Get Ready: Something Big is About to Happen in the Financial Markets!
By Ron Holland - September 18, 2013

This may directly impact how you invest or rebalance your portfolio, view or engage in politics, and how you will attempt to secure your wealth in the future.

I believe this will dramatically impact the dollar, gold and bonds. In addition, it may well create the biggest bull market in decades for several equity sectors while the rest of the market stagnates and withers away into oblivion.

If you have followed The Daily Bell, you know our past track record on foreign affairs, finance and geopolitical and economic trends has been outstanding. Topics ranging from the usual Wall Street and Federal Reserve antics to oil, pipelines, the Middle East and the EU have been covered. In addition, many current events and foreign policy actions have been reviewed and explained from The Daily Bell's free-market perspective.

You also know that The Daily Bell abruptly ceased publication without notice or warning on July 16, 2013 (see Anthony Wile's "Hasta La Vista").

After analyzing the information coming in, our chief editor, Anthony Wile, quickly organized a conference that's coming up right away and I think it's a terrific opportunity to get an early scoop on these changes and how we can each prosper because of them. For instance:

– You'll learn the specifics of why the Daily Bell, one of the leading free-market political and economic news sites in the world, suddenly shut down, uncertain as to how to address this new information.

– You'll learn how the proprietary trend and sector analysis model utilized by The Daily Bell to follow elite promotions in economics, politics and finance suddenly turned on a dime indicating the possibility of a Major Elite Promotion happening soon! If the model is right, this will likely turn the US markets upside down and, depending on your portfolio, make you very wealthy or very poor during the next four years.

But why did we quickly shut down The Daily Bell without any warning?

  • First, we didn't want to rush to judgment and act too soon or be too late for readers to be protected and benefit.
  • Second, we couldn't just sit on the information and continue to provide analysis without coming clean about what we had discovered.
  • Third, there are certain inherent risks in telling the truth to the public when powerful forces want to keep it under wraps. Could we, and our families, afford to take the risk?

So we shut the site down until we could check out the story and determine how readers could benefit and also take cover from what could happen very soon.

We will tell all at the last minute High Alert Investment Conference to be held on October 16-19th in the dramatic mountain and ocean-side scenery of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

  • Note, there is ZERO fee to attend the conference other than meeting the accredited investor rules but understand we also do our due diligence on each and every person, speaker or member of the press that wants to attend for the conference.
  • No one who just shows up at the door without pre-registering will be admitted.
  • The venue is private and secure and NO video or audio will be allowed. The entire resort has been reserved to be sure we are the only ones there and ensure confidentiality.
  • There will be a few press passes available to friendly financial and responsible free-market and alternative media.

Time Is Short!

To register or for more information, call us.


Ron Holland

* Friendly media: If you are interested in covering this event, please post this announcement on your site and call for details at the number listed in the link above.

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