: How Maps Help Us Understand History, Predict the Future, and Go Beyond Politics
Politics flow directly from geography. Know enough about maps and you will begin to understand politics and its origin. Here’s how.
The new puritans are on the prowl
September 9, 2020. Their religion is wokeness, and they too see witches everywhere.
I met expats overseas who are absolutely thriving
September 9, 2020. And as she watches the lockdowns and insanity on TV, she knows she made the right decision and doesn’t see herself going back.
Mile Markers of Tyranny: Losing Our Freedoms on the Road from 9/11 to COVID-19
September 9, 2020. This is not a government that believes in, let alone upholds, freedom.
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