The Hypocritical Double Standards of Political Outrage
June 26, 2019. “She was asked what she had learned from the Holocaust, and she said that 10 percent of any population is cruel, no matter what, and that 10 percent is merciful, no matter what, and that the remaining 80 percent could be moved in either direction.”—Kurt Vonnegut
8 scientific reasons free-play is vital for your kids
June 26, 2019. Play builds on personality, stimulates cognitive development, and encourages social and emotional skills.
What ever happened to the radical conservative?
June 25, 2019. Remember when radicals would tar, feather, and pour boiling hot tea down tax collectors' throats?
Prescription For Violence: The Corresponding Rise of Antidepressants, SSRIs & Mass Shootings
June 24, 2019. Since the increase in SSRI antidepressants being widely prescribed, the rise in mass shootings has increased right along with it.
Texas wants to make sex jokes illegal
June 21, 2019. College snowflakes have become so delicate that even sex jokes could soon become illegal on campuses.
The Jackboots Are Coming: Mass Arrests, Power Grabs and the Politics of Fear
June 20, 2019. This is how you use the politics of fear to persuade a freedom-loving people to shackle themselves to a dictatorship.
Rejoice. The end of Banking is nigh.
June 19, 2019. While I’m wary of Facebook, I believe Libra will likely serve as a catalyst.
Even building code enforcement is too much power for government
June 18, 2019. Even the tiniest bit of power attracts the worst type of people.
Decentralize the Drug War — On the Way to Abolishing It
June 17, 2019. The road to ending the War on Drugs will be filled with plenty of obstacles, but it has to start somewhere.
Fake News does more for real journalism than “real journalism”
June 14, 2019. What could fake news websites help us learn about notorious warmonger John Bolton?
Four insane data privacy scandals, just from this month
June 14, 2019. Soccer app spies on fans, another government database hacked, Apple scans your uploaded images, 44 days in jail for not unlocking phone.
As Hong Kong refuses to bend the knee…
June 12, 2019. What this means about besieged governments and police.
The Omnipresent Surveillance State: Orwell’s 1984 Is No Longer Fiction
June 12, 2019. Big Tech wedded to Big Government has become Big Brother.
Who would possibly do something so crazy? Pretty much everyone in Japan.
June 11, 2019. You have to actually pay this bankrupt government money in order to lend to them.
Not too shabby for a place with no natural resources…
June 10, 2019. We purchase insurance policies because it’s a sensible thing to do. And then we go on with our lives.
Local government seized countless children based on falsified drug test results
June 7, 2019. It turns out that lab’s owner, Brandy Murrah, was FALSIFYING those results.
Don’t forget the “Galt’s Gulch Tactic.” Shrug-off the government.
June 6, 2019. The American dream will always exist. It just might not always exist in America.
How Obamacare Created Massive Addiction-Treatment Fraud
June 5, 2019. One of the problems with federal hand-out programs is that individuals take advantage of them and scam artists outright loot them.
Extended Childhood: The New American Way
June 4, 2019. We all want our children to have the quality of resilience, but are we making it difficult for them to obtain?
New York City trying to “liberate” teachers from their “whiteness”
May 31, 2019. A new mandatory, $23 million “anti-bias” program is training New York City school teachers to discriminate against white children.
Monsanto is finally getting a taste of its own poison
May 29, 2019. The evidence showed that Roundup caused cancer in people exposed to the weedkiller.
The History and Results of our Disastrous Public School System, Part II
May 28, 2019. All across the nation, students are being prodded like cattle into classrooms, and the one-size-fits-all approach is failing them.
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