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Pat and Linda Gorman on Their Upcoming Wealth Protection Conference, Top Guests and Wealth Trends
By Anthony Wile - April 13, 2014

Introduction: Mr. Gorman has been actively extolling the virtues of honest money for over 30 years. He and his wife, Linda, are President and Vice President of Resource Consultants, Inc., a national wealth advisory firm and precious metals company based in Tempe, Arizona. Pat Gorman has hosted the longest-running financial talk radio show in the Phoenix area, Hard Money Watch. For the past 16 years, he and Linda have hosted an annual, two-day "Wealth Protection Conference" attracting today's top free-market minds. Additionally, Mr. Gorman is the author of the 'Net best-selling book, The Value of Honest Money. He and Linda are editors of Resource Consultants' monthly newsletter, which they offer at no cost to their clients and subscribers.

Daily Bell: Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Gorman. Tell us about this year's Wealth Protection Conference. Where is it and when – and how can people sign up?

Pat Gorman: This year's conference will be held at East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) campus in Mesa, Arizona on Friday, May 9th and Saturday, May 10th! Because this interview is being conducted so close to the conference date, folks can best sign up by calling toll free 1-800-494-4149 or direct at +1-480-820-5877 to be sure of getting the best deals and special discounts. You can read about it on our website, BuySilverNow.com.

We chose the campus this year for several reasons. First, it is a great facility, and we can incorporate the students into making this the best ever. For example, they have an amazing media center as well as a top-notch culinary institute, which we will utilize to make sure everyone is comfortable and fed three good meals right at their conference tables! Secondly, we chose EVIT because it allows us to make room for more attendees. We have always found that people learn best when they are comfortable. This is why we seat attendees at nice, round tables where they can spread out, take notes and share with their friends or other free-market thinkers. We also like the idea that the students (who will be helping ensure the comfort of our guests), will get the added benefit of maybe getting a bit of knowledge here that isn't readily available in a school.

Daily Bell: Give us a little background. How long have you been presenting the Wealth Protection Conference?

Pat Gorman: This will be our 17th consecutive year. We have noticed what most people are concerned about today is not so much just return on their money but return of their money. Our motto has always been "Education Before Acquisition." We make it our goal to bring together some of best economic minds available each year to help educate folks on current market trends as well as what they need to know to maneuver through the chaos that has become a global epidemic. Some of our favorite speakers in the past have included newsletter writers Arch Crawford, Richard Maybury, Roger Wiegand, Jay Taylor, Jim Sinclair, Ed Griffin, Ian McAvity and our dear, departed friends, Bob Chapman and Harry Browne, to name a few. This year we are bringing together 10 speakers to give the conference the best, most well rounded learning experience in economics ever!

Our conference is not a bunch of people giving you a sales pitch. This is an educational conference intended to help folks create a better reality through utilizing some of the proactive strategies that will be taught here. Many have said this is the best conference they've ever attended.

Daily Bell: Why don't you tell us about some of the speakers at this year's conference? Give us some highlights… they sound interesting.

Linda Gorman: This year's lineup includes several of the long-time favorites and a few exciting new faces.

Brian Hazelgren is this year's new MC and is the author of 10 books on business and leadership. Brian speaks to audiences all around the globe on capitalism, entrepreneurship, marketing, business resources and leadership. He has appeared on Fox News, CBS Radio network and many others.

Ian McAvity is President and CEO of Duncan Park Holding Corp. and Lead Trustee of Central GoldTrust. He has been involved in the world of finance for over 50 years as a banker, broker, independent advisor and consultant, specializing in the technical analysis of international equity, foreign exchange and precious metals markets. Ian is known as the chartist's chartist.

Daniel Pilla is the man most everyone in the US can learn from right now. Dan has been the nation's leader in taxpayers' rights defense and IRS abuse prevention and cure. As the founder and director of Tax Freedom Institute, Dan is regarded as one of this country's premiere experts in IRS procedures. He has helped hundreds of thousands of citizens solve personal and business tax and financial problems that they thought were hopeless. Mr. Pilla has been interviewed on numerous and well-known TV and radio programs and the Associated Press once commented that "Dan Pilla probably knows more about the IRS than the commissioner."

Roger Wiegand is the writer and publisher of Trader Tracks Newsletter; a stocks, futures and commodities electronic newsletter. Roger has studied these markets intensively for 20 years to hone personal trading skills. His experience in land, development and base material projects evolved into consulting for mining companies. Roger is a sought after speaker because of his insight, experience and straightforward deliverance.

Arch Crawford is an astrologer who specializes in economic and financial issues. Arch got his start in technical analysis as the first technical assistant at Merrill Lynch in the early 1960s. Arch's extensive research into astrophysical phenomenon, astrology and its correlation to market performance led him to edit and publish his newsletter "Crawford Perspectives" in 1977, which he has continued to publish to date. Arch has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, The Wall Street Journal Report and many other prominent programs. He has been the #1 stock market timer in 1978, 1994 and 2008 and the #1 gold timer in 2006.

