Let's Get This Show on the Road
By Anthony Wile - October 10, 2015

Hello, my friends.

Over the past few months I've been actively involved in several private business initiatives, which have and will continue to occupy the majority of my time and focus, but now I'll also be appearing in these pages regularly once again.

As I write this, I'm finally taking a breath. I'm sitting here at the Medellin International Airport waiting on my flight home after another whirlwind week of meetings and appointments here in Colombia – a country you'll be hearing a lot about in these pages over the coming months.

As my friend Simon Black recently wrote in his Sovereign Man Notes from the Field after visiting with us last week, "Peace has a funny way of showering a country with prosperity. And it's going to make Colombia one of the most interesting places to be in the world in the coming years."

Simon couldn't be more correct, in my opinion. I have witnessed the country's transformation from a war-torn region of the world into one of the brightest – if not the brightest – places on the planet for wealth creation and a high standard of overall living. But I'll leave the specifics for later …

I want to take this time to update readers on where we're going with The Daily Bell. Our internal numbers show we have a healthy audience, as we should given that we provide news and information you won't see elsewhere. Today, the mainstream media is in chaos, with its most iconic brands struggling to stay open. The Daily Bell, on the other hand, and the alternative media in general, continues to flourish.

As the founder of The Daily Bell, I'm proud of what we've accomplished and as I increase my participation again, I hope we reach new heights. We're not afraid to tackle the hard issues or go beyond politically correct points of view. Importantly, there is a need for publications like The Daily Bell. We are living in perilous times, fraught with pending economic and social chaos.

I am not sure, nor is anyone else, when the proverbial chickens will come home to roost but I believe anyone who has been reading The Daily Bell over the past several years knows full well where we stand with respect to misguided – some say fraudulent – monetary policy and many other elitist promotions. Always the intention of these promotions is to spread confusion to make it easier to redistribute wealth by removing it from the general public and concentrating it in the hands of a few.

In the past, we've concentrated on analyzing the problems inherent in these sorts of elite manipulations. But in returning, I expect we will increasingly emphasize solutions as well. The idea is to emphasize solutions that foster independent thinking and decision-making.

For example, I view gold and silver as a central means to store real wealth and modern paper currency to be nothing other than a financial marker that generally decreases (often ruinously) in value. The public, unfortunately, tends to accept central bank currency until it is too late and subject to significant debasement. I do not believe that anybody has a crystal ball, but the time is coming when the expert manipulators of our monetary system will be routed out and exposed. Their illumination and contortions will be seen for what they actually are – part of a grand illusion that must eventually fail.

Let's find ways in which we can live more freely in this unfree world and separate ourselves from those who continue to create and support this charade.

I choose not to be stampeded with the herd as they head to the grocery stores to try to buy bread with their rapidly inflating currency. I choose not to have my family living in chaos as people surge into the streets looking to blame those with means for their problems. I choose not to be with a target, exposing my family and finances to public or official destruction.

I am well aware that my lifestyle – and yours – can easily be protected by making some commonsense investment moves.

As we go forward, our emphasis will be to provide current event analyses, as usual, but also on sharing ideas that I and those around me are using to protect our families and our wealth against future calamity.

There is no reason to have one's portfolio destroyed overnight because of a collapse in public confidence that could – and should – have been anticipated. Obviously, gold and silver provide some level of insurance, but there are other options that one must consider to further enhance and protect one's wealth. We're going to share those ideas.

I look forward to sharing this information, including ideas about different sectors where one can position oneself "ahead of the curve." I wrote about this extensively in my most recent book, Financial Freedom. You can find that here.

I'm presently working on a new book that will highlight certain kinds of significant wealth creation, while offering solutions that will prevent wealth destruction. Both are more important than ever in this uncertain world.

Together with my partners at High Alert Investment Management and other arm's-length organizations and firms we are truly developing a powerful network of likeminded financial thinkers. This network will be focused on "human action" – positive moves that people can make to take control of their destiny in order to protect and enhance one's wealth and the safety of one's family.

And yes, you can bank on our continuation of analyzing dominant social themes as a critical part of our overall analytical processes.

I want to wish all of our Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving this weekend. We do have much to be thankful for and it's good to stop and remember that from time to time.

It's nice to be back.

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