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James Jaeger: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hollywood Economics – and More
By Anthony Wile - February 15, 2015

Introduction: James Jaeger is an award-winning filmmaker who co-founded Matrix Entertainment, which has partnered with Bill Van Alen, of Cornerstone Entertainment, and Constitutional attorney, Edwin Vieira, Jr., to produce a series of feature-length political documentaries centering on the U.S. Constitution. One of the first documentaries – "FIAT EMPIRE" about the Federal Reserve System, featuring Congressman Ron Paul – garnered a Telly Award and went viral as the #1 film on the Internet for six months. Matrix Productions continues to develop, produce and market cutting-edge motion pictures and is currently in production on "MIDNIGHT RIDE – When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law" featuring Ron Paul and other Freedom Movement celebrities.

Anthony Wile: How are you?

James Jaeger: I'm fine. Been very busy with the production of MIDNIGHT RIDE.

Anthony Wile: We haven't spoken to you for a while, so we'll ask you some general questions first and then some specific ones. Are things improving in terms of freedom and rights for the USA or for the West generally?

James Jaeger: I think the only place one can be truly free is in intergalactic space between the Laniakea and Virgo Superclusters for back on Earth, we still have governments. The more documentary films I make about the Constitution and limited government the more I wonder if this doesn't have something to do with the Fermi paradox. The Fermi paradox, for those who spend too much time reading history books, is the idea suggested in 1950 by physicist, Enrico Firmi, that, if the universe is packed with billions of stellar systems, where is everyone? In other words, maybe everyone is dead, because we have not a shred of physical evidence that there is "anyone out there." Inhabitants of this world should be asking themselves the question, if this is possible, what happened? My research into constitutional matters for the six political films I have made is leading me to wonder if "no one is out there." Maybe they all suffered from the effects of governments that could not be limited. In other words, is the state something that CAN be limited or is it ultimately the destroyer of worlds? Do we go out the same way possibly millions of other extraterrestrial civilizations have gone out in the past – through endless wars waged by high-tech, totalitarian governments?

To shed some light on these questions I have been reading some books by Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, Larken Rose and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. I'm not ready to become a card-carrying anarcho-capitalist, but if the Rights we are all supposed to have pursuant to the Bill don't soon materialize, this is not a good omen.

Anthony Wile: What are some issues you observe pertaining to the US?

James Jaeger: I see the main issue as the continued expansion of the welfare and warfare state. The national debt is now $16.8 trillion and it was about $8.5 trillion when I made FIAT EMPIRE in 2006. It looks like the bankers are winning.

I thus think the only way this debt is realistically going to get "paid down" is when the Federal Reserve System melts into a global pile of molten rubber. That's an issue. In fact, our new movie, MIDNIGHT RIDE – When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law is all about this possibility. What would the power elite do? How would they handle the situation? This will be my fifth movie with RON PAUL and most of the "expert cast" of MOLON LABE – our previous movie on the Militia System – will be in the new one.

Anthony Wile: What's your take on Obamacare?

James Jaeger: All I can say about this is my neighbor signed up for it for $45 a month and suddenly the gov-insurance complex raised it to $125 a month. So this looks like your standard bait-and-switch scheme. As far as I'm concerned, when we abolish the Fed, we need to abolish all insurance companies as well. All insurance companies do for the most part is pervert the market because they obfuscate price discovery. How could it be otherwise when buyers and sellers are insulated by mercenary insurance companies?

My late father, who was a psychiatrist, always referred to it as "socialized medicine." I well remember him starting to complain about it when it started creeping in around the mid-1960s. Now the disease is all over and it will surely make us sick. But you MUST get rid of the insurance companies because they are parasitic middlemen that absolutely destroy free markets as much as fiat currency and endless regulations. Some very specialized forms of insurance MAY be okay, but there is NO WAY the citizen is going to experience the fruits of technological innovation in the medical universe when you have INSURANCE companies and the STATE screwing their way in there and twisting the market to hell.

Anthony Wile: What about the upcoming US presidential elections? Jeb versus Hillary? Will Rand Paul play a factor?

James Jaeger: After the production of SPOILER – How a Third Political Party Could Win I have been quite bored with elections. I mean really, what's new? The Dems and the GOP – like a 100-year old elephant and a 100-year old donkey still screwing. Very exciting.

All I can say is: No more Bush and no more Clinton, please. Rand Paul is the only interesting candidate, as far as I'm concerned – and he's much younger than 100 years. Of course, when John McCain told The New Yorker he would support Rand for president if he became the Republican nominee, I did a head spin. And then McCain preemptively says everything we were already thinking: That if 'Rand became Prez he could INFLUENCE him on national security' and, I presume, foreign policy. Really? I bet Rand's dad is horrified at this thought. I would not want to be at the dinner table for Thanksgiving in the Ron Paul residence.

Anthony Wile: Any thoughts on Net neutrality?

James Jaeger: Well, no surprise – just like POLTERGEIST III, CISPA is back. I'm sure this is a payback for Snowden, as this third incarnation of CISPA wants to help the rape-n-pillage corporations better partner with their buddies at the federal government. Specifically, the new fascist regulation would allow the Department of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence and to share data with NO accountability. AND the whole seething mass would even be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. Nice. Is Rothbard right: The state tends to be invasive and never stops growing until it destroys worlds?