David Smith is senior analyst for David Morgan's The Morgan Report and a regular contributor to the Resource Consultants newsletter. David has a passion for helping people create and keep life-changing wealth and health. He regularly speaks at various North American Investment conferences and frequently visits and writes about gold, silver and PGM properties in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, China, Canada and the U.S. David produced the Internet radio show "Wake UP America" with Pat Gorman and is a frequent guest on Canada's HoweStreet.com.

Daily Bell: We're going to ask you about some of the conference topics, as well, but before we do, let's travel around the world and discuss some of the "hot spots."

Pat Gorman: Well, that could be a pretty big discussion! Anywhere you'd like to go first?

Daily Bell: What's going on in Ukraine? Why did that area blow up and who's responsible?

Pat Gorman: The Ukraine is a multi-level challenge of both political and financial struggles. First, you have a country torn from the past (Mother Russia), trying to establish its own place in the European world. They started with a promising economic upswing in the early 2000s and got hit hard with the financial roller coaster in the late part of the decade. So far this decade has produced a lackluster growth pattern and that has trickled down to the streets. The supporters of the Old Russian regime have blamed the downturn on these new progressive ideas and have separated themselves politically. The rest of the nation is still trying to create a new Ukraine with a new, more Western ideology. With the flat hryvnia (Ukraine's currency) and the political unrest of the area, it was easy for Putin to go right in and lay claim to Crimea. It not only gives Russia more access to the Black Sea but it's also a great destination. Financially, it helps Russia not have to pay for the rights to use Crimea for rent on these base locations that helps tighten the noose on oil and gas prices. They have basically gotten rid of the Ukraine's bidding chip and are setting up for the long squeeze. Once the Ukraine becomes so indebted to Russia they will have no choice but to go back.

The Ukraine has many obstacles in its near future, and unfortunately all the help we will bring is more personal U.S. debt. Russia will sit back and let them choke until it steps in as the savior and acquire what they were after in the first place, recovering more of the country.

The serial warfare the West seems to be engaged with in Africa and the Middle East is the culmination of bad decisions. We have been dumping money and support at them since the '50s and all we get is blamed when they continue to battle. You just don't engage in a fight with those countries and expect to pack up and go home all fresh and unscathed. These are countries that have warred with each other for thousands of years. They hold grudges and fight to the death of and for generations for causes that make no sense to most Westerners.

Daily Bell: The Ukraine crisis had an impact on gold. Where's gold headed in the near future?

Pat Gorman: We expect gold to turn around and reach the $2000 mark and silver should be at $50 per ounce in the near future, then continue to stair-step up over the next few years. Manipulation of all the markets goes on. There is no reason the precious metals markets should be any different.

Daily Bell: Was gold manipulated down last year? If so, by whom and why?

Linda Gorman: Yes, of course it was. Friday, April 12th, gold and silver dropped through technical support levels of around $1550 and $26. The combination of hedge fund liquidation, central bank inspired selling and brokerage house margin calls precipitated the event. When the futures market drops the price of gold it influences the physical. The rest of the world licks its chops because they know they can then acquire the physical at a lower price. (Your readers can read the full article in our January 2014 newsletter or contact us at www.buysilvernow.com or 1-800-494-4149 and we will send our monthly letter free of charge.)

Governments fear gold in the hands of citizens because when the people own and hold gold it takes away the ability of the government to reallocate wealth from those who produce to the banksters and powers that be. There will surely be some more downs and ups before we see more consistent rises. The continual dumping of more and more paper "debt" into the market and QE to the moon makes the fundamental reasons for holding physical precious metals solidly in place, more now than ever. We could very well be on the cusp of the bull market of the century for real honest money.

As of late, there has been a strong focus on the manipulation of the markets. It's about time! GATA has been working for years to prove that the quantity of gold held and traded by the world's central banks, international bullion banks and futures exchanges is grossly overstated. We are approaching the time when the truth will have to come out.

Daily Bell: What's your take on silver? A better buy? Also subject to manipulation?

Pat Gorman: Silver is a steal at these prices. The silver market, like all other markets, is subject to manipulation. But we feel we should see a 100% increase in the silver price in the near future. We especially like the 1oz U.S. Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs and Austrian Philharmonics. Our clients normally buy "Monster Boxes "of 500 1oz Silver coins and rolls of 20 or 25 coins. While holding gold could be thought of as a precious metals savings account, many folks look at silver as currency or something to barter with. As low as the prices of metals are, we like the fact that the physical metals, unlike some paper holdings, will never go to zero.

Daily Bell: Is China headed for a collapse? We think the money is out of control there. Building whole empty cities is never a good sign.

Pat Gorman: China is a shadowy creature in its own right; the national banks are controlled by the government and we can only calculate their growth and loss margins. Unlike the U.S., their financial institutions aren't slaves to the stockholder. How well they achieve their country's internal goals is how the government's control of interest rates, including a large quantity of foreign currencies to buy up natural resources for the future. The only time we see the possibility of stress is when other economies fail quickly, like our financial burst in 2008. They don't have the strength to bully the system but they have the government and infrastructure to help weather almost all storms.

