Alexa Is Nuts: Our Best Days Are Now
By Staff News & Analysis - July 04, 2012

Alexa drives me nuts. It uses a broken methodology to measure the internet and is, for reasons unclear to anyone, regarded as somehow definitive simply because it allows you to compare two sites with a single simple number. Its sampling methodology is flawed and the numbers it produces are meaningless. And if you want to help me prove this, please install their toolbar. Of course since most of you are Slashdot readers, most of you won't and that only helps prove my point. Read on for what I mean by all of this, and why it matters. – Slashdot

Dominant Social Theme: If it ain't on Alexa, it ain't there.

Free-Market Analysis: The Daily Bell just had two of our biggest days ever but you wouldn't know it from Alexa, the Internet decider of record that is truly a nutty facility.

Last month we received 17 million hits, down from our record of 24 million earlier in the year, but that's because we temporarily removed the Daily Bell's response facility. Thus, we are receiving fewer visits (which reflects those who returned to the site repeatedly to engage in feedback dialogue), though not fewer viewers.

We are receiving more unique viewers than ever.

The problem with Alexa is that you have to use its toolbar to register your usage. And hardly any serious viewers of our website or other alternative websites will do this. Thus, such websites are always undercounted in the scheme of things – the Alexa scheme anyway. Here's how Wikipedia explains it:

Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of that is known for its toolbar and website. Once installed, the Alexa toolbar collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company's web traffic reporting. Alexa provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on thousands of websites, and claims that 6 million people visit its website monthly.

Now, we have nothing against Alexa except that it is owned by This alone is evidence enough to provide us with reportorial clarity that Alexa is an elite methodology, a controlled analysis designed for certain purposes.

What are those purposes? Well, first of all, Alexa worked closely with Google for a number of years, and Google is an evident facility of US Intel. Alexa allied with Google in early 2002, and with the Open Directory Project in January 2003. Eventually the partnership was formally terminated but in reality it probably was not.

As for Google's direct ties with American Intel, versus its evident massive indirect ones … well, not long ago the CIA and Google went into business together backing a company called Recorded Future that scours websites, blogs and Twitter looking for interpersonal and inter-group relationships.

This is an old trick of criminologists who look to build relationships between various entities in order to establish criminal culpability. Apparently, Recorder Future has created an algorithm that "goes beyond search" by analyzing "invisible links" of various sorts.

That an entrepreneurial relationship between the murderous CIA and the supine executives of Google goes uncommented on for the most part even by the alternative media shows how jaded people have become to America's growing totalitarianism.

Of course, the CIA is not really "America." The CIA is part and parcel of the toolkit that the Western power elite uses to try to control and dominate the world. The elites work out of tiny independent civic islands like the City of London, Washington DC, the Vatican and Tel Aviv.

The City of London is the head, DC is the muscle and the Vatican is evidently the site of various socio-religious manipulations. The power elite is a kind of criminal conspiracy, though it is often incorrectly conflated with an entire race, which is a ludicrous formulation.

Any significant corporate effort of almost any origin anywhere in the world probably has some sort of ties to, or at least the blessing of, the power elite. Facilities like Alexa and Google, that are gatekeepers to public perceptions of Internet winners and losers, are important elements in the elite's strategy.

Whatever methodologies Google uses to suppress the search results of alternative media Alexa no doubt supports in one way or another. One of the results of the Internet Reformation is clarity and that clarity provides us with the somewhat depressing insight that no entity survives and thrives in the US without the invisible authorization of the powers-that-be.

In our estimation, the power elite is reeling these days. It has turned from the domestic suasion of dominant social themes to the outright use of violence and war to retain its global franchise and ability to continue to build world government.

The initial Reformation and spreading influence of the Gutenberg Press long ago shows us how difficult it is to contain massive changes in communication technology. That is why we are not especially worried about Alexa's rankings, though it is irritating.

We are sure our viewers, as others, see through the transparent manipulations of both Google and Alexa. Anyone who uses these analyses as a definitive gauge of success is surely being either naïve or likely purposefully malignant. Our internal numbers are accurate and those are the ones that count.

After Thoughts

We'll soldier on. Our growth continues to be impressive year-over-year and the formation of a new society dedicated to backing freedom and individual human action is already attracting great interest and support. To those who visit our modest enterprise, we say, "Thank you for all you do."

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