The Thanksgiving Breakfast Beer Surprise
By Ron Holland - November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day, 2012 ~

The collapse of the West seems surely upon us as we look at the mess made by the banks and politicians to our economy along with open borders and exporting jobs, but is it?

I arrived at one of the London airports this morning from Europe and the crowds were like I've seen many times before. At first glance, only a thin veneer of Englishness remains because most of the workers and visitors are from past holdings of the Empire. Had the most common language not been English I could have been in Cairo, Karachi or New Delhi.

It is the same in most American cities like New York, Atlanta and New Orleans as our formerly predominant Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and European culture and heritage are being quickly replaced by other people eager to work and prosper in the comparatively affluent West. I certainly don't blame those desperate people, brave enough to seek their fortune or at least work to keep their families from starving at home by coming to the West.

People and Jobs Are Moving in a Global Economy

At least most of these people work, unlike many Americans trapped in the debt ridden, false consumer culture at home who line up for hours and days in advance to get the latest electronic gadget, tennis shoes or concert tickets. We as a people have shown we will suffer any abuse, shuffle any paperwork and vote for any candidate who promises to keep the checks coming – all this while we burden and destroy any chance for real liberty and prosperity by our own posterity. As Americans try to grab any touted life preservers while the economy and ship of state flounders I fear few see the world around them as it really is.

There is a two-edged sword of collapse and destruction here as desperate people from poverty-ravaged countries flock to the West to take the menial jobs still open to them while unemployment in the West explodes. At the same time, multi-national conglomerates and corporate monopoly elites send Western manufacturing jobs to the same regions from which these new immigrants are escaping because costs of production there are a tiny fraction of costs in the West. Former middle-class jobs in the West are being sacrificed for lower costs elsewhere and higher profits for a few here at home.

The attractiveness of foreign jurisdictions with less burdensome regulations, lower work costs and taxes – and where the old Protestant work ethic survives and prospers even though the workers are neither Protestant nor Christian – can not be discounted. All American politicians claim they will grow the economy, jobs and return prosperity when it has been their actions paid for by their handlers in NYC and DC that have destroyed the US economy. The fact is today if you need something done in a timely, efficient manner and at a lower cost, then you send the job to China or India to gain a competitive advantage, otherwise you go out of business.

Our Industry and Jobs Go Overseas

Here in England, they lament that Land Rovers will soon be manufactured in China. Well, having owned a couple of English built cars, at least the quality and workmanship will have to go up. Besides, Land Rover hasn't been a British company for a few years now but owned by a Tata Motors from India since 2008.

At home, Romney warned that Jeeps would be manufactured in China instead of Michigan, although now owned by Fiat, production could be moved to Italy.

Well, maybe, but the automobile manufacturing industry is still doing well in the United States in the mostly union-free South.

But in the North, where the powerful unions have unleashed a great depression throughout the Midwest, the automobile industry is dying. Even the much propagandized auto industry bailout was mostly a Democratic bailout of union benefit and retirement plans in return for their block voting in 2008.

The bottom line is Oswald Spengler might have been right in his great work, The Decline of the West, where he proposed the lifespan of great civilizations is limited and they all decay. But this is a past history and philosophy proposed before the Internet revolution. The formerly slow decay of historical empires in times past today is being replaced with a swift rise and fall in the Internet age.

Today, in the early years of the 21st century, there is no decline; rather, a paradigm collapse of historic proportions is taking place in most of the West. We no longer build or develop but rather shuffle paper, scam each other and wait for the curtain to fall while hoping government, consumer debt and mass wealth transfer will keep us above water for a while longer. This is a sad and embarrassing state of affairs for the mighty power that we once were.

Beware The False Gods of Democracy and Materialism

Still, maybe we deserve the outcome. Few bothered to complain while we plundered much of the world's resources for a few hundred years. The neocons still believe we can police and democratize the world while defending the oil fields and favored regimes in the Middle East. Personally, I think this is all BS for a gullible public reduced to desperation and despondency.

I see politicians and the power elite stealing the remaining private American wealth, retirement and Social Security benefits and confiscating most of your gold using the false meme of austerity as a cover for their theft. In addition, their neocon foreign policy experts only view American soldiers as useful cannon fodder in their expanding power game designed to increase profits and manipulated stock prices for a few power elite corporations.

The Western economy is collapsing and some seek to blame the immigrants seeking a better life. While I believe illegal immigration is certainly harmful to our country, part of the responsibility should be placed on a few large corporations and banking institutions that profit from our decline.

Finally, much of the fault should be placed on present American voters and us, the regular, hard-working citizens of the West who have allowed money power together with big government and mass democracy to become the false gods we worship. Yes, it is easy to criticize others for our problems but, in my view, we have mostly ourselves to blame for having allowed the takeover of our governments and politicians by those who do not serve our national best interests. Still, all is not lost, as I found out later in the London airport.


The Breakfast Beer Surprise

At the airport after a few hours I decided it was time for breakfast before catching my flight to Montreal and some poutine (french fries with gravy) there for lunch.

So on the edge of the airport concourse I wandered into a fake British pub for breakfast. I seldom eat breakfast but when in England I always try to get a traditional English breakfast because my wife refuses to fix pork and beans at home. Up comes a waiter – very large, bald and very tough, probably a bouncer in earlier years – to take my order. So I ordered a beer with the eggs, bacon and beans and he says, very gruffly, "Sorry, Yank. No alcohol before noon."

First, I may be from the US but I'm from the South so I hate being called a "Yank." I shrugged and would have made an aggressive comment but for the fact he was twice my size. Instead, I ordered, "Water, please." He turned to leave and then grinned back at me. "Sir, you are in 'ENGLAND' and you can get a pint any time. I was just kidding. What kind of beer do you want?" In further discussions, it became obvious he loved the old England, and his politics and love of country were very evident.

I laughed, somewhat embarrassed, but in my defense said, "Where I grew up in a dry county in North Carolina you couldn't even buy a beer because the bootleggers and preachers got together to keep the legal stuff out." He looked puzzled, totally missing why people would keep out alcohol, but laughed and went to get my beer.

My point is the old England is still here just waiting to be led. These are everyday people who work hard and wait for a political party and movement to stand up for them for a change. They may well be cowed by vast areas of London that the locals call "Londonistan" and I wish the best for my friend John Browne and the UK Independence Party that wants to withdraw from the European Union and defend the borders. Still, all the people of the West are waiting for a few to take peaceful political action as we approach the tipping point of no return.

Well, on to Montreal and then some time on beautiful Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Until then, I'm here in the cramped London airport typing on the floor, charging my computer while being constantly stepped on by little people scurrying in a race mostly nowhere.

All is not lost, though, and it is time to stand up for the West – our independence, liberty and historic values – before it is too late. We should join common-cause with the new arrivals who want to work hard and who share our values regardless of their language, race or national origin. If we don't do that, we must prepare to be enslaved by a few elites because I fear another dark age is approaching. We may all be little more than serfs again should we fail to restore our liberties and reduce government at all levels.

In spite of that, the very tough waiter at a pub in London who could have beaten me to a pulp gives me reason for optimism. So on this Thanksgiving morning, I'm thankful for the breakfast beer in London and those, like me, who have had enough.

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