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Adrian Krieg on the Foundering of the West, the Plans of the Elite and the Future of Money
By Anthony Wile - September 20, 2009

Introduction: Dr. Adrian H. Krieg has written numerous engineering books as well as over 100 technical articles. He is a columnist and a contributing writer in numerous magazines and newspapers in America and Europe. The only writer we can think to compare him to is Ezra Pound who in his later years adopted a purposefully "ignorant" dialectic when writing about politics and economic matters, yet was still capable of composing exquisite poetry. Dr. Krieg is a similarly complex figure and intellect in our opinion. Currently a resident of Florida who was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1938. Dr. Krieg is a dual national who has also lived in Italy, Germany and Mexico.

Daily Bell: Thanks for speaking with us. We wish to ask some "hard" questions because your work is often controversial and we hope by answering such questions, you can clarify in a short interview some of the most outstanding issues that some readers might have with some of your books. Your later books especially – along with articles – could be considered incendiary within the context of what passes for the mainstream. Can you tell our readers about your personal and professional impetus for writing them?

Dr. Krieg: Well, I have no idea what you mean by incendiary. I try to the best of my ability to stick to the truth, unfortunately in many cases that is not PC, the process of Cultural Marxism being completely rejected by me. Being a realist in a world that fantasizes on any score of topics is not easy and the fact that most people are ignorant of history further complicates the issue. The most common disagreement with my positions is with my view of the Middle East in which, zionists who are at least in the American press predominant and present a worldview in which no zionist in history has ever done anything wrong. The recent arrest of a score of rabbis in New Jersey would place that presumption into serious discussion. I can only add, that my detractors have never once challenged any of my assertions, and that includes the name lists of about 4,000 secret and semi-secret members of these shadow organizations.

Daily Bell: Satori and the New Mandarins was your first book and quite startling in its breadth, dispassion and popular presentation. Can you tell our readers about it – provide a brief synopsis?

Dr. Krieg: The Satori and the New Mandarins (now out of print) was written after I had obtained a contract from an American manufacturers organization to do an expose of the environmental movement. The resulting information startled me and I thought, if this is that bad what about the rest of society and politics? I began researching the book in 1996 and Hallberg published it in 1998 at 342 pages. It was the first book since the 20s to expose The Order, also called Bones, The Order of Death, and 322. The organization to which George Bush Sr., George W. Bush and John Kerry belong. They are the American domicile of the illuminati. The book sold like hotcakes, the print run was sold out in 2000. It by the way was not my first book, before it I had written four other books but they dealt with science and industry.

Daily Bell: Since Satori, you have been extremely prolific. Can you take our readers briefly through your other works and explain its evolution and main points?

Dr. Krieg: I do write a lot. To date I have produced 12 books, over 1,000 essays and articles, and I do about 120 radio shows per year, keeps me busy and young. Going from the most recent book backward:

1) The American Dream/Nightmare: Obama's Plan

ISBN 978-0-9824963-0-5, 255 pages published in 2009 A2Z Publications LLC

This book is a synopsis of the two-year campaign and the first 100 days of the Obama administration, with emphasis on Obama and his associates. I only wish it were not so!

2) Before Departing… a few words.

ISBN 0-9748502-8-4, 772 pages Published in 2008 A2Z Publications LLC

This book is a conglomeration of over 100 essays, articles and letters published. It was written as a guide for conservative radio hosts to utilize as a reference book. The content is separated into basic topics like policies, race, and religion, the EU etc.

3) The New American Newspeak Dictionary (in revision) published in 2005 A2Z Publications LLC

ISBN 0-9748502-4-1, 114 pages

Over the years the media has incensed me with their cultural Marxist views and pitiful attempts at propagandizing their audience. So I complied a dictionary much similar with that of Ambrose Bierce's Devils Dictionary but in the 21st century with some humor and sarcasm. It has sold well and I am now in the middle of expanding it.

4) Vale; The illuminati and its Plans for the Future, Published in 2004 A2Z Publications LLC

ISBN 0-9748502-3-3, 342 pages

This book, which is by many considered controversial, is an expose of The Order, The Illuminati, Communism and Zionism, which are closely related as is proven in this book.

5) Money…a primer, published in 2006 A2Z Publications LLC

ISBN 0-9748502-6-8 187 Pages

This book is exactly what the title claims. It is a primer into an understanding of money, monitory issues and finance. (Copied by scores of authors even to the title)

6) Our Political Systems, (award winner Independent Publishers assoc.)