Anthony Wile: How about the issue of Gun rights? Are you still concerned about this?

James Jaeger: For those of your readers who may not be aware of my last film, MOLON LABE – How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom – featuring Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Edwin Vieira and Pat Buchanan – gun rights are often abused. The Left is always trying to TAKE away guns because someone got shot, and the Right is always trying to GIVE everyone guns to keep their buddies in the military-industrial complex fat and happy.

As I said in my previous interview with you, there are probably five reasons WE THE PEOPLE have the inalienable right to "keep and bear" weapons: 1) target shooting, 2) hunting for food, 3) self-defense, 4) deterrent against tyranny and 5) our role in state militias per the U.S. Constitution.

Unfortunately, the gun-control lobby seems to specialize in ignoring 1 to 5 even though over 169 million people were murdered by their governments in just the past century. This includes over 61,000,000 murdered by the Soviet State, 35,000,000 murdered by the Communist Chinese State and 21,000,000 murdered by the Nazi State.

Anthony Wile: Secession and land issues? Any improvement? The US is still involved in numerous overseas wars. Will this change?

James Jaeger: As far as secession, I am getting some interesting new points of view on this from Lew Rockwell's recent book, Against the State: An Anarcho-Capitalist Manifesto. Lew makes a case for the South having the right to secede from the Union but I still haven't formed an opinion on this. I consider myself a libertarian who supports the U.S. Constitution and not an anarcho-capitalist, but I think Lew is right when he says that a discussion of the utility of the state may be the most important intellectual conversation we all could be having at this time. Lew maintains that the problems we are having arise from the nature of government itself, not only from politics and the Constitution. The "governing" consideration (if you will excuse the pun) is this: CAN THE STATE LIMIT THE GROWTH OF THE STATE?

I am in hopes that before we all decide to replace the Government with a Private Protectorate (my new term added to Ed Griffin's new term), we can return the "power of the purse" and the "power of the sword" to WE THE PEOPLE. This means we must revitalize the Militia of the Several States, as discussed in MOLON LABE, and we must end the Fed, as discussed in FIAT EMPIRE. If we cannot regain these two powers, it means that human civilization may be subject to the unlimited expansion of the state and this will probably manifest itself as a global totalitarian government.

And given that the American public seemed to like AMERICAN SNIPER, they will probably love the global totalitarian government. They will also continue to love other cowardly forms of warfare, like sniping with drones and "legal" torture. So, for anyone here that thinks drones are cool, I dare you to watch a movie called DRONES. The trailer is on YouTube and the movie, which WAS on YouTube, is now only available on Netflix.

I actually agree with Michael Moore that a sniper is a coward and I wrote an article called, "AMERICAN COWARD – Snipers, Drone Operators & Back-Stabbers." When someone hides over 1,000 feet away and then sneaks a bullet into your head, this is anything but a courageous act, and I don't care what the "justification" is or whose ideology they are serving. All this is "ends justifies the means" crap. In fact, every president, king and head-of-state would agree with me on the idea of snipers, for there is a UNIVERSAL ban on the assassination of world leaders by other world leaders. That's right. All the heads of the 195 governments on the planet have agreed NOT to assassinate each other with snipers – but it's perfectly okay for their SUBJECTS to be assassinated by any and all of their snipers. So what we did to Osama bin Laden – assassinate him without any due process – was also cowardly, disgusting and against all the principles of a country claiming an ethics presence that the world should respect.

If anyone wants to read the article, it's here.

Anthony Wile: What about the situation in Syria and Iraq with the Islamic State? How will that progress?

James Jaeger: I also wrote an article entitled, "THE MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT – Is There a Solution?" and I really got attacked. Hey, even Henry Kissinger arguably stated that "In 10 years, there will be no more Israel." How can 6.2 million Jews deal with 1.6 billion Muslims and have the American Taxpayer continue to supply money, weapons and nukes forever? It makes no sense. Let the Jews move to America and let the American Taxpayer help them out with the re-location expenses.

So, why is the U.S. military in the Middle East? Two simple reasons: 1) to help guard Israel and 2) to help guard the oil. One could be remedied by simply moving all the Jews out of there and recycling their 60 nukes into fuel for reactors. And Two could be remedied by simply converting the world's energy platform to FUSION and SOLAR. See my article "MARS CITY – Is Plasma Fusion Finally Here?" where I make the claim that we have reached "ignition" and the powers that be are still keeping it quiet.

Anthony Wile: The situation with Ukraine is complicated. Do you see that leading to a larger war?

James Jaeger: Complication is a sign of obfuscation and it's all designed to trump up more business for the military-industrial complex. I don't want a war with the Russians. I like Putin. Hey, he's a gymnast. Besides, the Soviet threat was WAY over-played and so will be all threats in connection with this current situation. "Duck and cover"? Please!

Anthony Wile: Europe will struggle if Russia deprives it of oil and gas. Will this force further tensions?

