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Mike Sparks on 'Why James Bond Is Real'
By Anthony Wile - May 27, 2012

Introduction: Mike Sparks is a former Infantry NCO and 1LT officer; he is the Director of the 1st Tactical Studies Group (Airborne), a non-profit think-tank and action group for military excellence. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in History Education from Liberty University (in residence). He is the author of James Bond is Real: The Untold Story of the Political-Military Threats Ian Fleming Warned Us About at jamesbondisforreal.com. His website is CombatReform.org.

Daily Bell: Give us some background on yourself.

Mike Sparks: I'm a 30+ year US military and defense consultant with experience as both a NCO enlisted man and Airborne infantry officer in the US Army and Marines in both heavy and light units. I have a degree in History Education from Liberty University – in residence. It took me a long time to admit that I have actually been in a bureaucracy of weak-egoed narcissists – and not in a profession of decent, unselfish, honorable men and women. However, now understanding that the US military bureaucracy is not interested in either morality or efficiency, it goes without saying that it's not our society's last bastion of meritocracy. Meritocracy happened only during the desperate hours of WW2 when men like James Gavin, Matthew Ridgway, William Donovan and Ian Fleming got their chance to do the right things.

Daily Bell: Are you a libertarian? How do you see yourself politically?

Mike Sparks: No, though I'm certainly not a Republican or Democrat as offered now, either. Since the mainstream political parties in America are corrupted by the monies at first gained from manufacturing widgets from Industrial Age means buying candidates who have to canvass entire states for direct election, there has been no way to "fire!" Senators once they have been floated to Washington D.C. for six years at a time. This has destroyed the power balance intended by the Constitution's framers.

Many cite the 1913 time period with income tax flowing to the Federal Government, the falsely-named Federal Reserve printing money at interest for the banksters as the beginning of the decline of America into fascism; but they overlook the disaster of the 17th Amendment directly-electing Senators. Before the 17th Amendment, Senators were TEMPORARILY posted to Washington by the local State legislatures – and could be recalled. If you had a grievance with Washington's actions you could go to the STATE courthouse and demand redress – now who can take the time off work to fly across the 3,000 mile American land mass to make a protest? My views on this are detailed at combatreform.org/thebraveamerican.htm.

I'm not happy with libertarian views that legalizing extremely addictive drugs is going to be anything but an even bigger human disaster than legalizing alcohol has been with the 50,000+ murdered each year on our highways ever since Prohibition was lifted. I could be seen as a "libertarian minus drug use anarchy." None of us are islands. What we do supposedly in the privacy of our own homes DOES affect the rest of us. If you get behind a 2,000+ pound car under drug delusions you could end up murdering others. IMHO, no one should get a driver's license unless he/she passes a drug test.

Daily Bell: What are other works you've written and published?

Mike Sparks: I have published many articles on military reform in military professional journals like US Army Armor, Infantry magazines, Armed Forces Journal, etc., as well as hundreds of web pages and videos on almost every military subject as a sort of an "electronic filing cabinet" depicting my current view on the topic – that is always being updated and corrected as new information from many other people. (I give credit whenever possible unless they will suffer retribution from the bureaucracy or cyberharassment from status quo libel-trolls) come in. The goal is to have a "coup d'oeil" or understanding of everything at a glance – so we can gain mastery of it.

The futuristic, military reform book Air-Mech-Strike: Asymmetric Maneuver Warfare for the 21st Century was authored by several high-ranking military officers with me acting as their junior officer, editor.

The book, Racket Theory: How Humans Behave has been published online for free. It articulates why every human institution that embraces bureaucracy will deliberately milk problems – rather than SOLVE THEM – because otherwise they would possibly be without a job, though it's really their lack of imagination to go find something new to do that advances mankind's condition. See combatreform.org/RACKETTHEORYv6.0.htm.

Daily Bell: How did you come to write James Bond Is Real?

Mike Sparks: As a military reformer, I've been frustrated for well over 30 years by various excuses fed us why efficiency, decency and common sense measures have been rejected. I predicted the Humvee truck is a death trap if faced against enemy bullets and high explosives in 1989 yet my warnings were not heeded and we now have over 30,000 dead and 60,000 wounded from Iraq/Afghanistan – including three friends of mine. We the reformers warned against road-bound Stryker trucks in 1999 and this was ignored and we have more hundreds dead and billions wasted. The current Army Chief of Staff admits that these are road-handicapped yet the Army bureaucracy continues to want to waste money cramming electronic mother-may-I? gadgets on them.

