All the Fear-Based Memes in One Place
By Staff News & Analysis - November 28, 2012

The G20 Fiddles While the Planet Burns … What would you do if someone knocked on your door and said, "Your house is on fire!" Would you say, "Not to worry, if it gets too bad we will wet a couple of blankets and smother it." Or would you have the common sense to say, "Call the fire department – fast?" That is exactly the situation facing us today. The scientific indicators show that our earthly home is heating up at an alarming rate and the consequences, as we are already beginning to see, are as horrendous as they are unpredictable. Yet world leaders seem to be in denial of both the urgency and magnitude of the danger. Instead, G20 leaders have spent most of their energy trying to rescue a handful of privately-owned banks. Worse, they spend far too much time looking for new sources of oil to extend the present disastrous trajectory.Speech by Hon. Paul Hellyer/Former Minister of National Defence (Canada) at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference

Dominant Social Theme: I know what to do about all the scary problems we face. If you make me king I will take care of everything.

Free-Market Analysis: This is an absolutely incredible speech by Paul Hellyer, former minister of Canadian National Defense, published at Global Research, a website that has provided numerous courageous articles in the past. But, as we have also pointed out, Global Research skews left … and thus the politics of its principals seem sympathetic to what we consider phony "green" approaches.

That is the only explanation we can come up with for the posting of this article. It appears to be a serious presentation, one posted at the site not as an example of authoritarian thinking but as a straightforward warning about what is to come.

Certainly, we're sure the courageous editors at Global Research remain firm in their convictions, as does former Minister Hellyer. But as feedbacker Hugo_de_Groot wrote to us, it is actually a great example of presenting fear-based elite memes. The idea, always, is to actuate people's concerns about their fundamental existence with various kinds of apocalyptic-based narratives.

But seldom do so many elite narratives end up in a single presentation. This speech is also noteworthy because of who delivers it, a supposedly hardheaded military fellow. The impact is magnified by Hellyer's position and seeming believability.

It is yet one more example of how elitist factotums are delivering powerful messages based on fear-based memes of the powers-that-be. Here at The Daily Bell, we distinguish between even upper echelon military and businessmen, politicians and the power elite they serve.

Even the most powerful person within the larger civilian and military context is but an incidental or ancillary servant of Money Power. The top men in the world seem to control central banking in its entirety and can print trillions at a moment's notice. These men and their privileged families make even Bill Gates look like relatively impoverished.

Nonetheless, these agents of the elites such as Hellyer perform valuable services in terms of convincing the larger populace of the validity of various dominant social themes. These themes frighten middle classes into giving up power and wealth to specially created globalist facilities.

The top elites that are surely trying to create world government need these memes disseminated and "leaders of society" are useful spokespeople. Many of these spokespeople like Hellyer seem to believe what they say. They've gone to elite schools and are surrounded with others who think in a similar fashion.

Their very sincerity increases the impact of their promotional message. If you attempted to point out that their belief system and messaging was in a sense pre-programmed they would be insulted and reject your arguments outright.

Yesterday, we discussed another powerful personage with a similar perspective: Ms. Mark Carney, the wife of the new Governor of the Bank of England – one of the most powerful positions on the planet. We pointed out that her sociopolitical and economic mentality was authoritarian in the extreme. You can see that article here:

The Curious Case of the Georgia Guidestones and Ms. Carney

We gave her credit for wanting the best for the world and the people in it but her ideas about what constitutes a healthy planet and inhabitants are downright scary. While we DO agree with some of her perspectives about banking and the whole "smaller is beautiful" meme, it is the WAY she wants to get there that is most disconcerting.

Unlike, say … libertarians, Ms. Carney wants to use the massive authority of government to implement her views by force. She doesn't want to convince (as free-market thinkers do). She wants to command. And so it is with Hellyer, apparently. This is a truly astonishing screed. Here's more from a lengthy peroration:

When people say, as they do almost daily, "The world is in an awful mess" they are not only speaking the truth, but are guilty of a masterful understatement. Just about everything we are doing is wrong, and almost every major policy must be reversed. Our leaders are steering us toward a precipice, and just turning the wheel a little bit to the right or left won't save us. Only a "u-turn" will work – a complete reversal of just about every existing policy direction.

Instead of drilling for more oil, building more pipelines and approving more oil sands projects, we should be concentrating exclusively on the development and application of breakthrough clean energy which is the main thrust of this wonderful conference. It's exciting that there are so many knowledgeable experts here this weekend and listening to them has been both an education and an inspiration. My meagre understanding has increased exponentially. However, I am not an expert in the field and not qualified to talk about breakthrough energy. My expertise, to the extent that I have any, is politics, including foreign affairs, and finance, specializing in money and banking. So my focus will be how to pay for the monumental shift away from fossil fuels and replace them with the clean energy that is so vital to save our planet.