James Jaeger: All these little "political" games are a bunch of crap. All is solved if we transition to FUSION. Controlled nuclear fusion expands humanity's potential energy resources indefinitely. One gallon of seawater contains enough deuterium that, when fused, has the energy-content obtained by burning 350 gallons of gasoline. This means that Earth's fusion resources are 500,000 times greater than its fission resources and 100 million times greater than its known fossil-fuel resources. Bear in mind that, once we have controlled fusion, we will also be able to make as much liquid fuel – methanol, for instance – as we want. And by using the intense heat generated in the fusion reaction (100 million degrees Celsius) we will be able to "flash" any kind of rock, scrap or waste into its constituent elements which can then be re-assembled into any material object desired. The latter alone would put an end to the possibility of exhausting any of Earth's resources and thus remedy the problem of scarcity, along with all conflict associated with same.

Anthony Wile: Could it sabotage the European recovery? Is there a recovery? Will Greece be expelled from the euro and the EU? Can the EU last at this point? There are many problems.

James Jaeger: How can there be a recovery when the debt keeps piling up by some countries more than other countries in the Union? Today it's Greece; tomorrow, who's next? The Eurogroup is meeting now and next week to try and get a deal with Greece but to the degree a country is accustomed to free government handouts, how will such a country ever be able to impose austerity or fiscal responsibility on itself? The EU is probably on its way out due to its love affair with socialism and Keynesian economics. The central banks can only devalue the currency for so long and the population can only drink so much beer to hide their woes.

The central problem with Europe, like the U.S., is they both rely on fiat currency. In other words, they are relying on a multi-trillion dollar, 100-year, international Ponzi scheme to "solve" their problems.

Anthony Wile: What about Japan and China? Problems there as well? Especially economically?

James Jaeger: Of course, there will always be problems as long as people and countries engage in perpetual wars, perpetual debt, support governments that are more and more parasitic and suppress or hide technological advances, such as the ignition of plasma fusion.

Anthony Wile: Is the US really recovering economically? Does any of this central bank stimulation around the world work at all? We've had six years of it …

James Jaeger: I don't see that much has changed except that the Federal Reserve pumped $3 trillion into stimulating the nation's economy. So now the Fed's balance sheet has $4 trillion worth of IOUs and the resultant cash has – as Anthony Wile correctly predicted – caused a big bash on Wall Street and a huge number of IPOs. This is all great, but as soon as all the green blow is gone, I suppose we will go right back to normal. And "normal" for a country strung out on fiat currency is depression, unemployment, crashing stocks, terrible balance-of-trade, endless mal-investment and the "revolving door," spinning like the Linda Blair's head in THE EXORCIST.

To counter this "normal" I think we need to have some legislation added, changed and deleted. But in order to get this done in accordance with the wishes of WE THE PEOPLE – rather than WE THE CORPORATIONS or WE THE WEALTHY or WE THE GOV – the entrenched Congress needs to be changed. Since the majority of voters seem to like THEIR congressman but hate everyone ELSE'S congressman, I don't see how the Congress is going to be changed unless term limits are imposed. So, if WE THE PEOPLE were to unify on just this one issue – TERM LIMITS – progress on every other issue could be made because you obviously don't get ANYTHING rational done with a Bozo Congress, bought and paid for by other masters.

Anthony Wile: Is it a good time to buy gold and silver?

James Jaeger: It's always a good time to buy gold and silver. Buy exactly X dollars worth of gold and silver ever Y weeks or months so no matter what its cost, you will get the best deal. This is known as "dollar cost averaging" in the equity world, but there's no reason it wouldn't work in the hard asset world as well.

Anthony Wile: What about stocks?

James Jaeger: Well, investors are concerned about how the talks involving Ukraine and Greece are going to go. Also, now that the QEs have stopped, the market is concerned about how stock prices will react. Interest rates are low because of all the QE infusions and so this money has wandered into the stock markets seeking returns due to artificially low interest rates. But, as that $3 trillion leaks out via IPOs, other startups, bank loans and/or when the central bank tries to sell some of its QE-assets on their balance sheet, interest rates and price inflation may soar, choking off any recovery.

Anthony Wile: We believe the cannabis industry is promising. You had some thoughts there last time.

James Jaeger: The government should be out of regulating drugs, gambling and prostitution. However, people that smoke too much dope are overly forgetful. People that drink excessively – defined as more than once per month – are depressed and hateful and people that gamble, especially state lotteries, are validating a non-productive society and get-rich-quick schemes. Also, it's shameful that the state would sponsor gambling – but, given they also sponsor theft (taxation), ritualized murder (war) and slavery (conscription), I guess it's just par for the course.

Anthony Wile: What's the end game, do you think? More centralization?

James Jaeger: The state always grows. It never shrinks unless it is destroyed by wars, meteorites or volcanoes. And with growth comes greater centralization. F.A. Hayek points out that to the degree the state is large it has to be more totalitarian. More totalitarian means more centralized. What is the end game? Total and complete annihilation is one end game, a possible reason for the Fermi paradox. The US Global Empire isn't going to go away unless it rots itself out from within the core – another end game. This would be a Roman Empire-type end game.

But there are two more end games that Humanity has never experimented with, what could be called ZERO STATE and SINGLETON STATE, both dependent upon "superintelligent" management.

The Zero State option – what could be called "private government" – is operated by a massive supercomputer that simultaneously processes trillions of HUMAN instructions per second (MIPS) and sets prices for every product, service, security and commodity on the planet. This supercomputer – which is even capable of pricing out national defense, personal security and justice – is also known as the "global market."