As Dr. Norman Dixon explains in his masterpiece, On the Psychology of Military Incompetence, military bureaucrats fear external reality and empowering their own people and always want built-in excuses to be weak and unprepared so as to always have excuses not to do something yet seem busy while wasting maximum tax dollars. Moreover, I came to realize that there are powers-that-be (PTB) standing behind the scenes who DO NOT WANT THE US MILITARY to be either moral or effective at smothering violence with a "victory."

WW2 taught them to never let the common man play a leading role ever again through a national consensus over anything. While RACKET THEORY can account for why the military-industrial complex (MILINDCOMP) starts and prolongs wars for profits, and Dixonian psychology why the military mandarins always choose to be FUBAR, the more sinister reasons like depopulation and constructing some sort of New World Order (NWO) tyranny can only be explained by the deliberate malfeasance of secret elites who actually look down on the majority of us as being "useless eaters." What they did in the death camps in Germany is only a fragment of what they want to do world-wide.

Zeroing in on WW2, the biggest human war to date, the events that unfolded do not make sense if you try to figure them out without synarchy – that secret elites are really above nation-state governments pulling their strings. For example, why didn't Hitler close off the Mediterranean Sea by seizing the tiny British garrison at Gibralter and reliably supply Rommel's Afrika Corps panzers so they could take the Middle East oil fields and link up with their forces coming down from Russia – as well as unite with Japanese armies? It's possibly because Hitler was secretly a British agent for Germany's destruction and he needed a neutral country to flee to when the war ended… Moreover, if the Germans escaped in good order, taking high technologies like Anti-Gravity Craft (AGC)…this possibility lead me to Jane's aerospace writer, Nick Cook's book, The Hunt for Zero Point. As I was reading it, a passage hit me over the head. He stated that one group who would know the full extent of Nazi flying saucer technologies, as well as their escape, was Ian Fleming's 30 Assault Unit commandos who captured all their records at war's end.

I said, WHAT? 30 AU? I thought Fleming was only a paper-pusher. Like most Americans, I didn't even know Fleming created and lead his own intelligence-commando unit! This is what led me on the journey to re-look at everything Fleming did and wrote in light of the fact that he was not making anything up. As he said, "Everything I write has precedent in truth."

Daily Bell: What do you conclude?

Mike Sparks: First, the damning question: What could possibly be so damning about WW2 that nation-state governments are still keeping secrets after over 60 years?

There can only be a few things that could warrant such guilty demeanor; things like WW2 was not anything like how we have been told, it didn't end as it should have and that there are still Nazi descendants on the loose posing an existential threat to us all. My conclusion at the strategic level is that we ended WW2 without finishing it. We should have marched down to Argentina and Antarctica and killed/captured all of the Nazis there, all of the right-wing Rockefeller Illuminati industrialists who treasonously traded with our enemies and put the Hitler experiment into motion in the first place. Scum like Wall Street lawyer Allen Dulles who was under surveillance by President Of The United States (POTUS) Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) should have been arrested and tried for war crimes. This did not happen and demands a detailed explanation and more importantly, correction. We failed to win the 1945 endgame with FDR's untimely death and as a result, America has increasingly become a fascist police state run by a military-industrial complex (MILINDCOMP) ever since. The evil Americans who did not want us to fight Nazi Germany at all took over our country with the expected public opinion flip-flop.

Daily Bell: But why did you decide to focus on him?

Mike Sparks: Commander Ian Fleming was a British secret agent for MI6 under Reuters journalistic cover before WW2, became the #2 man in Naval Intelligence during the war and afterwards worked again for MI6 while running the foreign news service for Kemsley newspapers until his untimely death. He was also a member of the Rothschild Illuminati by virtue of his family's aristocratic identity – but was actually a man-of-the-people who warned us of what the secret elites were doing using the cover of action-adventure fiction. The James Bond Code by Phillip Gardiner covers the religious occult aspects of Fleming's writing but I disagree with his character assassination angle on Fleming as being a lounge lizard who felt like a failure because he wasn't rich. Self-actualizing military men like Fleming don't need money to feel successful – nor do they need the approval of "mommy." James Bond is Real.

Daily Bell: Was he a spy? Commando? Playboy?

