Ascension of Assange?
By Staff News & Analysis - December 17, 2010

Is Julian Assange Europe’s Nelson Mandela? … Christopher King urges everyone who cares about justice and the truth to stand by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with donations to help him defend himself against politically-motivated, vexatious prosecution by criminal governments and their lickspittles anxious to hide their dirty secrets. ”Remember that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned as a terrorist by a criminal government. South Africa was changed by citizen action. Keeping your head down is not an option. Send a donation for Julian Assange right now, feel good about yourself and tell your children and grandchildren that you were in the resistance against organized government crime.” (Christopher King). – Redress Information and Analysis

Dominant Social Theme: He is nothing and everything. He is Alpha and Omega. He is yin and yang. Fallen and damned. God and Godhead.

Free-Market Analysis: Here at the Daily Bell we analyze the dominant social themes of the elite and it’s hard, dangerous, dirty work. It’s not something amateurs want to do on a lark. There are paper cuts involved, blurry vision and even late nights. But sometimes our preoccupations are rewarded by special events such as the constantly growing presence of Julian Assange. Elite memes are usually bigger than individual people, but this is guy is a walking, talking meme by his lonesome. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Some statistics: Check Google cites for Assange and you’ll come up with something in the area of 40 million. Check Wikileaks and you’ll come up with an astonishing 140 million – right up there with Barack Obama and Lady Gaga. Assange hasn’t merely gone global, he’s one of the very biggest names in the world. There were 9,000 articles on him and his situation according to Google yesterday, a huge amount.

There’s more. Assange was just named the Rolling Stone person of the year – this after narrowly losing out (apparently) as Time magazine’s person of the year. He’s been featured on the cover of Forbes magazine and there are over 14 million images of him online at Google (versus some 40 million for Lady Gaga). He was just released yesterday into the custody of Captain Vaughan Smith, a former British Army officer and journalist and founder of the anti-establishment Frontline Club. He is beginning to make journalistic hearts palpitate. The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson writes of him, “Watching [his release], one feels the tug of the need to be cautious about the lure of the leader figure, and remember that WikiLeaks and Assange are not exactly the same thing …”

We have our suspicions when it comes to Assange, but they are feeble when compared to some of the Bell’s more fervent and “patriotic” readers. In the past we have published rants from one reader in particular who has strong feelings on certain subjects. We have published them as much from a cautionary perspective as an informational one; and this will prove no exception. He goes way too far, just as he has in the past. Some excerpts from an email as follows and then our comments:

“Bell, you have been right on the money regarding this Assange fellow. There is just too much about him that is, well … weird. Did you notice his hair was blond again when he was ready to come out of jail and pose for his release photos? And then there was that resolute statement: ‘Being in a situation of physical isolation, in solitary confinement, has allowed me to consider the philosophy that I have espoused in this project and it has not altered my position – rather, it has confirmed to me personally that we are on the right path.’

“Who does that remind you of, Bell? He might just as well have talked about his iron will and Germanic conviction. ‘I follow my course with the precision and security of a sleepwalker.’ No, he didn’t say that, of course. But he might as well have. You know, the elite doesn’t have anything new in their playbook – and this guy is straight out of central casting. You got it right five months ago: ‘Comes a blond stranger’ – and then the other two stories. You ought to print it as a single trilogy. People will read it in the future. The only thing you didn’t comment on was his height. He’s somewhere between six foot two and six foot seven. And that’s another giveaway. People like him are supposed to be tall … Part of the leadership package.

“Sooner or later he’s going to come out with a manifesto, a new one. Bet it’s globalist. Didn’t he already say that 9/11 was of no consequence? They’re grooming him for something big. He’s even being positioned as a libertarian but he’s nothing like that. Did you read the article in the Guardian: ‘Julian Assange: His philosophy keeps evolving … Is the WikiLeaks founder a freedom fighter, a naive libertarian or a zealot with a messiah complex? Those who know and have worked with him seem unable to agree …’

“And then there is this paragraph, quoting him: ‘Every time we witness an act that we feel to be unjust and do not act we become a party to injustice. Those who are repeatedly passive in the face of injustice soon find the character corroded into servility. Most witnessed acts of injustice are associated with bad governance, since when governance is good unanswered injustice is rare.’

