The Blue Light
By Catherine Austin Fitts - May 09, 2013

This week's Solari Story from Catherine Austin Fitts is titled "The Blue Light." Here's a bit of the transcript:

"As you know, I was in litigation for approximately 11 years and it was all civil litigation relating to my company. In the beginning we went through 18 audits and investigations and several efforts by a variety of parties to falsely frame us. We were very lucky, caught it. It's all described in great detail in the resource section [of Solari.com] in an article I wrote, really an online book I wrote, called Dillon Reed and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits.

"There was one point where we had sued the fed government. The fed government owed my company several million dollars and had refused to pay and we had been the lead financial advisor for the HUD loan sale program. There had been a mistake made by a subcontractor on one of the bids that had had no cash impact on the government but the government had decided to use this as a pretext. … "

"We were in a situation where I was being deposed by the Department of Justice and we were talking about highly complex financial engineering on billion dollar mortgage sales. We had hired AT&T Bell Laboratories to take the model that they use to route telephone calls to optimize mortgage loan sale bids, essentially. And we were talking about the details of this optimization methodology. So this was a deposition on a very arcane and very technical and very financially complex issue, all of which had no cash impact on anything, which was the depressing thing about it. But again, in the government, fights like this are never about what the fight is about. … "

Please click on the image to view the full Solari video:

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