Travel Wasn’t Fulfilling Until I Changed Why I Travel
August 19, 2018. Once I started being honest with myself, traveling became much more fulfilling.
The world’s greatest investor is running out of things to buy
August 16, 2018. Said another way, Buffett has so much cash that he had to break his own, longstanding rule in order to safely deploy capital.
Before Public Roads, Private Companies Did It Better
August 15, 2018. Even the U.S. Department of Transportation has to admit, the first major U.S. roadways were not built by the government.
Big Tech Shows “Net Neutrality” Was About Power, Not An Open Internet
August 14, 2018. Will consumer apathy allow Silicon Valley to serve as America’s censor, or will we see a new brand of #WalkAway campaign?
Supermarket Sadism: How to Navigate the Deadly Food Jungle
August 12, 2018. Today, I think of the modern Supermarket as insidious as the deepest, darkest jungle.
How 3D Printing is Revolutionizing the Housing
August 11, 2018. Companies use a machine, choose from a range of building materials, program a layout, and then the machine does the work.
How Roger Williams Started a Free Society
May 31, 2018. How Roger Williams and his big mouth started a grand experiment in free thought, free speech, and government by the people.
Institutionalizing Intolerance: Bullies Win, Freedom Suffers When We Can’t Agree to Disagree
August 9, 2018. Intolerance, once the domain of the politically correct and self-righteous, has been institutionalized, normalized and politicized.
Did DARPA Just Develop Autonomous Drones to Hunt Humans?
August 8, 2018. This confirms DARPA is developing human-hunting drones, however, it is more on a reconnaissance basis, rather than human-killing drones in Oblivion.
Vicious Cycle: How Government “Solutions” Spiral into Bigger Problems
August 6, 2018. Like the Hydra of Greek Mythology, two more serpent heads sprout each time one is severed.
August 5, 2018. According to one NYT former reporter, the Times has been a “propaganda megaphone” for war. Also a partner with the CIA to promote Obama’s reelection bid.
Who Needs Borderless Nations if you have Borderless People?
August 4, 2018. The marketplace for government is finally emerging.
Why Japan may spark the next crisis
August 3, 2018. In a world full of reckless and extreme monetary policy, Japan no doubt takes the cake.
There is No Place for Compulsory Schooling in a Civilized Society
August 2, 2018. What happened to the rights of children and parents forced into public education?
Finally. A major victory for common sense
August 1, 2018. The District of Columbia requires 2,190 days of education and training to be an Interior Designer, but ZERO days to be a school bus driver.
Hiroshima Revisited: Memorializing the Horrors of War with 10 Must-See War Films
July 31, 2018. This follows on the heels of President Obama, the antiwar candidate and Nobel Peace Prize winner who waged war longer than any American president and whose targeted-drone killings continued to feed the war machine and resulted in at least 1.3 million lives lost to the U.S.-led war on terror.
Why Wait for it to Happen? The Media Now Invents News Stories From the Future
July 30, 2018. A fake terrorist organization created a fake pathogen, the effects of which were monitored via a fake reality simulation. That's today's news.
Seasteading and Health Care: Islands of Innovation
July 28, 2018. Innovation in health care is woefully lacking and government red tape is largely to blame, but seasteading just might be a way to circumvent bureaucracy without sacrificing quality.
Why No Information Should Be Off Limits
July 27, 2018. Ignorance is not bliss in these scenarios. Ignorance makes you an easy victim.
No one has ever lost this much money in all of human history
July 26, 2018. I think today marks a MAJOR turning point for the “everything bull market” that’s been going on for ten years.
For Airbnb Hosts, City Government is the Enemy. But One Big Company is Now an Ally…
July 25, 2018. This is a smart move for Airbnb. The more people you provide value for, the more people have an interest in promoting your interests.
No Doubt About It: The Deep State Is Real and Trump Is Its Latest Tool
July 24, 2018. This is exactly how you keep the Deep State in power.
CDC Breeds Fear Over Salmonella in Backyard Chickens. Here’s the real risk.
July 24, 2018. You are 24 times more likely to get salmonella if you do NOT keep backyard chickens!