Veterans Day: The Forgotten History of America’s Veterans Day and What It Commemorates
Celebrated each year on November 11th, Veterans Day was first commemorated on this same date in 1919, under the name of Armistice Day. Learn the forgotten history of this beloved federal holiday and how America celebrates its heroes.
5 Ways the Hunger Games Dystopia Happened in Real Life
November 11, 2019. Dystopian stories are popular for sure, but you don’t have to turn to fiction to find them.
10 “Subversive” Jokes That Could’ve Landed You in an East German Prison
November 11, 2019. Here are 10 more jokes that were popular in East Germany, but were almost certainly too hot (or just too honest) for the Stasi.
UK Cancer charity: Biological females are now ‘people with a cervix’
November 8, 2019. Apparently it’s “disgusting” to acknowledge your own biological facts.
This is the easiest way to obtain a European passport
November 7, 2019. Just like owning gold is a great insurance policy for your wealth, a second passport is an insurance policy for your lifestyle.
Sleep With Your Staffer
November 7, 2019. The “bedroom police,” as Gaetz aptly referred to them, were never expected to peer into the windows at the sheets of sitting members of Congress before.
How to prevent the next Hitler: stop caring
November 6, 2019. If you don't care, stay strong, I commend you. Because at least you know you're not supporting Hitler.
How the NFL is Trying to Cover Up its Concussion Problem
November 6, 2019. Instead of working to find a way around the problem, the NFL went after the reputation of Omalu and any other prominent advocates of research in that area.
When they can take your children away… how free are you?
November 5, 2019. And even in places that still struggle with corruption, locals would be absolutely shocked to hear about the government threatening to take someone’s children away.
A New Kind of Tyranny: The Global State’s War on Those Who Speak Truth to Power
November 5, 2019. “What happens to Julian Assange and to Chelsea Manning is meant to intimidate us, to frighten us into silence."
The TSA and Security Theater: Understanding American Airport Security Following 9/11
Does the TSA really make us safe? This guide pulls the curtain back on the TSA's security theater to reveal the post-9/11 state of airport safety.
Confused about your gender? You can commit crimes without punishment in Australia
November 1, 2019. In Australia, being confused about your gender apparently justifies the exploitation of children.
How you can save tens of thousands of dollars in taxes by moving abroad
November 1, 2019. Over a hundred years later, the United States is still one of the only two countries in the world, (the other one is Eritrea) that imposes a worldwide taxes on all of its citizens, no matter where they live.
Individual Goodness Is the Antidote to Collective Turmoil
October 30, 2019. Our constructive actions will do far more to earn the trust of others than will our ability to put them in their place, either online or in the real world.
If Joker Met Jordan Peterson
October 30, 2019. What separates a monster from a hero?
Tanzania: Come for the nature, stay for the stock market
October 29, 2019. The people and their impressive entrepreneurial spirit that I encountered on this trip convinced me of the economic potential in Tanzania.
They Live, We Sleep: Beware the Growing Evil in Our Midst
October 28, 2019. hidden messages being drummed into the people’s subconscious.
Three things you didn’t know about the crash of 1929
October 28, 2019. Stocks are more overvalued today than they were in 1929.
The USA PATRIOT Act: The Story of an Impulsive Bill that Eviscerated America’s Civil Liberties
The USA PATRIOT Act is a textbook example of how the United States federal government expands its power. This guide takes an in-depth look at what’s in the Act, its destruction of civil liberties, and the dangers of hasty legislation with no regard to the Constitution.
Hey Air Force, the 1960s called: they want their floppy disks back
October 25, 2019. It’s now late 2019, and the United States Air Force has finally phased out 8-inch floppy disks.
How Free Trade Increases Peaceful Interaction Between Nations
October 24, 2019. An increase in bilateral trade interdependence significantly promotes peace
How Crypto Currency Will Save Western Civilization
October 24, 2019. The blockchain securitization of assets will represent the free market at its very best. When all the money goes broke, you don't have to.
WeWork: one moron ruining it for everyone else
October 23, 2019. Neumann has just single-handedly reinforced that negative stereotype.
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