Analysis: Why Is the Corporate State Media Turning on Netanyahu?
By Ben Bartee - December 27, 2023

Originally published via Armageddon Prose:

Over the past several decades, until very recently, you would have been hard-pressed to locate a single word of criticism in the corporate state media leveled at literally anything the Israeli state does. The uniparty’s pawns in elected government — and, more to the point, the national security state that actually runs foreign policy — have unanimously, full-throatedly embraced Zionism without reservation.

The few over the years who have strayed from the company line, like Pat Buchanan, have been met with the full force of the Israel lobby and its media attack dogs at the Anti-Defamation League, which intentionally, disgustingly conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism, a common tactic to silence the Israeli state’s political opponents.

Via ADL:

“Buchanan makes no attempt to hide his anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views, which have become more virulent in recent years…

Buchanan also turned his attention to Israel in his columns in 2010. In a June 2010 article, ‘Lift the Siege of Gaza,’ about the Israeli offensive in Gaza, Buchanan wrote that it “’was the inevitable result of Israel doing what it always seems to do: going beyond what is essential to her security, to impose collective punishment upon any and all it regards as hostile to Israel.’ In a May 2010 column, ‘Poodle Biden Gets Kicked,’ about Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, Buchanan cited Biden’s comment that ‘there is no space between the United States and Israel when it comes to Israel’s security.’ Buchanan then claimed that Biden ‘was played for a fool’ when Israel decided it would build new homes in disputed areas. Buchanan called Americans “grovelers” when it comes to dealing with Israel and claimed that the U.S. responded like a ‘battered spouse to Israel’s ’public slap across the face.’

Buchanan went on to criticize those who believe his views are anti-Semitic… ‘They charge us with anti-Semitism… The truth is, those hurling these charges harbor a ‘passionate attachment’ to a nation not our own that causes them to subordinate the interests of their own country and to act on an assumption that, somehow, what’s good for Israel is good for America.’“

Where’s the lie, ADL? They present Buchanan’s claims with no rebuttal as if they are self-evidently a.) incorrect and b.) somehow antisemitic even though in all cited examples Buchanan is explicitly discussing U.S. foreign policy vis a vis Israel — nothing about Jews or Judaism.

Anyway, in recent weeks, a new phenomenon has unfolded: the knives have come out against the government of Bibi Netanyahu (not the Israeli state per se) in the corporate state media — even in its epicenter, which is Morning Joe and his sidepiece, Mika “Deep State Nepo-Baby” Brzeziński. Whatever line Joe and Mika are parroting is, invariably, the current approved narrative; it doesn’t get more establishment.

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What gives?

There might be an amalgam of explanations, as most geopolitical issues are multifactorial. But here’s what I think is going on:

Netanyahu, as head of the Likud party and of a governing coalition including even more dogmatic parties, represents the highly religious, nationalistic faction of Israeli politics that is most likely to resist a full takeover by the multinational corporate state. Their vision of an explicitly Jewish state conflicts with the monocultural global technocracy’s ambition to turn the world into a consolidated techno-fiefdom.

What sold me on this theory was a trend that began earlier this year, when I saw a symphony of top technocrats, led by the WEF lieutenant himself, Yuval Noah Harai, who is no critic of Israel per se as a geopolitical beachhead in the Middle East as such, publicly turn on Netanyahu.

Via Times of Israel, March 2023:

“The Israeli historian, philosopher, and best-selling author Yuval Noah Harari said Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may go down in history as the man who destroyed Israel.

Harari, who has been vocal about his opposition to a proposed judicial overhaul by Netanyahu’s right-wing government, said the long-serving prime minister has divided the country to preserve his political longevity.

This has caused rifts that will be difficult to heal, Harari said.

‘If Netanyahu had retired after two terms in office or after, say, eight years. I think even though I didn’t like many of the things he did, I think he would have retired as one of the great leaders of Israel,’ Harari said during an interview with The Associated Press in Tel Aviv.

‘Now, his legacy is he is certainly the divider of Israel, the person who divided the Israeli nation against itself. And I hope … we don’t get there,’ he said. ‘But he could go down in history as the person who destroyed the state of Israel.’…

Harari said Netanyahu, who is in a coalition with ultra-Orthodox and ultranationalist parties affiliated with the West Bank settlement movement, could move toward a dictatorship if the [judicial reform] plan is passed, and sounded the alarm for Israel’s Western backers.

If this kind of power falls into the hands of an autocratic regime, which is also a fundamentalist religious regime with expansionist aims and with this belief in Jewish supremacy, it will set the whole Middle East on fire,’ Harari said.”

The likes of Harari view Israel as a necessary asset of the Western corporate state in a region otherwise dominated by Muslim caliphates, even the most closely-held of which, like Saudi Arabia, are only on board for the oil money and the weapons/military assistance. Even given that the leaderships of these countries are nominally in on the globalist project, they sit atop a barely-contained ticking time bomb of Islamic fundamentalism, waiting for any opening to make a mess of things. Imagine ISIS but backed by the vast oil wealth currently controlled by the Saudi royal family and their analogs in the other Gulf States. This makes them unreliable allies at best, to the extent they could be considered allies at all and not mercenaries. Israel is an indispensable asset in the region.

Religious Israeli hardliners, therefore, represent the chief ideological adversaries of creatures such as Harari, as do nationalists of all stripes — be they secular or sectarian in nature, or ethnocentric or multicultural. It is no coincidence that, since the latter half of the 20th century, “nationalism” has become a dirty word in polite neoliberal society, analogized to Nazism.


Israel, but for the Zionist ultra-nationalists in the way, is very nearly a fully captured state. The most glaring evidence for this is its government’s full-throated embrace of the COVID shots as “the first country on Earth to fully vaccinate a majority of its citizens against COVID-19” and its offering of the Israeli population as the de facto global guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies.

There are self-interested geopolitical reasons, of course, for Israel to give itself over to the multinational corporate state; it is surrounded on all sides, except the one occupied by a sea, by its enemies. It depends wholly on the financial, diplomatic, and military support of the United States, which at the top is itself nearly fully captured.

I have previously argued, which I stand by, that October 7 was not an “intelligence failure.” However, I am open to the possibility that Netanyahu himself did not see the attack coming and that the Israeli national security/intelligence apparatus hid pertinent information from him so as to achieve a pretext to finally get rid of him. If that is the case, putting the puzzle pieces together as to why American corporate state media has turned on Bibi becomes easier.

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