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Rise of the Political Plumber … Wade House and His True Democracy Party
By Anthony Wile - November 27, 2011

Introduction: First there was Joe the Plumber who became a down-to-earth conservative analyst of note by virtue of his blunt talk. Now there's Wade House, also a plumber, who has started his own party, the True Democracy Party. It was built, he says, on the words and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy. Its purpose is first to educate and then to present change. "Knowing is half the battle," he points out. Wade even claims his party has already attracted the attention of the powers-that-be. He writes to us (this interview was conducted via e-mail) that someone has already set up a "fake political party called the American Liberty True Democracy Party" and intends to use Occupy Wall Street websites to spread it. He also claims to have had a visit from the CIA's "Fake Free Libya movement, who told us how good the Libyans have it now and how happy they are." We cannot vouch for this story, obviously, nor are we vouching for Mr. House in any of his particulars. We disagree with many of the points of his platform; but there is a larger idea here that makes this interview, in our view, noteworthy. Assuming Mr. House is who he says he is, we think his saga represents the kind of change that the Internet is making throughout the West and even the larger world. It speaks to our often repeated perspective about the Internet Reformation and the impact that it is having, large and small. Readers shall make up their own minds. His website can be seen at truedemocracyparty.net.

Daily Bell: Thanks for speaking to us. Give us some background on the True Democracy Party. What is its purpose and platform?

Wade House: Platform: Change … One: End the Fed, which will provide debt-free money at the national and state levels. Two: New energy program to wean the US from oil in five years. We provided manufactured goods to Russia, China and England and won a world war all within five years. And we completely rebuilt Europe and Japan within five years (Marshall Plan). Please don't believe we can't get off oil in the same amount of time, as those who control the Media will say. Three: Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Four: A debt forgiveness plan: Bailout for Americans – "screw banks, not people!" (Nomi Prins) Five: Universal healthcare. Six: Full financial reforms. Seven: Full media access reforms. And, of course, our official platform: Everything we do revolves around these issues

Daily Bell: What is true democracy?

Wade House: Real democracy. Direct democracy. Rule by referendum. All these are related to and part of True Democracy as well as a well-informed and well-educated public. Ask yourself what would make your life better? What do you want for yourself and out of your life? These are the questions that I ask myself when determining what I want for the True Democracy Party. Safe food. Safe water. A good paying job. Healthcare. Clean cheap energy. No Global resource wars. Effective government that works for 'The People,' not for the 'rich' and 'corporations' only. This is what True Democracy means to me.

Daily Bell: Why not call it something else?

Wade House: Word wars! There are those who control the mass media. They can make something good sound bad. They can make darkness seem like light. We needed a word term that was hard to corrupt, but that still spelled out who we are and what we stand for. True Democracy were those words. The True Democracy Party is the vehicle for those words and our form of governmental beliefs.

Daily Bell: Who are you? Give us some background. Are you the founder?

Wade House: I am Wade D. House, concerned citizen. Occupation: Plumber and part-time political activist in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia/West Virginia/Pennsylvania area(s). I am the founder of this particular political party.

Daily Bell: How did you get involved?

Wade House: I looked around at the problems facing America today and I found that the same problems kept rolling back in: Wars, jobs, healthcare, the economy. With both the Democrats and the Republicans, no matter who was in charge things just got worse. It became easily apparent that both groups worked together, being paid by the same corporate interests. I came to the conclusion that there was really only a single political party – the Democratic-Republican-Corporate-Party of America. And if we 'truly' wanted change, we 'The People' would need our own political party. So I'm trying to start one. But first we must be educated to what is really going on in America today. That is where we are now but this phase is almost over.

Daily Bell: Do you believe in a central banking conspiracy?

Wade House: "If you allow a private bank to control the inflation and the deflation of the currency of the people of the United States, the people and the Nation will become slaves to the bankers and the corporations that grow up around them." Thomas Jefferson, I believe. Andrew Jackson's proudest accomplishment: "I Killed the bank" – his last words before he died. The central banking conspiracy I presume you refer to is in actuality a proven fact.