Mike Sparks: Fleming was not only a spy; he was a commando who went on actual missions. I researched the report from Lieutenant Commander Christopher Creighton whose book OPJB: The Last Great Secret of World War 2, that Fleming lead the commando mission to bust the actual German Nazi Party leader Martin Bormann from Berlin in 1945 and verified that it's true. We have extensively interviewed Commander Creighton on this. The hard-drinking and living thrown at Fleming as an attack on his integrity was a direct result of him being ordered to bust Bormann out in exchange for recovery of some of the stolen Nazi loot.

This depression may have also been as a consequence for Fleming rescuing Hitler when he was ordered away from the Bormann op at the last minute as historian Greg Hallett argues in Hitler was a British Agent (HWABA). The accounts of Creighton/Hallett contradict the recent work of British military writer Simon Dunstan and Williams in Grey Wolf, that Hitler escaped by his own Nazi KG200 special operations aircraft and U-Boat means to Argentina – but with only low technology so we have nothing to worry about. I'm scrutinizing this in our upcoming sequel, James Bond is Real 2: Bodyguard of Spies.

Fleming certainly loved and adored women – you can read this in his novels. He had Bond help Honey Ryder get surgery for her broken nose and didn't even get the girl in Moonraker. Fleming was certainly no "misogynist" who hated women.

My working hypothesis is that MI6 learned of the Nazi base in Antarctica and sent a team down there to try to destroy it; read the legend of Operation TABERLAN. 30 AU possibly captured coded or in plain text the records of the massive shipments of persons and material by U-Boats (and possibly cargo ships) to South America and Antarctica with confirmation of the reality that they had working AGC technologies. We know for certain that 30 AU captured V-1 cruise and V-2 ballistic missile secrets as well as the latter's inventive force, SS Major Werner von Braun representing some high technologies that are openly depicted in Fleming's later novel Moonraker.

Daily Bell: Was he sending us a warning of sorts?


Mike Sparks: The evil villain in Thunderball, Emilio Largo's ship is called the Disco Volante. It means "Flying Saucer." Fleming is constantly dropping clues in his books of the Nazi Germans' escape and survival as industrial corporation-covered secret societies hiding in Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs).

Daily Bell: What would that warning be, specifically?

Mike Sparks: Fleming forewarns us of false flag attacks like we suffered on September 11, 2001 as pretexts for larger wars; read Moonraker which describes Nazis using a ballistic missile on London to make a "killing" on the stock market, carefully contrasting it to the actual short-selling that took place before 9/11 centered around the Deutsche bank and the CIA. Or the thermite used to burn buildings down in The Spy Who Loved Me. It's almost as if the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks had first read Fleming's books.

Daily Bell: Was he murdered? Why?

Mike Sparks: It seems clear that Fleming, as a friend of President JFK, was revealing far too many secrets that insiders knew right away and the mass global popularity of the James Bond films threatened to blow open their evil deeds if someone decoded them for the general public. Thus, legendary researcher Jim Marrs came to the conclusion that Fleming's "heart attack" just prior to the release of the Warren Commission whitewash on the Kennedy assassination was probably no accident.

If Fleming read the Warren Commission report and told the world it was all lies, the world would have listened – and done something in 1964. So he had to be silenced… However, Fleming gets the last word here because his warnings are already embedded in all his James Bond 007 stories – if we are keen enough to decode them. I think there are plenty of James Bonds out there up to the job.

Daily Bell: He was actually an MI6 operative under journalistic cover?

Mike Sparks: Reuters is owned by MI6, British Military Intelligence. After the war, Fleming worked directly for IRD of MI6. This information comes from Nigel West aka Rupert Allason who had access as a MP to many secret files. He is not alone. The notorious double-agent and traitor, Kim Philby, bolted from Lebanon while working for MI6 as a – you guessed it – "journalist." It's funny how everyone else is well-known to be "working for MI6" as a journalist – except Fleming! We can't have that! He is the famous James Bond, 007 author! Remember the saying about the goose and the gander?

Obviously, James Bond is Fleming's alter ego excepting his personal killing attributes; when Fleming was at Camp-X, the secret training base in Canada, the legend is that he hesitated killing someone at the Fairbairn "killing house." The many attempts to pin James Bond on various WW2 spies and commandos is tolerable as they remind everyone that real men do what you read James Bond is doing. But it's also a de facto insult directed at Fleming suggesting falsely that he was not a doer and had to write about supposedly better men – which is total "bollocks," as the British would say. Ian Fleming was James Bond.