Published 2006 A2Z Publications LLC ISBN 0-9748502-7-6, 267 pages

I am very proud of this book. I wrote it upon my wife's insistence that I read a book titled The Party System by Cecil Chesterton whose brother is far more famous. The book was written in 1911 and I was astounded by the similarities of the situation in England at the turn of the 20th century and our situation 100 years later. The book also contains an explanation of the American Constitution as well as the missing 13th amendment. (You'll have to read the book to find out.)

7) July 4th 2016 The Last Independence Day, published in 2000, 280 pages

ISBN 0-97319-047-5 Published by Hallberg

This book has sold well and not many are left, unlike the other books that are available from all booksellers. This one is only available from A2zPublications.com. It is about the demise of the great American experiment from within.

These are the books in print at this time.

Daily Bell: Satori was exceptionally controlled in terms of its language and references. You have become more strident in your later work and articles – especially about Jews and blacks. Can you explain why you made a determination to write in ways that might alienate some who might otherwise be receptive, or at least interested, in your message?

Dr. Krieg: This is an excellent question. And you are absolutely right when you say I have become more strident as time has past. It is also a just criticism to state that I may well alienate some readers with my frank and pointed commentary. The fact of the matter is that there is truth, as I see it, and then there is untruth and propaganda. At my age I frankly could care less what people think of me, I know that I am a good person, and honest. I am not here to sell a million books. Hillary Clinton, William Bennett and all the rest of those politicos who have books ghost written for them are in that business. The truth of the matter is, that my books demand a higher price than those of my literary detractors on the Internet.

Daily Bell: You seem to believe in the innate superiority of certain ethnicities. Is this so? Why?

Dr. Krieg: Yes. I think that certain ethics, and morals, those of Christianity are superior to others. That does not mean that Christians follow the teachings as is demanded, but then neither do Muslims, Buddhists or Taoists follow their ethics. I have read large portions of the Talmud and am repulsed by it. It is in my view the most anti-Christian anti-Islam document in existence and is stridently sexist and racist on top of that.

Daily Bell: Was Hitler then correct in his assumption about Arian superiority?

Dr. Krieg: No. I do not think that Hitler was right about race, but I will state without equivocation that in intelligence Orientals are one, Caucasians are two and Blacks are three. This is simply a fact that has been proven over and over again. I would refer the reader to: Separation and its Discontents by Kevin MacDonald Pub. Praeger, Human Sexual Response, Masters & Johnson Pub Little Brown, The Bell Curve, Herrnstein & Murray The Free Press, and Race Evolution and Behavior by Rushton Pub. Charles Darwin Research. On intelligence tests, average Caucasians averaged between C+ to A+ while blacks averaged C- to D-. [J Philippe Rushton, Race Evolution & Behavior]. (IQ is not used for this type of testing any longer because the left objected.)

Daily Bell: There is an undercurrent in Germany and abroad which sees Hitler as a great man. But we have studied his policies – national socialism – and they are seemingly exactly those which you would criticize, in terms of their anti free-market focus. Additionally, there are numerous stories swirling around Hitler and his rise to power, his antecedents, etc. Is the mainstream interpretation of his rise and fall correct either generally or specifically? Give us your perspective on some of these items if you wish to.

Dr. Krieg: I have read four biographies of Hitler in English and two in German and countless books on this issue and WWII. The way Germans see Hitler in this century is irrelevant. Germans have been so stigmatized by false WWII information that has so permeated their national psyche that anything Germans think on the issue of the Nazis and Hitler is not relative to world history. I know many Germans schooled after the war who were impregnated by so much rubbish about the war and what took place, including the omission of history from 1933 to 1945, that they remain oblivious to any facts of the period. The more relevant question today is why is American political policy paralleling that of 1930s Germany? As to the mainstream histories, and I am certainly not speaking of revisionist historians, but the mainstream who are the creatures of academia, any disagreement will be subject to being ostracized. To place your question into another light; it is the victors who write the history of great conflicts.

Daily Bell: Can you give us your perspective on the USSR and Red China as well? Are the political entities in fact other than they appear to be in terms of mainstream reporting?

Dr. Krieg: I am certainly not an expert on current Chinese and Russian politics but I will say that they are two nations in flux. China as well as Russia are finished with the authoritarian centrally planned economic models that Marx, Mao and Lenin so loved. It seems to me fairly obvious that the West is gradually moving left while Russians and Chinese are moving right. The failure of Western journalists to understand this movement and the fiaso of the Western powers not to take advantage of this is simply astounding. Our world sometimes seems to me to be stuck in the 20th century without any foresight.

