The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives
The Great Reset is a plan by global elites to confiscate your wealth and end your way of life.
COVID Propaganda Roundup: CNN says, ‘The Carrot Is No Longer Going to Work’ – ‘don’t get the vaccine, you can’t go to the supermarket.’
August 4, 2021. The latest updates on the “new normal” – chronicling the lies, distortions, and abuses by the ruling class.
Confidence in Institutions Falls. Support for Secession Rises.
August 4, 2021. The data shows people are not happy with how things are currently run, and want other solutions.
China’s ‘Social Credit’ system has arrived to America
August 3, 2021. This is the problem when just a handful of powerful centralized institutions controlling society.
A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning
August 3, 2021. As long as “we the people” continue to allow the government to trample our rights in the so-called name of national security, things will get worse, not better.
How the Gender Industry Weaponizes Empathy to Convert Human Insecurity Into Cash
August 2, 2021. "I have lesbian friends who have no uterus, no ovaries, no breasts and are 21-years old. I’m angry that every single doctor and therapist we saw told us this was the one and only option."
Critical Race Theory Wins Because Economics Is Boring
August 2, 2021. After an hour of drawing supply and demand curves, these kids will most likely drop economics for more interesting, relatable classes.
Social Security’s insolvency is bigger than Climate Change and COVID-19 combined
August 2, 2021. The government isn’t going to fix this; they’ll continue to ignore the problem and make false promises because that’s the politically expedient thing to do.
The Rise of Social Poker
August 2, 2021. It isn’t surprising that this 1,000-year-old card game continues to develop and attract new players
How Machiavelli Trolled the Elite with “The Prince”
July 31, 2021. We can use the same tactics online today to mock and trip-up the elite.
Vague and Subjective “Long Covid” is Now an Official Disability
July 30, 2021. Cue the next excuse for more taxpayer-funded free money: disability payments for Long Covid!
Lil Nas X: The Anti-Climactic Dead-End of a Nihilistic Pop Culture
July 29, 2021. Controversy for controversy's sake is unsustainable because it ultimately fails to satisfy the universal human craving for meaning.
Most so-called ‘Socialists’ know nothing about Socialism
July 28, 2021. They think it means Sweden, free university, and six weeks of paid vacation. They have no idea how wrong they are.
Robert David Steele on the State of #UNRIG, Next Steps to Advance the Populist Fight
July 28. 2021. Excerpts from The Daily Bell's July 2021 interview with #UNRIG tour founder Robert David Steele on the state of #UNRIG and next steps in the populist revolution, alternatively known as the Great Upset.
Have you seen the Olympics? Probably not. FYI, it’s not about sports anymore.
July 27, 2021. The inability to compromise could make this ridiculous social conflict last for years… if not decades to come.
LGBTQ4GF150+++© Propaganda Roundup: ‘Gay Dildo Butt Monkey’ May Signify the Arrival of Gomorrah
July 27, 2021. Documenting the latest corporate-state LGBTQ4GF150+++ propaganda foisted from on high upon the American public.
UK to issue ‘vaccine passports’ to people in the PLACEBO group
July 23, 2021. The only thing that matters is whether you have subordinated yourself to their authority and received an injection— regardless of what was in it.
COVID Propaganda Roundup: Children’s Risk of COVID Death 2 in 1,000,000
July 22, 2021. Despite that, 56% of Democrats support mandating vaccines for schoolchildren.
Young Idealists Go Off the Grid, Get Smeared as Bigots in a ‘Cult’
July 21, 2021. "Free land for free people" was the essential ethos of The Garden... until a bully transfigured herself into the victim.
Land Reform and Farm Murders in South Africa: The Untold Story of the Boers and the ANC
Government supported land reform and land seizures are doing more than taking South African farmers away from their crops. They’re leading to farm murders.
Why I Trust Gen Z to Lead the Next Awakening
July 20, 2021. The book, The Fourth Turning, suggests that Gen Z could rebel against their strict "woke" upbringing.
Some clear thinking on the #defund-the-police movement
July 20, 2021. However you feel about the cops, it’s sensible to recognize that this movement will cause severe long-term damage.
#UNRIG: Reject the Corporate State’s ‘Permanent Emergency’ (Lessons From 9/11)
July 19, 2021. This is the playbook that the unaccountable executioners of authoritarianism run.
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