In 1911 or 1912 a group of the richest men in America (bankers, oil, media, and led by none other than a Rothschild himself) met at a place called Jekyll Island to "plot and conspire" as to how to get another central banking system instituted in America. And in 1913, when most senators were out of town for the holidays, the Congress rammed through the Federal Reserve System Act and the IRS Act, which were quickly signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson.

There have been at least three, and some say as many as six, previous US central banks. The Senate keeps waking up and killing them, except for the one that Andrew Jackson killed. The Federal Reserve is just the latest incarnation of this "central banking conspiracy."

Daily Bell: Why will people become involved with such a party?

Wade House: We are the only political party that speaks the real truth. And if you want real change you must know the truth. People are slowly but surely waking up to this fact. We don't speak truth to power, because we know that power knows the truth already. It's their truth. They created, maintain and push it, through media, law and the government. We speak truth to people – quite a novel concept, a political party that tells the truth. Sooner, hopefully than later, people will wake up and see en mass that both so-called political parties are totally owned and controlled by outside interests who are aligned against the American People. At this time they will look around for something else, something better than they are being offered. And hopefully they will see us standing in the corner, waving our hands and saying, "Follow Us! We have a plan and it is not all about gloom and doom!"

Daily Bell: Won't people think it is too far out?

Wade House: Yes, of course they will … at first. But the truth has a way of sticking in your mind. I didn't know anything about the Federal Reserve until the website US Judicial Corruption mentioned, "You know, the Fed should be abolished." We didn't know that at the time. But within a very short time, not only did we know all about the scam and fraud that is The Fed (it's not federal and it has no reserves), but we knew who their boss was. By their own admission, "The Central Bank of England, is the Mother Bank of the Federal Reserve." It's not a real secret. It's just not ever mentioned or reported in the corporate controlled mass media.

I have a news flash for you. Some so-called conspiracy theories … are true. Kennedy wasn't killed by a "Magic Bullet." Fluoride is poison. Sodium fluoride is the MAIN ingredient in rat poison. It is made from industrial waste. First used by the Nazis in concentration camps, it's scientifically proven to harm bones, teeth and lead to brain damage.

These are facts. Why is it in our water? There are movements across America to get it out of their community water supplies. This is not reported by media. Google it. Mercury is highly poisonous, yet it's put into vaccines and it was put into materials for tooth fillings. Families have won documented court cases against the government because of permanent brain damage to children caused by some of these vaccines yet we are practically forcing these vaccines on our children today. The mass media will just deny any of this is true but all you have to do is a little research yourself .

New World Order: "It's on the money"! On the back of the dollar bill, right under the Masonic sign of the unfinished pyramid with the 'all seeing eye' are the words, written in Latin, "New World Order." President Bush Senior and other world leaders have mentioned it word for word, dozens of times each in dozens of speeches. And I could go on and on … 9/11 was an Inside Job, for example. People in general know or strongly suspect these things. We and many others help point to the truth that is already out there, almost in plain sight. When they get tired of the lies and seek the truth, who knows what could happen. We saw an African-America get elected to the Presidency of the United States. Maybe, just maybe, anything is possible.

Daily Bell: What do you think of the current Republican candidates for president?


Wade House: I don't know much about any of them except for Ron Paul. As a basic rule of thumb, I don't trust Republicans or Democrats. I like Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich, but Ron Paul is the only one who I know has specifically called for the Fed to be abolished. This is part of the battle cry for True Democracy. Anyone who doesn't call to end the Fed will not get any support from us, period. On this there are no exceptions. The Fed is the root cause of the financial situation in America today.

Daily Bell: What do you think of Barack Obama?

Wade House: I think quite possibly there has not been a braver president since Lincoln and JFK. He did something that no other president has ever done – in fact, that no other world leader has ever done at any time. He exposed the world to the wonders of the House of Rothschild. He – I would like to believe it was he – allowed a brief posting on the official White House Historical Place Facebook Page of OUR article/post, "Rothschilds Exposed."

It explores their $500 trillion dollars'-worth control of England, oil companies, Reuters and the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, NBC, US and UK governments, the CIA along with US presidential assassinations, proxy wars against the US, etc. It's also ranked in the top ten for articles on Google for exposing the Rothschilds. I couldn't think of a more dangerous or explosive article for the White House to allow to be posted online, period. We posted a special article titled "Barack The Brave" because of this most brave act for a sitting President.