The Singleton State option – what could be called "computerized government" – is operated by a massive supercomputer that simultaneously processes trillions of MACHINE instructions per second (MIPS) and is capable of performing not only all of the functions of a "private government" AND the "global market," but all of the functions performed by the entire Human race as well!

Either of these two end games are probably better than an existential event. In fact, given that we have probably accomplished "ignition" we will probably hit "take off" for AI soon. Take off is the beginning of what's also called, the "busy child" – the time when some group, or some individual comes up with a "learning kernel" that undergoes strong, recursive self-improvement. In other words, it's a machine that becomes exponentially smarter, living and experiencing subjective eons for every one of our objective years. Combine this with unlimited fusion power to provide the electricity and we will have a management "team" – the singleton – that will have the ability to either massively serve humankind, destroy humankind or ignore humankind. I maintain it will serve and partner with humankind.

If, on the other hand, the power elite gets through the five stages of take off – human baseline, crossover, all human brains, strong AI and then superintelligent AI – there is very little guarantee that they will be able to maintain their positions of power. Remember, Superintelligent AI (SAI) is not only much more powerful than they, but it's totally autonomous – by definition. This means DARPA cannot keep SAI as their pet. It means that SAI will unilaterally decide what its utility functions are and then act accordingly. From a person-affecting perspective this may be uncomfortable. However, from an impersonal perspective it may be rational, if not the most ethical actions for a world. So, there are some end games to think about in the next 20 to 50 years.

Anthony Wile: What's going on with this immigration issue? Are Mexico and the US involved in a de facto merger?

James Jaeger: People should be able to wander around the planet with no passports, no borders, no checkpoints, no drivers licenses and no identification of any kind. And certainly without NSA-type, gov-lapdogs tracking them all over the place by cell phone. Get a Tesla Peer-Comm Walkie Talkie Phone, when available, to remedy your cell-phone problems.

I do not use cell phones and advise everyone else to toss them in the toilet. If you have something to say to someone, get on your bike and ride over to their house and say it. And where does the state get the idea that it has the right to interfere with the ambulation of human beings? You have to have a LICENSE to move your body around? Please. Only a Nazi in a wheelchair could have thought of this.

On the other hand, if millions stand in line and play by the rules to get into the US, should not the rest in Mexico do the same thing? Well it depends on how far you want to take it. First you have to decide whether you want to follow laws or not. Then you have to decide if you will follow ALL laws or only "good" laws. That established, you have to decide if the immigration laws are good or bad. If good, and you follow laws, then stand in line.

If good, and you do not follow laws, then stand in line or sneak in. If bad, and you follow laws, then stand in line. If good, and you do not follow laws, then sneak in. The irony is, if you are a Mexican, then U.S. laws don't apply to you; thus, if you sneak into the US you haven't broken any laws. Unless the mere presence of being in some state-delineated space means that you are subject to the laws of that state-delineated space, then you have not broken the law by crossing the border OR by being in the US. So, given these considerations, the term "illegal alien" has no meaning. If beings from other worlds were to land in the US, would they be breaking any law?

As one can see, the game the 195 countries around the world play is to sequester tax-paying slaves that will fight wars into their playpens. The more tax-paying slaves in the playpen, the "wealthier" that state is and the more it can flex its muscles against the other 194 states. I suppose one could call this competition, but if one is in favor of so-called "free trade," yet they call for either passports or drivers licenses, they are being inconsistent in their thinking. Libertarians have a much more logical and consistent political philosophy than either Democrats or Republicans. And fascists, Marxists and kingdoms are total dinosaurs.

Anthony Wile: Is Homeland Security involved? Is Homeland Security even constitutional?

James Jaeger: The PATRIOT Act's crowning jewel is the Department of Homeland Security. What most lumpin Americans, however, don't realize is that this department was modeled after Heinrich Himmler's RSHA, a system aimed at incorporating all Nazi police departments under the control of what they called the Department of National Security. The Department of Homeland Security was also known as the Reichssicherheitshauptamt. Want me to spell that for you?

We go into this in the new movie, MIDNIGHT RIDE, but in short, the PATRIOT Act, originated by rogue politicians that have no respect for the U.S. Constitution, is transforming America, from a FREE state, into a POLICE state. And this POLICE STATE opens the door to something as radical as full-blown MARTIAL LAW unless enough Americans become aware of the situation and resist it BEFORE rogue politicians invoke some "necessity" in the name of "national security."

Anthony Wile: How should people protect themselves? Should they find a second home offshore? More than one passport? How about farmland? Should people try to secure a supply of food nearby?

James Jaeger: Alex Jones offers a book called Strategic Relocation by Joel M. Skoussen. This book answers most of these questions. In the longer-term, people need to demand that their states reconstitute their militia. Local protection is what you want. You do not want protection for yourself and your family being provided by mercenary or distant forces. When the federal government militarizes your local police force it is, in essence, installing an alien force in your back yard. You have to terminate this in your communities.

Also, did you know local POLICE forces are NOT authorized by the U.S. Constitution? These amount to a "standing army" right in your neighborhood. The only "force" that should be near your back yard – per the highest law of the land – is your local state militia. This was the system for 300 years. Every able-bodied man between certain ages was expected to serve in his local militia. And guess how much violence and school shootings there was? Zero. None on record. Zero. Why? Because WE THE PEOPLE protected WE THE PEOPLE. THEY IN DC do not protect WE THE PEOPLE. In a SELF-governing nation, WE protect ourselves. In a TOTALITARIAN-governing nation, THEY "protect" you and me. It does not take a very high IQ to get this.