As long as the capital economy needs a workforce to produce the widget of the week for the big box stores we will always have this shadow lurking.

Daily Bell: Any thoughts on the bitcoin? Is it the new gold? Bitcoin enthusiasts sometimes claim bitcoin will replace gold. Your thoughts?

Linda Gorman: Personally, I don't like them or trust them. This crypto-currency and buying a punitive claim on an algorithm does not sound warm and fuzzy to me. I'll take hard, honest money, thank you!

Daily Bell: What's your take on some of the new industrial opportunities? We're bullish on marijuana, for instance, even if we think the larger environment is a long-term concern. Is marijuana the next big industry?

Pat Gorman: Marijuana grows most everywhere naturally and has been used for some of the first woven fabrics. In 1619 a law was passed in Jamestown Colony, Virginia requiring farmers to grow hemp. It became the primary crop grown by George Washington and secondary crop by Jefferson at Monticello in the 1700s. The marijuana plant has an incredible number of uses and in the earlier days of this country you could actually pay your taxes with hemp. You could be jailed for not growing it during those times. Marijuana was not banned because it was thought to be a harmful drug; it was banned because it posed a competitive threat to the wood and synthetic fibers industry. Follow the money. We believe in the free market. Banning a plant doesn't seem to make much sense. Does that mean we are pro-potheads? Not any more than we are pro-drunks! People need to be responsible for their actions. However, there is much to be utilized in the hemp plant and there could very well be a big market for it in the upcoming future, as it is becoming globally recognized for its many uses.

Daily Bell: Let's go over some to the issues you'll be covering at the Wealth Protection Conference in May.

Pat Gorman: Some of you might remember that I survived a massive stroke at the end of 2010. The stroke left me with aphasia and apraxia, two very difficult communication disorders. It has taken a lot of hard work to get back much of what I miss most; teaching people. I realized I needed to get the help of experts to get healthy. I have lost weight, stopped smoking and have hired a personal trainer to get me in shape. I have hired a speech therapist and utilize computer programs to learn to talk, read and write again. I have come a long way and am very grateful. Now I'm giving back. We will give a 50% discount to anyone who calls us to register from the Daily Bell! To get the discount call 1-800-494-4149 and tell our staff you read this in the Daily Bell.

Linda Gorman: This conference is built on the same concept of drawing help from those who are most knowledgeable in their field. Take advantage of this 2-day conference; meals included! Most folks have a light grasp of what is going on, have worked hard all their lives and now are facing the daunting task of determining how to protect what they have and possibly prosper. The experts at this conference will address these questions and more, concerning:

• Protecting What You Have for Generations

• Profit During The Impending Collapse

• Surviving the Health Care Crisis

• Where Energy is Headed & How to Profit

• Must Have Assets for 2014

• Where the Market is Heading this Year

• How to Profit NOW from Physical Assets

• Utilize your Team For Maximum Benefits

• Asset Protection & Estate Planning Tips

• Tax Laws and Your Responsibilities and Rights

We cannot stress strongly enough the value of this conference. This price just helps with some of the expenses. We believe that the more informed people are, the better able they are to make sound decisions. That is just plain good for everyone.

Daily Bell: Thanks for taking time to sit down with us, Pat & Linda. We wish you great success with the conference.

Pat & Linda: Thank you. It is always a pleasure to talk with you. The Daily Bell is the best source of current information and truth on the Internet. We are grateful for the opportunity to be invited to share here.

After Thoughts

Pat and Linda Gorman's conference in Mesa, Arizona is coming up next month, Friday May 9th and Saturday May 10th and promises to be more relevant than ever – given what is going on around the world. Their offer of 50% off to Daily Bell readers is very generous, and much appreciated.

Recession, inflation, military confrontations – you name it, Pat has anticipated it. Pat and Linda have been presenting these conferences for 17 years, and it is constructive to review the history. Unlike mainstream business conferences, virtually everything covered at the Wealth Protection Conferences has proven pertinent to our life and times.

Pat never predicted the "20,000 Dow" in the late 1990s, or believed that central banks had abolished the business cycle. On the other hand, Pat did predict the rise of gold and silver and has a world-class understanding about how precious metals interact with the larger economy.

People like Pat ought to be celebrated because they have been right when others have been wrong. But still the mainstream presents the same, weary fiat touts, central banking hacks and Keynesian apologists.

Free-market economics ought to be celebrated and advanced because of its generally predictive qualities and ability to explain the Way the World Really Works. But it never is.

Fortunately, prophets like Pat and Linda continue to fight the good fight. Plenty of people have benefited from these conferences and from their larger money-metals businesses.

So we're grateful that these conferences continue and that Pat, despite his recent bout of ill health, is able to host them and provide continued insights along with his many lucid and honest guests.

May Pat and Linda run them for many years to come. We already look forward to covering next year's event.

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