Daily Bell: Are some of the behaviors and methodologies of the Reich now being implemented elsewhere?

Dr. Krieg: As I alluded before, there are countless instances where in America, Nazi invented issues are being applied to this century. Bill Clinton's Hitlerjugend to AmeriCorps would be an example, they are in fact countless.

Daily Bell: Is there a Jewish culture or people in your opinion? Or are most Jews descended from a mass conversion that took place in Eastern Europe long ago?

Dr. Krieg: Jews of this century are in fact not Hebrews at all. They came form the Khazars of the Caucuses that converted to Judaism in the 6th to the 9th century. Hebrew's speak and spoke Hebrew and are Hebrews. Jews are Ashkenazi's who are the inheritors of modern Reformed Judaism – they speak or spoke Yiddish, a bastardized form of German. They most certainly have a culture, which is eastern European, east Prussian and eastern Russian. According the Jewish encyclopedia, just under 90% of the inhabitants of Israel are Ashkenazi. This is not derogatory in any way or manner, it is simply a historic fact, which the zionists try to hide because it conflicts with their pronouncements that God gave Israel to the Jews.

Daily Bell: Wherever Jewish culture stems from, you are clear you do not like it, or it appears that way. Can you be clear for our audience on whether or not you hold the entire Jewish people culpable for what seem to be the actions of a few extraordinary families and individuals – Jewish or not – and why?

Dr. Krieg: I have no problem at all with Hebrews or Jews. My problem is with zionists who use Judaism as a means of self protection by insisting, dependent upon conditions, to be either a religion, race or nationality. The fact of the matter is that zionism (which should not be capitalized) is an aggressive political system used to further the goals of a minority of the Jewish community. See The Holocaust Industry, by Finkelstein, The Zionist Factor by Benson, Holocaust Dogma by Weintraub and A People that Shall Dwell Alone by MacDonald if you don't believe me. In regards to extortion, all those who have benefited from it are equally responsible for the actions. The zionists are very clever. They always throw a few bones to their brethren to keep them quiet. The actions of many of the major zionist organizations in the sphere of extortion from the Swiss, Germans, Americans and anyone of means is nothing short of reprehensible.

Daily Bell: Can you, for our readers, be very clear on who you believe is behind the continual global integration of countries, companies and currencies? You call it the Illuminati. Some refer to the Illuminati as a catchphrase, but can you remind us of the clear historical evidence for it in your opinion and why you are insistent on using a phrase that is immediately discredited in the "mainstream." In Satori for instance you did not refer so much to the Illuminati as you do to a system of control – that sort of approach might go down better with a larger group of readers. That is one of the attractions of Satori, in fact, in the eyes of some.

Dr. Krieg: The Illuminati were formed at the university of Ingolstadt in Bavaria in the waning years to the 17th century. Its first grand master was Adam Weisshaupt. The story is long and complex. Sufficed to say they were instrumental in the French revolution; they were the originator of the Marxist philosophy, which Karl Marx plagiarized just about 100 years later. And they have been active in almost every war since. To get the full picture you will have to read "Vale". Illuminism through communism and its ten theses, almost all of which have been implemented in America, (see the Communist Manifesto) cannot be disputed. Mainstream historians, as I said before, are constrained in a straight jacket of political correctness and reflectively refuse to accept or even consider any alternate idea. If they veer away from this position they will find themselves in the same dilemma as Finkelstein who for telling the truth was thrown out of university and stripped of his tenure. I don't have that problem. The only person who can fire me is my wife.

Daily Bell: Would you classify yourself as an Austrian economist? If not, why not? Do you accept Say's law, marginal utility, etc.? Is your intention to make readers aware that theory and practice do not coincide in the real world? That the perfect is the enemy of the good?

Dr. Krieg: I would most certainly consider myself a disciple of the Austrian school economics of Ayn Rand, F. A. Hayek and Ludwig v. Mises. My opinion that is more than born out in the 21st century by Keynesian economics as instituted at the close of WWII in New Hampshire, which have proven an unparalleled failure. The problem as I see it is that mainstream economists are so caught up in their failed system that they cannot even realize its failure and in fact demonstrate academic cowardice in refusing to adopt the Austrian model.

Daily Bell: You don't seem to have many kind things to say about free trade. Can you elaborate?

