How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps
April 19, 2019. If people were free, America would absorb and assimilate any number of immigrants and refugees.
Astonishing opportunities in one of the oldest cities in the world
April 16, 2019. Another emerging market to keep on your radar
Guess who ends up paying those taxes meant only for the rich…
April 15, 2019. The income tax top tax rate was just 7% on income worth over $12 million today.
Elizabeth Warren wants to end “beyond a reasonable doubt” for criminal convictions
April 12, 2019. Revolutions can’t abide by stale old ideas like rule of law.
How to take advantage of the best tax deal ever, before it’s too late
April 11, 2019. This is your rare opportunity to legally escape US taxes.
Name ONE TIME a government program accomplished its goal
April 10, 2019. How these politicians intend to pay for their social programs is actually beside the point. Even when they have the money to pay for their programs, they can’t execute.
Four ways that Uncle Sam will respond to its $75 trillion insolvency
April 8, 2019. This is their game plan. Ignore it at your own peril.
Where some see a monopoly, others see an opportunity
April 5, 2019. It should give us pause when we see people like Mark Zuckerberg calling for regulation.
US government’s net worth is now NEGATIVE $75 TRILLION
April 3, 2019. How is this not front page news?
50 Years Later, We’re Still Stranded in the Twilight Zone
April 2, 2019. Serling, a truth-teller who pulled no punches when it came to calling out the evils of his day, channeled his moral outrage into storytelling.
Here’s why the Federal Reserve rejected the safest bank in America
April 1, 2019. The Fed says “novel” risk-free banking is bad for the economy.
SWAT team seizes children because their parents disagreed with a doctor
March 29, 2019. What do you think is more traumatic for a child...
5 ways to reclaim the “free-range” neighborhood
March 27, 2019. Generous, down-to-earth people give children that neighborhood experience so many of us grew up with.
We’re All Lab Rats in the Government’s Secret Experiments
March 26, 2019. These horrors are being meted out against humans and animals alike.
Five important stories we’re paying attention to
March 22, 2019. News that leaves us shaking our heads.
Could free-range kids become the norm again?
March 21, 2019. The biggest danger is raising a generation of children who believe they are fragile and helpless.
Don’t Shoot the Dogs: The Growing Epidemic of Cops Shooting Family Dogs
March 19, 2019. If this is the temperament of police officers bred by the police state, we should all be worried.
The US government canceled 362,000 passports last year. Was yours one of them?
March 18, 2019. Having multiple passports is a great insurance policy.
Cancer Cops, UK Knife Crime, and Fleeing Taxes (Video News Brief)
March 15, 2019. Plus some links to delve deeper into the solutions I mention.
The Cavemen Capitalist: how wealth was created from nothing
March 14, 2019. How a Caveman Capitalist Creates Wealth.
One thing Congress gets right: funding their own pensions
March 13, 2018. For the best retirement plan in America, join Congress.
Facebook Now Automatically Blocks ZeroHedge.com articles
March 11, 2019. Facebook had automatically blocked the URL when it was shared, stating, "This post goes against our community guidelines on spam."
Why “climate change deniers” are better for the environment than politicians
March 8, 2019. It's always someone else's responsibility...
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