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Surprise! … UN Involvement Promoted to Advance the Marijuana Meme
By Staff News & Analysis - May 26, 2014

Worldwide Campaign: Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes is a Human Right … An international consortium of medical cannabis organisations are demanding that humans, regardless of state or allegiance and without qualification, be able to use cannabis therapeutically. In a joint declaration, the organisations from Europe and North America refer to Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations in 1948. The declaration is the beginning of a worldwide campaign on the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. – IACM Bulletin

Dominant Social Theme: The United Nations must support the marijuana meme so justice can prevail.

Free-Market Analysis: In numerous articles, we've pointed out that the globalist power elite was backing what we call the marijuana meme – the decriminalization and eventual legalization of cannabis.

We believed that this was an important perspective. The elite's support of legal cannabis makes the prospects of industry participation a good deal more attractive, one reason High Alert has invested in a cannabis company.

From a larger perspective, the evident support of elite globalists for cannabis proves out a major analytical point of ours – that elite backing of various industries is still a most valuable endorsement. From solar and wind energy to electric cars to genetically modified foods, elite support guarantees at least a modicum of success whether or not the actual effort is viable in the long term.

Once elite participation is isolated, as with the marijuana meme, the question becomes "why?" In the case of cannabis, we soon saw the dialectic was vast, indeed …

Chances are that marijuana is the first drug to be removed from the war on drugs but not the last. This is because the top elites are apparently in search of "problems" that demand a global solution. Climate change is one such global solution, and the war on terror is another.

But now the war on drugs has been tapped as the next "global problem."

Elites seek global problems because they rationalize the involvement of globalist facilities such as the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, etc. As the globalists get more and more desperate because of Internet exposure, they are moving ever more quickly to implement various forms of internationalism.

When it comes to the war on drugs, we've analyzed this trend with increasing certainty in at least three recent articles:

The Cannabis Conspiracy?

Overturning the War on Drugs Part of Elite Strategy to Enable UN Millennial Goals?

Drug Legalization Around the World: The Dialectic Evolves

While writing these articles, we stated with increasing confidence that the UN itself was going to become a major force not just for legalization of drugs but also for painstaking and complex regulation.

We indicated that right now was perhaps a good time to invest in the cannabis industry but that eventually various startups were going to be bid-up and folded into larger corporations that would then be regulated globally.

The idea is to give the UN increasingly more high-profile responsibilities for thoroughly global briefs – and cannabis, and drugs in general, constitute about as high-profile a global gambit as you can find.

Now comes further proof of this observation (see excerpt at the beginning of this article).

A consortium of professional groups is turning to – who else? – the United Nations to ensure the "rights" of cancer victims to cannabis products and cannabinoids that can reduce their pain and suffering.

Here's more from the article:

The declaration was published in ten languages on a dedicated Web site … and states: "Every medical doctor has the right to treat his or her patients with cannabinoids and cannabis products according to the rules of good medical care" and "every patient has the right to access cannabis and cannabinoids for medical treatment supervised by a medical doctor, regardless of social status, standard of living or financial means."

"The declaration is based on overwhelming scientific evidence. It takes a strong stance against the prejudices and untruthfulness of lawmakers, other political players and 'experts' with limited medical knowledge on the issue," says Franjo Grotenhermen, MD, Executive Director of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (Germany).

It is the aim of the declaration to generate worldwide support and allow organizations around the globe to adopt a more definitive position. "The joint declaration and related Web site form the nucleus of a worldwide movement regarding the human right to use cannabis for therapeutic purposes," adds Al Byrne of Patients Out of Time (USA). The declaration is the product of knowledgeable experts from multiple countries who are working to challenge anti-cannabis forces.

Cannabis has established medical use throughout the world's history and, coupled with the recent discovery of the role of the endogenous cannabinoid system in the human body, must be made available to all citizens of all countries. The creators of the declaration designed it to encourage and allow both organizations and individuals to join them by signing the document in support of the common goal to create a worldwide campaign to end the wrongful prohibition of therapeutic cannabis.

Please join us in demanding an end to medical cannabis prohibition and the inclusion of therapeutic cannabis in the national Pharmacopoeia of every country on earth …

The statement ends with a listing of 11 organizations supporting the worldwide campaign. It would not be surprising to learn that one or more of them has linkages to the power elite.

Ultimately, as we regularly point out, globalists manipulate modern history via dominant social themes and false flags. The idea is to create a problem and then advance a globalist solution.

After Thoughts

The marijuana meme is an almost textbook example of this sort of operation. We anticipate the involvement of many more globalist facilities, and especially the UN, as this theme advances.

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