Traveling all over the world under cover of writing stories, sometimes as a journalist. That's Fleming! That's what he did. Eating at fancy restaurants, having love affairs with beautiful women – that's what Fleming did! Spying for MI6 at the same time – that's what Ian Fleming did! However, he was under the death threat of the Official Secrets Act (OFSA) so when he finally decided to write about what he was experiencing, he had to do it cryptically under the disguise of fictional adventures. Remember, he spent nine months of each year as a workaholic in London and traveling around the world – only a few months were spent in Jamaica snorkeling and writing James Bond novels from a manual typewriter (also being a workaholic!). Fleming was no beach bum… and I suspect the "treasures" he was sometimes hunting had Swastikas written on them.

Hugo Drax in Moonraker is clearly a combination of SS commando leader Otto Skorzeney and von Braun – a warning that all these Operation Paperclip scientists supposedly "working for us against the Communist Soviets" might not be.

Daily Bell: Can you elaborate?

Mike Sparks: "007" as Phil Gardiner proves it is really a secret, occult number for the force holding the universe together. How did the Illuminati learn of this number? John Dee, the science advisor for Queen Elizabeth, signed his name as "007" in correspondence to her. She signed her letters to him as "M." Fleming is not using these terms by accident.

"007" was also the number painted on the side of German Tiger heavy tank ace Michael Wittman who was gunning down Allied tanks and stopping our advance after the Normandy landing. Wittman's murderous rampage was finally stopped by Fleming setting up an ambush against him using American M4 Sherman medium tanks up-gunned by the British with their 17-pounder anti-tank guns.

You have to hand it to British intel doing a far better job with less than our American CIA has done. Fleming helped write the organizational plan for our own first intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). If he was just an "office bureaucrat" why was he asked to do this? Maybe it had something to do with the fact of his recent operations evacuating VIPs from France? The British often seem to do it more for their people and less for the Crown than our treasonous CIA, which expands phony democracies that are really dictatorships/oligarchies for the Wall Street Rockefeller Illuminati.

A nation-state needs a MORAL intelligence agency, as British Security Coordination (BSC) director Sir William Stephenson and OSS Director General William Donivan articulated, so it's neither directed to ruin by moles feeding decision-makers false information or surprise attacked like a "nuclear Pearl Harbor." However, in the 1945 endgame, we lost both the effective OSS and their partner, BSC, at the critical time when we needed them to prevent the Communists from stealing our atomic bomb secrets, taking over China – as well as stopping the Nazis from escaping collapsing Germany from our "G.I. Joe" maneuver forces armed with Rosie-the-Riveter mass produced weaponry. It was no accident.

We are researching and writing about this disaster in more detail in the next James Bond is Real book, though we began the investigation in the current book as to why FDR got rid of his pro-democracy Vice President Henry Wallace just days before the election and his subsequent death. We believe he was tricked and his own death instigated since maneuvering the second-in-command into position to take over is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) before a coup. The coup of 1945 has been a disaster for the United States and the world – it may prove fatal.

Daily Bell: Why would the powers-that-be want Fleming to write these books? Did they?

Mike Sparks: Originally, Casino Royale was a publicity/propaganda book by the Information Research Division (IRD) that Fleming was secretly working for to boost the sagging image of British intelligence in light of the embarrassing defections of British spies who were moles working for the Soviets in the early 1950s. I don't think Casino Royale was Fleming just reacting to becoming a married man with a playboy fantasy; read the damn book, people! It's about good versus evil and whether they each need each other – or not.

Since most of you will not read the book, I'll tell you. It's Fleming working out in his mind's eye the sometime dastardly things he had to do in WW2. His extremely important conclusion comes when Mathis tells him: "When you get back to London, you will find there are other Le Chiffres [bad guys] seeking to destroy you and your friends and your country…. And now that you have seen a really evil man, you will know how evil they can be and you will go after them to destroy them in order to protect yourself and the people you love…. Surround yourself with human beings, my dear James. They are easier to fight for than principles." Fleming is telling us how to establish and keep a moral compass – in an increasingly dangerous and camouflaged world.

As Fleming began to reveal unauthorized secrets like the existence of the Australian secret service, for example, and became globally popular, he became a threat and had to be silenced.

Daily Bell: His first books sold out. Were they purchased by the powers-that-be?