But what happened is rich people didn't want to get their hands dirty protecting their fellow citizens so they simply PAID other people to stand in for them on their militia duty. As the nation became wealthier – due to the gold standard, free markets, extremely limited government, no income tax, no military-industrial complex and a non-interventionist foreign policy – more and more people paid others to stand in for their militia duty. Pretty soon, all these rich people got together and said, "Hey, why are we paying for all the security in the neighborhood? Let's get the taxpayers to pay for all of this." And thus was born the modern, mercenary police force. And now DHS is trying to bring these police under their control, just like Hitler did in Nazi Germany. This is one of the reasons Oath Keepers exists, to encourage enlisted men and women to resist this bastardization of the US Constitution.

Anthony Wile: Tell us more about Oath Keepers. What is this organization and how does the new movie relate to it?

James Jaeger: MIDNIGHT RIDE, our new movie, is the sister film to MOLON LABE, our most recent previous film. MIDNIGHT RIDE explores what would happen if the dollar crashed taking the world financial system with it? How would this police state be used in the ensuing civil unrest? Would martial law be declared? If it were, would this be Constitutional? Should such martial law be obeyed? The concerned citizen should be asking these questions as the founder of Oath Keepers – Stewart Rhodes – asked many years ago in connection with various orders that are unconstitutional. MIDNIGHT RIDE will address such orders, embodied in the Oath Keeper's mission: Ten Orders no enlisted man or woman should obey because these "orders" amount to little more than a type of "Martial Law" that is forbidden by the U.S. Constitution. Among the Ten Orders no enlisted man or woman should obey are:


We will NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.


We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people.


We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as "unlawful enemy combatants" or to subject them to military tribunal.


We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a "state of emergency" on a state.


We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugateany state that asserts its sovereignty.

To see the rest of the Orders, and a detailed explanation of each, visit the Oath Keepers website, And if you are an enlisted man or woman, a firefighter, police officer or veteran who agrees that his or her Oath to uphold the US Constitution is vital, join Oath Keepers and help bring the "power of the sword" back to WE THE PEOPLE.

Also read Dr. Edwin Vieira's new books on the Militia System if you are a little foggy as to exactly how a Constitutional program of homeland security is SUPPOSED to work. The books can all be easily found if you search under his name at

Anthony Wile: Any upcoming movies dealing with this theme or eroding freedoms and centralization?

James Jaeger: After MIDNIGHT RIDE I don't know what I will do next. My criteria are as follows:

  1. I have to be very interested in the subject and feel it's a subject of vital importance.
  2. I have to find an organization of at least 50,000 other people that feel the way I do about the subject.
  3. The movie must be producible for less than $150,000 and not take longer than 16 months.
  4. Out of the 146 million registered voters in the US, there have to be at least 5% that will find the movie of interest, such amounting to 7.3 million people.
  5. Out of these 7.3 million people, at least 1% of them should be willing to purchase either a $2.99 download or a $19.98 DVD of the completed movie so we can continue making movies.

When you last interviewed me around 25 September 2014 I mentioned a list of 18 movies that I was interested in and that we had in development. I asked readers to let me know what they liked most. No one wrote in. No one from Hollywood or the New York mainstream media wrote in, either. You can imagine how surprised I was until I reasoned that everyone was so overwhelmed, they were just speechless. So I have culled the 18 movies down to 9 movies, as follows:

BANKERS – The Business of Legalized Fraud

DO BIRDS FLY? – Big Pharma, Shrinks & the Church of Scientology

EARTH'S ENERGY PROBLEM – Why Solar & Fusion Are the Ultimate Solutions

MACHINE INTELLIGENCE – When Artificial Intelligence Supersedes Human Intelligence

THE SAGA OF BIOS & ZOE – How Stem Cell Cloning Will Someday Cure Death

CONTROL GROUP – How Hollywood Studios, the FCC and the New York Media Suppress Free Speech

GLOBALIZATION – Will Science, Metaphysics or Theology Dominate the New World Order?

HOME SCHOOLED – Why Government and Corporate Schools Fail

THUGS WITH GUNS – Do We Still Need Governments?

The development progress can be watched at You can email your thoughts to me at

Anthony Wile: How has your recent movie MOLON LABE done in the past six months?

James Jaeger: MOLON LABE had the highest production-marketing budget and the best sales of all the films so far; however, it did NOT go viral like FIAT EMPIRE. About 137,500 people watched it for free and about 5,000 people purchased DVDs. If you haven't seen it you can watch it for free at or purchase a DVD at

We are going to add a third option with the release of MIDNIGHT RIDE. YouTube now offers producers a method of charging a "rental fee" or a "purchase fee" for downloads. The producer can set the rental and purchase price at whatever they want. We did some research on movies around the Net, and here's what we found.

Online Download Prices

So this chart means that a new studio release can be downloaded for a 72-hour rental period for $6 or purchased for $9. It means that a newly released Independent film, such as MIDNIGHT RIDE, will rent for $4 and can be purchased for $12. A "purchase" means the downloader gets to keep the download forever.