"Bell, you hit this right on the button! He doesn’t want do away with government or even make it smaller. He just wants to make it better!

“The setup is becoming more obvious. Look who took him home – Captain Smith, founder of the Frontline Club. And who funds the club? George Soros, that’s who. So Assange gets to rattle around a 600-acre estate and rub shoulders with London’s proto-Marxist elite. That makes sense. Assange will resonate with the socialists in Britain and Europe and the free-market Tea Party types in America. They cover all the bases as usual. He’s being groomed. Sure he is.

“You called it!! Nobody can figure out why the Western power elite is being so brutal and obvious about their globalist plans – but it’s really just a setup, too, only one side of the story. And who is the other side? Who is supposed to come and rescue us from out-of-control fascist government-types? Problem solution. Out of chaos … order, as you’ve written. They need leaders. The playbook doesn’t change. Want world government? A ‘blond stranger’ will show you the way. He’s going to make government all right again, and he’s going to use the Internet to do it. On every level clever stuff! They get to crack-down on the Internet while using it to feed the narrative that the ‘Internet is a tool for freedom and to oppose tyranny.’

“Sure the Internet is a transformative device, but you’ve pointed out that when the Gutenberg press was becoming influential, the Venetian elite may have sponsored Martin Luther to help break-up the Catholic church – which had been their enemy for centuries. That’s how they work. They work with what they’ve got. But they need leaders because they need a fulcrum of control. Martin Luther – maybe Julian Assange. And why exactly does Assange keep emphasizing his role as a ‘leader?’ It’s like he has to justify it or something, like it’s a weak link in a cover story. He found he needed to be the face of WikiLeaks, he says over and over.

“You know how they work. They OWN the mainstream press. The kind of resources aimed at Assange are worth millions. In the major media, it’s all-Assange all the time. This is supposed to be some kind of coincidence? But, wait! … Bell, as usual, you guys – and the elves – are backing off when you should be standing your ground. You were well ahead on this story because this is the kind of thing you cover, elite promotions. How can he be anything else? His leaks aren’t really hurting anyone and even the sex charges aren’t really serious – they’re all about breaking a condom or something – or sleeping with two women at once. Meanwhile, he’s best-buds with the openly gay Manning. He’s like a metrosexual superman. All the bases are being covered. Don’t blondes have more fun?”

Okay, Daily Bell time again. Rant over: Goodbye “Patriot.”

Some of the above, we admit, is indeed thought-provoking. But let us be clear where we part company – and we do emphatically in numerous ways. Comparing Assange to Hitler is beyond the pale. Assange is evidently and obviously a force for good; Hitler was not. (There is no direct evidence that the Western elites were behind Hitler’s rise to power, though it is true that the Western banks and industrialists did fund him.)

Also, the evidence for Assange’s elite connections are not entirely convincing. George Soros does have some involvement with the Frontline club, but one cannot necessarily extrapolate too deeply, in our opinion. (There’s the Economist magazine connection too, but we’re not sure how much to read into that.) Finally, Assange has not seemed to evince globalist tendencies that we can tell. Thus the extrapolation (and we admit we have broached it) that he is part of a larger elite dialectic, knowingly or not, to move the world toward international governance is also a stretch.

After Thoughts

Has Assange been groomed by the elite to promote global governance. Is he the product of a CIA/M16/Mossad operation? On its face it sounds, well … silly. For now (despite our stated suspicions) we stick to the perspective that Assange is a courageous man willing to give up a great deal, including his freedom, to make governments less authoritarian and more transparent. That’s a worthy goal, and here’s hoping he accomplishes it. He could in fact, according to reports we’ve read, end up in the US facing espionage charges. Then any speculation as to Assange’s potential role in some larger elite plot might become unrealistic indeed.

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