Political Pygmies and Mad Hatters
By Nelson Hultberg - April 20, 2011

The debate in Washington over this year's budget that threatened another (ho hum) government shutdown is a sterling example of how modern day pundits and politicians have shrunk their vision of political affairs down to the momentary, the picayune, the superficial, and the irrelevant.

Are there any "big picture thinkers" left in the political arena? Any "men of principle?" Sadly, no. Other than Ron Paul and a few maverick colleagues, there are none. Nothing but pygmies pontificating about the crucial business at hand and claiming how courageous their party is behaving in pursuit of justice and a better America.

To say this is an embarrassing charade is understatement indeed. Our government is $14.3 trillion in debt. The 2011 budget is approximately $3.8 trillion. The budget deficit is $1.5 trillion. And our solons in Washington are smugly bragging about their "fiercely negotiated cut of $37.8 billion?" Is it hyperbole to say these minds are obsessed with the momentary, the picayune, the superficial, and the irrelevant? Is it unfair to declare them to be pygmies? I think not.

When all things are considered, the total public and private debt in America is now over $100 trillion. Yet Bernanke and his Fed buddies are injecting credit (i.e., more debt) into the economy like a fire hose injects water into a bathtub. And still our "men of principle" in Congress declare with straight faces that they are stalwartly facing America's problems head on. Sure they are. Like drug addicts and embezzlers face their life's problems.

A Spectacle of Self-Delusion

What is horrifying is that this is not new. This charade-like aura of politics in Washington has been going on for 60 years ever since Dwight Eisenhower captured the GOP from the Robert Taft forces in 1952 and made it into a party of "me-tooers" to FDR's Democrats. What has been taking place in the American political arena for the past six decades is one of the most blatant spectacles of self-delusion in American history. Everyone is in on the charade – the populace, the politicians, the professors, the pundits – everyone makes believe that we have a legitimate Congress fighting for truth and justice, that we have a competitive two-party system where the Democrats wish to expand government while Republicans wish to reduce government. This charade is taught in the schools, pontificated about in the media, and argued about in the barrooms. Democrats versus Republicans. Big government advocates versus small government advocates.

It is disgusting that we as a people have become so delusional. But this is why our leaders in Washington argue over such meaningless trifles as $38 billion cuts in face of $1,500 billion deficits (which is equivalent to erecting a bamboo wall to stave off a Tsunami). Why do our leaders take part so proudly in such ludicrous debates? Because they have to perpetuate the great "two-party myth" that says the American people are being given a genuine choice about how they are to be governed. And we the people continue to buy into it like gullible rubes at a carnival. We have descended into the rabbit hole to join the Mad Hatter. Mountebanks and humbuggery saturate our politics and economics. Up is down, and down is up. Words are now tricks to twist the baneful into the tolerable. Reality is not what it is; it is what we wish it to be.

Not one in a hundred of our intelligentsia carry the cause and effect process of all this sham and destruction back to root causes. The best our mainstream media pundits can do is talk about how things started getting out of hand in the Greenspan nineties or the Reaganite eighties. Pygmies, all of them! Their sense of history extends only to a few decades, or at best the length of their own lives. Yet the nefarious destruction descending upon our country had its beginning in 1913. That was the year that brought us the Federal Reserve and the income tax, which brought us the false boom times of the 1920s, which brought us the necessity to extinguish the inflationary fires with the Great Deflation of the 1930s, which brought us FDR's welfare-state. This twenty-five year period, 1913-1938, was the fateful turn in American history. Prior to this period, statism was "alien and horrid" to Americans. By the period's end, statism was "needed and progressive." From this momentous era, we embarked upon a journey of social, economic, and political insanity that plunges us deeper into desolation with each passing decade.

Cataclysmic collapse looms ahead, and there is no chance whatsoever that the American ship of state can be righted. We crossed the Rubicon in 1971 when Richard Nixon began the great fraud of irredeemable currency creation that John Maynard Keynes had conned our intelligentsia into believing was somehow wealth. The productive booms and easily correctible recessions of a laissez-faire market became the dangerous booms and ever more devastating recessions of the corporate state.