Given that these prices are much cheaper than buying a DVD in a box for $19.98, it may come to be that many more people will be willing to rent or buy downloaded movies. Given that 137,500 people downloaded MOLON LABE for free whereas only about 5,000 purchased the DVD, simple math tells us that only 3.5% (5,000/137,500) of the audience was willing to purchase the DVD at the DVD price. But since a download is about five times cheaper, perhaps at least five times more people will be willing to download. This would be 25,000 people renting for $4 each download or $100,000.

The big question is, what percentage of the 137,500 people willing to watch for free will purchase a $4 download? How about a $2 download, or a $1 download? Any thoughts? Any marketing geniuses out there?

Of course, once the movie recoups enough of its production costs to help us get started on a new movie, we put them up for free as a public service. Given that there are 146,311,000 registered voters in the US, one would think that this is the potential market for political documentaries. Even if half of these people are derelict in their responsibilities as citizens in a SELF-governing republic, that still leaves 73.2 million people. Imagine selling even 1% of this audience a $4 download. That would be the sum of $2.9 million on a $150,000 investment or a ROI of 1,933%. Of course, a matching sum of $150,000 would probably have to be spent on a marketing budget to get at that $2.9 million, but even still that would be a ROI of about 950%. That's better than real estate, gold or the stock market by a long shot. And one can even FAIL on 48 movie deals before they are down to a pedestrian 20% ROI or what the stock market is capable of.

Anthony Wile: How's your fundraising generally?

James Jaeger: I spend about 50% of my time fundraising and 25% marketing. So what you see on the screen is only a sliver of actual filmmaking. I doubt that I will make another political documentary after MIDNIGHT RIDE because Americans in general don't care about the Constitution or the police state forming around them. Unless I can crack the financing-marketing nut, as I just discussed, my time would be better spent making arrangements to move out of the country. One of our producers has already done this. He bought a house in a foreign country and his Federal Reserve Notes go 4 times farther than when he was in the States. That's an "ROI of 400%" on every dollar he simply SPENDS. So he got a million-dollar house for just $250,000.

If our thesis is correct, that the Fed crashes and takes the global economy down with it, I doubt that Americans will even remember that we tried to warn them with the books and movies. In this sense, they are exactly like the citizens in pre-Nazi Germany: concerned with everything under the sun, moon and stars except for the police state forming all around them. It's kind of pathetic, but it just validates Hitler's little adage: "What luck for rulers that people do not think."

Anthony Wile: How has SPIRIT OF TESLA been received?

James Jaeger: Okay, I guess. I pour myself into making $20,000 and $40,000 interstitial documentaries for all manner of orgs and groups for free and maybe 3,000 people watch them, no one donates or even calls with a thanks. I'm not saying this is what happened specifically on the SPIRIT OF TESLA, but it's pretty standard on films like IN LIQUID, DEVON HORSE SHOW and EVOLVEFEST. If you go to all of these short docs are up; so are the short dramas and features I have made since about 1965.

Anthony Wile: You mentioned freedom of the press in your last interview. Better or worse, in your opinion?

James Jaeger: If the FCC doles out licenses for radio, television, cable, satellite and wire in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories, how can there be any "freedom of the press"?

The FCC is the ObamaCare of Communication. It's part of a re-worked Radio Act of 1927 and the endless regulation "justified" by the Interstate Commerce Commission. The FCC needs to be abolished like the Federal Reserve System, the Department of Homeland Security and all the other departments and agencies specified by Ron Paul.

But as long as we're on "freedom" of speech, let's mention the biggest hypocrites on freedom of speech there are on the planet – the Hollywood MPAA studio/distributors and the New York-based mainstream media. These people scream and yell all day about their rights of free speech, but try writing an article or making a TV show that disparages Israel and its "Jewish State" and suddenly you're a Nazi, or worse an "anti-Semite" – whatever THAT is. I actually got "unfriended" by a major radio personality last week for posting an article entitled, THE MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT – Is there a Solution? See the link here if you want to read it.

Anthony Wile: You mentioned MIDNIGHT RIDE last time. Tell us about it.

James Jaeger: We are in principle photography for MIDNIGHT RIDE right now. Ron Paul has agreed to interview as well as over 15 others, way too many. As I mentioned earlier, MIDNIGHT RIDE will be my fifth movie with Dr. Paul and Pat Buchanan, if he interviews. I say this because Pat may not be in this one until he's done with his Nixon book campaign. But Alex Jones said he probably would be in the film if we can interview him in March. We are also going after Ted Nugent, Wayne LaPierre, Clint Eastwood and Gary Sinise, who already declined even though it sure seems MIDNIGHT RIDE would fit with the "Gary Sinise Foundation's" mission statement: "At the Gary Sinise Foundation, we serve our nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. We do this by creating and supporting unique programs designed to entertain, educate, inspire, strengthen, and build communities."

The bald facts of existence are: Hollywood people are cowed by their slave masters in the executive suites of the MPAA studios. And their ICM-type agents are even worse: they eat raw conservatives every afternoon in every café along Melrose from TV City to the Beverly Hills sign.

