It’s time to separate legend from reality
People around the world… including hundreds of millions in the United States… don’t want the legend to die.
Future Headline: Kamala eliminated from “America’s Next Top Leader” Episode 1
“Let’s be honest, debates have been more about insults over substance for a long time now.”
Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Obscene Fortune Ought to Be Returned to the American Taxpayers She Stole It From
“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.”
Democrat Congressman Does an Attack on Sacred Democracy™, Pulls Fire Alarm to Obstruct Congressional Proceedings
The big knock on the “insurrectionists” of January 6th is that they did something called “obstruction of an official proceeding."
Modern art is the resentful destruction of beauty
The kind of person who would produce “Piss Christ” is afflicted with a pathological hatred for life itself
Sustainable Development is Technocracy
Originally published via Creed Speech Substack. Technocracy is dealing with social phenomena in the widest sense of the word; this[...]
Breaking News: RFK Jr. Flees Democrat Plantation, Set to Run as Independent
If you’re one to offer a prayer in times of need, consider one for RFK Jr.
I Am Officially the Most Demonetized Writer at PJ Media
I received a message recently from my editor.
‘Trust the Experts’: 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Change Hoax
“Trust the experts,” we the peasants are exhorted by the governing authorities in all matters at all times.
From Neo-Nazis to Meth-Fueled Ladyboys: An Unfiltered Dive into the World’s Hidden Corners
The darkly hilarious yet insightful overseas experiences of an expat in exile, and reflections on the US from the outside looking in.
Why Real Assets Are a Safe Haven Against Inflation
Real assets (including real asset businesses) have been largely ignored for more than a decade, in favor of ‘recreation assets’ focused on shopping and consumption.
Surprise, Surprise Right In Your Eyes: Migrants Responsible For 69% of Violent Crime in France
Per this data, Africans in France are 16.25 times more likely to commit violent crime than they would be if their rates of violent crime were proportional to their share of the population.
American Public Exceeds Expectations as Obesity Rates Accelerate
“Nothing exceeds like excess,” as Michelle Pfeifer’s cokehead character in Scarface once observed.
David Foster Wallace on the Devouring Double-Headed Snake of Consumerism/Individualism
Comedian Bill Hicks dispensed some life advice for marketers and advertisers back in the day that I can’t necessarily disagree with
Future Headline: Federal Reserve Announces Latest Rate Cut to Minus 4%
“Interest rates are one of the last remaining vestiges of the toxic misogynistic patriarchy running the capitalistic system designed to benefit white males."
A Modest Proposal: Alternative Congressional Dress Codes
Pundits across the political spectrum are outraged – outraged! – that gigantic human slob John Fetterman is slobbing up the Senate with his hoodie and gym shorts wardrobe.
The Unabomber vs. liberal psychology
Here he is taking a magnifying glass and a razor-sharp scalpel to leftist psychology.
It will take nearly 7,000 years to achieve Greta Thunberg’s fantasy
But reality has never been their area of expertise.
Russell Brand Demonetized By YouTube Following Anonymous Rape Allegations
One might have supposed that, after #MeToo rape hoax after rape hoax, that we might have moved on as a civilization from seriously countenancing anonymous rape allegations.
The US government has a weird opportunity with the national debt right now
The primary long-term risk over the next decade is the US dollar.
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