America is now deep into the death spiral of Rome. The only thing left to fight for is the establishment of some means to inform the American people about the coming cataclysm and what we must do to avert a World-Government as a result of its devastation – some means that can circumvent the tyrannical lock that collectivists have established over our schools, churches, media, and political parties.

Telling the Truth to the People

It is this writer's contention that there is only one means left for us to bring about such a mass educational undertaking. And that is to establish a third political party beachhead that can gain entrance into the National TV Presidential Debates where it can then tell the truth about "1913 and the fateful turn" to 70 million voters during the monstrous crash that is coming – where it can tell the truth about how progressive tax rates and Fed monetary inflation have given government the power to grow exponentially in our lives.

Republicans will not, and cannot, tell the truth to American voters. Why? Because our corrupt progressive tax system in America allows 50% of American voters to get their government services FREE. This creates what is called in economic jargon, "infinite demand for government services." Republicans realize this. They know full well that if they don't cross the aisle and offer more government spending every year like the Democrats do, they will not be reelected to power. They know they must feed the voters' "infinite demand." Thus they go along to get along, and the gargantuan state grows more hideous every decade.

This is why all conventional activists – who insist on "remaining within the GOP" and trying to reform it – continue every decade to fail. The evil of our present political system cannot be ended by attempting to change Republican behavior. It can only be ended by changing the tax and monetary systems formed in 1913 that lie at the root of the contemptible "vote buying" in which our politicians partake. But this can only be done from without – from a third political party that is not tied to perpetuating the system.

The Tea Party activists who denounce all third-party efforts and insist that we must work within the GOP have no sense of history. If they did, they would realize that their strategy of taking over the Republican Party by sending more conservative Republicans to Congress is not new. It has been advocated routinely by scores of activist groups ever since the days of Eisenhower. And it has failed repeatedly because all new conservative Republicans we send to Washington merely get bought off as fast as we send them because of the "infinite demand for government services" that comes from our corrupt tax and monetary systems. Until these two systems are radically reformed, Washington will continue to be a charade. Throwing the rascals out only results in new rascals taking their place.

What we suffer from today is a deadly, rotting deceptiveness that permeates all levels of our society from lofty scholars and mega-moguls down to cab drivers and ditch diggers. What we suffer from is the eternal human vice of trying to get more out of life than we are willing to put in, which we have politicized via the two institutions of 1913, the Federal Reserve and the progressive income tax.

There is only one solution to the death spiral we are now caught up in. We must get a freedom candidate into the National TV Presidential Debates who can explain to 70 million voters in dramatic fashion how and why the devastation of our country has come about and what must be done to genuinely heal the economy so that such a devastation can never plague us again in the future. The schools, the churches, the media, and our two major parties will not talk of this. They are controlled by the collectivists.

If we fail to establish a third-party beachhead that can tell the American people about why we must climb out of the coming crash in the direction of Thomas Jefferson and Federalism instead of George Soros and World-Government, then we will have nothing to guide us in the midst of the collapse and its chaos but future John Boehners and Harry Reids. Nothing but more self-delusion. Nothing but more "pygmies and mad hatters" dressed up in political garb spinning out fairy tales to a populace sanctioning its own enslavement.

Trekking the Same Path

If America loses her national sovereignty during the 21st century and succumbs to a tyrannical world government, a large part of the reason will be because today's "activists and Washington watchers" (who pride themselves so on their political acumen) did nothing more than mouth the same old platitudes in vogue since the days of Eisenhower. It will be because our activists continued to trek like mules down the same path that all the others unthinkingly trekked before them in putting forth their policies and strategies. It will be because they became enamored with establishment rituals and forgot about the need to attack root causes. Instead they built bamboo walls and prosaic political action committees to playact at being movers and shakers. They marched into battle armed with nothing more than Tea Party bromides about "sending more conservatives to Congress."

The collectivist Gargantua gobbled them up as it has gobbled up all political activists who preach that working within our two major parties is the only way to stop the tyrannical growth of government.

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