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Baby Boomers Bamboozled: Social Security Fades Into a Dreamtime Haze
By Staff News & Analysis - August 06, 2012

As recently as 1985, workers at every income level could retire and expect to get more in benefits than they paid in Social Security taxes, though they didn't do quite as well as their parents and grandparents. Not anymore. A married couple retiring last year after both spouses earned average lifetime wages paid about $598,000 in Social Security taxes during their careers. They can expect to collect about $556,000 in benefits, if the man lives to 82 and the woman lives to 85, according to a 2011 study by the Urban Institute, a Washington think tank. … The shift among middle-income workers is happening just as millions of baby boomers are reaching retirement, leaving relatively fewer workers behind to pay into the system. It's coming at a critical time for Social Security, the federal government's largest program. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: If we work hard, government will take care of us.

Free-Market Analysis: Social Security is gradually fading away for most Baby Boomers. What the '60s generation in both Europe and America doesn't understand is that government isn't here to help them. Modern regulatory democracy is supposed to give way to global governance. That's obviously the plan.

Social Security started out well enough, of course. The first person to receive a check was Ida May Fuller who paid Social Security taxes for three years that came to a total of $24.75. Her very first monthly check in 1940 was for $22.54. And since she lived to be 100, she collected $22,888.92.

The Roosevelt administration made a big deal out of Fuller and the benefits she received. But in reality, Social Security was just like any other big government program. It was built to fail.

All governments eventually fade into failure, victimized by greed leading to war, ruthless – and dysfunctional – authoritarianism and finally financial chaos. The Western welfare state was surely meant to collapse, even though this is something that most people simply can't internalize.

As a sort of public service, we try to present iterations of this point of view on a regular basis.

If people don't understand how their society operates, how are they going to change it?

As we've pointed out in the past, all the great "isms" are merely theoretical ways to achieve wealth transfer. We won't provide the history here but there is plenty of evidence such isms – socialism, fascism, communism, even capitalism – were always intended to be part of a larger program of elite dominance.

They were implemented as a kind of aggregate weapon of mass social destruction. In that regard, they've achieved their goal.

It is the power elite itself, those great dynastic families of the West and their enablers and associates, that created and popularized these socio-political and economic philosophies. The elites funded them and implemented them.

Communism and fascism were bankrolled by Wall Street; European socialism was the brainchild of Western industrialists as well.

These "isms" together formed a kind of elite dominant social theme, designed to build societies that would depend on large government programs rater than on sustainable families and villages.

The idea, as always, was to build dysfunction into the very fabric of post-war civic structures. The plan was apparently to create blossoming social chaos that would eventually be resolved by the "solution" of global government.

Europe is unwinding, its great social programs gradually proving to be failures. Eurocrats made great promises but these programs were always unrealistic. In fact, they were intended to be so. You can see an article on this subject here:

"EU's Prodi Admits Euroleaders Knew Euro Would Cause Ruin but Hoped Political Union Would Follow."

America is no different. When all government promises are totaled, the indebtedness is staggering. It's something like US$200 trillion. Here's a report on that as well:

"The US$ 200-Trillion Debt Which Cannot Be Named."

The '60s generation, both in the US and Europe, were conditioned to believe that government was a malleable force that could be adjusted for better or worse. But modern regulatory democracy only has one direction … down. There is no reset.

Current events are a kind of "directed history" … especially over the past 100 years or so since the globalist conspiracy hit its higher gears. The wars of the 20th and 21st century and the subsequent scarcities, famines and plagues along with generalized economic chaos all seem to have been the result of specific policies, political and otherwise.

The West funded both Hitler and Lenin. The elites try always to control both sides of the conflict.

Even the prevailing myths of the American Baby Boom generation turn out to have been a product of American Intel, according to brilliant alternative media researcher David McGowan (The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation).

He points out that many of the initial rock stars of the 1960s had military backgrounds or were the products of military families. They were all gathered together at Laurel Canyon where history was made – and hits were created by young men and women who'd never sung before and couldn't read music.

It wasn't just musical culture that was manipulated by Tavistock and the CIA. McGowan shows us quite clearly that the NASA moon-landing program was similarly manipulated.

Given the arrogance and contempt of the powers-that-be for average citizens, it is surely not feasible to believe that their larger project – regulatory democracy – is any more credible.

The counterculture movement in the US and Europe was intended to break down the fabric of family and community and substitute government programs for local initiatives. But regulatory democracy itself is destined to fail, and in doing so, deliver its participants to greater globalism.

It is very hard to internalize the full deviousness of what is taking place. But there is no doubt that current socio-political systems are unstable and meant to be so.

The economic system itself is similarly unstable, with central banking booms and busts designed to concentrate more and more power in the hands of the power elite that has created the system and profits from it.

Fortunately, we have the Internet, which has revealed to us elite patterns of directed history. It is easy enough to tell what is going on now if one desires to look, or has the fortitude to do so.

It is necessary, as well. What we call the Internet Reformation is only as powerful as those who choose to participate. Education is key. Internalizing one's manipulation, forgiving oneself and adopting more realistic modes of economic and physical survival are called for.

There is, of course, no single panacea. Everyone must approach his or her situation within the context of personal necessity. But regardless of the solutions that one seeks to adopt, it is important, finally, to understand that trusting in a paternalistic Leviathan places one on a false path.

There is evidently and obviously an elite, one-world conspiracy. All the facilities of global government have been erected within the past 75 years or so, from 150 central banks to the UN, IMF and World Bank, etc. And all aspects of modern society, from public schools to health care and even to the legislative process, have been built to fail.

The end goal is not caring but chaos … and the next few years shall doubtless be filled with endless debates over how to fix what has actually been constructed to collapse. As these conversations continue, it will be important for people to keep their goals in mind and put themselves, their families and their communities first. All survival is local … and resources, as well.

After Thoughts

Many of us have lived most if not all of our lives in a kind of elite-induced "dreamtime" haze. Those who do well in the 21st century will likely be the ones who snap out of it.

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