The Power of Local
By Catherine Austin Fitts - May 02, 2013

This week's Solari Story from Catherine Austin Fitts is titled "The Power of Local." Here's a bit of the transcript:

"I always say that my neighborhood or my county is the molecule, if the body's made up of molecules, and to understand the body we need to understand a molecule. It's the same with the global economy. Your county or neighborhood is the molecule and the planet is the body. And if you don't understand your local economy it's absolutely impossible to understand the global economy. It's funny. There's a saying that all politics are local. Well, all economics are local. If you look at America, America is 3,100 counties and to understand America's economy you have to understand it bottom-up, one county at a time.

"I wrote a curriculum in the '90s called "Economics 101." It's up on our website. And it designs a curriculum that teaches children about the economy just by helping them walk around and understand their local economy. One of the things you'll find in America is that many, many of us have never learned how our economy works and we are completely disassociated from the financial ecosystem and the economic ecosystem around us.

Literally, part of that is that we don't understand the physical geography and the natural resources around us. We don't understand the history of the resources and the culture in our place. And part of it is, that disassociates us from being able to relate our living systems, whether it's our environment or our families or ourselves, to our financial system. It literally disconnects and makes it impossible for us, for example, to look at the stock market or the bond market or where our investments are and see how it connects right down to the world around us. And it's that disassociation that I think makes many people feel like they're powerless, including powerless to understand how their own money works.

If you can take personal responsibility to learn about and connect what you do and what you need to how the economy works locally, then you will start to have a very powerful relationship with how the economy works more broadly than that. … "

Please click on the image to view the full Solari video:

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