Daily Bell: What do you think of Ron Paul specifically?

Wade House: Ron Paul was first pointed out to us on the Web. We like Ron Paul a lot. We've adopted a lot of his platform. We just don't like his social stance on healthcare and other social issues. We believe in helping all those who need help, period. We also believe we can easily do this once we have control of our monetary policy, "we" being the US Congress and the True Democracy Party. But we also understand why Dr. Ron Paul thinks this way about social issues. He knows a lot of the truth others never speak of. He has said, "If I tell you the whole truth about some things, you guys will never put me on-air in the media. Social issues are one of the control protocols of the New World Order. Make people poor, put them under the care of the state and you have control of the people. It's not new and it's not order, and it is actually getting pretty blatant."

Daily Bell: Is the president an independent person or is he beholden to "bosses"?

Wade House: No president has ever been Independent. They have all been controlled by the same few very powerful families and banking/corporate interests, for years. Those who 'buck the system' – Lincoln, Garfield, JFK – expire as heroes. Independency in the US Presidency gets you killed! It will take education, patience and all of us working together to throw off the yoke of servitude that has been expertly cast about our necks.

Daily Bell: That's a big job. Do you have any financial backing?

Wade House: No, not yet.

Daily Bell: The people on your management committee and others – have they been contacted yet?

Wade House: Some. No direct responses, though. Senator Bernie Sanders asked us if we would like to receive his newsletter, The Bernie Buzz! We happily agreed and post him on a regular basis. The world loves Bernie. And there's Ms. Ellen Brown, who sends us her articles on a regular basis; our banking reform efforts are based on her works. Other than that the response has been 'pretty bad' mostly. Time for Plan B. We are going to have to do this ourselves. We can't depend of anyone but US.

Daily Bell: How many people are involved at the top level now?

Wade House: At this time, counting me, one. Everyone else is even more part time than I am. They are adopting a wait and see attitude. Promised help never arrives. You know the deal.

Daily Bell: Why do you think a third party is practical?

Wade House: Before you can have a third party, you need a second party, which we don't have. The Dems and Reps are different sides of the exact same coin. Those who don't know that are still fully asleep. The statement is often made that we are "not viable." My response is always the same: "Is it viable to elect the Democrats who will do nothing but more of the same, even if they are in total control of everything, which they are not now, but were?" I don't see the viability in that. "To continue to do the same thing, the same way, and expect different results, is a sign of insanity." – Albert Einstein. It's time to try something new.

Daily Bell: What is your plan of attack? What are your goals?

Wade House: The current plan of action ends soon, which is simply educating the public to the truth all around us, and building up a name of truth, honesty and integrity, through the internet and other media through the end of the year. Let all the Republican presidential candidates beat each other up. Soon we will be starting our membership and State Charter drives. At the beginning of the year, we start the real push. This is a 'People's Party.' If 'The People' don't support it, there will be no party.

Daily Bell: Do you want to run someone for president?

Wade House: I like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Dennis Kucinich for president and vice president. I like Dr. Ron Paul a lot, too, and would love him to be there also in some major capacity. But the presidency is only icing on the cake. The real prize, the gold ring, the ring of power is the Congress. We would far rather control the Congress than the presidency. They make the laws. Without the Congress, the president can do nothing. If this Congress weren't bought and owned by outside interests, they could stop or do anything.

Daily Bell: When did America begin to go off the tracks?

Wade House: '60s … Military-Industrial Complex, War, Vietnam, War on Crime (war against black people), War on Drugs (War against black people), War on Healthcare (in 1971 Nixon privatized the US healthcare system). All these events happening at one time set the stage for what we are seeing today. Also, there was a concerted effort to control the court system and public opinion by creating 'conservative think tanks' to "justify" what was and is going on, the CATO Institute being one that jumps to mind.

How can it get back to being the "exceptional" country it was? There are many before me/us who understood what it would take for America to regain her greatness. They bore names like Lincoln, Kennedy, King, Myers, Ogle, Pogue, Denver and others. Abraham Lincoln and JFK knew the major harm private central bank control of a nation's money/economy could cause and tried to change it. This must be a nationwide effort. We can't rely on an individual to carry this load. It must be shared, and it must be done – END THE FED!