Nevertheless, we have so far interviewed 10 experts from places like Virginia, Connecticut, Montana, New Hampshire and believe it or not, one from LA. These include:

DAN HAPPEL (Fmr. Montana Commissioner)

EDWIN VIEIRA (Author and Constitutional Attorney)

ELIAS ALIAS (Editor and Board Member of Oath Keepers)

ERICH PRATT (Executive at

G. EDWARD GRIFFIN (Producer & Author of The Creature from Jekyll Island)

LARRY PRATT (Executive Director of Gun Owners of America)


ROSIE HAAS (Ron Paul Activist)

STEWART RHODES (Founder and President of Oath Keepers)

WALTER REDDY (Co-founder of The Tea Party)

The next step is to raise about $45,000 to complete principle photography and postproduction, and then unleash MIDNIGHT RIDE on the world and see what happens. By the way, any of you who would like to get a Producer, Associate Producer or Executive Producer screencredit on the MAIN TITLES of this "RON PAUL-film," we still have one of each credit available at You can act now, or watch the progress reports here and possibly miss out because over 200 people have donated for this production to date and a limit has been placed on the most cherry screencredits. Otherwise they would not be "cherry," right?

Anthony Wile: Give us a take on the Hollywood trend. Is the industry on the West Coast collapsing? Seems so.

James Jaeger: I axed my subscription to the Hollywood Reporter last spring but then when they sent me a special deal lowering the price from $150 to $69, I couldn't resist. This is exactly what Hollywood should do with its ticket prices – lower the prices. No one wants to pay $14 to see a matinee. And IMAX, which costs even more, sucks unless you sit in the sweet spot. And even if you sit in the sweet spot, it's not any better experience than watching 3D in a large general theater.

If I were the CEO of WARNER BROS, SONY or PARAMOUNT – and if anyone wants to give me the job, I'm interested and qualified: see here. I would lower ticket prices and allow patrons to spend the rest of the day in the theater complex. Patrons would be allowed to wander around the Multiplex and watch or sample any of the movies playing in any of the theaters. They would also be able to buy reasonably priced popcorn, food and beverages. I would allocate spaces where film-enthusiasts, film-buffs, filmmakers and anyone at all could sit and have a reasonably priced cup of coffee, meal, drink and/or beverage. I would turn all the movie complexes into cultural meeting centers where people could hang out all day and watch movies, chat, study, write, network, party. Their $10 admission price would give them access to all of these things.

If such a CEO or CMO were to do this, I bet theater attendance would quadruple. I bet people would spend four times more money on food and beverages. I bet almost every movie would be watched, probably watched many times, and the good ones promoted extensively by word of mouth. Even the bad ones would be promoted with controversy. But in the end, the culture would improve and the movie industry would improve. Kids might even leave their basements where they now are holed up watching movies on various flavors of small screens. There would be interaction and promotion of all of Hollywood's products and we might become a social civilization again.

The second thing I would do, were one of the major studios to hire me is stop depending on huge tent-poles pictures. It costs an average of $107 million for each studio movie. If this sum were broken down and allocated to say 100 filmmakers – perhaps people that hang out at the theaters – each filmmaker could have up to $1 million to make a movie. To see how lucrative this could be for the studios, consider the Returns on Investment (ROI) for the top 10 grossing films of all time, such being:

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE cost $400,000 to produce and it earned $46 million, a ROI of 5,667%.

ONCE cost $150,000 to produce and it earned $19 million, a ROI of 6,000%.

CLERKS cost $27,000 to produce and it earned $3.9 million, a ROI of 7,000%.

AMERICAN GRAFFITI cost $777,000 to produce and it earned $140 million, a ROI of 9,000%.

HALLOWEEN cost $325,000 to produce and it earned $70 million, a ROI of 11,000%.

ROCKEY cost $1 million to produce and it earned $225 million, a ROI of 11,000%.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD cost $114,000 to produce and it earned $30 million, a ROI of 13,000%.

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT cost $60,000 to produce and it earned $248 million, a ROI of 20,000%.

MAD MAX cost $200,000 to produce and it earned $100 million, a ROI of 25,000%.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES cost $15,000 to produce and it earned $197 million, a ROI of 655,000%.

Tossing out PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES (because it can be considered an extreme anomaly), if we average the ROI for the other 9 films we get an average ROI of 11,963% (107,667 / 9 = 11,963).

This is the upside of filmmaking: 11,963% Return on Investment. What other industry does that?

So what does this mean for the studios – or the savvy investment group that is not saddled with Hollywood's overhead and mentality? It means that, given a certain number of films, one of them is going to produce an ROI of 11,963%. In other words, as Peter Theil would say in Zero to One, every project has to have the potential to recoup the losses of all the other projects in the venture portfolio combined. How many films have to be produced before one is the first film to garner an 11,963% Return On Investment and recoups all the other projects in the portfolio? Let's turn this impossible-to-answer question around. With an 11,963% ROI on the horizon, one can produce up to 598 turkeys and still get a 20% return on their investment with the 599th film. In other words, an investor can FAIL 598 times and on the 599th movie he can still get twice as good of a return as any blue chip or NASDAQ stock. One can't even get returns like this on IPOs or the derivative markets.

The budgets for the top-grossing films cited range from $15,000 to $1 million with an average budget of about $300,000. This makes sense to me because if I were to produce another low-budget feature, I would not want to make it for less than $300,000. I have produced narrative dramatic low budget features for less than this but, by the 18th day of principle photography, you have the crew screaming at you because they are totally over-worked and under-paid. It's simply not moral to force 30 crewmembers and 100 actors to suffer like this. The perfect budget range for new filmmakers is around $300,000 for the first film and then about $650,000 for the second film and $1,000,000 for the third. So remember when I said that studios should allocate about $1 million to about 100 people? Well, such a per capita sum could even accommodate each filmmaker's learning curve.

