28th Amendment: Should We Force-Feed Politicians Psychedelics on Livestream?
By Ben Bartee - October 22, 2022

Co-authored by Ben Bartee (Armageddon Prose) and Nicholas Creed (Creed Speech):

A modest proposal: forget diversity training. The time’s never been riper to force-feed psychopathic politicians psychedelics, broadcast over the web, on a bi-monthly basis as a condition of their employment.

Sign the petition to strap them in and eject them into psychospace on live broadcast.

If, after peering through the window into the divine, they still act as they currently do, we have all the evidence we could ever need that they’re irredeemable – and, quite possibly, not fully human.


Let’s join hands, and blast them into outer space together. Decency – and perhaps human survival – demands it.

Psychedelics: ‘Food of the Gods’

Governments ban psychedelics for a reason: they open up new doors of perception that might threaten state hegemony.

To better appreciate the utility of the class of drugs known as “psychedelics,” we can draw upon several astute observations made by Terence McKenna.

Writing in Food of the Gods citing “cultural psychosis” (an obsession with ego, money, and the sugar/alcohol/drug complex), McKenna argued that as a society, we have lost our moral compass; with the human self-image dis-ensouled since the mid-twentieth century.

McKenna further mused on the threat felt by the Western establishment during the 1960s experimental era with psychedelics. Ultimately, it is inferred that psychedelics are not compatible with the modern, domesticated Office Space lifestyle.

Individuals who have looked inwards to the divine are more centered and likelier to have a diminished sense of self-importance. This phenomenon is called “ego death.”

Ego death fosters healthier, more effective social relations whilst simultaneously diminishing the relevance of the management hierarchy, the rat race, and the clamoring for further enrichment, power, and status.

Hence, therein lies the threat to the establishment.

Ego death following the ingestion of psilocybin, ayahuasca, or other psychedelics promotes a greater understanding of the symbiotic and harmonious relationship we have lost with nature.

By building a relationship with nature, we don’t mean in the sense of the climate extremism scam promoted by “progressives.”

Rather, it suggests that, at the base level, we all crave a greater understanding and a deeper knowledge of the divine. Whilst this concept may come across as kooky to the uninitiated, it will resonate with those who have submitted themselves to powerful psilocybin and ayahuasca trips.

These powerful hallucinogens force the participant to submit to the experience, face their innermost fears (usually death) and overcome such demons for personal growth and fortitude in everyday life.

Equally as important and beneficial are so-called “bad trips,” whereby the user glimpses and temporarily experiences darkness, death, decay and suffering.

This is often experienced in the trip from the perspective of those whom the user has wronged the most in their lifetime, which leads to the pursuit of redemption and forgiveness. It is common for people to feel an overwhelming desire to reconnect with estranged acquaintances, rebuild broken relationships, and dismiss petty quarrels that may have burned bridges in the past.

Ergo, there are no bad trips (unless one is foolish enough to recklessly mix these hallucinogens with alcohol or prescription drugs).

Here is perhaps the closest and most relatable portrayal of what an ayahuasca trip is like, recreated cinematically:

Some apropos quotes from a Shaman friend:

“The plant medicine may not always give you what you want, but it will always deliver what you need.”

Think introspection, guilt, deepest, darkest fears in long-forgotten recesses of the mind.

“The ultimate truth of the universe is that lucid dreaming whilst awake, is exactly the same as lucid dreaming whilst asleep.”

The above alludes to the fact that we all have the power in our hands, hearts, and minds, to curate our own reality. The polar opposite of active reality creation is sitting by on the sidelines passively, entrenched in the matrix-like surveillance grid being built around us by our technocratic would-be-oppressors at the World Economic Forum.

On lying politicians and the psychedelic remedy

Have you ever listened to a politician, who knows he/she’s lying, whom you know is lying, who knows that you know he/she is lying, but keeps lying anyway?

They lie for a living to serve their ego’s material desires, to avert responsibility and muddy the waters in service to themselves,

That’s the entire premise of White House press briefings.

Like the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth, scientists and explorers have been looking for a truth serum for some time. Psychedelics might be the closest thing.

Lying is next to impossible on a large enough dosage of psychedelic drugs.

Give it a whirl yourself if you doubt this claim. Drop 3.5 grams of mushrooms and see how honest you get about everything.

Psychedelics deny the erection of a false barrier that is somehow intimately tied to the act of lying. They dismantle this type of illusory partition between your own ego and the outside world, demonstrating that such a partition is metaphysical fiction.

Lying to the universe then becomes synonymous with lying to yourself. Maintaining fictions becomes palpable as the folly that it is. Lying to oneself out loud is uncouth, which is why such activity is usually reserved to the purview of the subconscious mind.

Again, psychedelics blur the lines between conscious and subconscious. The ego dies temporarily, and the conscience (or the soul, in religious terminology) communes with the universe. Lying is petty from 10,000 feet.


Better-behaved politicians with more mild spiritual decay could be permitted to choose their own psychedelic experience. They might opt for the gentler psilocybin mushroom. For the real hard cases, though, the most hardened criminal politicians — like Lindsey Graham or Nancy Pelosi – we’ll need to bring the big guns. We’ll blast them into outer space with DMT. Let the inter-dimensional elves do the heavy lifting.

They’ll come back pure as driven snow, cleansed of their egos and all the abhorrent behavior it induces.

If they don’t improve, we’ll blast them again and again on a bimonthly basis until the treatment takes or they give out and retire.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Why live television?

Segueing from the previous section on psychedelics’ remarkable utility as truth serums, we come to the issue of broadcasting.

Decent and compassionate humans might push back on the live television element, claiming it’s inhumane. After all, it is true that psychedelics can be anxiety-inducing, and exposure to the public during a tough trip can enhance such anxiety.

To the extent politicians are human and therefore deserve consideration as such, the most significant benefit of broadcasting and documenting their journeys into psychospace is getting them on the record.

If the politician connects with his or her lost humanity and expresses a desire to enact substantial and beneficial policy changes as a result of said revelation, documenting this will enable us to hold them to account, were they to renege on their commitments as some later point (as politicians are inclined to do).

Plus, we’re all a little starved for quality entertainment. Watching politicians struggle with their depravity, mediated by drugs, in front of the world is the kind of catharsis we deserve.

Ben Bartee is an independent Bangkok-based American journalist with opposable thumbs. Follow his stuff via Armageddon Prose and/or SubstackPatreonGab, and Twitter.

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