Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead: Kissinger Expires at 100
If there is any cosmic justice in this world — and I mean any — Kissinger is currently having his anal cavity probed by Satan’s trident.
Vegan vs. Carnivore: It Doesn’t Get Any Dumber Than This
The Nutrivore, as you will see if you treat yourself to his discourse, is a wizard in his own mind in the art of sophistry.
Another central banker admits the truth about the US dollar
The Netherlands is already preparing for a world in which gold (and NOT the US dollar) is the primary global reserve currency.
Some clear thinking about the riots in Ireland
Friday’s violence in Ireland is another clear example that there are plenty of people who have had enough.
Bill Hicks and I Have Some Life Advice For Marketers
No one ever accused Bill Hicks of soft-pedaling his act.
This Is America: The Guitar Whore Thirst Trap YouTube Hustle
Like the men of taste of yesteryear who read Playboy for the articles, I only really ever click for the comments sections.
‘War Is Peace’: MSNBC Claims (Again) That Voting Is Anti-Democratic
The corporate state media is the reason you can’t have nice things.
HOT SCOOP: Top Netanyahu Advisor May Moonlight as Non-Binary Social Justice™ Professor
I knew I had seen the likes of this individual in alternative form before, but in just what context I couldn’t recall…
More Fake Fed Nazis Show Up in Wisconsin
No one has a bigger cosplay fetish than an alphabet agency spook.
This Thanksgiving, Be Grateful You’re Not One of Brandon’s Handlers
Watch Antony Blinken experience a hot flash on national television as Brandon calls Xi Jinping a “dictator.”
Israeli Official Admits Not Even Trying to Get American Hostages Released
The Israeli state and Hamas appear to have reached a tentative hostage exchange deal.
Jenny Was a Horrendous C**t to Forrest Gump
I stumbled on a meme that really tickled my Jungian misogyny bone.
Totalitarian Teachers Union Boss Now Smearing Critics as Antisemitic
It’s unclear, at this rate, how much moral currency, if any, accusations of “antisemitism” will have in a year’s time.
U.S. Government, State Media Upset That Peasants Allowed to Read, Censor bin Laden Letter
The proper question is not why would anyone want to read it; it’s why wouldn’t anyone?
Israeli Parliament Members Demand U.S., Europe Import Gazan Refugees
Were I the head of American state, here is how I would reply.
Future Headline: Harvard launches “Jihad Immersion” study abroad program
Harvard also hired a new professor, former Rep. Rashida Tlaib, to teach a capstone course entitled “Women’s Rights in Palestine.”
Sex, drugs, and booze is the least of their problems
This is the organization that’s expected to maintain a sound banking system in the US.
Gold miners are not without risk. But the potential upside is enormous
A low cost, top quality producer with highly profitable operations is currently trading at less than TWO times operating cash flow.
The DOJ Should Have Arrested and Interrogated Xi Jinping For COVID Crimes as Soon as He Landed
Instead, Xi was greeted with a veritable ocean of CCP flags on the streets for him to admire from his motorcade.
Vermin Supreme Stomps on the Terra—This Time It’s For Real!
No ponies were harmed in the production of this message.
This Is America: The Urban Children’s Birthday Party You Have to See to Believe
These kids’ young minds have obviously been treated to a steady diet of World Star Hip Hop videos.
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