Could free-range kids become the norm again?
March 21, 2019. The biggest danger is raising a generation of children who believe they are fragile and helpless.
Don’t Shoot the Dogs: The Growing Epidemic of Cops Shooting Family Dogs
March 19, 2019. If this is the temperament of police officers bred by the police state, we should all be worried.
The US government canceled 362,000 passports last year. Was yours one of them?
March 18, 2019. Having multiple passports is a great insurance policy.
Cancer Cops, UK Knife Crime, and Fleeing Taxes (Video News Brief)
March 15, 2019. Plus some links to delve deeper into the solutions I mention.
The Cavemen Capitalist: how wealth was created from nothing
March 14, 2019. How a Caveman Capitalist Creates Wealth.
One thing Congress gets right: funding their own pensions
March 13, 2018. For the best retirement plan in America, join Congress.
Facebook Now Automatically Blocks ZeroHedge.com articles
March 11, 2019. Facebook had automatically blocked the URL when it was shared, stating, "This post goes against our community guidelines on spam."
Why “climate change deniers” are better for the environment than politicians
March 8, 2019. It's always someone else's responsibility...
Watch: A Venezuelan Sets the Record Straight on Juan Guaido and US Intervention
March 7, 2019. One of the crazy things is that people, at the beginning, tend to be extremely skeptical to the warnings of people. It could happen. It could happen in an extremely short period of time.
Brexit: The Latest from Across the Pond
March 6, 2019. What happens when bad policy is built on bad policy... and then they try to reverse it.
3 Top Cyber Security Threats and How To Protect Yourself Against Them
March 5, 2019. "Smart" devices aren't as secure as you might think...
Socialism in the UK means no pools, no swearing and citizens pulling their own teeth
March 4, 2019. Can you make it through a day in the UK without Big Brother?
Best 5 States to Avoid High Property Taxes
March 1, 2019. Also taking into account state income and sales tax.
Remember Negative Interest Rates? Yeah, that’s still a thing.
February 27, 2019. But there are better places to keep your money.
Why the Barrick deal could mean the mega melt up is here for gold
February 26, 2018. A sleepy market awakens with a jolt.
The art of only being outraged at things that don’t matter
February 25, 2019. I knew it was coming. Charcoal face masks are racist...
Guess how much Britain’s richest man saves on taxes by moving to Monaco?
February 22, 2019. And guess which billionaire thinks YOU should pay higher taxes?
Trump vs. the FBI: Who are the good guys?
February 21, 2019. When I hear that the FBI considered attempting to oust Trump from the oval office, I am tempted to think, hey, Trump must not be such a bad guy.
America’s Socialist Revolution has officially begun
February 19, 2019. Will historians say THIS event was the start of America's Socialist Revolution?
How 1984 turned into an instruction manual
February 18, 2019. How Newspeak, thoughtcrimes, and two minutes hate have worked their way into our lives.
Some clear thinking about Amazon’s ‘shocking’ tax incentives
February 15, 2018. Socialists celebrate losing 25,000 jobs and billions of dollars.
Here’s why the wealthiest city in America is screwed
February 14, 2018. It’s an all-out war on the rich in New York… because the city (and state) are broke.
Dear Socialists: The People HAVE Seized the Means of Production… Using Capitalism.
February 12, 2018. We traded violent destructive revolution for peaceful productive markets... and accomplished more than socialism could ever imagine.