This beautiful country is in crisis again, offering CHEAP living + a FAST passport
December 10, 2018. If you hold dollars or euros, Argentina is on sale today. And you can have a fantastic lifestyle there for very little money.
Name One Government Agency that Doesn’t Do the Exact Opposite of its Purpose
December 9, 2018. And the same truth emerges in each situation. We would be better off without any of these agencies at all.
This banking scandal is awful… even for Wells Fargo
December 6, 2018. This week, the bank said a “computer glitch” caused 545 of its customers to lose their homes.
Why buy gold now? Because I don’t know
December 6, 2018. Gold is for the I don’t knows. And right now, there are a LOT of I don’t knows.
Lenin would be so proud
December 5, 2018. Several governments around the world have already started buying stocks to maintain asset prices and keep the economy going.
Video: Why ADD and ADHD are Fake Disorders
December 3, 2018. The school system has the disorder, not your kids.
To Save Lives, We Need More Conflicts. And a Strong Economy Needs More Failure.
November 30, 2018. "Stalin could not have existed in a municipality."
Why People Consider “Loot Boxes” in Online Games Gambling
November 30, 2018. Are loot boxes similar to online gambling?
Do taxes make Americans less charitable?
November 28, 2018. The generous American taxpayer is being fleeced.
Is crypto finished?
November 27, 2018. Does that mean it’s over? Are Bitcoin and its cousins headed for the historical dustbin alongside Dutch tulips and Pets.com?
Own a business? Consider this approach to slash your tax bill
November 27, 2018. Much of the developed West has almost medieval levels of taxation, yet crumbling infrastructure and debilitating debt levels.
Ohio to accept Bitcoin for tax payments… but DC always wants a cut
November 26, 2018. I hate taxes, but the least the government can do is to make it easy to get robbed.
Get the Pitchforks, the rich kids have nice jackets
November 23, 2018. If all the students can’t afford a $900 jacket… then nobody is allowed to wear one.
How Not to be a Turkey on Thanksgiving
November 22, 2018. Ask a turkey a week before Thanksgiving if the farmer loves him.
An update from my time in Puerto Rico (and some signs of the top here)
November 20, 2018. Overall, though, Puerto Rico doesn’t offer a lot of value in real estate… for now.
Work Remote? These Cities, States, and Countries offer crazy incentives to move there
November 19, 2018. Remote workers are an extra driving force encouraging states, cities, and even countries to compete with each other.
Video: Why Secession is the Only Peaceful Path Forward for the USA
November 16, 2018. "We'll get along better when we go our separate ways. It will be more peaceful when we're not at each other's throats trying to force our agenda. That's why we need secession."
Replace High School with Internships and everyone wins
November 15, 2018. Replace high school with internships, and society's transformation will be beyond our wildest dreams.
Why the most expensive military ever still can’t win a war
November 14, 2018. Despite a $716 billion defense budget, a new report suggests that the USA could lose a war with China and Russia.
This precious metal has almost NEVER been so cheap
November 13, 2018. It’s a vicious cycle of debt. And it will eventually mean disaster for the US dollar.
How Secession from the Soviet Union Created Booming Economies and Innovative Government
November 9, 2018. On August 23, 1989, two million Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians joined hands to form a human chain almost 400 miles long.
Here are all the ways inflation is happening today
November 8, 2018. And I think there’s more pain ahead as inflation really starts to work its way into the economy.
Why More Gridlock in Congress is Good for America
November 7, 2018. "It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones." -Calvin Coolidge