Mike Sparks: My information is his first books did NOT sell out and were only modestly successful. It was when POTUS JFK listed From Russia with Love (FRWL) on his favorite book list that the books became popular. If the intel agencies buy out a book it's usually to kill it by burning them all so no one can read them.

Daily Bell: Is it possible to have a successful fiction career without the backing of the top elites?

Mike Sparks: Possible, yes. Likely, no. The Illuminati screen all works through the major book publishers and will not back books that threaten their rule. Can we out-flank them by word-of-mouth? Yes but don't expect to be on the mainstream media's news cycle to capture the sheeple's limited attention span during the few hours they have between their 9-to-5 jobs and feel-good diversions like "Dancing with the Stars."

As detailed in James Bond is Real, there are three levels ABOVE nation-state governments:

• Secret societies

• Banksters

• Intelligence agencies

If this reality is not understood it's impossible to make any sense of world events.

Many people rightly ask about sources & methods. My source is to reference REALITY at all times as the CONTEXT before having an orgasm over finding let's say a 9/11 "smoking gun." The evil people we are fighting are not dummies just because they wear hoods and have orgies together. We had best RESPECT them and stop being conned by the limited hang-out bones they throw our way. If you are too busy to fully understand what a LIMITED HANG-OUT is then you have no right to research the military-intelligence world where events like 9/11s come from. If you haven't read Anthony Cave Brown's Bodyguard of Lies (BOL) you are too busy. We must understand how the DECEPTION game is played. If you haven't read BOL then you may THINK you understand – but you don't.

My method is GREATEST COMMON DENOMINATOR (GCD). I factor in EVERYTHING I know to be true together and see what comes as a result. Of course, some of it may be disinfo – however, I want to know what the WORST CASE SCENARIO could be since it's often the case.

Here is my assessment:

EVIL IS NOT (thankfully) united.

The Illuminati crime families are split into two major factions; the American, right-wing ROCKEFELLERS who love violence, and the left-wing, European, sex-loving ROTHSCHILDS. Think of the movie "Loose Change" as the Rockefellers and "Eyes Wide Shut" as the Rothschilds. The Rockefellers rule America's Republican Party, the Rothschilds the Democratic Party, though the latter has been increasingly more war-like. If we have a Rockefeller POTUS we start or expand wars; a Rothschild POTUS, while rare, like a JFK, Jimmy Carter or Clinton – social or ecological issues are their bogeyman.

Daily Bell: Who did Fleming work for, ultimately? The British government? Is the government itself controlled by a SMERSH-like entity?

Mike Sparks: Fleming worked for WE THE PEOPLE, not the Crown. As this came to be clear – that his James Bond was really a role model for how anyone could go about finding the truth of evil projects – he began to be a threat. The British are run by the Rothschild Illuminati, not the Rockefellers. It's up to all the good people within any bureaucracy to stick to the word and spirit of whatever moral directives they have – and not be used as pawns of the secret elites. There is still much good on the books and in rules and regulations to justify moral actions and thwart evil ones. James Bond must search out and use these remaining moral levers and turn them for the maximum positive effect for as long as he can.

Daily Bell: If Fleming was in a sense controlled, was George Orwell as well? Are these people in a sense hired to present a certain profile and portrait of the world?

Mike Sparks: The Illuminati thought they had Fleming under their control, but he was smarter than them – maybe too smart since only now have we begun to decode his writings – when they hired him to write the relatively tame spy thriller Casino Royale as a PR ploy. When a spy series followed and Fleming began to drop all sorts of overt and covert secrets control was lost. I think both Orwell and Fleming realized they were being used – tragically, the former not until just before his death. I wonder if Orwell was hired to do a Revelation Of The Method (ROTM), a sort of trial balloon to see if the sheeple would object?

The CIA is still sore after all these years that the British had to help them launch a spy agency by first the OSS. The CIA is a snobby, American Nazi bureaucracy and they want to obliterate all mention of the moral and effective OSS, since it should never have been disbanded and the CIA should have never been born. They don't want the American public to know that they can and should demand on having a moral intelligence agency that works for THEIR INTERESTS IN EXPANDING DEMOCRACY around the world – not Wall Street profits.

However, if you understand Rockefeller vs. Rothschild polarity you'll understand why the rivalry is there. After WW2, American power increased to super power status and Britain lost its empire defeating the Nazis – a heroic deed everyone in the world should thank them for. Sadly, the Rockefellers have been calling the shots ever since.

