This problem is 10,000 times bigger than the border wall
January 18, 2019. The politicians dragging the shutdown on are showing their true colors. This dysfunction is a tiny preview of what will happen when the real problems come home to roost.
Why I Would Never Send My Kids to Public School
January 16, 2019. The modern educational system was invented in 19th century Prussia for the purpose of creating good soldiers and factory workers.
Potential US presidential contender thinks YOUR money is in the “wrong hands”
January 15, 2019. “Here’s the truth. Brothers and sisters, there’s plenty of money in the world. There’s plenty of money in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.”
The rise of Socialism: Standing on the shoulders of morons
January 12, 2019. Membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has swelled 7x just in the last two years.
Woman’s march cancelled: participants had the wrong skin color
January 8, 2019. That shows that what they care about is truly just skin deep.
Why School Has Nothing to Do With Students
January 5, 2019. So the district is hemorrhaging money, losing students, and failing to educate the ones who remain... and the teachers are striking for a pay increase.
The SIX dumbest and most absurd stories of 2018
January 4, 2019. From a teenager getting arrested for working hard making palm roses to veganism being considered a religious belief.
I’m personally paying rent for furloughed gov’t employees. Here’s how to apply…
January 3, 2019. I believe I have a moral obligation to pay as little tax as possible. Every year I use my tax savings to fund worthy causes that are either ignored or totally bungled by the government.
This is what keeps us working for the man
January 1, 2019. Corporations are designed to resemble the feudal system as much as possible. And the government is the sweeper, making sure a corporate job is the best option for most Americans.
Guess What These Four Fastest Growing States Have in Common…
December 29, 2018. So keep the government shut down. In fact, shut down more of it. Imagine the countless benefits if the federal government truly shut down, and left everything up to the states.
Handcuffed for Homeschooling? Paperwork Dispute Gets Ugly
December 26, 2018. A state department took legal advice from a superintendent’s secretary...
Seven ways to survive a holiday political discussion
December 24, 2018. Under no circumstances should you bring up Hitler, no matter how apt the comparison.
Do you really have to go to work?
December 21, 2018. Do we still need to work the five day work week? Do we still need to commute to the office? And should work even be hourly or even salary for most professions, or task-based?
There’s No Such Thing as Equality in Sexual Relationships
December 18, 2018. "A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power."
I Can’t Afford to Live in this Private Community. And I Wish Everywhere Was Like This.
December 17, 2018. The rich can afford the best government money can buy... and the poor will live in the slums, they say.
The boogeyman is coming for you… no matter where in the world you are
December 14, 2018. a Chinese citizen, working for a Chinese company, complying with Chinese law, was arrested on Canadian soil… because she allegedly violated US law.
One Chicken? That will be 14 million Bolivars… or .03 Dash
December 13, 2018. Why Dash? Because the cost of a chicken now exceeds $14 million bolivars, the Venezuelan currency.
This beautiful country is in crisis again, offering CHEAP living + a FAST passport
December 10, 2018. If you hold dollars or euros, Argentina is on sale today. And you can have a fantastic lifestyle there for very little money.
Name One Government Agency that Doesn’t Do the Exact Opposite of its Purpose
December 9, 2018. And the same truth emerges in each situation. We would be better off without any of these agencies at all.
This banking scandal is awful… even for Wells Fargo
December 6, 2018. This week, the bank said a “computer glitch” caused 545 of its customers to lose their homes.
Why buy gold now? Because I don’t know
December 6, 2018. Gold is for the I don’t knows. And right now, there are a LOT of I don’t knows.
Lenin would be so proud
December 5, 2018. Several governments around the world have already started buying stocks to maintain asset prices and keep the economy going.
Video: Why ADD and ADHD are Fake Disorders
December 3, 2018. The school system has the disorder, not your kids.