Anyone can be a Billionaire if you have the right structure
July 28, 2022. A Dynasty Trust is a legacy asset that’s designed to last for generations… or even forever.
Your financial liability to your government is infinite
June 28, 2022. Whenever your politicians screw up and the government is in financial distress, they pass the buck on to the taxpayers.
In Defense of the West: ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Anti-Asian Attacks’ Debunked
June 24, 2022. The reality – which anyone who has lived outside of the West knows through personal experience – is that Western civilization is literally the least racist in the history of the world.
Single people can use this unique Plan B option…
June 24, 2022. There are plenty of countries where you can obtain residency, even if you’re still single, but in a relationship with a citizen of that country.
Now That the CDC Got Caught Abusing Sacred Navajo Indigenous Peoples of Color© Privacy Rights, Maybe the Left Will Care
June 24, 2022. The only way to convince anyone on the "left" to stand up for civil liberties anymore is to try to make a connection to grievance-based identity politics.
Technocracy 101: If Fed and CDC Are ‘Independent,’ Elections Mean Nothing
June 22, 2022. Basic civics recap: the US president, per the Constitution, is the elected executive. That means he is tasked with executing government functions.
Biomedical State Technocrats Roll Gun Control Into ‘Public Health’
June 22, 2022. The health impacts of bullets now apparently inform legal interpretations of the Bill of Rights.
Why one of the wealthiest empires in history disintegrated in 17 years
June 20, 2022. This theme is as old as human civilization itself, and we can see many of the same extravagances and follies from the Mughal Empire in our world today.
New Zealand to tax farm animals’ flatulence…
June 20, 2022. Four ridiculous stories from around the world that will make the inflation problem worse.
UK Scrubs All Mention of Women From Ovarian Cancer Website
June 17, 2022. Do you think it might be relevant to women to know ovarian cancer is among the most common  cancers in females?
If ‘Gun Control’ Doesn’t Disarm the Government, It Is Authoritarian Propaganda
June 17, 2022. Until the weaponized global corporate Deep State now pointing its guns at Americans' heads is incapacitated, no sane American should consider complying with unconstitutional gun bans – regardless of the proffered justification.
History is not on the side of the crypto’s grave dancers
June 16, 2022. History is almost invariably on the side of innovation. And there’s still an abundance of innovation in crypto.
Magna Carta Day: The Forgotten History of Magna Carta Day and What It Commemorates
Magna Carta Day, celebrated every year on June 15th, is an important holiday to celebrate the origins of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. This historic document, drafted in the 13th century, inspired the Western conception of individual liberties and checks on government power.
Corporate-Sponsored, Transhumanist ‘Feminism’: The X-Factor in the Baby Formula Shortage
June 15, 2022. From the 10,000-foot view, corporate-sponsored Third Wave feminism is the primary causal reason American mothers can't find the Chinese factory-produced GMO slop "baby formula" they rely on.
Welcome to Shrinkflation: Government Edition
June 15, 2022. They’ll keep raising your taxes, but provide you with fewer public services while demanding that you make more sacrifices.
The Tax-Exempt Foundation Rebranding Pedophilia as ‘Ageplay’
June 9, 2022. These are not one-offs. You could literally fill volumes with examples of public school educators destigmatizing and normalizing pedophilia.
Obtaining Mexican Residency is Easy… in Theory
June 9, 2022. I definitely didn’t fit the cookie-cutter mold of what they usually see, and yet I was still able to obtain temporary residency in Mexico.
In times like these, a second passport makes a lot of sense
June 8, 2022. In light of such obvious signs, it certainly makes sense to have a Plan B.
Youth Blood Harvesting: Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Vindicated as Fact
June 7, 2022. Where do you suppose that "teenage blood plasma" was sourced from?
What happens when the “experts” are wrong?
June 6, 2022. I’m not trying to be cruel; we’re all human, and we all make mistakes. But it’s silly to pretend that these experts are flawless and infallible.
COVID Lockdowns Caused an Additional 3,000 Diabetic Deaths in UK
June 3, 2022. Between record drug overdose deaths, suicides, and missed medical care, the “collateral damage” death toll from COVID lockdowns just keeps growing.
The REAL Reason the Government Wants to Give the Poor ‘Affordable Internet’
June 3, 2022. You might not be able to buy groceries or gas (no policy solutions on those fronts) – but you'll get connected to the internet.
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