Tracking IMF Money Manipulation to Pakistan and Beyond
By Anthony Wile - December 28, 2013

The Nation magazine recently posted a small articled entitled, "Pakistan gets second tranche of $553.5m from IMF."

We are so used to these kinds of announcements that they hardly register anymore. But this is how the entrenched corruption of our day is carried out. Here's more:

Pakistan has received the second tranche of five hundred fifty three point five million dollars from the International Monetary Fund. This has been announced by the State Bank in Karachi.

The IMF, under the Extended Fund Facility had approved a total six point six four billion dollars for Pakistan and the first installment was released in September last.

"Pakistan received the second tranche from IMF under the ongoing EFF on December 23," a spokesman for the State Bank of Pakistan (central bank) said in a statement.

The release of the installment will also bolster the bank's declining foreign exchange reserves.

Cash-strapped Pakistan, plagued by a bloody homegrown Taliban insurgency, is battling to get its shaky economy back on track and solve a chronic energy crisis that cripples industry.

Announcing the approval of the funds last Thursday, the IMF s deputy managing director and acting chair Nemat Shafik warned that Pakistan must continue its reforms for the economy to recover, in particular to improve tax collection.

This is magic money, of course. It will bolster foreign reserves, help Pakistan battle the Taliban (that it actually sponsors), aid the state in supporting its economy (whatever that means), "solve" an energy crisis (really!) and support increased tax collection efforts.

This last is an important point for IMF bureaucrats. The IMF is very big on tax collection. Southern Europe, with its familial emphasis, must be distorted until its taxation-culture resembles that of Northern Europe. This is as important (to the IMF) as it is improbable.

Anyway, the idea that Pakistan and other countries are desperate for tax revenue really makes little sense. Central bankers can print what they want and bury the most grievous effects of price inflation inside of bank coffers.

But we haven't scratched the surface. This magic tranche is truly the gift that keeps on giving. A Bloomberg article posted earlier this year gives the game away.

Swiss Water Planning $200 Million of Projects in Pakistan

Swiss Water Tech Research & Development SA, a green-technology developer, said it's in line to win about $200 million of contracts in Pakistan to supply clean-power plants that run on waste.

The Neuchatel, Switzerland-based company received a letter of intent from the Punjab state government and will provide the technology for a 100-megawatt project, Chief Operational Operator Ralph Hofmeier said in an interview. Swiss Water is also in talks with private companies for a similar amount of capacity that includes agreements last week with three firms for 17 megawatts.

The plants could run on liquid or solid waste to generate power more cheaply than coal, solar or wind projects, Hofmeier said in Karachi without elaborating. The company is seeking funds from Habib Bank Ltd. that would be backed by a sovereign guarantee from the Pakistan government, he said on Nov. 26.

Swiss Water officials in Pakistan last week signed a memorandum of understanding. Pakistan is the sixth-most populous nation with about 200 million residents. The country can suffer power, light and fan outages in some areas of up to 18 hours a day during summer months. Blackouts have sparked violent protests and affected a textile industry that accounts for 54 percent of exports.

So a Swiss green company is in line to soak up a good deal of this IMF tranche. The website describes the company as follows: "We are green technologies developer focused on making affordable water and energy technologies for a sustainable development projects."

Here's more:

Most of us involved in the educational field understand that Green Technology is THE NEXT BIG THING! But as with all new fields and technologies – it is very hard to define or predict. The definitions seem to change depending on whom you speak with. But however you define it, just as we all understood in the early 1980's that computer technology would change our society in ways we could never imagine – Green Technology will shape our lives over the coming decades in profound and inevitable ways.

SWATE provides Engineering, and Sustainability Consultancy, specializing in Water & Energy Technologies. Our work is drive by the innovation, performance and efficiency that a high knowledgeable academic and technical Research & Development Design can offer.

A nice description but let's unpack it. In fact, this company seems to be a kind of gateway firm receiving funds from the IMF that it will soon disburse to favored counterparties in Pakistan. That's how the IMF and its controllers manipulate funds. Cooperate with IMF honchos and you, too, can receive a bit of the loot.

SWATE, a private Swiss company, is not likely to disclose its contractual details with the IMF, much less the profit it is making. Probably you will never learn the identities of its subcontractors, either, nor exactly what they will do for their payments.

In fact, so-called sustainable development accounting makes the process of wealth redistribution easier because the system's "measureable" means of quantifying the unquantifiable has NOTHING to do with dollars and cents but everything to do with humanist thinking.

The game gets deeper. Globalist facilities like the IMF gouge funds from taxpayer members around the world and then redistribute those funds in various ways via an ever-enlarging group of gateway vendors like SWATE. The bookkeeping is opaque, the distributions baroque.

In this case, the larger IMF tranche is going to fight the Taliban, support various green initiatives, solve Pakistan's tax collection problems and bolster foreign reserves. Look again in five years to find out just how effective this latest tranche has been at reducing any of these so-called problems.

This money game is getting ever more blatant, even as we grow more accustomed to it. But the money in question comes from taxpayers around the world and is surely being extracted under false pretenses.

We are supposed to become desensitized to these sorts of things, but let us continue to pay attention. As with so much, education is key – and an alternative media to help provide it.

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