Dr. Krieg: Free trade is the "Trojan horse" within which the globalists ride. It has virtually destroyed Western-manufacturing economies and benefits none except multinational corporations. In fact, free trade is a lie. Trade cannot be free if treaties control it. WTO, GATT, CAFTA, and NAFTA plus scores of other international treaties all written by the agents of multinational corporations posing as "non-governmental organizations". Let me illustrate: before NAFTA America had a trade surplus with Mexico of $US6.5 billion per annum. Today, 11 years after implementation, America has an annual deficit with Mexico of over $US65 billion. Jefferson said it best: "A nation that does not manufacture is the slave of the one that does."

Daily Bell: What is money? Gold? Silver? Why?

Dr. Krieg: Money is a medium of exchange. Its value is based on its backing. Until about 1913 the backing of money was a hard asset such as gold, silver, or other hard asset. Then came about fiat money, paper, which was until March of 2008 backed by debt. I.e. the American government would sell T-bills, T-notes and Savings bonds etc. at interest to cover the issuance of new paper. In March of 2008 they stopped reporting the M3 money supply thereby issuing fiat species backed by nothing.

Daily Bell: Interesting. Given your answer, do you believe a free-market money system of gold and silver is an honest one and likely to work best?

Dr. Krieg: In my opinion, the only way to save the world economy from total collapse is to go back to money that is backed by hard assets. If this is not done we will go the way of Zimbabwe.

Daily Bell: What kind of government would you like to see, if any?

Dr. Krieg: My favorite type of government would be minimalist. What I mean is the less government you have the better off the society is. Government should be restricted to keeping the peace and national defense, running the courts, issuing regulations for weights and measures, providing for orderly rights protection by its citizens and overseeing the laws. Not much else, I'm afraid.

Daily Bell: If you had to rank your books, which would fall into the top three?

Dr. Krieg: My top three books would be:

Our Political Systems

– The American Dream/Nightmare; Obama's Plan

– Before Departing…a few words

Daily Bell: Can you give us any sense of penetration of your books – how have they fared in terms of purchases and more importantly of impact?

Dr. Krieg: In regards to sales by nation:

1 USA, 2 UK, 3 Australia, 4 Canada 5 Switzerland

Total sales estimated as of 2009 would be 23,000 copies.

USA by states:

1 Texas, 2 Colorado, 3 Nevada, 4 New York, 5 New Hampshire, 6 Oregon, 7 Florida and 8 Illinois.

The impact has been good too, based on the number of authors that plagiarize my works and essays, of which the number is astounding. I have recently taken the step of even ® my slogans on my Internet site because my previous one, Freedom is not Free, was copied by scores of organizations. My new one is Better old History than New Lies

Daily Bell: Can you point to any articles that stand as summations of your thought most tersely and comprehensively?

Dr. Krieg: No I'm sorry, the topics I write on cover such a vast field of issues that no single article encompasses the entire sphere of my writings. The book that would provide the best insight would be Before Departing…a few words.

Daily Bell: You make some interesting points about Lafayette and his warnings to Washington and subsequent ramifications of his beliefs and concerns – both personally and professionally. Can you elaborate?

Dr. Krieg: This question is difficult to reply to. The Marquis de Lafayette was sent by the Grand Orient of France (France's Masonic Organization), which had not been infiltrated by the Illuminist movement to warn Brother Washington (F &AM) of the illuminist threat. Dr. Benjamin Franklin who spent much time in France and was also a Mason was involved. A large number of the signers of the Declaration of Independence as well as other founding documents were Freemasons. The Boston Tea Party was, for example, organized and run by the Boston Masonic Lodge.

Daily Bell: Can you also put Napoleon in context – and the "great man" theory of history in context, as well?

Dr. Krieg: It is not possible in a short interview to place Napoleon in context of European history. Volumes of books have been written on this topic and to reply in an interview is impossible. Some of the history not commonly known is that the Rothschilds (Ashkenazi) financed all sides of the conflict. And made their greatest fortune after the battle of Waterloo by cheating the British public through false reporting of the battle.

Daily Bell: We believe the Internet is having a positive impact worldwide in terms of dissemination real information about the dominant social themes that the monetary elite utilizes. In this regard we compare it to the Gutenberg press and what that technology did to the Catholic Church in particular. Your thoughts about the Internet and its impact?

Dr. Krieg: The Internet is of paramount importance to the coming century. Governments and politicians hate it and huge efforts to control it are in progress in many nations, including America. I believe that the Internet will have greater impact on human society than the Gutenberg Bible. The larger the government bureaucracy the greater the effort to control the Internet – centralized bureaucracies are terrified by an informed populace.

