A Flu Pandemic Will Inevitably Kill You
By Staff News & Analysis - January 07, 2013

Global Flu Pandemic 'Inevitable,' Expert Warns … It may only be a matter of time before bird flu can be passed between humans A new global flu pandemic within the next couple years is inevitable, one prominent flu vaccine manufacturer says. Joseph Kim, head of Inovio Pharmaceuticals, which is currently working on a "universal" flu vaccine that would protect against most strains of the virus, says the world is due for a massive bird flu outbreak that could be much deadlier than the 2009 swine flu pandemic. "I really believe we were lucky in 2009 [with the swine flu] because the strain that won out was not particularly lethal," he says. "Bird flu kills over 60 percent of people that it infects, regardless of health or age. It is a phenomenal killing machine—our only saving grace thus far is the virus has not yet jumped to humans." – US News and World Report

Dominant Social Theme: Be very frightened. Your life could end tomorrow from a hacking cough … and then worse!

Free-Market Analysis: This is a scary article that fits right in with our larger theory about power elite fear-based promotions. We call them dominant social themes and theorize with a good deal of corroborative evidence that these memes are intended to scare people into giving up power and wealth to globalist solutions.

Those solutions are provided by the same power elite and we regularly catalog them. The bought-and-paid-for mainstream media are used to distribute them. A subdominant social theme, by the way, might be that only a global public health facility is capable of combating such catastrophes.

That brings up WHO – the UN's World Health Agency that is relentlessly flogged by globalist types. Just as we are now seeing the advancement of universal criminal justice, so WHO is constantly advanced as the solution to inevitable global health challenges.

Here's some more from the article:

Fears about the possibility of an H5N1 avian flu pandemic first surfaced in the mid 2000s—since then, it has infected more than 600 people, killing more than 350 of them, mostly in southeast Asia. The global toll thus far has been mild because the disease can only be transmitted from bird to bird and from bird to human. But experts fear that a few simple mutations in the virus could make it transmissible from human to human.

Last year, Ron Fouchier, a dutch flu researcher, genetically modified a strain of H5N1 so that it was transmissible between ferrets, which are often used to test human-to-human transmissibility. At the time, Fouchier said he had created "probably one of the most dangerous viruses you can make." Paul Keim, a geneticist with the U.S. National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, echoed that sentiment: "I can't think of another pathogenic organism that is as scary as this one," he said. "I don't think anthrax is scary at all compared to this."

The discovery led the World Health Organization to call for a moratorium on laboratory-modified H5N1 research and recognize "that research on naturally-occurring H5N1 influenza virus must continue to protect public health."

Kim says that if a deadlier version of H5N1 is going to emerge naturally, it will probably come from southeast Asia, where there are large pig, human, and bird populations. If a pandemic were to occur, the virus would likely be passed from birds to pigs, where it would mutate, and then from pigs to humans, he says.

"If I was a betting man, I'd say Southeast Asia," he says. "The last few pandemics have come from that area—you have a huge pig population, a humid climate, and a proximity of many birds, ducks, and geese."

After the original emergence of H5N1 in the mid 2000s, governments worldwide began stockpiling bird flu vaccines—but there's no telling whether the vaccines would offer much protection against a mutated strain or not.

Sure "government" began stockpiling bird flu vaccine! The point of the exercise was likely simply to reinforce the idea that only government can provide the appropriate services during a pandemic crisis.

Well … we're sorta beyond that logic by now. Turns out there were never any double-blind tests done to confirm the efficacy of the polio vaccine. Even today, many vaccines are apparently NOT rigorously tested. And there is considerable confusion about just what has been "wiped out" by vaccines.

We're certainly not ready to say that vaccines don't EVER work. But we're just as sure that vaccines have side effects that render their blanket application questionable indeed. The idea of a medicine that MUST be universally distributed to be efficacious is a bit too good to be true. There is a lot of talk these days about herd immunity but we wonder if that's just not more "pharma jargon."

The idea that diseases can be wiped out if only everyone takes the proper vaccination is a bit too pat … Also, we recall that diseases that have been declared "wiped out" occasionally make a comeback. Inevitably, someone announces the reason that such "wiped out" diseases have reoccurred is because vaccination programs have lagged.

Our larger point – one we're trying to advance regularly – is that the scary pandemics that we've grown up hearing about may not have been real, or at least not as catastrophic as we've been led to believe. It simply doesn't make sense that a biological organism would attempt to wipe out hosts on a massive scale.

More likely, what begins as deadly will soon morph into a more benign version. There's plenty of evidence for this but reading articles like this one will not remind anyone that the goal of organisms is life not death. No, we're taught by these alarmist articles that a bug will start out deadly and stay that way until it has literally slaughtered billions.

The last time this supposedly happened was during the influenza bug after World War I. But as it turns out, first-hand accounts (long suppressed until the advent of the Internet Reformation) claim that it was corrupted vaccines themselves that caused the terrible influenza outbreak.

Many troops, weakened by the war and privation, were given these damaged vaccines and subsequently developed virulent symptoms and often died. The "history" handed down to us emphasizes the deadly effects of the flu but neglects to explain a possible causation.

Over and over we find these lacunas. It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that much of what passed for 20th century factual renditions was indeed what we call "directed history." Whether it is world war, national space programs, environmental degradation or potential global pandemics, we are constantly instructed that only the most massive bureaucratic agencies can salvage our life … our health … our hope.

It's our suspicion that if someone ever wrote a "debunker" history of the world's grand pandemics it might be concluded that while such illnesses were deadly, they were not as horrible as modern history makes them out to be.

After Thoughts

It is the elites that circulate such grim speculations to fortify their globalist solutions. But with the progress of alternative medicines in the 21st century, a new medical history is gradually being constructed. Let us hope it is more sensible and less fear-based than the old. Articles like this one in US News don't help.

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