Happy New Year!
By Anthony Wile - January 01, 2014

Greetings and warmest regards from all of us at The Daily Bell!

We've had quite a year. The newest incarnation of The Daily Bell has been well received on all fronts, but we're not done yet… Stay tuned for more changes and significant additional editorial expansions.

Perhaps 2014 will be "better," perhaps not. Either way, you can take human action to improve your circumstances for your community, your friends, your family and your self.

Strive to find out all you can about the world and how it works and who are its influencers. Know thyself, Socrates said. Understand as much as you can to deepen your enjoyment of your life and times – and your ability to prosper, as well. It helped me. And I'll help you if I can.

Thanks for stopping by!

Memento Mori!

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