Daily Bell: What can be done, in your opinion, to halt the ongoing loss of freedom felt round the world? Will the Internet be a factor?

Dr. Krieg: The ongoing loss of freedom is the result of democracy. The founders of constitutional republics or constitutional confederations set up free nations. Democracy, a 20th century concept, is the rule by the mob. (Absolute rule by majority) In this form of governance law is in flux and based on the norms of existing society. The invariable result is that the poorer citizenry learns to vote for those who provide them wealth distribution from the producers, which results in socialism. Socialism as Sir Winston said is; "A philosophy of failure, a creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." Our ability to halt the erosion of freedom is simple. I am far from the first to admonish; the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. When our population is more interested in football, soccer and professional wrestling than the state of their government, we are in very serious trouble.

Daily Bell: Any other points you wish to make? Are you writing another book?

Dr. Krieg: I am currently working on another book to be called Oz.

Daily Bell: Thanks for sitting down with us and being forthcoming on the "hard" questions.

Dr. Krieg: You are very welcome.

Daily Bell: On behalf of all of our readers we thank you for sharing your views with us.

After Thoughts

Wow. We shall not mince words. Dr. Krieg, brilliant as he evidently is, is one of our biggest intellectual disappointments. Our disappointment lies not with his apparently meticulous research or world-embracing, even breathtaking, frame of reference, but with his insistence on handing critics a club with which to beat him over the head.

If Dr. Krieg had simply been able to control his vocabulary and nomenclature in his books and articles, his work would stand as a formidable challenge to mainstream media and mainstream history. Of course, it still does, and perhaps significantly, but his derogation of certain religious groups and ethnicities (Jews and blacks) make him far more easy to marginalize than would otherwise be the case.

It was not always so. Satori was a breath-taking work, in our opinion, judicious and dignified but merciless in its dissection about how money and power seems to work in the world today. Even if you disagreed with it, you had to grant the potential of its veracity. In fact, there was nothing in Satori to offend (as we recall it) and the wisdom on display was pure and purposeful. Dr. Krieg sounded, well … a little bit like he sounds in his interview above. Wise, understanding, angry at times, mournful, but never petty or malicious.

We don't know why Dr. Krieg decided to use the terms he does in his books and articles. When we question him, as we did above, he reveals what he already thought we knew, that he does not lump all Jews together and that his point of view about ethnicities is based on research on the subject that is academic in nature though not politically correct.

And yet … what Dr. Krieg has handed critics in the use of language, is a tool that they can use to discredit him out of hand. They need simply to recite some passages of his work to put potential readers off. The entire conversation – and we say this with the utmost regret – is seemingly tarred by Dr. Krieg's determination to use the terms he does.

There are, in fact, other ways to communicate, which might not have vitiated his message, but he chose not to use them. This was true of Ezra Pound as well, who was castigated as "insane" in his later years for his views and how he rendered them. His rhetoric, in fact, helped marginalize him (along with his predilection for pro-fascist propaganda).

Dr. Krieg does not need nor desire our criticism, of course – nor our praise. He is, in our opinion, a stubbornly brilliant iconoclast who understands his worth and sizable brainpower. We only wish he was able to contain his bitterness – and thus his terminology – about what is happening to the West and its increasingly long-suffering citizens (and also, importantly, to him).

As long as we are on, or near, the point, let us add that since we are not engineers we are not so certain as Dr. Krieg about the efficacy of IQ tests. It is easy to aggregate races and even religions as regards intelligence, certain cultural and physical traits, etc. But what is gained by such an approach? It likely stimulates resentment, even rage, without contributing anything of value to the solution – in our humble opinion, anyway.

There is so much to criticize in this world without the aggregation of negative rhetoric about groups of people. In any event, people, individually, will usually surprise you, often in a positive way. When one lumps people together, one perhaps precludes some of this potential, at least on a personal level.

So … to Dr. Krieg we extend thanks for his prolific and thought-provoking analysis of areas in which mainstream publishing refuses to tread. He is no crackpot, but a vastly read auto-didact who brings an engineers' keen intellect to the task of cataloguing the monetary and power elite around the world, and, more remarkably, its history as well. Agree with him or not, you will likely find something – perhaps a great deal – of value in his books.

Unfortunately, in choosing the language that he has to describe the course of history he presents, he has likely reduced the number of readers who will have the opportunity to appreciate his surprising perspective and impressive research.

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