Martin Luther King's compassion and respect for all peoples – jobs, healthcare, anti-war, etc. – guides how we deal with both nations and people. We're interested in such inventions as Stan Myers' Water Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell and the patented Water Only Tom Ogle-Vapor Fuel System with its "Proven 1000% increase in fuel efficiency." And Charles Pogue's 200 mile per gallon engine carb. You want to mess with our nature, food, animals, the environment? Pollute our waters and the land and air? We know what John Denver did. "Don't mess with Nature. That's not good."

Daily Bell: Who shot JFK?

Wade House: I don't know who shot JFK. But every US president who tried to end the private central banking/Federal Reserve European debt-based monetary system has been assassinated. Rothschilds have ties to the Lincoln and Garfield assassinations. Kennedy's just exactly follows the previous patterns, but with unprecedented governmental involvement. Why was Nixon removed from office? Who am I, the Oracle of Delphi? He seemed to be doing a pretty hurtful job to America, their kind of man. He seemed to start the ball rolling. I haven't looked deeper into him than that.

Daily Bell: Who are the real enemies of the US?

Wade House: Prescott Bush was put on trial as a traitor and un-American for helping to fund Hitler while our boys were over there fighting and dying. Profits are profits. It doesn't matter who is killed, as long as it's not them. That's right. Bush Sr.'s daddy was an American Traitor, Granddaddy to little Bush. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. All very well documented and very well kept out of the mass media.

Daily Bell: Do they seek war?

Wade House: Do you seek work and employment? How about food? Do you seek food? War is their stock-in-trade. They love war more than any enterprise ever undertaken by mankind. They love war more than life itself. Some one else's life of course. They profit from both sides of war, and they have ever since the Napoleonic Wars. They funded both sides. They funded Hitler through I.G. Farben in Germany and from America.

Daily Bell: Will there be war with Iran?

Wade House: Yes. They are behind schedule, if you are to believe US Four-Star General Wesley Clark's admission. He stated that the US was 'going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and ending with Iran.' This was in 2002, I believe.

Daily Bell: Will the price of oil shoot up?

Wade House: $300-$500 per barrel is the estimate from the PECAN Group that recently studied such a thing. The bankers own the oil companies. This is great news for Wall Street. Profiting from war is their game, and they are quite good at it. They love war like air itself.

Daily Bell: You wrote to us that the Daily Bell does not see deeply enough? Why not?

Wade House: Naomi Wolf was right in everything she said about a police state and private corporate armies. You seem to know so much about the powerful families in central banking who run the show from behind the curtains but shirk away from these same powerful families owning and controlling private armies. What do you think 50,000 armed, above-the-law, private security forces personnel are doing in Iraq? Throwing the Iraqi's a giant picnic and sitting around singing and holding hands? Or are they still gunning down Iraqi's at the drop of a hat?

That's a private army. That's on the low end. Who do you think NATO works for? Who does the British Army answer to? Who does the American military answer to? What the hell is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization doing in Africa? Sometimes we don't ask the most basic of questions. Also, we have three massive posts on police brutality, police brutally strip-searching women in front of male police, police violently attacking women, children, senior citizens and people dancing in place at the Jefferson Memorial in DC. It seems if you quietly dance in place at the Jefferson Memorial police have the right to violently attack you. It's all caught on video, another thing they are trying to make illegal.

Daily Bell: You wrote to us that you'd exposed Michael Moore as a fraud. How so?

Wade House: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound like I alone exposed Michael Moore as a fraud. There were about three or four million others that beat me to the punch. Google "Michael Moore is a fraud" and see for yourself. I personally did a post on Michael Moore is a fraud after I heard him say that the 'Federal Reserve is not a problem at all.' The Fed is the number one problem and Mike's not stupid. This was a blatant attempt to mislead the people by a so-called leader of dissent. But when I went online I saw that millions of others had beaten me to the punch. They have whole videos about Michael Moore's fraud. I simply embedded a couple of videos of his fraud, put up his picture, posted it, and thereby disassociated him from us. To throw kisses and hearts at the Fed, as one comment stated, is traitorous in this movement.

Daily Bell: How much are the Rothschilds worth and who is the man "in charge of the world"?