Daily Bell: Is the Internet helping us decode the world and understand it?

Mike Sparks: The Internet is helping get the raw data out there with lots of deliberate disinformation but it's not being sifted and discerned properly in frameworks of previously understood reality. The Illuminati in general wants a NWO. However, there are rivalries over who and how that NWO will be run. This aspect is not understood by most conspiracy theorists who want their evil to be monolithic so they can waste most of their time cursing the darkness. What I fault most conspiratologists for even more is at the end of their presentations THEY DON'T ASK THE READER/VIEWER TO DO ANYTHING.

The "Occupy" protestors don't ask for anything tangible. Me doth think they protest too much. They might even be "controlled opposition" instigated to relieve public pressure. These protestors should have TANGIBLE DEMANDS printed on their signs, things like "DISBAND THE FEDERAL RESERVE" or "ABOLISH THE CIA" not just we-hate-Wall-Street-because-they-are-rich-and-we-are-not. That's uber BS because it's saying in essence we want to be just as corrupt as them. No we do not. At least not this human being.

Americans don't understand what a nationwide general strike is. In the upcoming election, we should vote for NEITHER Obama or Romney (if he actually becomes the Wall Street candidate)… a No-Confidence signal that we are fed up with the corrupt BS and the social contract is over; they do not have the consent of the governed. However, if you vote in the rigged election where either candidate is an Illuminati puppet they can throw it in your face that "You have had your say, now STFU" (meaning should be obvious). No, we have not had our say – and we are getting taxed without representation. The good name of our country is being dragged through the mud by evil deeds being done without our authorization with "America" attached to them.

Daily Bell: Why is there so much on the Internet about the Illuminati and conspiracy theory?

Mike Sparks: I think many people have come to the same conclusion that I have, that even if you box in an issue and prove that there is absolutely no reason not to do something in a better way – to include even making the PTB look good and get all the credit – yet the reforms still get rejected, something far more sinister is afoot than what's best for the most people. Unfortunately, a lot of what's on the Internet is Illuminati-concocted disinformation to divert attention from themselves. The battleground is the Internet.

Von Braun warned Carol Rosin of the various fear cards that will be played as the first ones lose their psychological shock effect. The last fear cards will be asteroids and so-called alien attacks. The key here is that these are manufactured threats. We must insist that if anything drastic happens again like a 9/11 that we as a nation do not do a damn thing until it's investigated by an agency not connected to the likely suspects, aka the US Government and American corporations – and we find out who the real criminals are before we go off on a kill-the-ragheads expedition to make our MILINDCOMP even richer.

Daily Bell: Who is the next James Bond? Is he similarly controlled?

Mike Sparks: The James Bond Citizen is the next James Bond. YOU will be the next James Bond and you will not be under evil control if you have an established moral compass. Fleming writes about double agent control in Goldfinger. Yet, while Goldfinger the arch-villain keeps Bond alive so as to not alert the authorities, 007 acts as a mole collecting details of his plan, Operation GRAND SLAM – enough so he can thwart it.

We must be the same way as we live in this evil world. The threat of the example of James Bond sneaking around and finding out what the secret elites are doing is possibly fatal to the Illuminati. This is why they have tried to downplay Fleming's actual spy and commando record to try to keep what he wrote in the safe box of don't-try-this-at-home "fiction" – when it's really talking about them and their evil plans and what we should do about them.

Daily Bell: What about someone like Norman Mailer? Are such authors eventually co-opted by the powers-that-be?

Mike Sparks: Mailer seemed parked in the camp of the left-wing Rothschild Illuminati, complaining about injustices done to his liberal figures by the Rockefellers like how Marilyn Monroe may have been murdered by the CIA or FBI because she was at least RFK's lover (if not POTUS JFK's, too). The co-option of left vs. right outrages is further proof that the Illuminati really are divided, as a read of Barb Olson's books directed at her personal rival, Hillary Clinton reveal. It'd be interesting to see if Mailer was let in on the secret club or not. My guess is that he was and he knew all about the secret elites – but only talked about things from the nation-state level on down. In return, he was able to write about anything he wanted with all his expenses paid – a free hand like Kurbrick was given.

Daily Bell: Are most major novelists and movie directors in a sense employed by elites?

