A retirement plan tailor-made for the gig-economy era
September 16, 2019. Even if self-employment isn’t your main gig, it can be a great way to earn some extra side-income for retirement.
Eating human flesh is the latest idea to stop climate change
September 13, 2019. Don’t let that sack of meat decompose. Put it to good use, save a cow, and sequester that carbon into your own body.
The price of gold just hit a record high
September 12, 2019. That’s because precious metals are a refuge from keeping your savings held hostage by unelected central bankers who can slash interest rates to negative levels and conjure unlimited quantities of paper currency out of thin air.
Now That Bolton’s Gone, Let’s Get Out of Afghanistan
September 12, 2019. Many Americans don’t even understand why we are still fighting the war in Afghanistan.
The 9/11 Attacks: Understanding Al-Qaeda and the Domestic Fall-Out from America’s Secret War
September 11, 2019. With American military personnel now entering service who were not even alive on 9/11, it’s time to reexamine the events of the September 11th attacks. Here we discuss the motives for the attack and the counter-offensive Global War on Terror, and the domestic fall-out for Americans’ civil liberties.
The Bolsheviks hate Opportunity Zones. But they’re working.
September 11, 2019. They can’t stomach a win/win deal. And they’d rather see no one benefit, than a rich person receive a single penny in tax breaks.
The Bill of Rights Turns 230, and What Do We Have to Show for It? Nothing Good
September 11, 2019. The bogeyman’s names and faces have changed over time (terrorism, the war on drugs, illegal immigration, etc.), but the end result remains the same.
The mad-scientist who pioneered the CIA’s mind-control experiments
September 10, 2019. Gottlieb developed his practices straight from Nazi-doctors responsible for some of the most horrific human experiments on concentration camp victims during World War II.
How Schools Promote Fixed Mindsets and Prevent Growth
September 9, 2019. Breaking down forced schooling and allowing choice and freedom—now that is a growth mindset.
The Unseen Costs of Climate Alarmism Are Paid by the Global Poor
September 9, 2019. We should celebrate young people's desire to do good and to change the world. We should also be aware of the disastrous impacts of “just doing something” when no one can foresee how the doing—or our own undoing—may unfold.
How “Unschooling” Can Benefit your child and the world
September 6, 2019. What if we supported and facilitated a child's interests instead of persistently trying to redirect it, applying punishments and judgments? 
It’s now “incendiary” to say there are two genders
September 6, 2019. Last week, an anchor reported that a candidate for Governor “is out with a new TV ad this week, making incendiary comments about gender.”
Here’s a really unique way to own gold
September 5, 2019. there’s one special sub-category of gold and silver coins that are worth mentioning: collectible coins.
The king of Ponzi schemes was an amateur compared to this
September 5, 2019. That is considered the largest financial scam in US history, and the largest Ponzi scheme in world history… but that’s not exactly true.
5 Surprising Scientific Facts about Earth’s Climate
September 4, 2019. There are many environmental facts that run contrary to popular belief. Here are five of them.
Is the U.S. Government the Enemy of the People? America’s Lost Liberties, Post-9/11
September 4, 2019. What began with the post-9/11 passage of the USA Patriot Act has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach, corruption and abuse.
Think about this if you own Hong Kong dollars
September 3, 2019. Does this mean Hong Kong’s pegged exchange rate is finished?
We Didn’t Humanize Markets, Markets Humanized Us
September 3, 2019. laws against behavior that we find to be morally reprehensible remnants of an unenlightened past tend get passed when the practices in question have mostly disappeared, making the few examples still in existence all the more reprehensible.
If It Bleeds It Leads: How the American Media Perpetuates and Profits from Mass Shootings
September 3, 2019. While video games and “toxic masculinity” are often blamed for the rise in mass shootings, studies show the real cause is the media’s sensationalized reports. This guide discusses the “Werther Effect” and how it’s causing a stream of copycat killers.
Feminist thought leader claims milking cows is the same as rape
August 31, 2019. Sounds like comparing dairy farming to rape might be insensitive to actual rape victims… But what do I know, I’m just a patriarchal oppressor.
Here’s how you can invest like Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson
August 30, 2019. And 40 years later that same single still earns him around 1,200 euros per day…roughly 438,000 euros per year.
Freedom vs. Liberty: How Subtle Differences Between These Two Big Ideas Changed Our World
August 29, 2019. This guide looks at positive vs. negative rights to comprehend the differences between these words that have become synonymous with America’s culture.
Oops… best climate change solution doesn’t involve government control
August 29, 2019. A "mind-blowing" study found that planting trees is far more effective at capturing CO2 than carbon credits, or other heavy-handed government actions.
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