Wade House: Most people who have studied this issue – and the Rothschild's are excellent at hiding their wealth – put the amount of their worth between $500 and $800 trillion. I always use the low figure of $500 trillion. Evelyn Rothschild. Google him. The Man Who Rules The World.

Daily Bell: How was America taken over?

Wade House: The plan the Rothschilds used to take over countries comes from their own mouths; "Give me control of a nation's money, and I care not who makes its laws." A. Rothschild.

Daily Bell: Is the Internet helping to overturn what we call "directed history"?

Wade House: I hope so with all my heart.

Daily Bell: Is the Internet like the Gutenberg Press and will it spawn a Renaissance?

Wade House: I hope so with all my heart. It is more than possible, in my opinion.

Daily Bell: Can the Internet be controlled?

Wade House: Yes, once they control the very few big search engines like Google, AOL/Time Warner (which is already fully within their control, as is Yahoo and Bing). Google is holding out as best they can. But no one can stand against a $500 trillion dollar purse for long. They can just pluck websites right off line for 'national defense' reasons. They can slow down the download speeds to make it impossible to watch videos. They can completely censor many videos for 'National Security' reasons. And they are already talking about shutting down the entire net in case of national emergency. Is there any reason you can think of to totally cut off all online communication with the rest of America and the world? I can and none of them are good.

Daily Bell: Is the Internet necessary to your strategy as a third party?

Wade House: A free and open Internet, I believe, is critical to any future democracy. You have to know what to change. We must – any true democracy must – act with a well-informed citizenry or it is just a farce. It is absolutely critical, I hate to say.

Daily Bell: Where do you go from here?

Wade House: We'll start a membership and TDP charter drive as soon as we spell out our final economic and new energy plans. They are going to be great. It will be the platform that we launch our new programs from.

Daily Bell: Any last points you want to make?

Wade House: No. Your questions were great. Thanks for hosting me and the True Democracy Party.

Daily Bell: Thanks for being so forthcoming. Good luck.

Wade House: Good luck to you also.

After Thoughts

America is surely in a political ferment today and we hope this interview with Wade House further illustrates how individuals are seemingly taking "human action" to change their socio-economic situation via lawful tools on the 'Net. While Mr. House's party may or may not set the world afire, his contribution (if it is what it seems) only furthers our perception that what we call the Internet Reformation is alive and well and continuing to progress.

Some may argue (as we have) that many of the signs of ferment in the West and in America are "controlled" and this may be true. There is evidence of control in numerous facilities and "new-thinking" organizations. And this has a long history as well. Directed historians tend to suspect that both Martin Luther and John Calvin were funded by elites of the day to create a schism within the Roman Catholic Church.

But just because movements and leaders are "controlled" doesn't mean that control is ineluctable; things do "spin out" of control. And that is what we expect will happen over time with the events that the current generation of elites have set in motion.

Thomas Jefferson was not a made-up person. Nor was the New World. Nor even was the Revolution (though the factors behind the US revolution are considerably more complex than they've been made out to be). The Shakers, Quakers and many other groups that populated the New World were by no means run out of the City of London so far as we can tell. Social movements, once they get started, are not in our view easy to control. Blowback is not a made-up concept.

We tend to shy away from in-depth analysis of elite motivations and mechanisms; we don't think anybody can establish with any certainty the ins-and-outs of elite history going back hundreds (or thousands) of years with any detailed veracity. But that is NOT to say that we can't come to some GENERAL conclusions. And we do here at the Daily Bell, every day.

We prefer to analyze the OUTPUT (results) of what's going on via the elite's dominant social themes and also via memes we notice that are operating in contrast to elite themes. We continue to think that it is impossible to control societies without full-spectrum media dominance and this is something the elites have lost for the moment, and perhaps for years or decades to come.

In the meantime, we anticipate more such efforts as Mr. House's, of greater or lesser quality and funding. We ourselves have given a good deal of play to Nelson Hultberg's new political party, for instance. We admire Mr. Hultberg's scholarly approach as well as his deep conviction. Let a hundred flowers bloom. Or a thousand. Or a million. You can see an interview with Mr. Hultberg here: Nelson Hultberg on the Debut of SPOiLER, His New Political Party and How Ron Paul Could Win the Presidency.

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