Mike Sparks: Steven Spielberg is a major disappointment. He must be under Illuminati control. His "Indiana Jones" character is positioned perfectly from the movie series fighting the Nazis before WW2 to in 1957 to be able to go to Antarctica with the extremely weird but actual event – International Geophysical Year Expedition with Soviet Russia participating – to explode nuclear bombs over the secret Nazi base there.

Instead, Spielberg sends him to Nevada and Area 51 to whine about his beloved extraterrestrial (ET) aliens while fighting Soviet communists. Most of the UFOs seen from 1945 to when we began flying our own flying saucers around 1962 were crude, human, Nazi AGC. In the next book, I describe these taboo subjects as "Taboo Stealth Indicators" (TSIs). That is, the very fact that Hollywood will not tackle Nazi flying saucers or that non-human UFOs are really demonic beings invited by humans dabbling with seances and occult religions is proof in the negative that they are indeed true and too hot to handle. That a "Supernatural Counter-Intelligence Officer" aka a Bible-believing Christian with a King James Bible in his hand could confront an alleged "ET" with some key verses like "every knee shall bow and tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord" and cause "it" to react violently and give his identity away – would never be depicted in a major Hollywood film – should come as no surprise. All other alleged "aliens" should get a burst of 5.56mm.

Daily Bell: What about Stanley Kubrick?

Mike Sparks: The Rothschild Illuminati murdered Kubrick for what he revealed in "Eyes Wide Shut" (EWS). What we see in that movie is not even a fraction of what he meant to show. Speculation is that scenes of disgusting child pedophilia were cut out. Kubrick appears to have had a blanket deal to get any movie he wanted made in payment for faking the Apollo moon landings for the Rockefeller Illuminati. He began to drop hints that the action-reaction rocket American space program was a fraud in films like "The Shining" but went too far in EWS since there's no subtlety when watching rich, high society people in masks have a ritualistic orgy in a British mansion. The question is how much would his wife be willing to reveal – if asked the right questions – instead of the softball stuff thrown her way in the DVD's special features?

Daily Bell: What is ultimately the conclusion from all this? Is Ian Fleming a cautionary tale?

Mike Sparks: Ian Fleming was a great human being and a hero for mankind. The main Ian Fleming caution is to not adopt a lifestyle of excessive drinking/smoking such that if the elites want to kill you they can more easily pin it on a "heart attack." Perhaps health nuts like Jim Fixx, the famous running author, were taken out to expand the public's expectation that "anyone can have a heart attack" – even if they are "health nuts" – so the Illuminati can bump off anyone they dislike? I wouldn't put it past them. The Illuminati are very conscious of popular moods, trends and famous people. Look at Britney Spears' mind control meltdown during a TV interview.

James Bond has become a threat to their rule so they have tried to tame him by attacking Fleming's character and even block movie production. Follow the money trail. The real point is that anyone who dies who has taken a courageous stand against evil should be seen first as a possible victim of foul play unless other real evidence is found. Everyone should be their own James Bond Citizen, their own intelligence officer, and take all precautions possible to protect themselves as they take offensive actions against the Illuminati. Don't have Illuminati symbology in your home would be a good start… take a look at Michael Tsarion's presentations on brands and labels with occult symbology on them. Rip them off!

Daily Bell: Any other books or writings you want to refer to?

Mike Sparks: Everyone should read Brown's Bodyguard of Lies from cover-to-cover to understand how the deception game is really played. You can even read it online for free (hard on your eyes, but doable). Next, Nazi Hydra in America, Conant's The Irregulars, Cook's Hunt for Zero Point and Joseph Farrell's Reich of the Black Sun. Then read Fleming's Moonraker. It will open your eyes.

Daily Bell: Any other points you want to make?

Mike Sparks: I'm not trying to make a fortune off a paper book; however, a paper book allows you to read, think about and make notes-to-self in its margins. The Illuminati are probably behind the e-book craze as it weakens the understanding of people if you cannot easily interact with your book as you read it. I'd like every James Bond Citizen out there to get a paper copy of James Bond is Real after scrutinizing our web pages and videos on jamesbondisforreal.com and reboot Ian Fleming in their mind's eye.

I have also web page posted some 007 spy fan fiction (that cannot be sold) to help bring to life real-life threats in exciting adventures as well as continuation web pages whose links are on the end of each chapter to further the attack:

"The Point of Gravity"

"Masquerade: Everything is Not What it Appears"

Thanks for having me on board for this interview!

James Bond is Real

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