9/11, the Damage of the Aftermath and the Brightness Ahead
By Anthony Wile - September 11, 2011

Many of today's articles in the mainstream press will focus on 9/11 and its aftermath in terms of a war on terror. But here at DB, we take it sorrowfully for granted that the 9/11 narrative is not accurate and that something else happened on that day that is not being reported.

This article is not aimed primarily at examining the mechanism of 9/11 so much as its aftermath – and where the next decade may bring us. Our conclusion may surprise you, dear reader, but that's only because we take a different view of history than most and as an alternative media source, we try to provide a viewpoint you will not find elsewhere.

Of course, we must admit the first decade of the 20th Century has been a horrid one by anyone's calculation. As horrible as the actual 9/11 attack was, the aftermath has been far worse, turning the US – once the freest country in the world – into a country where civil rights have been eroded and people are encouraged to spy on one another.

Many civil and judicial protections developed in the past 1,000 years have been shoved aside by the "war on terror." Increasingly, the war on terror, in the minds of many critics, is a war on civil society; the victims are those in America and the West who are being relentlessly stripped of their rights.

Of course, the trouble begins with the official story, which is patently unreasonable. The only definitive report on 9/11 has been renounced by several of the commissioners who participated in it.

The lead lawyer on the commission wrote a book claiming the commissioners had been lied to serially by US intelligence agencies and the George W. Bush administration. Much of the material that the commission wanted released to the public has not yet been released – an extraordinary amount of information, actually.

The FBI has given up trying to explain where phone calls from the planes came from as cell phones were not capable of making calls from fast-moving planes and the planes had no in-flight phones, either. The calls to loved ones from doomed passengers then remain a mystery. The plane that went down in Pennsylvania scattered supposed remains over many miles, even though in a normal crash scene, much of the plane's remains would be located in one place. The Pentagon attack remains questionable as well, with the FBI still withholding, some 10 years later, scores of videos that it confiscated from the area's security cameras and merchants.

There are literally hundreds of anomalous issues regarding the 9/11 narrative; they can be found on the Internet and many of them raise good questions. As we have pointed out many times in the past, it is not the task of citizens who have questions about 9/11 to come up with answers. It is likely impossible for an individual to reconstruct what went on without resources, both legal and monetary. Some sort of new commission, private or public, should be established to summarize the evidence and create conclusions commensurate with the facts.

Some would argue that with all the information on the Internet currently, the official story has been discredited, anyway. But the problem is that an unofficial narrative is not as compelling as an official one. And an official narrative is one that can be acted on – officially. What is being acted on in an official capacity is only what the war on terror calls for, which is increased war, increased repression at home and the constant erosion of civil liberties.

Today, Americans, especially, live in fear, and the fear is being generated out of Washington, DC. The serial wars begun after 9/11 – without reason or justification – and the domestic repression in which Americans are verging on an authoritarian-style police state where scanners and ID cards shall be ubiquitous not just at airports but everywhere else as well – malls, sports stadiums, etc. – are examples.

If someone wanted to create a scenario to strip people of their rights, the hazy, unbounded war on terror would be perfect. It justifies everything from rendition to torture to the suspension of the most basic liberties in order to "keep people safe."

The trouble with the war on terror is not only what it has justified but what it will demand in the future. Until the REAL narrative of 9/11 is presented, those in positions of power will continue to use the false narrative to justify any kind of internal and external oppression.

Here at DB, we believe in a global elite that is driving the world pell-mell toward world governance. Every part of the war on terror seems designed to support this goal; as ongoing and vague as it is, the war on terror gives governments – especially the American government – a virtual carte-blanche to expand government power monstrously.

Using the war on terror as a kind of bludgeon, the American administration – and Western regimes generally – are able to justify punitive taxes, an inflationary central bank regime and the aggressive militarization of society.

War is the health of the state, Randolph Bourne famously wrote, and this is absolutely true. Not only that, but anyone who investigates history with an open mind soon comes to the conclusion (in the Internet Reformation era) that most wars are phony, designed by people in power to reinforce their grip on social and military institutions.

Of course, that this article can be written at all is testimony to the Internet Reformation and the growing wave of freedom that is sweeping the world today as a result of the little-impeded flow of information between countries and growing billions of technology users.

There are plenty of people who do not believe that the Internet Reformation is real and that its truth-telling will make a difference. We would argue that it already has and that the powers-that-be are having an increasingly difficult time generating and maintaining their fear-based dominant social themes.

These fear-based memes are intended to impel Western middle classes to give up their wealth and power to globalist institutions that supposedly provide solutions to frightening (if phony) events like global warming and various scarcities (water, food, oil, etc.).

In the 21st Century, these memes are increasingly receiving push-back from those they are aimed at. It is very possible over the next 10 years that the war on terror itself will generate blowback to the degree that it loses its ability to justify the repressions that are now descending on the people of America and the West generally.

The first decade of the 21st Century has been a very dark one, rolling back Western freedoms to justify a very dubious war on terror. But we see signs that this war on terror is becoming less persuasive and credible every day. The war in Afghanistan has not gone as planned, the Middle East is not pacified and both in Europe and America, people are increasingly dissatisfied with their governments and their military operations.

The Internet Reformation is a process not an episode. We see trends toward greater freedom and openness that challenge the elite's rush to global power. The next decade of the 21st Century may be far less successful for the elites that have used 9/11 and the war on terror to strip the West of even its most basic freedoms. That's the good news, and people should not lose sight of it even during dark days that no doubt lie ahead.

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