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that a novice with a $300,000 budget will make anything that's viable, or even watchable. It will even be a miracle if the film gets completed. That's why one reason the studios never hire new people. But if they were willing to piss away lots of small dollars ($300,000 and less) until they got crops of filmmakers that have been up to bat about 2 or 3 times, I think you would see some serious creativity and even viability emerge. This would translate into a series of $300,000 to $1,000,000 films eventually garnering grosses well in excess of $5 million to $25 million, respectively. That's a great ROI.

I would venture to speculate that every 20th film would seriously recoup all previous 19 films. The studio would probably have to finance 100 films before they get one that generates an ROI of 11,963%. But so what? 100 films would only cost $100 million, the average of what Hollywood studios already piss away on just one feature.

The fact of the matter is Hollywood studios want to make 100 million + films because it keeps their huge labor force of above- and below-line talents employed. They thus don't care what crap they pump out so long as they keep the slaver working and the Lefty propaganda spewing. After all, everyone has their Mercedes payments and the cost of good pool help keeps rising.

So again, given the new distribution channel of the Internet, high-res cameras and equipment that are orders of magnitude cheaper and better quality than yesteryear's analog equipment, there are golden opportunities for studios and venture groups that want to play the numbers game with films.

Unfortunately, the Marxist-infested Hollywood Establishment doesn't WANT to try an experiment like this, because it would work. And this would be horrifying, for it would subject everyone in Union-ville to the free market and competition. This is WAY too much cognitive dissonance for an anti-capitalist or a Marxist.

Anthony Wile: Are we seeing more independent directors and producers such as yourself? Is this a trend?

James Jaeger: Given the Internet – when it works – we have a massive alternative distribution channel, as mentioned earlier. In the past, the film distribution channels were as follows: 1) Trucks to theaters; 2) Over the air to TVs; 3) Wires to TVs; 4) Trucks to video stores. Now we have wires, and fiber, to computer screens. And since the bandwidth is high, the Net has become an alternative distribution system that the Establishment HATES and something their FCC dogs love to attack. Even Righties like Bill O'Reilly constantly spew forth their invective about the big, bad Internet. If they hate the Internet, it means YOU should defend it with your life.

Given all this you can bet the MPAA studios, COMCAST-type cable companies and TV networks are going to do everything in their power to partner with the government to pass "laws" to regulate the Internet "for the greater good" and to "protect the kids from porn." They are also starting to USE the Internet like never before. But in the end, they will attempt to do to Internet-competition the exact things major corporations have done to most competition: license it so that only the established players have serious access. But monopoly is good, says Peter Theil in his new book, Zero to One. Maybe Theil has some points, but Rockefeller also praised monopoly, and all this lead to was a nation full of drugged up "citizens" on Big Pharma.

John Stossel is the only one on network that continuously cusses monopoly and the DemoPublican joke. He warns us about the infringement of large companies using the state to shut startups out and other abuses. Market aberration is probably the strongest argument for replacing the State with the Private Protectorate. When a large fascist corporation can hire gunmen – i.e., lawyers "with the law on their side" – to mass slaughter startups and innovation, what do you get? You get the sick, stagnant society we have today and a world where there is no "innovation," only "globalization."

Ask anyone if they are better off than their parents and 99% will say they are not. ROSEMARY'S BABY has to be thrown out with the bathwater because the "baby" is possessed with corporate fascism and cultural Marxism.

Anthony Wile: Any other thoughts or comments? How are you feeling these days generally? Are you optimistic or pessimistic and why?

James Jaeger: Oh, I'm feeling quite optimist as you can probably tell. Some of the main places for optimism, in alphabetical order, are as follows:
































Anthony Wile: Final words?

James Jaeger: Rock on…

Anthony Wile: Thanks, James.

James Jaeger: You are welcome. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit with The Daily Bell.

After Thoughts

Thanks to James for this extensive interview. He makes many interesting points but several in particular stand out to us. He speaks about how QE has "stopped" but that all the digital currency that has been printed will eventually leak out. And eventually price inflation could soar, choking off any recovery.

This is certainly possible, but right now – as he notes – a little bit of those funds are pushing stocks higher and that is a trend that can continue for the long or short term. We call it the "Wall Street Party."

He also points out that the "state always grows. It never shrinks." Here he has a good point as well, though we do agree that "The US Global Empire isn't going to go away unless it rots itself out from within the core — another end-game. This would be a Roman Empire-type end game."

From our perspective this sort of "rot" is well underway, and it is actually feeding an extension of the Wall Street stock party, one that is spreading worldwide. Central banks are inflating in tandem, and the Great Inflation of the 2000s has been underway for over a half-decade.

This is a central problem of the world economy, as James knows. It must eventually end in a great asset inflation that may spark calls for a global political and economic realignment.

From a global financial fiesta to a worldwide equity wipeout … the path increasingly seems clear. Investors need to protect themselves. James would surely agree with that as well. Look to The Daily Bell for innovative solutions along these lines.

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