Aliens Already Exist on Earth?
By Staff News & Analysis - November 28, 2009

Work on deciphering a complex set of symbols sent to them is underway, scientists from the country's Space Research Institute said. They claim aliens are currently answering 30 questions posed to them. Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed the research. He said the centre's researchers were analyzing 150 crop circles from around the world, which they believe answer the questions. "Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time," Mr. Filipov told Bulgarian media. Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time," Mr. Filipov told Bulgarian media. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: Food for paranoids?

Free-Market Analysis: Compatriots of ours, who share our fascination with the dominant social themes of the elite, have noticed a trend of late, but they are reluctant to make too much of it because in the normal scheme of things they would be candidates for institutionalization. Since the editors of the Bell are, of course, ALREADY institutionalized (you didn't know?) we have no such fear. Is it a conspiracy theory? We would freely admit it is not just a conspiracy theory – it is one conspiracy theory piled on top of another. A veritable wedding cake of conspiracy theories.

Yes … our colleagues are reluctant to speak of them except in a whisper. We present them to you, dear reader, not because we believe they have any validity, but because their very existence reflects the increasingly paranoid tenor of the Internet conversation.

Having lost control of the conversation, the monetary elite is now in danger of what we call blowback.

These are indeed, paranoid fantasies. In the estimation of our more paranoid brethren they exist because the monetary elite is being so aggressive in promoting its own themes: global warming, the European Union, cap-and-trade, international financial regulation, endless war for endless peace (the war on terror). What WE will grant of late is

veritable panoply of recent, online paranoia …

– Aliens are among us (see above article excerpt)

– Aliens are dismembering cattle in Colorado

– Lady Gaga is an Illuminati slave

– Complex crop circles are reappearing

– Global warming is a sham

– Pager messages of 9/11 reveal no conspiracy

– Insider loans to financial institutions were egregious, though ultimately necessary. (See other article, this Bell.)

The idea, then, of the more paranoid among us is that the monetary elite is striking back against current analysis of its activities by turning up the volume on some of its most dominant social themes. First, through selective leaks, acknowledging that certain accusations are NOT credible, while others actually are (by acknowledging some but not all of it, the conversation can be controlled and the damage minimized.) Second, return with force to themes of fear and chaos as embodied by secret societies and alien presences.

As indicated above, we do not intend to provide many more details. You can look for these stories yourself on the ‘Net. We do note that – conspiracy theory aside – there have been an unusual number of surprising leaks as of late, with the release of 9/11 pager calls and the global warming emails being only two of the most notable. And, yes, anyone who watches Lady Gaga's videos, especially "Bad Romance" would be struck by what the Internet popularly presents as "Illuminati" symbolism. The girl is off the hook.

After Thoughts

Those with money (and lots of it) have a big interest in aliens. (Laurence Rockefeller virtually funded the current aliens-among-us movement by pouring hundreds of millions into alien-oriented think tanks.) And it is a very interesting idea that one way to confuse – and defuse – a conversation is by selective leaking alongside an ongoing emphasis of certain themes that offer a message of hopelessness and even fear. But, please … in this case we are merely the messenger and are not responsible for the message.

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