Food and Wealth
By Catherine Austin Fitts - March 07, 2013

This week's Solari Story from Catherine Austin Fitts is titled "Food and Wealth." Here's a bit of the transcript:

"'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' … in essence shows how 80 percent of America can solve most of their health care problems at very low cost because the thing that is driving health care expenses up is you have a highly controlled, highly governmentalized system – tremendous profits to corporations, tremendous profits to pharmaceutical companies. And the thing that's driving the costs up is the fact that nobody's healthy.

"Well, why is nobody healthy? We're all eating junk food, we're eating rotten food, we're not getting proper nutrition, we're not leading healthy lifestyles. And the beauty of "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" is that in one simple, little story of two men's lives it shows you the problem and the problem is you can't solve something on the back end that you're not solving and addressing on the front end. There are remarkable solutions to our health care system again, if we'll all just come clean."

Please click on the image to watch the Solari video:

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