Our present financial policies are disastrously inadequate. Instead of asking taxpayers to accept punitive austerity to bail out greedy privately-owned banks, governments should use their power to provide comparable relief to the powerless 99% who are struggling to keep their heads above water. The world banking and monetary system must be changed fundamentally for the benefit of all citizens, and not just the privileged few.

The world's major religions must end their ageless animosities and start working together to build what I call the kingdom of God on Earth. You can call it what you like, but I am talking about a world where every child has adequate food to eat, potable water to drink, a decent shirt on his or her back, a roof over his or her head, adequate health care and sufficient free education to develop skills and prepare for a productive and fulfilling life.?This kind of world cannot be achieved without a giant step forward in our spiritual evolution that requires sublimating ego in favour of service and concern for the welfare of others.

The cult of corruption that has been sweeping around the world to reach epidemic proportions, will have to be swept away by a code of ethics that breeds trustworthiness. The very difficult but essential requirement for such a major moral revolution is for each of us to put into practice the one teaching that all of the major religious faiths have in common, i.e. the Golden Rule. If you think about it carefully there are few, if any, problems that could not be solved by each person and country treating other people and countries as we would want to be treated if the situation were reversed.

To achieve a more just world of peace and prosperity, it will be essential for nation states to effect a massive change in priorities, especially the world powers. They must end the arms race and direct the hundreds of billions in savings, to those pursuits that would enhance the quality of life for people everywhere. The highly educated military and scientific personnel who would no longer be needed to develop new weapons systems, should be recruited for these same humanitarian projects including, of course, joining the war against global warming for the benefit of their grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as ours.

While the cooperation of all major powers will be essential, it is the United States, which has assumed the role of world leader, that will have to take the initiative.

When there are so many wonderful, honest and dedicated people in the United States, it is difficult to comprehend how they could let their country drift so far from the principles on which the Republic was founded. General Eisenhower warned us to beware of the military-industrial complex, but a naïve and complacent electorate paid no heed. They allowed a small group in the military, in collusion with the arms industry and Wall Street insiders, to take over effective governance of the country. Their motives were less than noble, with power and empire becoming their chief objectives.

Where do we begin to unpack this? As we pointed out above, the speech is a melange of power elite themes put together in a forceful, even convincing package. But here is the awful truth: What we perceive within its honeyed tone is a kind of genocide. (See Georgia Guidestones mentioned yesterday.) Others would applaud most of this and see nothing especially wrong.

But it is all wrong. The UN has had 70 years to rectify "poverty." It is just a lie to repeat that we need a war on poverty and hunger around the world. What the top elites (who created the UN) spend in one year on their phony, horrible wars could feed all the children of the world almost in perpetuity.

The UN is, in fact, a poverty machine. Its endless corruption, sly malevolence and growing militarization stand between the suffering peoples of the world and any sensible amelioration of poverty.

He speaks of religion, as well, but what he really is enunciating is the cult of Gaia, something that the powers-that-be are trying to instill around the world.

The Gaia cult of Mother Earth is an attractive one for the world's top sociopaths as it sets women against men and demands that the world's increasingly impoverished billions be controlled and monitored when it comes to the use of "scarce resources."

This is the crux of it. Resources are NOT scarce. Free-market economics shows us with powerful and hopeful clarity that people – average, ordinary, common people – are perfectly able to take care of themselves without the help of experts, crisis managers, far-seeing politicians, etc.

Hellyer also identifies other memes – corruption and the "one percent." We've identified these memes in the past. The "transparency" meme is most important. There is a global transparency agency now being run by a past director of the World Bank. And it is obvious to us that the powers-that-be want another 1930s-style Pecora Hearing to destroy the last vestiges of independent capital raising in the US and abroad.

Most obnoxiously, Hellyer goes on about the "one percent." This is a phrase popularized by the Soros-funded false flag Occupy Wall Street movement. It is intended to create class division between those who have money and those who do not.

In fact, the wealthy are NOT the problem. The problem is a fabulously wealthy handful of individuals who seemingly want to run the world and is controlling the proceeds of central banking to do so. These people and their associates and enablers are surely part of a conspiracy of directed history and they will do anything to point the finger of blame away from themselves.

Thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation, they have been thoroughly exposed in alternative media publications that are read by tens and even hundreds of millions over time. This has not brought their globalist ambitions to a halt. Instead, they have continued – and pursued their goals with ever increasing fervor and ruthlessness.

It is our perception that eventually the exposure on the Internet of these plans shall cause them to take a step back, out of self-preservation if nothing else. In the meantime, their paid agents, allies and enablers will continue to propound fear-based dominant social themes of all sorts to frighten people into welcoming what has been known as a "new world order."

Not only words are being used by the elites in the pursuit of world government. They are apparently using at least three kinds of active management. They are creating wars to engender chaos, poverty to create desperation and laws and regulation to impose obedience. The thematic narratives are the Guidestones.

After Thoughts

Read Hellyer and see for yourself!

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