3 Crucial Battles in the War of Big Tech
By The Daily Bell Staff - August 04, 2017

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1. Google Plays Favorites and Arbitrarily Bans Content From Results

Google used to base its search algorithms on what the user wanted to see. Now they are starting to interject their own ideas about what people should see. In April Google announced

that they would be taking measures to punish “low quality content” such as misleading information, offensive results, hoaxes and conspiracy theories.

They are joining the war on “fake news.” That means they are glad participants in helping the government and media serve up propaganda to the people. But could this sell out backfire, and leave room for industry disruption?

2. Facebook Has Learned “The Art of War” from China

Zuckerberg is really gung ho to get his product accepted by the Chinese government. Facebook went so far as to create a censorship tool for the authoritarian nation. Along the way, Zuckerberg has picked up some tips about controlling his subjects. Facebook wants a monopoly on social media and the people’s data. What better partner than a human-rights-violating communist regime?

3. The Big Four Battle it Out for Control Over Your Time and Data

I guess the silver lining is that competition gives us some choice. But the turf is starting to be diced up between Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. Each company is buying up smaller rivals and trying to edge in on their big data competitors.  They are the first comers, the gods of the digital age. But even gods have fallen…

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